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Calling It What It Is

Statement by Larry Spencer, MP:

November 27, 2003

OTTAWA – Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre MP Larry Spencer today issued the following statement:

I wish to apologize completely and without reservation for the personal comments I made in an interview yesterday with Peter O’Neil of the Vancouver Sun.

I retract the statement I made indicating I would support a bill to criminalize homosexuality. I do not believe that homosexual behaviour should be criminalized or that homosexuals should be persecuted.

I apologize for linking the homosexual community with pedophilia. I was wrong to draw such an inference.

I apologize to my colleague Svend Robinson. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Robinson as both an individual and as a parliamentarian.

Lastly, I apologize to Stephen Harper, the Canadian Alliance Caucus and supporters of the soon-to-be formed Conservative Party of Canada. I take full responsibility for my comments. They do not, in any way, reflect the views of my leader nor my party. This is why I volunteered to withdraw from the Canadian Alliance Caucus.

I will not be making any further public comments on this issue.

Victor’s reply to Larry Spencer, December 4, 2003:

Hi Larry and Sue,

I opened up the Alliance newsletter they send by e and found your apology on it. Then I recalled that I wanted to express my disagreement with at least part of it:

"I apologize for linking the homosexual community with pedophilia. I was wrong to draw such an inference.

I apologize to my colleague Svend Robinson. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Robinson as both an individual and as a parliamentarian."

Firstly, I do agree that not all homosexuals can be accused of pedophilia, at least not directly. Therefore, from a technical, legal, and political perspective, you were speaking inadvisedly. You and I both know very well, however, that the two sins are more than close cousins, according to Scripture. When God gives someone over to the lusts of the flesh, as you said the night of our conversation, anything goes.

As to the second statement, while Saul had "the utmost respect" for Agag as an individual, David did not have "the utmost respect" for Goliath. (Read his words to Goliath.) You have in your apology greatly increased the credibility of one entirely given over by God because he is so wicked.

If he is not a wicked man in the eyes of God as "an individual," then as what? He, as an individual, stands up and says, "Sin is good, I love it, I have a right to it, and I am going to make damn sure everyone else has that right, too! I hereby publicly take this bold stand for that which the Word of God condemns outright! And while I am at it, I am going to ensure that I stand against the nation of Israel, which I condemn for its flagrant abuse of human rights, and I am going to do everything I can to criminalize, not sin, but the Book that condemns it, the Bible no less! God’s Word is hate literature!"

You have respect for such an individual? I don’t. So what if he is a phenomenal parliamentarian?! The mayor of Sodom could have been a silver-tongued orator. I do not wonder how great he is before God as an individual and parliamentarian.

I recognize the fix you got yourself into, Larry, but I also perceive that by trying to appease sinners, you have only succeeded in displeasing the Lord, compromising to keep your life. Friend, that cannot and will not do, certainly not for one who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not only so, but who presumes to be a shepherd (pastor) of His sheep.

I include a conversation I had on Yahoo Messenger this morning with a Jewish brother in Christ. Here is some of what he has to say; it is well worth considering:

Victor Hafichuk: I got a letter from Alliance and found Larry’s apology, and wish to write him on that now. I disagree with some of it.
Paul Cohen: Good, about writing.
Paul Cohen: What I saw was that he was using side arguments, which may not have been completely founded on facts, rather than dealing head on with the issue.
Paul Cohen: Like men were recruiting boys from playgrounds, etc.
Paul Cohen: God says that homosexuality is an abomination, and our natures revolt against it; it is not healthy for society to sanction or promote it, any more than stealing, or murder, or adultery, and so on.
Paul Cohen: I should add that for some their natures are attuned to it, but that is after being given over to what is not convenient because having forgotten God, as Paul wrote.
Paul Cohen: So shall we sanction what the flesh desires, and what men approve, or what God approves?
Paul Cohen:
We can’t hunt people in their homes, and we do not wish to, but we won’t give legal right to what is illegal.
Paul Cohen: That brings the wrath of God on the nation. How can we be good stewards and bring God’s wrath on those entrusted to us to serve and protect?
Paul Cohen: Would Canada be wise to fire missiles at Washington DC?
Paul Cohen: So why make affront to God, Who has given us these laws for our good?
Paul Cohen: If people don’t want to hear these things, so be it, but at least as a servant, you (Larry) will be serving them and be found with Christ, Who also served mankind in laying down His body by acknowledging and loving the truth.
Paul Cohen: For those who know better, truly the sin is on their shoulders more than others.
Paul Cohen: If you knowing better don’t speak, are you not the first to be judged?
Paul Cohen: As with the Law, which says that those who know of sin in their family and cover it up shall also be judged with the sinners, does it not?
Victor Hafichuk: Yes, Paul, and I think that I should add your thoughts to the letter to Larry.
Paul Cohen: Good, it may help to have both yours and mine.

Larry, you have much to consider.

In the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, by His grace,

Victor Hafichuk

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