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Deadly Duo of Arrogance and Cynicism

S. Moore responded to A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada:

Dear victor,

where did you get my address? I don’t know any insane christians. I gather this drivel is political. If you are who is supporting the conservatives then I would pray for the coalition thank-you.

(Green Party)

Paul’s reply:


I take it your question about how we found you is for provocative reasons only, as you must well know that your address had been made public through the Green Party.

You may be “doing it right” in the forest, but you are doing it all wrong among your fellow human beings, getting all surly and sarcastic with us. Of what value is saving a bird, if you are so ready and willing to trash men who are made in God’s image? You are like the Pharisees who Jesus Christ rebuked, who were fastidious in their observance of certain laws while overlooking the weightier matters of judgment, mercy, and faith.

That which you refer to as “drivel” is a matter of morality that comes in a political context affecting all citizens. As such, it is not a light affair, but a matter of great seriousness, with life and death at stake. Refusing and mocking God’s instruction in the matter as worthless is tantamount to declaring that you love ignorance and destruction, which you avidly court by continuing in your darkened cynicism.

How contradictory to your mission and work in saving the environment! You are proud to be dedicated to your own destruction and that of all those who would follow you, likely many of your loved ones! Now that is insanity.

Oh, by the way, we are not what you think we are. You ought not to be so intellectually lazy as to assume things that you could otherwise find out if you bothered to educate yourself with materials readily at hand.

S. Moore’s reply:

Dear Paul/Victor,

Thank-you for the courtesy of a reply. I respect your views but do not share them. However, you need to know that I am not Ralph. He merely borrowed my address for the duration of the election. He does not own a computer and he is not interested in having one. You are trashing a very nice person (me) who is kind to everybody. Ralph is also a very nice person who puts a lot of real (real meaning concrete action) effort into making the world a better place in the here and now. I wrote what I wrote to you because I am wary of religious people who think that God prefers fawning sycophants over people who respect and cherish His creation. I am sure you are a very sincere person but I prefer to keep church and state separate. In my view, God would love you more for volunteering in a soup kitchen than for chastizing a failed political candidate. Have a nice life.

S. Moore

Paul’s reply:

Mr. or Ms. S. Moore,

Obviously my letter was meant for its author, you, and if Ralph does not share your sentiments, then my words would not apply to him. Let the chips fall where they may. Ralph certainly would not, however, be the first person I have met who presumes to save the birds while trashing the heavens they fly in. You can share this correspondence with him and he can decide whether the shoe fits him after all.

As for you, a massive reality check is in order. You imply we are insane and speaking drivel, but think of yourself a very nice person who is kind to everybody? What is so nice and kind about your unsubstantiated accusations? You continue with the epithets even after being provided with facts that prove otherwise. You are coarse, stupid, and belligerent, not nice and kind.

Now you label us as those who seek to have “fawning sycophants over people who respect and cherish His creation.” That is a very easily disproved lie, not that facts matter to you. They roll off of you like water off a duck’s back. We have an organic mixed farm and health business in Lethbridge, Alberta. You can go see it at the link I have provided.

We sent what you call “drivel” to our customer list, not to antagonize them, but to inform them from their Creator of the gravity of what was happening with the coalition. Several expressed feelings similar to yours and said they would no longer patronize our store. If we were looking for “fawning sycophants” would we send out emails, knowing full well to expect such reactions as yours? We stood to lose in every way, except in the one way that really matters, of which you have no idea.

S. Moore, your view of God is putrid. That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in His sight. You have no idea or knowledge of Him whatsoever, and He is not impressed by what you consider your exemplary life.

Regarding what is of value to God, you have shown yourself to be a great adversary of truth, wisdom, equity, and all things that represent Him and His character. None of this has anything to do with what you call “church.” It is not separation from institutionalized, dead religion that is the issue here, but from God and Life Himself. That explains why you carry on as a proud, ignorant fool.

Have a nice life”? Your “niceness” reeks of sarcastic bitterness. Be assured that drinking to the full of the cup you have poured yourself will not be nice in the end; no, not at all.

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