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What Constitutes Godly Government

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Here is a letter we received regarding the Issues on voting. Our comments follow the letter.

Dear Victor,

I wish to comment further on Terry’s “unsubscribe” letter.

1.Every free-born American citizen has a “right” to speak up, regardless of their voting record. Free expression was recognized by our founding fathers as a God-given RIGHT and NOT a privilege to be earned in the voting booth. Terry says his son is defending that (voting) “right”. If he took the time to study the issue in depth, he would realize his son is only defending the interests of a global military-industrial cartel, who intentionally created and continues to foment ethnic and religious diversity in many parts of the world for its own economic and geopolitical purposes.

2.It is not mankind that will eventually “make the world a better place”. Only our Invincible Commander-in-Chief and our Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be able to accomplish that daunting task. So far, mankind has failed miserably in that respect.

Victor’s Note: Of course God knew and purposed that man would fail in every one of his attempts and machinations. It is man’s humbling, teaching us that we are made by and for the Creator. We are His and not our own. Acting independently, we fail; yea, we destroy ourselves. Confessing Jesus Christ (Yashuah HaMashiach) as Lord, in deed as well as in word, we prosper. “Thy will, not mine be done.”

3.As for Terry’s inference that “democracy” is the “responsible way”, God forbid! Our founding fathers would shutter at the very mention of the word. Granted, our beloved Constitutional Republic has been eroded to the point it is hardly recognizable, but let us never forget that NO “democracy” has ever stood the test of time. A “democracy” is simply “rule by the majority”. Whatever the majority wants, regardless of the consequences to the minority, it gets. A “republic”, on the other hand, is “rule by law”, where the rights of all citizens are protected. I wonder which Terry would choose…

In closing, I’ll let the Holy Bible speak for itself on the subject of “democracy”:

Exodus 23:2 (partial) “…Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do evil.”

Blessings and peace to all,


Our comments:

The only rule of law that can succeed is that which comes from within. This is the domain of the Kingdom of Heaven, where Jesus Christ is King. Neither a “republic” nor a “democracy” can change our natures to make us true citizens of the Kingdom from above. Only Jesus Christ can do that. To Him belong the honor and glory, and the right to every one of our votes. Yet we cannot make Him King; He already is King. What we all must do is turn to Him and put our trust in Him. That is what repentance is, turning from our own (man’s) ways and learning to walk in His, heartfully acknowledging Him as the King He already is. This is the only answer.

We appreciate what Mark has written, saying the same. He also brings up the common and mistaken notion amongst many that democracy is God’s preferred form of government and His blessing is on true democracy. Democracy is often almost synonymous with Christianity in the minds of many. The truth is, democracy is a heathen form of government, not Christian at all. The Babylonian empire was heathen as were the Persian, Greek and Roman. Communism, socialism and all other forms of government other than theocracy are carnal, of men and of men’s wisdom. Yet these are all under the sovereignty of and by the will of God just as God made Nebuchadnezzar the head of gold (Daniel 2). Daniel said that God had given him a kingdom, power, strength, and glory. It is by God’s determination that all kingdoms and nations exist or cease to do so. Today we live in the days of the feet and toes of clay and iron…strength and weakness, the two unable to adhere by nature, destined to crumble under the power of God as recorded in Daniel chapter 2. These are the democracies, the western nations which effectively rule the world at present.

More on this later.

Victor Hafichuk

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