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Right Is Might


Response to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

you are wrong. i dont agree.

you have no right to pronounce judgment on a completely lawful thing. who are you to pronounce curses?

weird. your attempt at poetry is weird.


Paul’s reply:

Niklaus, are you saying we are wrong because you don’t agree? Who made you the final word on all things?

You say we have “no right to pronounce judgment on a completely lawful thing.” It may be lawful to ask for something (or not against the law to ask), but one cannot assume the motives of those asking are always right. We are telling you and all others that the motives in the recent Canadian governmental grab for power by conspiring opportunists are not right in the sight of God. Not even remotely so; it stinks all the way to His throne, and He is letting all know of His displeasure with, and verdict on, the matter.

Therefore, having heard this message from God, we not only have every right to pronounce His sentence on this evil-doing, we have the responsibility to do so.

Weird? According to my dictionary, yes, it is:

Suggesting the operation of supernatural influences.” To those who cannot tell, the suggestion is there. To those who know, the Substance and Reality are there.

Strikingly odd or unusual.” In a world bereft of truth and of righteous rebuke of evil, it is certainly odd and unusual. But we are sent to speak so that all will know that God reigns in righteousness, requiring it of others in this, His Day of righteous rule of Heaven on earth. That is what is happening; very weird indeed.

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