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Jehovah God, Jesus Christ- A Great Man or
An invitation to a Jehovah Witness memorial service for Jesus Christ sparks a conversation about Who Jesus Christ is, and what He and the Scriptures teach in contradiction to Jehovah Witness doctrine and their faulty, self-serving Bible translation.

Read Jesus Christ – A Great Man or Jehovah God?
Jehovah's Witnesses, Are Wrong
Rory Colbert claims that Jesus Christ is not God Almighty, but is rather the first created being. This does not agree with what is found in the Bible or what is heard by every saint of God who hears the Chief Shepherd’s voice. In this correspondence, this foundational error and the fraudulent claim of a “Jehovah’s Witness” are laid bare.

Read How Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Wrong
Jerusalem, Judgment of 1969 Stanley Goldfoot's Letter to World from
The world, to a great degree over history, has persecuted and been aligned against the Jew. How should the Jew react? Here is an example of how he shouldn’t react, and why.

Read A Judgment of 1969 Stanley Goldfoot’s Open Letter to the World from Jerusalem
Jesus Christ, Freedom of Religion Only Comes Through
Jesus Christ, Our Party and Our Cause
We are pro-Jesus Christ, Who is Right Incarnate, and His Law, Which is Right, and we are anti-wrong from all quarters, no matter who commits it. It has nothing to do with any agenda, but everything to do with representing the Lord Jesus Christ as He is and as He wills. By His grace, we are completely His partisan supporters.

Read The Lord Jesus Christ – Our Party and Our Cause
Jesus, So You Want to Walk with?
Are you considering a true walk of faith? Do you think you have that now? Don’t be deceived and don’t mock God, Who cannot be mocked. Here’s what you need to consider if you want to walk with Jesus or think you are.

Read So You Want to Walk with Jesus
Jew, Israel and the
One need not discover the campsite of ancient Israel in the wilderness of Sinai to prove the veracity of the Scriptures. All one needs for proof is right here today, in the nation of Israel and the person of the Jew. There is no more vivid or certain evidence for the truth of the Biblical record. No people have foretold, through their own prophets, their own demise and resurrection from the dead. This is not the work of mortal man, which was confirmed by the King of the Jews, Who laid down and raised His own body from the dead.

Read Israel and the Jew
Jew, What is a
Readers response: Remove me from this email list immediately. You are not a Jew no matter what you say.

Read What Is a Jew?
Jew, Who is a True?
We received this question: Please could you explain something to me, if possible? What/who is … a Gentile a Christian a Jew a Hebrew a Spiritual Israelite a Child of God?

Read Who Is a True Jew?
Jewish Columnist, Appeals to Bush
Michael Freund would like to have the protection of the United States for Israel, with God as backup. Is this idea workable according to God? And is believing on Jesus Christ the same as looking to President Bush or any other man?

Read A Jewish Columnist Appeals to Bush
Jewish Questions, The 76
The religious world is filled with worldly wisdom concerning the things of God and of Holy Scripture. Man can be ever so clever in refuting the truth and authority of God. He does so because he is possessed by the cause of that disposition of refutation, that being the arrogance and independence of the sin nature. We reply to the cynical and contradictory questions people have proudly asked in refuting the legitimacy of Jesus Christ/Yahshuah as Messiah, Lord and Savior of the Jews and of the whole world.

Read The 76 Jewish Questions
Jewish Worship Practices are Important to Keep, Diabolical Doctrine
There’s a religious fad sweeping nominal Christianity, that of indulging in Jewish worship practices and traditions. Many searchers have determined there are precious truths to be discovered in types and shadows, with great and rare blessings. Seekers are flocking to this thinking because they are empty spiritually. They’re unfulfilled in their churches and their systems of belief and worship; they’re unfulfilled within because in unbelief.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Jewish Worship Practices Are Important to Keep
Jews, Regarding the
You know what their problem is, completely? It is not us, not lack of knowledge, not persecution, not Christianity, not Muslims, not descendants of Ishmael, not Middle East real estate, not a false witness of Christ or the preaching of a false Christ. It is that they reject Jesus Christ, case closed.

Read Regarding the Jews
Jews, The Fears
Why are so many jews anti-Zionist? Perhaps inexplicable – the mystery of iniquity. They are blinded until the time the Lord opens their eyes and gives them a heart to understand. Fear plays a big part in it.

Read The Fears of the Jews
Jews, The Perished of the Holocaust
What an incredibly hideous spectacle unfolded before the world as humans, turned vicious, ravenous brute beasts, actively and passively, directly and indirectly, willingly and unwillingly, performed their unspeakable horrors on the Jewish people. We have seen what happened in this dimension: Out of the ashes of the departed, a nation was reborn on the earth of those left behind. But what happened to the Jews taken away in the Holocaust? Where did they go? What was their lot beyond the gas chambers, ovens, and graves?

Read The Perished of the Holocaust
Jews, Who Hate Trump and Do Not Know Why
Jews, Why I Am for You
What the God of Israel has done for me, and what He will do for you.

Read Jews, Why I Am for You
Jews, Why They Should and Will Believe in Jesus
In this paper we examine arguments posed by a presumed Jewish religious authority for rejecting Jesus Christ as the Messiah. While we show how these arguments are in error, we also acknowledge that the rejection of Christ by the Jews has been purposed by God from the beginning to bring about a wonderful ending for all. Now is the time for Jews to hear the truth about themselves, their Messiah, and their God.

Read Why Jews Should and Will Believe in Jesus
Job's Ordeal, How it ended for Satan
For it is written, ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the understanding of the perceiving ones.’ Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the lawyer of this world? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? (1 Corinthians 1:19-20 MKJV)

Read How Job’s Ordeal Ended for Satan
Jonah, The SIGN, Book of God
What treasures of God are hidden in the sign of Jonah? Hear what this rather obscure and short book, which of all Scripture was singled out by the Lord Jesus Christ as the sign of His coming, has to tell us about the momentous work God is doing today through the recounting of a singular and marvellous episode in the life of the prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh.

Read The SIGN: The Book of Jonah, the Book of God
Judaism, Idolatrous
Readers response: I killed jc myself, with my own hands. He was a pig and you are a pig.

Read Idolatrous Judaism
Judge Righteous Judgment
If not for the Lord being with us, we could not say or do anything regarding spiritual matters. On the other hand, in Him, we can and do judge everything (1 Corinthians 2:15), not after the appearance, but according to the Spirit, which is righteous judgment.

Read “Judge Righteous Judgment”
Judge, Hypocritical and Unrighteous
Readers response: It is true that Jesus died for all people, especially came for the Jews. But the Bible does not tell us to convert them.

Read A Hypocritical and Unrighteous Judge
Judge, Who are you to, Unlearned Saying & Objection
Countless professing believers condemn us as if we accuse brethren rather than judge them and expose the wicked. That’s because they’re doing the very thing they accuse us of doing – accusing those who truly are Christ’s brethren, doing the will of God.

Read Unlearned Saying & Objection – “Who are you to judge?”
Judging All, for Good
We received the following response to The True Marks of a Cult, “Mark Nineteen – Healing Services and Crusades”

Read Disdaining None, Judging All, for Good
Judgment Has Come, on SDA
Seventh Day Adventists love to talk about end times and prophetic timelines; all the while they do not recognize that they are suffering under the wrath of God and the end has come for them. Here one proves it by his reaction to hearing the Truth.

Read Judgment HAS Come…on You, SDA
Judgment HAS Come...on You SDA
Seventh Day Adventists love to talk about end times and prophetic timelines; all the while they do not recognize that they are suffering under the wrath of God and the end has come for them. Here one proves it by his reaction to hearing the Truth.

Read Judgment HAS Come…on You, SDA
Judgment, God's Righteous Spoken by Man
A reader's response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader's response: It is not up to individuals to call on God to curse anyone. James 3:9-10. In fact, I…

Read God’s Righteous Judgment Spoken by Man
Judgment, Unrighteous
A reader's response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader's response: We don't curse people as is doing so we would demean ourselves and not make…

Read Unrighteous Judgment
Judgment,the Righteous of God vs. Walking by Sight
We answer a universalist that challenges us to debate. He says we are too harsh and judgmental of others. We show that he is the one judging by sight, unrighteously.

Read Walking by Sight vs. the Righteous Judgment of God


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