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A Higher Order

Zach Jeffries responded to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. If you are referring to the present situation Ottawa, I would encourage you to read up on and understand how our parliamentary democracy actually works. Please remove me from your mailing list.

Zach Jeffries
(Liberal Party)

Victor’s reply:

Zach, I understand the laws and rights in place. I understand that, legally, those of the coalition do not err. However, morality is of a higher order, and spirituality of the highest. There are men’s imperfect laws and God’s Perfect Law. Just because the majority of members of the House would reject the present government policies does not make them right. What they do is wrong, if not by law, then by motive, pretending to serve the true needs and wishes of the people when you and I both know otherwise.

You see that Harper’s Conservatives won 143 seats. On the other hand, the 2 other national parties, the Liberals won 77 seats and the New Democratic Party 37 for a total of 114 seats, 29 seats less than the Conservatives. The Bloc Quebecois won 49 but the BQ is only for Quebec; not one BQ member was elected by Canadians for a united Canada. To allow them to tip the scale and say it is a legitimate coalition in Canada’s favor is like saying a bit of arsenic is fine in your food.

If you were representing the BQ or speaking for them, I would understand your prejudiced logic, but as a Canadian citizen affiliated with the Liberal Party, who can question that you do your party and fellow countrymen a disservice with your lack of understanding?

Furthermore, God is finished winking at the nonsense that goes on in government and everywhere else in Canada. Oppose what is right and true and just in the name of playing by the rules of the game, no matter what the keeping of them may usher in, and you play with fire, coming against God, Who is fed up with the whole charade. I am here to tell you so.

You are removed from our list.

Victor Hafichuk

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