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Charlie McKendy responded to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

Spammer- You are cursed!!!

(New Democratic Party)

Victor’s reply:

Charlie, you need to gain some understanding and wisdom about spamming, much more about life and good and evil.

If I were coming to you selling you something, asking for money, going where I was going for purely selfish reasons, or sneaking up on you without a return address, pretending I was somebody else, then you could rightfully call me a spammer, no matter what the law of the internet is, whether condoning or condemning my actions.

But if I come to you speaking truth, at my cost, for everyone’s sake, at a time when this country is plainly in an economic and political crisis, and I address someone like you, who somehow presumes to be of use to the public of Canada, with a public e-mail address and all, how can you rightfully call me a spammer?

Now I come not simply by my own volition, but appointed by God to speak the truth. Cursing me, you curse yourself, and you will see it. Either change your mind about this quickly, or suffer the sure consequences.

Is it any wonder that with people like you in the social, governmental fabric of this country, it has its troubles? Hardly, and God is finished with ungodliness, selfishness, and irresponsibility. He will not tolerate it any more.


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