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The Contradiction of Being Led by Those You Lead

Victor wrote to Larry and Sue Spencer in December, 2003:

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Larry and Sue,

By now, if a busy man has had a chance to view my website, I would expect you would want to at least politely disagree, and possibly get sharp with me over what a Baptist would consider heretical doctrine.

I recall when we first left the Baptists, I had a desire to talk to you, but given the reaction about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit from the other leaders (Henry, Jack, Len), students, and general congregation, I suppose we thought we would let it all go, and go as the Lord led us.

We could not deny what the Lord had done for us, that He had done it, and the Scriptures were quickened to us to confirm. The first night we received the Spirit, we were up all night reading the Scriptures, until 7 am. The Bible was alive on a new dimension unknown before then. For years thereafter, we spent many hours in the Scriptures. God has been faithful to this very day.

In my experience, without exception, a move away from God was automatically one from the love of Scripture as well. While it can be said that the JW’s, for example, will use the Scriptures, I have yet to meet one that truly has a love for Them.

I wanted to give you some encouragement in your time of trial, realizing it was you. I appreciated the time we spent in ‘74, and you haven’t changed.

Politics. I have learned that each person on earth serves in his or her place, believer or not, as did Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, and everyone else. For my part, I have been realizing that I can no longer support the feet of iron and clay, that my vote must now be for the Rock cut out of the mountain destined to destroy the entire image in this day.

Trudeau sanctions gays, Chretien legalizes them, NDP fully supports them, and Joe Clark joins the gay parade. While I wondered about the Reform party under Preston Manning, now with Stephen Harper looking to broaden horizons, I cannot in good conscience, before God, support anything of this world anymore. To broaden horizons at the expense of moral and spiritual positions is not acceptable. Yet, how does a political party gain power without pleasing the world? There is no way.

I know the arguments about exercising our rights, honoring those who died to give us those rights, and more. Larry and Sue, my vote is for the Kingdom of God now, front and center. Men have vainly attempted to bring peace and prosperity by their own ways, and God has given them the full opportunity to try. It has been His will.

Did not Daniel tell Nebuchadnezzar that he was that head of gold? Did not Cyrus speak by God to send the Israelites back to their land after the captivity? The Greeks and Romans were also part of the whole scheme of things, by God’s sovereign will.

We are now down to the last powers on earth, the democracies, the feet of iron and clay, the ruled and ruling trying to combine. Democracy, the sheep telling the shepherd and the Owner what to do and how to do things. Is it any wonder Canada and the U.S., not to mention the other nations, are going in the direction they are? Politics? How is it possible to speak up, and do and say what is right, when one’s position depends on the majority vote and the majority are the world who seek to pursue the lusts of the flesh and false gods?

All one needs to do for a moment is to try to imagine Jesus running for a political position and calling for the support of the world. While He has the dead burying the dead, with purpose, I do not believe He has His disciples doing it. Those who hate us when recognizing our identification with Christ will not vote for us. It is that simple.

People think they can change things from within. It has never happened. Jesus plainly said that one does not put new wine in old wineskins, or put a new patch on an old cloth.

“Therefore come out from among them and be separated, says the Lord, and do not touch the unclean thing. And I will receive you and I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18 MKJV).

That which is of the world cannot prevail, notwithstanding some apparent victories.

I once had some correspondence with Preston Manning (with a copy to Ray Speaker). Please read it at this link.

Larry and Sue, my point was that we are to bear witness in secular institutions. If a light is not shone in places of darkness, where is it to be shone? If by being elected by unbelievers, it binds our speech in the Name of the Lord, should we look to the world to elect His saints to rule unregenerate hearts? Preston calls it a dilemma. Surely! Should we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, be placing ourselves in such “dilemmas”?

As to imposing our convictions, Christ never called upon us to do that, and I was not suggesting it, far from it. What I was proposing was that we declare what we are and why, all the way, everywhere, always, but far more importantly, who He is. Isn’t that the calling of all those who worship the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth?

Everyone is trying to be that quiet and unobtrusive salt and gentle night light while the enemies boldly declare their positions, with nobody speaking up against them or their positions, in the Name of the Lord. This, however, is the only place of victory.

I note David Mainse and others speaking against same-sex marriage, but they are not taking a direct stand at all. They shuffle, shift, give a love-tap, shadow box about the definition of marriage, but who stands up and punches for real? Who stands, saying, “Thus says the Lord! Here is what the Word of God declares!”

Are the gays afraid of truth? Why should they be if nobody is speaking up, boldly, unequivocally, and unapologetically?

Am I wrong, Larry? I heartily know this, that if the Lord does not give one the heart and power to stand up, the faith and boldness to speak, then we have nothing. We can do nothing for Him of value in our own strength and understanding. I also know this, that if we do truly take a stand in and for the Lord, both taking up and preaching the cross (not religion or doctrine, as good as the doctrine might be), we will be hated, just as He promised. How can it be otherwise? That is our experience all along.

The will of the Lord be done.


Larry’s reply:

Thanks Vic for your encouragement. Remember God put many of his servants into positions of government (i.e. Joseph). You are right that while there in that dark place our light must shine. Pray that God will give us boldness and wisdom.

Larry Spencer, MP
Official Opposition

Victor’s reply:

Hi, Larry!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes, we will pray for that boldness and wisdom that must come in what way the Lord chooses.

Of course we know of Joseph, and of Daniel and his friends. The one thing that occurs to me at this time about them is that they all boldly stood up and bore witness of the Lord by Name, and not only by "living their lives" or "shining their lights" as many put it. Yes, they lived their lives in righteousness and piety, which is of paramount importance, otherwise the words are vain. However, they did not shrink from bearing witness of the Lord by declaration of His Name to the highest of rulers, emperors no less, even in the face of death. These rulers had greater power and authority than our Prime Minister and other ministers today. They slew by sword; today they slay by demotion, mockery, and scorn.

Their institutions were also secular. When I wrote to Mr. Manning, his reply was along the lines that he cannot speak as could others, and as in other places, because the House of Commons is secular, and because his party is secular. I think you are acknowledging, unlike Mr. Manning, that there is a place and need to speak up and name the Name of the Lord in these places with these people. I make note of that, not that my making notes is of any account, but because it is a noteworthy difference, I believe.

I must also realize, however, that it was the Lord, not Joseph, Who arranged the circumstances and placed him in a position to bear witness, and more besides. So it also was with Daniel and his friends. These were circumstances engineered by the Lord and not by any man, believer or otherwise.

The point is that we cannot decide to simply bear witness or name His Name as we please, thinking we are faithful witnesses, following Joseph’s or Daniel’s example. These would be artificial works. So if I am influencing someone to try to be a witness, wherever, when the Lord is not in it, I am wrong in doing so, and do not serve the Lord in righteousness and faith, but by works of the flesh, of the carnal mind, as good as it might appear to the undiscerning eye.

Therefore, your request for wisdom as well as boldness is a good one. In that prayer, God grant wisdom to the one praying, as well as to the one prayed for.

The will of the Lord be done. May He be glorified. May all things be done to His praise. Is there anything else of such importance or value?


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