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Diabolical Doctrine: Democracy Is of God

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Is it? Is it right that those needing to be ruled should rule the ruler? What, then, must the ruler do? Simply rule as the ruled rule him to rule?

Democracy can be almost synonymous with Christianity in the minds of many. Take the political “religious right” in the United States, for example, which holds sacred the ideal of a democratic republic. The truth is that democracy (whether in the form of a republic or not) is a Gentile government, not theocratic, and therefore not Christian.

The Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, and all other empires throughout man’s history have been heathen governments. Communism, socialism, and all other forms of government other than theocracy are carnal, of men and of men’s wisdom. Democracy happens to be the bottom of the barrel, as represented by the feet of iron and clay of the image Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about, as recorded in Daniel chapter 2. Believe it: The preceding empires were greater, the head of gold having been the greatest.

Still, these are all under the sovereignty and will of God Who, the Scriptures declare, made Nebuchadnezzar the head of gold. Daniel said God had given Nebuchadnezzar a kingdom, power, strength, and glory. It is by God’s determination that all kingdoms, nations, and rulers either exist or cease.

So today we live in the days of the feet and toes of clay and iron – strength and weakness – the two unable to adhere by nature, destined to crumble under the power of God. These are the democracies, the Western nations which have generally ruled the world at present. But as some can perceive, those days are also over. The image is on its way down, never to rise again.

Question: It was around 600 B.C. that Nebuchadnezzar had the dream and Daniel interpreted it. How could anyone know the Medes and Persians would defeat and succeed Babylon? How could anyone know that Alexander would come conquering the Medes and Persians and that his kingdom would break up into four parts? How could anyone know Rome was to overcome the Greek empire?

The events this dream foretold extended more than two millennium into the future. Yet there it was, recorded in Scripture with perfect accuracy and preserved to this very day, 2600 years later. What reasonable person can argue against God’s doings? The world is filled with unreasonable people, however, who are corrupted by sin, their minds degenerated to the point of great unreason.

Now we’re at the time of the feet and toes of iron and clay, called the democracies. But think of it – ought the sheep to rule? Is that not the case in a democracy?

The people elect whom they will. The government is representative and a product of the people. In a democracy, ideally speaking, if elected representatives don’t satisfy those who elect them, they’re replaced by the people. The ruled are granted opportunity to choose their rulers. Is the majority right? Much can be said about how democracy is ineffective, counterproductive, and destructive.

In communism, the wolf rules; in democracy, the sheep rule; in theocracy, the Shepherd rules. Which would you choose? Man has been given thousands of years of opportunity to do things his way, presumably independent of God, to learn folly and its consequences. He has now run out of ways and means, courting destruction in these last days as never before, and now is the time of the Kingdom of kingdoms to be established, and that, forever.

“And in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven shall set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed. And the Kingdom shall not be left to other peoples, but it shall crush and destroy all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever” (Daniel 2:44 MKJV).

HalleluYah! We will have the Shepherd calling the shots, and any competitors or gainsayers will no longer be able to gain the ascendancy and impose their wills upon people. Their thrones will be forever taken away, and the throne of righteousness upon which the Lord of lords, the King of Righteousness, sits will be established forever, reigning supreme.

Then will be learned the value of living according to God’s laws, of submitting to His authority. Swords will be beaten into plowshares, oppression will cease, and true peace, without paper treaties, will prevail. Suffering and sorrow will be no more, and tears will be wiped away. Doors will no longer need to be locked, and insurance will be unnecessary. Lawyers won’t prosper at the expense of clients in bogged down courts where justice is at best a hope and no guarantee.

Tyrannical institutions will cease to exist, and the wicked will be uprooted from power forever. What a wonderful day is upon us – a day of theocracy wherein God rules, and men live in harmony with Him and with one another – a fearful nightmare turned into a dream come true! Glory halleluYah!

Read in our section “Thy Kingdom Come” – God’s Political Perspective, especially “The Voting Trilogy”: For Whom Do We Vote?, Why Do We Vote for Jesus Christ?, and How Do We Vote for the Lord Jesus Christ?

Consider the alternative to this doctrine: Vote for God, not men; acknowledge the right of the Shepherd, not the sheep or wolves, to reign over all.



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English – Spanish – Chinese我們收到了這封信: 維克多, 我的名字是丹尼爾,我也曾與菲利普會面並一起工作過。我正在閱讀你和保羅的電子郵件,我注意到您在哪裡說:「我知道,在『基督教』世界裡,有很多不好的文學作品,教導謊言,例如,那些沒有得救的人永受折磨教義。從未有過比這更醜陋的謊言。這是對上帝的本性和品格的誹謗。」您是在說您不相信地獄或永恆的詛咒嗎?我不明白您在說什麼。此外,在您給菲利普的電子郵件中,我注意到一種沮喪的語氣,幾乎到了責罵的程度。您認為這種語氣是一種愛和關懷,是對菲利普的造就和鼓勵嗎? 丹尼爾我們憑信心而活,而不是憑眼見。 維克多和保羅的回覆: 嗨丹尼爾, 你來信的結尾 (「我們憑信心而活,而不是憑眼見」) 本質上就是我們告訴菲利普的。你認不出來嗎?我認為你發送該聲明是我們給他的信的結果。我可能是錯的,但如果是對的,諷刺的是你會把它發給我們。 我認為你相信一個永恆的、折磨人的地獄。雖然聖經清楚地表明地獄的存在,但不是在大多數新教或天主教圈子中所宣揚的地獄。大多數人發現或將發現自己身處的地獄是一種黑暗和晦澀的狀態,是死者的地方,他們「一無所知」(儘管他們可能認為自己知道)。他們在屬靈上對上帝是無意識的。 當然,在黑暗中,與上帝的靈隔絕,那裡有無知、懼怕、缺乏理解、拜偶像和束縛,更不用說折磨。但是在來世是否有字面的、身體上的懲罰之火?沒有。地獄會永遠存在嗎?不 (啟示錄 20:14)。有沒有像詹姆士王欽定版翻譯的那樣「永遠的詛咒,」即與上帝「永永遠遠」的隔絕?沒有。閱讀“永遠”、“永久”、和“地獄”的真正聖經含義。 只有上帝是不朽的,以及那些祂授予的人。永恆的詛咒和折磨是邪惡、異教思想的編造,試圖向人們灌輸恐懼,以控制他們。天主教會,從君士坦丁開始,使用這種可怕的教義,而新教徒繼續利用使用它。上帝不會通過恐懼來獲勝。 如果你看一下希伯來語和希臘語翻譯成英語的「地獄」和「永遠」這兩個詞,它們沒有提到一個沒有盡頭的狀態。關於這些問題,我有很多文章可以發給你。目前,閱讀我們《萬物的復興》的部分,你還可以閱讀惡魔般的教義;你應該特別閱讀永無止境的折磨。 你可能想(或不想) 閱讀的另一篇文章是:邪教的真實標記,並考慮你的立場。 丹尼爾,我懷疑當你幾乎還沒有觸及我們的著作時,你不會同意它們,但它們是真實的、符合聖經的、由上帝教導的,那些不同意這些教義的人不是上帝派來傳教的。他們是出於自己的公義和假定而宣講的,對他們聲稱代表的唯一的那個是一無所知。 判斷了我對菲利普說話的語氣後,你問:「您認為這種語氣是一種愛和關懷,是對菲利普的造就和鼓勵嗎?」對於這個問題,我的回答:「是的,」我很清楚你不會那樣理解上帝的愛。就在今天,我 (部分)寫信給另一個人: 「事實上,人將他人吸引到上帝面前的行為恰好是敵基督靈的一個顯著特徵。人假設他們在基督裡的,認為他們可以通過『在他們裡面的光』來『愛』人歸神,因此,他們以『能力作見證。』事實是,他們以他們的愛作證歸給自己,同時在宣告祂的名。舊約或新約都沒有記載聖徒通過愛他們贏得任何人到上帝面前…無處,甚至是與耶穌。這就是敵基督的靈。」 你可以閱讀的有關該主題的文章有: 虛假宗教人士喜愛那憎恨(拒絕)上帝 上帝只說出柔和的話語嗎?竭力維護從前一次就全交給了聖徒的信仰,維克多 丹尼爾,我是保羅。 我想補充一點。 有趣的是你在同一封信中詢問關於地獄和愛。我們經常發現那些指責我們沒有愛心的人,他們相信並宣揚全能和愛的化身的上帝,祂創造了...
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