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Narrow Way vs. Wide Way
Answers to Common Objections Against Acknowledging the Only True God

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Narrow Way, Broad Way Lover Despises
The accusations of one who claims to love all those around her, and who has told us to “Go to Hell!,” are examined.

Read Broad Way Lover Despises Narrow Way

Nate, Letters to
Letters to Nate

Read Letters to Nate

Never-ending Torment, Diabolical Doctrine
According to this atrocious doctrine, a trillion years from now, the damned will continue to scream and writhe in terrible agony with no respite, the torment only beginning. In the meantime, the One Who laid down His life for them, and then put them in those circumstances, is at rest with His beloved, enjoying fellowship with them and they with Him.

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New Postings
What’s New on The Path of Truth?

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New Year's Message to Our Group
Even though the Gentile calendar is not the one God would ultimately have, certainly not with all its elements like the months and the days named after other gods, still He has demonstrated to us that He observes and honors the dates, whether for Himself, for us, or for both. All things are in His hands, including the Gentiles and all that they do.

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News, The Good
What we have been hearing, referred to as “the good news” or the gospel, must be seen for what it is – bad news indeed! In its place must be declared the truly good news. Our selfishness would dictate that if news is good for us, it is good news, though it might not be very good for everybody else. Ultimately, if it is not good for all, it is good for none. Like it or not, none of us can remain an island unto himself for long, and if one tries to be otherwise, there is only stagnation and stench, even as when waters stop running, forming a black swamp in which nothing can live.

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No Fear of God
Not All Believers Have the Same Calling
It is God who sets aside servants for His will, not men.

Read Not All Believers Have the Same Calling

Not All Men Are From God
Max is refuted, all men are not from God

Read All Men are NOT from God

Not Done in a Corner
Blog War on The Path of Truth – Deborah: Not Done in a Corner

Read Not Done in a Corner

Not Merely a Role, The Son Is God
Notice Board
Notice Board on

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  1. Avatar
    Lorna McLauhlin May 4, 2019 at 10:04 am

    You claim that those on your “false teachers” list come with their own teachings and not the Lord’s, yet you claim to have received extra-biblical revelations from God…hmmm…


    1. Avatar

      There’s a significant difference between “extra-Biblical” and “anti-Biblical.” Nothing I speak or teach is anti-Biblical. And if you think God no longer personally relates to His children but by the Words of the Bible, as True as they are, then you have fallen into Bibliolatry, a subtle, yet powerfully destructive sin.


  2. Avatar
    Mrs Wendy Quartly February 14, 2020 at 3:22 am

    Lorna didn’t state that she thinks God no longer speaks today. You accuse her of falling into a ‘subtle yet powerfully destructive sin’which is unfounded. Somebody has questioned yourselves and you hit back with more negative rhetoric. I belive you have fallen into the subtle yet powerfully destructive sin of pride and judgement of your fellow brothers and sisters.


    1. Avatar

      Victor Hafichuk here at my wife Marilyn’s computer:

      Have I judged brothers and sisters in Christ or have I judged tares? The latter, I’m surely persuaded. You defend Lorna while she is the one entering in judging me without understanding or authority. If I’m wrong in interpreting what she is saying, then the two of you can clarify exactly her purpose and meaning. I will deal with it and render a judgment that is appropriate. Thus far, you only prove me to be right, Wendy. I judge righteous judgment as commanded. You two, on the other hand, are religious and unrealistic, enemies of the cross. Prove me wrong.


  3. Avatar

    You say that Miles Monroe was a false teacher?!

    That he sold fake dreams???

    Miles Monroe preached one thing. THE KINGDOM, and all the laws of it.

    He stood by and preached the Law of the KING, and made sure we never forgot.

    U say that he is a source of the devils deception of the truth… hmmm


    Miles KNEW, RESPECTED, TAUGHT, and brung gravity to all the laws of the KING.

    I AM rich and wealthy just as Miles said I would be BECAUSE MY FATHER/KING IS RICH AND WELTHY and he said I would be!

    And you say he is selling something fake?

    Then u do not believe.


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