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A Sure Verdict


Trevor Harrison responded to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

Please strike me from your email list. One may disagree with the coalition. One may think it is foolhardy, unwise, or doomed to failure. Fair enough. But it is constitutionally legal. Coalitions are built into parliamentary democracy. No government, minority or otherwise, gets a free pass. Governments must have the confidence of the House, or they fail. Those who oppose or not necessarily wicked, stupid, or corrupt. They just see things differently – Trevor Harrison

Paul’s reply:

Trevor, you say that those who oppose the government are not necessarily wicked, stupid, or corrupt. That is true, but so is the converse. They are not necessarily not those things. In other words, they can be corrupt. In this case, God has specifically spoken to let all know that the present oppositional coalition is wicked.

God sees the hearts of men and addresses them according to their motives, warning of undesirable consequences if their crooked ways are not amended. Where men’s laws serve as deterrent of evil and provide retribution for the offending evildoers, there is no need for a revelatory word from God. He has already provided what is needed by the authorities in place. But when the matter is hidden, as it is here by deceitful appearances, God speaks as the Arbiter of Last Resort, to guide and bless those with a heart to hear and know what is right in the way that will prosper.

Others, hardened in their selfishness, will continue to pursue agendas that are corrupt and lead to more hardships and disaster. Hence, the curse. It is not so much of a threat, as a promise of what will be reaped by those following through on this coalition. Watch and see.

We will remove you from the list as requested.

Paul Cohen

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