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Prayers Answered and Unanswered


Joshua Bruinstein responded to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

The path of truth? I’m glad you’re so naive because if you realized how full of shit you are you’d probably never speak again. You obviously have no idea what is actually going on in Ottawa (probably because you lack the necessary education). Send anymore pointless and misguided emails out and I’ll reward you with a sharp-tongued reply.

May God grant wisdom and strength to those who would govern with discretion and honesty.

Now THAT is a joke and a half!!! If you think Stephen Harper governs with discretion and honesty you are nothing but a small, sorry little sheep just begging for someone with a strong command of the English language to be your shepherd. Harper is the worst thing to happen to Canada and I applaud the opposition’s coalition because they actually give a damn about Canada.

Get a life.

Paul’s reply:

Joshua, a brash man is a stupid man. What is wrong with asking God to give wisdom and strength to those who would govern with discretion and honesty? If Harper does not meet those criteria, then he will not receive from God. We said nothing about him, except alluding to the fact that his government was legitimately elected. This conspiratorial putsch, however, is illegitimate, if not by law, then by spirit of the law. Don’t insult your intelligence and tell us this is not so.

We are not fooled about what is in man, but you are, beginning with yourself.

As for what is going on in Ottawa, it is you who is naive as to the true Ruling Power that is over all governments of men. Hear this, from the Book of your ancestors, with whom you share blood but not Spirit:

“Can anyone tell the LORD what to do? Who can teach Him or give Him advice? With whom does God consult in order to know and understand and to learn how things should be done? To the LORD the nations are nothing, no more than a drop of water; the distant islands are as light as dust” (Isaiah 40:13-15 GNB).

We have life, Joshua, but you refuse it as a proud fool who prefers to drink of destruction. Mark our words.

Paul Cohen

Joshua’s reply:

You know much about scripture but very little about politics. The “conspiratorial putsch” is not illegitimate even by the “spirit of the law”. They are acting in the best interests of the country. Simply because they do not pander to the religious-right is no reason to condemn them. They are standing up for what is right and good. Surely that is the ultimate spirit of the law — standing up for what is right.

I have and will continue to pray that they receive the Governor General’s consent to form a government. If Harper had actually done his job then his job would not be in crisis as it is now.

Your curse against the opposition parties will not succeed. It is they who are fighting the evil tyrant Prime Minister and whether now, during the next election, or the one after that, they will be victorious.

You claim (by way of the name of your website) to be on the path of truth. I believe you are close to the path of truth but you still need to do much more searching before you understand where exactly that path is and where it leads.

You are wrong about me so I will leave your dramatic warning unheeded.


Victor’s reply:

Already, Joshua, it is being made manifest that God hears our prayers (for He is their Inspirer), but not yours. This will become more evident as time goes on.

The curse is not ours, but God’s. We have been brought to the Path of Truth, Jesus Christ. He has raised us from the dead and we live in and with Him Who IS the Path of Truth and Life.

You are right in one thing, though – we know very little about politics, but that is not where we are coming from. It is not about politics but about God’s will and standards. Knowing Him and His standards, all else falls under Him and His judgment, politics and politicians included.


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