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Babylon, Excommunicated by
While the temporal power of the institutionalized church system has greatly diminished from the heyday of the Inquisition, they still try to leverage spiritual threats of the direst consequences imaginable should you not remain aligned with their purposes. Here is the brief account of one man’s excommunication leading to communication with his Lord and Savior, Who is outside of all men’s religions.

Read Excommunicated by Babylon
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
This paper lays out in explicit terms the who, what, where, when, how, and why of this entrance into the presence of God that only God can perform, howbeit through His chosen vessels as He sees fit. There are many spurious (counterfeit) baptisms in the Holy Spirit, deceiving many. If the seeker of God is sincere and prepared to pay the price, he or she will flee, and will be kept from, the false and will be given to know the truth.

Read The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Baptism, Physical vs. Spritual
The physical act of water baptism never changed anyone’s sinful nature. It is the new birth from above, the baptism in the Spirit of Christ, that joins a person to God and makes one a member of His Body.

Read Physical vs. Spiritual Baptism
Baptism, The Essence of True
A correspondent, who considers himself a Christian of many years, has never been water baptized because he cannot find a worthy place or person to baptize him. We explain the Lord’s unfolding revelation of what He came to do, what He did, and what He is presently doing, all related to the act of water baptism.

Read The Essence of True Baptism
Baptism, Water
What this ordinance meant when introduced, and how it is no longer important, having a parallel with physical circumcision in its symbolism and what has come for those who believe: “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but a new creation” (Galatians 6:15 EMTV).

Read Water Baptism
Baptism, Water, Necessary for Salvation
We answer a proponent of water baptism and his many arguments in support of what he considers to be the one essential baptism, showing him that he is missing the Substance while focusing on Its shadow.

Read Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
Baptizing, Were Apostles Wrong for
Richard contacts us with his esoteric theories about baptism and charges that the apostles had no authority to water baptize. This gives us the opportunity to respond with the Scriptural record and sensible view of water baptism and baptism in the Spirit, the latter being the substance Christ came to give us.

Read Were the Apostles Wrong in Water Baptizing?
Basics, Back to
We must evaluate all things, returning to our foundations in all of the physical, mental, and spiritual. We must exercise proper agricultural and environmental principles. Consider that 2 Chronicles 7:14 clearly expresses truths of going back to basics, which are able to restore one spiritually, if taken to heart, no matter what one’s lot may be.

Read Back to Basics
Baskin, Gershon, Peace in Israel, Middle East
We correspond with a professional peace advocate who thinks he is the answer to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gershon Baskin calls himself “The Negotiator” and claims to be responsible for the secret back channel between Israel and Hamas that traded kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for over a thousand Muslim criminals and murderers held in Israeli jails. With peace like Baskin’s, who needs war?

Read Gershon Baskin: “How Is Peace in Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East Possible?”
Beast, the Mark of, What Is it?
The mark of the beast is not limited to the socio-political systems of this world.

Read What Is the Mark of the Beast?
Beliefs, Our
Paul answers a lady named Betty who writes in and asks us if our “Beliefs has a name.”

Read Our Beliefs
Ben Shapiro: In the Dark About Jesus Christ
Understandably, as the world turns, Ben speaks as an indoctrinated Orthodox Jew with contradiction and ignorance, repeating falsehoods about Jesus Christ. This kind of assaults the impression of Ben Shapiro as being factual and objective, doesn't it?

Read Ben Shapiro: In the Dark About Jesus Christ
Benjamin Gross, Mr. Smith
An exposure of the ways of the Hutterites. The mirror of truth is held up to Ben Gross and the mysterious ‘Mr. Smith.’

Read Benjamin Gross and “Mr. Smith”
Berrigan, Daniel
A man presents the popular philosophy that peace can be achieved through imitation of Jesus, as espoused by the famous Catholic priest, Daniel Berrigan. We contrast this with Reality, which comes not by imitation of what men conceive Christ to be, which is dead, but by submission to the living Word of God and Prince of Peace Himself, Jesus Christ, without Whose Presence peace is impossible and wars are inevitable.

Read False Teacher – Daniel Berrigan
Best and Worst
The world praises the one who brings out the best in others, which may be fine, but the greater need of mankind is that we bring out the worst. Yes, you red that right.

Read The Best and the Worst
Best Defense is a Good Offense
How self-serving are the churches of men! Here is a prime example from the SDAs that demonstrates how they will justify a wretched scoundrel rather than admit that the glorious image they maintain of themselves is a sham. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is no different than the Catholic Church it so severely criticizes for not keeping the Sabbath. Don’t let doctrines deceive you, the fruits tell the whole story.

Read The Best Defense Is a Good Offense
Better Way, There Is a
We respond to a reader who rejects God, falsely thinking He is only known or can only be associated with the false representations of Him by nominal Christianity. The only way a person can truly be free of religion is not by rejecting God, but by coming to Him.

Read There Is a Better Way
Bible, Knowledge of Does Not Bring Life
“And this is the testimony: that God has given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that has the Son has life; he that does not have the Son of God does not have life. These things I write to you who believe in the Name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may believe in the Name of the Son of God” (1 John 5:11-13 EMTV).

Read Knowledge of the Bible Does Not Bring Life
Bible, Men Worship to Cover Evil
Akaid Diaz sent us a challenge to respond to “The Essentials of Christianity,” a document published by the Christian Research Institute. We replied to this document and published our response (False Christianity Unmasked). CRI was sent a copy of our reply to Akaid; they responded.

Read Bible Worship Used by Men to Cover Evil
Bible, Must Everything Be Spelled Out?
The Bible does not say one cannot sniff cocaine or take crystal meth or read porn. The Bible does not say one cannot smoke or sell porn movies. The Bible does not say many things directly, but for those who have a heart for truth and righteousness, it says and addresses these and other issues.

Read Must Everything Be Spelled Out in the Bible?
Bible, Ultimate Authority, Diabolical Doctrine
It has been the inclination of man, even before the Fall, to choose worship of anything other than Jesus Christ, the Only One worthy.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: The Bible Is the Ultimate Authority
Bible, Will the Real Please Stand Up?
Bimmy continues his correspondence with us, suggesting we investigate other writings that were, allegedly, wrongfully taken out of the Bible. He also poses a series of questions about the Bible.

Read Will the Real Bible Please Stand Up?
Big Lie, Exposed
So often we are told not to follow a man, even a man from God, as we are to hear from God ourselves. However, the Lord requires that believers say, Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.

Read The Big Lie Exposed
Birthday Celebrations
Is celebrating someone’s birthday good or bad, or is it neither? Does it matter? Do you care to know?

Read Birthday Celebrations
Bitterness, Bane of
Bitterness is like a cancer that eats until all is consumed. Nobody embracing or harboring bitterness escapes its ravagement. With understanding comes identification of this deceitful monster that robs one of peace, joy, and prosperity. What is bitterness and where does it come from?

Read The Bane of Bitterness
Blessing, Cursing
A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada – Readers response: Yes, it is a challenging time in so many ways. God Bless us each and every one.

Read Blessing and Cursing
Bootstraps, Lifting Yourself up by Your Own
“The Secret” – Destiny Will Call Back: Lifting Yourself Up by Your Own Bootstraps

Read Lifting Yourself Up by Your Own Bootstraps
Born Again, What It Means
Here is the simple truth about a most misunderstood and mangled spiritual term – being “born again,” the miraculous entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Read What It Means to Be Born Again
Breakout, The Perfect
There are different kinds of prisons. There are the external prisons, the best known being jails and penitentiaries. Lesser recognized are the prisons of unpleasant employment, unemployment, unhappy and unwanted marriages and relationships, sickness, poverty, burdensome debt, religious organizations, and oppressive governments. The very good news is that all of these can be greatly relieved, if not entirely eliminated, if we break out of our internal prisons of fear, insecurity, and pride. I’m talking the greatest breakout that could ever happen – straight out of darkness, death, and defeat, to light, life, and victory, where nothing can touch us.

Read The Perfect Breakout
Brick, The (The Brick), Sappy Stories
We answer a story that makes a mockery of God, showing Him to be unjust, incompetent, and, well, just plain “sappy.”

Read The Brick
Bride of Christ, Is the Roman Catholic Church
Throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church has slaughtered countless numbers of people who did not agree with its doctrines and practices, such as Lutherans, Calvinists, Mennonites, Hutterites, Anabaptists, Waldenses, Albigenses, Montanists, Quakers, Puritans, Methodists, and many, many more.

Read Is the Roman Catholic Church the Bride of Christ?
Buddhism, An Example of Great Need
This letter from a Buddhist woman is one of the most antagonistic letters we have ever received. I realize that the woman is irrational, speaking in the heat of the moment. However, to point out and counter some common erroneous thoughts prevalent here and there, as expressed in this letter, I would like to reply for others to learn.

Read An Example of Great Need
Buddhism, Examined from a Godly Biblical Perspective
There are so many people who believe the lie that Christ is but one of many ways to God. They believe that the major religions of the world are in agreement and harmony with Christ and the Bible. There is nothing farther from the truth. Herein is addressed Buddhism in particular, with reference to the philosophical assertions of Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman.

Read Buddhism Examined from a Godly and Biblical Perspective
Buddhist, Loves Disgraceful Religion
A letter from a Buddhist who loves disgraceful religion.

Read A Buddhist Loves Disgraceful Religion
Bus Driver Tests the Preacher, Sappy Stories
Is God dependent on man’s goodness to get His message and saving power to those He desires to receive it? Meet two fictional characters who think so. Their story is intended to inspire you to perform good deeds, but the real tale is a tragedy of unbelief and misplaced confidence.

Read The Bus Driver Tests the Preacher
Butterfly, Why the
Who knew the power of The Gas? Contemplations inspired by the beauty of the flutterby.

Read Why the Flutterby?


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