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Hafichuk, Eireann, Letter to
The following letter was hand-delivered to the front desk of Eireann Hafichuk’s place of work on December 27, 2007, in response to rumors we had heard of Eireann’s speaking against us. We are not afraid of the truth (indeed, we are thankful for it) and are ready to stand up to the evil coming our way.

Read Letter to Eireann Hafichuk
Hahn, Scott
Scott Hahn is a well-publicized Presbyterian convert to Catholicism…”out of the frying pan and into the fire.” He once gave a speech about this experience, discussing some of the doctrinal issues with which he grappled at the time. We address these issues and the erroneous thinking which led to his conversion to Catholicism. Surely, when God sends strong delusion that one should believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11), who can withstand Him? Nevertheless, we preach the truth, reprove the works of darkness, and hope in God the Truth, Whose Word will bear fruit in due time.

Read A Protestant Minister Converts to Catholicism
Hahn, Scott, Paul's Reply to
Falsehood Exposed on The Path of Truth – Catholicism: Paul’s Reply to Scott Hahn.

Read Paul’s Reply to Scott Hahn
Handouts and Donations, Did Paul Ask For?
Hanegraaff, Hank
Akaid Diaz sent us a challenge to respond to “The Essentials of Christianity,” a document published by the Christian Research Institute. We take the challenge to proclaim what, and more importantly, Whom we believe on. We do so in every series of The Issues of Life, and in every breath we take. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for making Himself known to all given to see.

Read False Christianity Unmasked
Hanukkah, What About It?
A Youtube visitor watched a video, Merry Christmas From the Angry Farmer, and asked the question, “Do you feel the same way about Jewish Chanukah?” Our response follows.

Read What about Hanukkah (Chanukah)?
Harness of The Lord
A vision given to Bill Britton.

Read "The Harness of the Lord"
Hate Literature
Which is “hate literature,” the Koran that promotes bigotry and subjugation of all those not in agreement with it, presuming to be mandated by God, or that which refutes this presumption and exposes the ungodly spirit underlying an unholy and abusive religion? We answer another former customer at Harvest Haven who is offended at the wrong literature.

Read Hate Literature
Hate, Mystery of
A Jewish acquaintance, Garry, sent us an article by Yair Lapid titled “The Mystery of Hate.” The hatred of Jews is indeed a mystery, one that makes no sense on the contemporary scene at all. While Yair does not mention the rest of the Gentile world along with Muslims and Arabs as hating Jews, it too is really no different.

Read The Mystery of Hate
Hatred or Love, No Man Knows Either by All That is Before Them
We received the following note from Gregg, with the subject line: “Who do you people think you are!”

Read “No Man Knows Either Love or Hatred by All that Is Before Them” (Ecclesiastes 9:1)
Head in the Sand, Are We Suggesting You Should Put Your
We received a letter in response to the first letter in our voting series, “For Whom Do We Vote?”

Read Are We Suggesting You Should Put Your Head in the Sand?
Healing, Divine, Shameless Scoundrels Defame
“Apostle” William takes offense at God Heals Today, His Way, preferring the company of hype artists and frauds.

Read Shameless Scoundrels Defame Divine Healing
Healing, God's Way
Is it God’s will that we be healed and have health in body, mind, and soul? If so, why are so many not experiencing healing? In this writing, you’ll hear about what His will is for you, and the secrets to the treasure house of all good things in His will.

Read God Heals Today, His Way
Health, Man's Morality Can Be Hazardous to
Jesus Christ came to make it known that man’s righteousness is not only inadequate; it is at enmity with God Himself.

Read Man’s Morality Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Healthy Living, Your Door to
Heaven, Kingdom of, Made in America?
Is it the duty of a Christian, in America or anywhere else, to re-arrange, or improve upon, or to transform the feet and toes of iron and clay into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Read The Kingdom of Heaven – Made in America?
Heaven, The Precious Presence of
A reader asks, “What is the truth about heaven?” Who can answer this question knowledgeably except someone who is in Heaven, knowing it by having been relocated from Hell? This is a matter of experience and revelation.

Read The Precious Presence of Heaven
Hebrew Names for God, Error of Insisting on
One prevalent phenomenon in the world today is that there are people who aspire to be Jewish in custom, tradition and language, thinking they will, thereby, draw closer to, and please, the Creator. It would appear that in the forefront of these things is the “proper use” and even pronunciation of the “true Name” of the Creator. Many believe the correctness of the verbal Name to be so important as to determine one’s eternal destiny. We know not just His Name, but Him. Those who presume to know the “correct” Name do not know Him. Indeed, in their stance they prove they do not know Him. Many have confronted us on this matter, and this paper is a sampling of some of those confrontations and our responses.

Read The Error of Insisting on Using Hebrew Names for God
Hell, God's Love Compatible
How can it be that the soft-spoken, “loving and caring” Christian believes in a god who will torture, when this life ends, the majority of those creatures presumably made in his image, time without end? It can be because such a Christian is in darkness, and is worshiping another god, as this exchange demonstrates.

Read Are Eternal Hell and God’s Love Compatible?
Hell, Some are Predestined to Burn in Forever, Diabolical Doctrine
We have the true answers from God for those who believe or were taught the false doctrine from Calvin that God has predestinated them to burn in Hell forever, time without end. There is a time to stop drinking from the poisonous wells of the doctrines of men, treacherously mixed with Biblical Truth, and to start drinking from the Well of wells, Jesus Christ alone, Who gives the Pure Water of Life freely to whoever thirsts.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Some Are Predestinated to Burn in Hell Forever
Hell, State and Fate of
Some people think we say there is no Hell, because we preach that all men will be saved. But what is salvation, if not deliverance from death and Hell? As the father said of his prodigal son: “It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; and was lost, and is found” (Luke 15:32 MKJV). This letter tells you what you need know about the real Hell, not the fake one, in which men say unrepentant sinners (or all those who disagree with them and their doctrine) will be tormented forever and ever after they die. That’s a most gruesome and blasphemous fable, but the real Hell is something you are already familiar with, as every person born on earth knows it more intimately than his home.

Read The State and Fate of Hell
Here Is the Way It Is
This paper tells you all you really need to know to get your spiritual bearings in life. You need to be headed in the right direction to enter life as God intended you to have it, the life that is found in Him. Any old way won’t do, religion won’t do, philosophy won’t do. By getting off the broad path to destruction and entering through the narrow gate, the Way we preach, you will find God.

Read Here Is the Way It Is
Heresy, Roman, and a Question about Prayer
A website reader wrote to Victor, thanking him for his testimony, and expressing his unfamiliarity with Roman heresy.

Read Roman Heresy and a Question about Prayer
Hide, No Place to
William, our correspondent in The Whole Picture: We Answer an Apologist for Counterfeit Christianity, unsubscribed during the series. We sent him the following note.

Read No Place to Hide
High Places
We read of the high places in Kings and Chronicles and we imagine all sorts of things happening in them. Little do we know that they exist today, and that we ourselves are their frequenters and ardent supporters, perishing as we go.

Read The High Places
HIV Positive, Christian Minister, Allegedly Repentant
In this sappy story, we have a fornicating, lying, self-serving scoundrel who tells us that, despite his sins, he is a good man. After being caught with his pants down, so to speak, he continues to play the hero. It is only in the land of make-believe Christianity, however, that one can retain his or her virtue as a sinner. The Kingdom of Heaven is comprised of the truly forgiven and grateful, unprofitable servants of God.

Read An Allegedly Repentant HIV Positive Christian Minister
Holy Spirit, Baptism in the
This paper lays out in explicit terms the who, what, where, when, how, and why of this entrance into the presence of God that only God can perform, howbeit through His chosen vessels as He sees fit. There are many spurious (counterfeit) baptisms in the Holy Spirit, deceiving many. If the seeker of God is sincere and prepared to pay the price, he or she will flee, and will be kept from, the false and will be given to know the truth.

Read The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, Spirit of Christ are Two Different Entities, Diabolical Doctrine
You have nothing to explain away if you don’t believe a falsehood in the first place. Nobody receives the Spirit of God within at repentance. Repentance is not the new birth. Therefore, there’s nothing to explain. Furthermore, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Christ are all one and the same Person, not three.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: The Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit Are Two Different Entities
Hospital, Does Peter Have
Peter, who was not a doctor, healed the sick and raised the dead by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you sit there and say, “Don’t send me mail about the Lord Whom Peter served, and by Whom he healed the sick; this is our work place [St. Peter’s] where we are treating sick people.”

Read Does Peter Have a Hospital?
How One Is Saved
This is for the person who wants to know what he or she must do to have the salvation of God. It doesn’t matter whether you are an atheist or one with many years of experience in religion. God is no respecter of persons, and He is not a disrespecter of any who come before Him in sincerity and say, “I don’t know but want to. Show me the way.” That is what He has given us for you in this paper.

Read How One Is Saved
Human Rights?
The Human Rights Commission in Alberta, Canada has had its way and its day. Their apparent goal or at least evident result? Shut down all expression that runs contrary to Acceptable Speech.

Read Human Rights?
Hurricane or Hair, All in His Hands
Gene, the correspondent whom we quoted and answered in “There Is a Better Way” wrote this after reading “God Is Finished Winking.”

Read A Hurricane or a Hair – It Is All in His Hands
Hutterites, Everywhere
The traditional practices of religious Hutterite colonies are killing them daily. They have put their trust in the forms of their fathers and have not known the Lord or His ways. We show how they err from the true faith, in common ways found in many religious denominations and movements. It is God’s will that all come out of these dead ways to have life, health, and peace in Him.

Read To Hutterites Everywhere


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