PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – The Lord Answers

On a short walk today, May 2, 2009, the day after the letter I wrote to our local group, I asked the Lord whether He was the One Who told me my teeth were rotting because I declared myself that prophet. I received that He did not say it. As usual, anything I receive in the night is almost always, if not always, from the enemy. Marilyn has often cautioned me on that point.

I talked to Lois, Dena, and Sara briefly. None agrees with the letter I sent; neither does Paul. So, not one witness from the Lord that what I heard about my teeth was from Him. But louder spoken was what wasn’t said. If I wasn’t that prophet, would not the Lord have said so? Wouldn’t that be more important for us all to know than just what happened to my teeth and why?

In our unbelief, we can be so silly and illogical, unreasonable, defying imagination.

Particle – Revelation on Broken Leg Conversion

Days ago, I received revelation as to why God broke my leg on a ski hill south of Winnipeg in January of 1971 to start my spiritual journey in earnest. Over the years, I have so often asked why He had to go to that extreme to get my attention. Of course, that is a false premise because He can get my attention any way He pleases; He need not break anything to do it.

I finally received an answer. He showed me that He was taking me out of the pleasures of this world, out of its vanities, fun, and games. He broke my leg as a demonstration that life in this world is not about sports and games and entertainment, which is all vanity.

So why then the negative emphasis on sports? I see a purposed contrast; I see that You, Lord, were making a difference between the sacred and the profane, between the things of this world and their consequences and the things of the world to come and their reward.

Particle – Jonathan and Ninjutsu

Jonathan attends Ninjutsu weekly and is doing well in health and performance, for which we can be thankful. I mention this because a curious development is on the horizon for him. I’ll tell you later.

Jonathan’s also doing very well in school under Marilyn’s tutorship. Great grades.

Particle – Animal Husbandry with Mark Benson

In April 2009, according to Mark, “Strawberry,” one of our beef heifers was having problems with her pregnancy. Mark talked to Debbie Wright and the vet, felt inside only to find (as he judged it) an object about the size of a hot dog, and decided, with their consultation that she had a “mummified” fetus (something Debbie said she coincidentally just experienced for the first time).

Mark, therefore, obtained a substance from the vet to make her abort. He gave it to her and her strange behavior by way of struggle and discomfort stopped. Lois told me they found something on the ground and assumed that whatever she was trying to expel was now out and Strawberry was fine.

This morning, we were notified that “Strawberry” just had a calf! A few weeks ago, a heifer was taken in and slaughtered, with a calf in the womb! I asked them if there was enough “feeling foolish” there to go around and hoped so because I would hate to think what would be needed to make that happen if it hasn’t.

We have had cattle starving and trampled to death and wondering what was wrong with them. We’ve had cows abort, pregnant cows sent to slaughter, cows getting pregnant that weren’t supposed to (Mark would tell us the bull bred the cow through a boarded fence!). It was loss after loss, tragedy after tragedy, all fruits of sloth, rebellion, stupidity, and wickedness. And if you can believe it, we hadn’t heard of the worst, as you’ll see.

Particle – A Puritan Prophetic Word for Canada? (Link no longer available)

Peter Marshall’s book, The Light & the Glory, records a prophecy given by Puritan Reformers around 1776 when the British Empire Loyalists turned north to settle in Canada to remain under British rule. When zealous Americans sought to persecute them because of this decision, the Spirit of the Lord spoke through their prophets saying:

“… the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart that … Canada would open the way for Jesus Christ to return to this earth.

“Do not hinder these people. Let them move to Canada. Do not seek to incorporate the land of Canada into America. I am in the independence of America from Britain and will mightily use this country. But Canada has been reserved by Me for the last days for a special work.”

“‘I am paraphrasing this from memory,’ says retired pastor and intercessor, James Watt, a Canadian who resides at this time in Federal Way, Washington. Watt says his ministry has been to call Canadian Christians to intercession for their country.” END

The Beginning of a Return and Restoration. Both Smith Wigglesworth and Dr. Charles S. Price foretold a significant revival in Northern Canada in the late ’40s. They described it as a great wave of blessing that would bring great hope to the world. But because man would introduce a mixture – God in grief would withdraw. The wave would secede, leaving a desert condition for a generation of 50 years. But at the end of the century, another wave would roll in, 10 times more the power and glory of the first. It would continue in blessing until the return of the King! We are in that day.

Are those prophecies from God, seeing these men have limited knowledge and accuracy of God and do even speak against His doctrine? It’s certainly possible:

– Balaam prophesied; even Balaam’s ass spoke.

– King Saul prophesied while in evil (1 Samuel 19:22-24).

– Pharaoh Necho of Egypt spoke from God to King Josiah of Judah (2 Chronicles 35:20-24).

– And what of King Cyrus of Persia whom the Lord called “His servant,” who spoke by the Word of the Lord to the Jews to return from captivity to their land and to rebuild the Temple?

I’m not comparing or categorizing anyone so much as pointing out that prophetic Words can come from anyone at any time. God is no respecter of persons. So, we shall see whether those prophecies concerning Canada are of God. After all, what is God doing with us, even now at the time those men spoke of?

NOTE: As I do this Theo-autobio in March of 2021 while examining my journal records and other files of 2009, I add the following, portions of which are in the past and some after 2009, so, find your way, keeping the chronology in context:
In the late forties, there were spiritual happenings they called a “revival” in Battleford, Saskatchewan. People were dumping their Pentecostal and perhaps other church moorings en masse. Prominent leaders involved were George Hawtin, James Watt, and George Warnock.

Marilyn and I visited with George Hawtin and his wife in the late 70s in Battleford; they treated us to a great fresh trout dinner. Previously by letter, I had corrected George on his writing in his newsletter, The Page, concerning Mystery, Babylon the Great. He seemed to have received that correction and changed his doctrine later.

Jonathan and I visited and spent the night at George Warnock’s in Cranbrook, Alberta, at the Crowsnest. George has had several writings over the years. I tried to correct him by letters he replied to concerning his lukewarm stance and ignorance of the things of God. He admitted he had not received the Spirit. He passed away in his 90s a few years ago. Correspondence on file to anyone interested.

I had internet correspondence with James Watt years ago. I’m sure he’s gone now. Though he may have had conflict with the religious systems going back to the 40s, he didn’t have the anointing of the Lord presently going for him; it was a mixture of things. These three men, Hawtin, Watts, and Warnock had only come so far, just as the prophecy said, and got entangled in error.

Nevertheless, from these fellows came this exodus movement and change of lives by repentance, confession of sin, and forgiveness. However, they had not gone on to receive the Spirit.

From them came others, for example, the evangelist twins, Ralph and Lou Sutera, who were powerful in leading people to a confession of sins, repentance, and reconciliation with God and one another. They were following the “move of God” in the late 40s with the abovementioned fellows. This was happening in the 60s and early 70s.

Others following the Suteras’ work and succeeding them in ministry came to the Alliance Church of Prince Albert in 1975, just weeks after Marilyn and I received the Spirit. At the Alliance, I saw that while people were coming to the gate, so to speak, with confession and repentance, they weren’t “entering the city” by receiving the Spirit. I got on the stage, and with passion and tears and testified how they were falling short and that they needed to go on and receive the Spirit.

Few if any that I know of listened. Instead, some people thought I was spreading “Pentecostalism heresy,” the Alliance Church pastor Ernest Regier and other leaders included.

The lead evangelist of the “revival” argued silly arguments with me that the Lord immediately showed me the fallacy of. It was plain they had nothing of substance to accuse us of or to prove us wrong, but they seemed pricked in their hearts, seeing the passion, sincerity, innocence, and ample proof from the Scriptures of what I was saying.

We soon left the Alliance; there was no point in remaining. We followed the Biblical dictate of “Come out from among them and be separate.”

Why do I bring all this up? You tell me. Do you see that I see a historical path of our footsteps, a pattern according to the Puritan prophecies?

Yes, I believe we are those Canadians whom You, Lord, are gathering. I believe it’s the time of that prophet to usher in Your Coming, to BE Your Coming.

Particle – Ariko Ishikawa Attacks Harvest Haven and ThePathofTruth

Ariko has taken to storming the internet world anywhere she can with deception and vilifying us. Mark and Mariko are answering. There are several letters of correspondence I had with her from the time she made contact after many years while pretending to be objective and friendly. It was all deception. She was there for revenge and soon revealed her true intentions.

What I hadn’t known was what Mark had done years before, and which, Lord willing, you’ll learn about in further “Parts” of this Theo-autobiography.

Particle – Where Was Jesus During the Three Days in the Grave?

On April 14, 2009, Paul writes:

“As for Christ’s body being put to death, but He being alive always, I think the Scriptures I gave prove that. He was in paradise before His body was raised from the dead. Though the flesh was killed, He was still alive, otherwise, He couldn’t have raised His body. He had to be alive to do that.

So yes, the flesh was made alive, but the Spirit was always alive. God never sleeps. Christ was never unconscious. Otherwise, He was wrong when He told His disciples that they would never die.

I think Ruth has to understand that we are not saying that God does die, although He came in human form and died as a human being.”

I respond:

“‘Otherwise (if not alive) He couldn’t have raised His body.” Of course!

But made alive in the Spirit’ referred to His body being made alive (the Resurrection Power of the Spirit of God over the dead body). In other words, even death could not kill God though it had the power to kill those made in His image, whom He came to redeem from death, demonstrating His power over death as God, which power only God has.”

Particle – Word for Yoshi, Korean Volunteer From Japan

On April 15, we had supper at the farm and visited. Yoshi arrived last night after a 31-hour trip from Japan. I had a Word for him, totally unexpected:

“You will be climbing mountains and drinking from mountain streams.”

Particle – Another One of Many Retributions of Enemies

On April 29, 2009, we received a letter from Otto Gerstmann after 4 years. I always felt there was unfinished business with him, so here goes another loose end tied up. He asks us to remove his letters from our site. Contrary to his nervy request, we will add the real meat of our past correspondence and place him in our False Teachers section.

Paul checked him out and found that he married months after we prophesied dire things for him. Two years later, his wife died of breast cancer. It is also reported that he severely abused one of his children taken from his custody. Who knows what else happened to him? God does, and His Word by me was fulfilled and will be fulfilled.

Particle – Jonathan’s Headaches

Jonathan suffers headaches with increasing frequency due to his neck injury for which I have held myself responsible (See Particle – Jonathan Falls). He has had many chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, which may or may not have helped. With great sorrow, I have begged God to heal him or give me his headaches, neither of which has happened at this point in 2009.

Particle – Glen Thompson

Surprise! On April 30, Glen Thompson, widower of late Terri Thompson, came for treatment, as recommended by a Hutterite from the New York Colony(?). He said Terri had written us a positive letter in response to ours, but it wasn’t delivered (he says he lost it and will look for it). I was surprised to hear him say that they appreciated the letter because she quit treatments with us abruptly after we sent the letter and we never heard from them again.

Our letter to Terri was telling her we didn’t believe she would be healed miraculously as she declared; what she heard was not of God. We felt it our responsibility to be forthright with her in hopes she might face reality and take realistic measures.

Particle – God Will Enable and Provide

If the Lord has been faithful to us in little things, shall He not be faithful in greater things, such as the building, “Door to the World,” a strange and impossible project to us? Now, I recall Marilyn’s words in 1995 or 1996 while discussing the potential costs to develop the farm. She said, “A million dollars won’t touch it.” When discussing it with Paul today, he said God would provide, as He has done with all costs all these years.

In hindsight, I believe that in those words by Marilyn, the Lord spoke of His great plans for us, with the building in mind. While we have spent hundreds of thousands in repair, restoration, and additions on the farm, it may not have added up to a million; however, with what comes now, it will be such that “a million won’t touch it.”

Particle – Revelation of John 19:10-11

“Then Pilate said to Him, Do You not speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to crucify You, and I have authority to release You? Jesus answered, You could have no authority against Me unless it were given to you from above. Therefore he who delivered Me to you has the greater sin (John 19:10-11 MKJV).

Those given authority are not with sin in the execution of their office nearly as much as those who demand things not in their authority to demand, as with the Jews who insisted Pilate, in his office, crucify an innocent man.

Particle – Jim Watt of Latter Rain Revival in North Battleford, SK, 1948-9

On May 6, 2009, we had a correspondence controversy with Jim Watt who defended Derek Prince and Prince’s argument against the Truth of the Reconciliation of all things.

Dave Loewen entered the fray siding with Watt and though Dave presents error and misinformation, I include his letter here as well. Some may find the concluding portion of this correspondence revealing and interesting, so I post a sample of what we have on file:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: A Cloud Without Water
From: Paul Cohen
To: jmbetter
CC: Victor Hafichuk, sharonbroadcast
Date: 7/3/2009 9:23 AM

Mr. Watt,

Brother Victor has answered your email newsletter, “Dreams and Visions.” His reply is included below and is posted on our site under your name in “False Teachers” ( We have spoken for the Truth, and the Truth has spoken for Himself.

Paul Cohen

——- Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Dreams and Visions
From: Jim Watt
To: Dave Loewen
Date: 7/3/2009 12:58 PM

Paul Cohen – 2009-07-03

Paul – your friend Victor is wasting his time. He sets himself up as God and is unteachable and full of pride – the inevitable result of deception.

Sorry – but you share it also by being associated with him.

Little can one say in such circumstances, except to pray that your eyes be opened.

I have taught classes on the “cults” at least a dozen times, and your friend Victor fits the paradigm to a “t”.

Of course, I wouldn’t waste my time reading his extremely long article.

I thought perhaps David Loewen could be a help in opening your eyes.

Your friend – Jim

PS. Jeremiah 15:19 could be a help to your both. Take the “precious” – soundness in the Word – from the “vile” – concoctions such as on your website – and then, and only then, will you be as God’s mouth. J.

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009, at 10:08 PM, Dave Loewen wrote:

Dear Jim:

I was reading this article with great interest, and when I came to the warning you issued about these two men that had this website, I was curious to see what their teaching was.

When I looked up their testimony, I saw that it is none other than Victor, who was a boarder at my wife’s parents in Saskatoon in 1972 while he went to the Baptist Bible School.

We were already living in Calgary at this time, but got to know him and his brother Archie quite well during our visits to our parents at various times. I knew he had just received Christ as his savior, so I shared about the Holy Spirit with him, of which he was somewhat offensive. On one occasion I gave him a booklet by W. A,Torey on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He read the booklet and told me later that, that changed his mind about receiving the Holy Spirit, and both he and his brother prayed and asked to receive the Holy Spirit.

Sometime in the 80’s he contacted us in Calgary, to tell us that they were now living in Alberta, half way between Calgary and Lethbridge on an acreage that the Lord had provided. Several weeks later we drove out to see them one Sunday afternoon. It was not very long before I realized that this was not the same man that I had briefly known. He was very outspoken about the wrong preaching done in churches, and in particular he pointed out that Billy Graham’s Crusades were not of God. We also met this friend of his from Montana, although I couldn’t remember his name.

I did not know at this time that he was involved with this Ultimate Reconciliation, but that he was telling me that the lord had revealed to him that he was his knight of armor, and to me it seemed that there was a lot of pride.

The fallowing week I got a letter from him explaining that I had to leave any church affiliation and telling me that all my prophecies and revelations I had received were of the devil and not of God. He wanted to get together again, but I said that I believed he was hearing from the enemy and he needed to humble himself and repent. The area he lived in was like a little village, and he admitted that no one liked them, and could not understand how the Lord was providing for them. He had no job or ministry.

I just thought it was quite an incident that I would run across him after all these years. Reading his articles of how to get saved seems to be very legitimate.
Your brother in Christ
Dave Loewen

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: The Fall of the False
From: Paul Cohen
To: jmbetter
CC: dave, Victor Hafichuk
Date: 7/9/2009 10:17 PM

Jim, is it a waste of time for the Light to shine in darkness, though the darkness doesn’t comprehend it?

No; there is no waste of time in proving your “theology” is a perverse human concoction that has nothing to do with God. There is no waste of time in nailing shut the coffin of false Christianity and lowering it into the ground.

To offenders such as you who are dead in their sins, all the works of God are perceived as a waste of time. The very fact that you declare such things is a token of your present state of deadness and independence from God.

You are the one who has set himself up as God, but now He has come to remove your throne.

You have been exposed as a fraud, a cloud without water.

You talk about teaching. What do you have to teach? Nothing. You say nothing and add nothing of value to anyone. Everyone can now see your emptiness.

Your bold declarations in the face of your total lack of substance are a marvel to those who behold them. You proclaim great things, but now you are seen for what you truly are and have. Your nakedness has been laid bare before all; your filthy dreams cast down and your haughty mouth shut, no more to lead astray and to defile others.

You are finished. So is Dave Loewen.

Paul Cohen

Particle – A Healing For Me

HEALING: This morning of Friday, May 08, 2009, as I was writing a letter to Edwin Romero and editing Paul’s, I was asking the Lord again, as I have many times over the years, why I failed to believe and obey Him when He warned me that Jonathan was going to fall.

The issue was up in my face again because Jonathan just had x-rays taken at Harper’s Clinic in Coaldale for his spine. His neck is in bad condition, likely, says Pierre, from a fall. Pierre said there will need to be considerable therapy to try to correct his condition. We will take measures.

For the first time, I had an answer from You, Lord. You comforted me by telling me that even this incident of my failure was needful to teach me obedience in this thing I have suffered because of my lack of obedience. I must learn and know that when You speak, I need to believe and heed without delay. Indeed, Lord, You could have kept him despite my lack, but You didn’t.

Why did it have to happen to him? Is he not innocent? Yes, he was innocent, but his suffering would hurt me more than if I’d been the one hurt. That’s one; two, You are chastening him; three, Your ways being manifold, I know that You have a “thousand reasons” for anything You do.

This was the first time I received an answer on this matter, which greatly comforted me.

Then I began to cringe at the fact that we could have taken Jonathan for X-rays years ago and begun therapy on him to save him pain and to work with him while his body was younger. So again, I was in my doldrums, wishing I had done this or that. I was tired of it. I said to Marilyn, “How come I alone have this problem of constant regret and wishing I had done this or that, while others do not have it? I don’t want this anymore!”

I wanted to pray; Marilyn suggested we pray but that we call Paul to join us. We did, and after we explained it all to him, he worded a prayer for me, with desire, and I tearfully agreed with his prayer. Marilyn also agreed. Then both Paul and Marilyn received that the origin of my problem was not from my youth or for anything I had done but that it was genetic – passed down from my ancestors.

While I did not feel any victory or “closure,” both Marilyn and Paul believed the work was in gear, as good as done, and that we would see the fruits down the road. I received what they were saying.

Particle – Keeping the Land Sabbath

On Tuesday, May 12, 2009, I wrote:

We did not keep the land Sabbath this year and I still wonder about it. If not this year, why seven years ago? Which time are we wrong, then or now? So far, this year seems to be shaping up to be another poor year for growing anything, just like 2002. We have done fieldwork, planted 8500 strawberry plants, and are planting 2000 trees, as well as onions and leeks so far. We’re in. Father, are we sinning? What is going on?

Particle – Why the Tooth Problem?

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, I wrote in my journal:

Woke this morning greatly troubled about the cause of my sudden tooth problem. Is it a simple lack of dental hygiene? Is it deeper? Is it because I claim to be that prophet? Talked to Marilyn and Paul. Paul was helpful with his insights.

For one, it isn’t important to me that people know me as that prophet and it isn’t necessary for me that God does this. If He does it, fine; if not, fine. His will, not mine, be done. We are not basing any actions or decisions on it. I am what I am.

On the 14th, I had my appointment at Dr. Lachman’s. It took 3¾ hours, wherein they drilled out 5 teeth to prepare them for crowns. They said things went well. I had also received there while in the chair that it would be good, and it was.

Wait until you find out why I had those tooth problems, after all. It took me so long to catch on!

Particle – Val Berns Episode

On May 17, 2009, as Paul, Sara, and I set out for a walk, next-door neighbor Val Berns was coming home with her dogs. She was smiling. I thought she was going to be friendly. I said “Hi” to her, upon which she said, “Aren’t you going to tease my dog in front of your friends?”

Again, I reacted, saying, “Two-legged dogs are worse than four-legged.” I was wrong and this is happening because I need correction. Paul and Sara were quite upset that she is so “vile,” as Paul put it.

Sharing this with Marilyn at supper, she received that it was done with the Berns. It witnessed with all of us. Now, we will see what happens. This was the fourth unprovoked altercation with her on the road, two of them public. What a vile, hateful, miserable creature she is!

Particle – Gregson, Wayne

Wayne grievously withstood and defamed us at Harvest Haven and The Path of Truth concerning disagreement on doctrine this year and with the Cody and Dena Dahl separation. How can he get away with it? He can’t and won’t. His day comes as it does for all who oppose me in like manner.

I asked the girls to do some competitive shopping. While price shopping and filing court papers, Dena ran into Wayne at Naturistas and after asking the Lord to help her, she had a ½ hour talk with him. She asked him several questions, to which he could only give foolish answers. He was nervous, condemning me, and was determined to stay his course to defend Cody in the court case.

I have received that the Lord has hardened him against us because he is appointed to destruction. We will see it.

Particle – Vision – Paul Cohen’s: Obama Cagey and Calculating

This morning, May 20, 2009, between sleep and arising, I had the thought of Obama and saw him in my mind’s eye as a shadowy figure who was calculating everything he did, like a chess player who conceals his intentions and ultimate goals from his opponent.

But in this case, many do not realize he is playing the game against them, thinking he is on their side. Meanwhile, he has things figured out several moves ahead, concealing his aims that are not compatible with what is right and good.

I saw these words applying directly to Israel and the Jews, but Victor also brought up that they would apply to Americans, whites, and the world, even his own wife.

Particle –Significant Decision Today, May 20, 2009

As a result of Dena’s findings in competitive shopping, I called for a conference, which we had this morning, and I believe it was very significant. We have decided to take the emphasis off the store and retail paying for itself, to be competitive at all costs, where and how necessary, and to let the farm be a “fisherman’s net” for those who come.

The emphasis will be on the spiritual, on serving the Lord as witnesses, and trusting Him to provide for us.

I received that since we have decided to lower prices, more people will come. We have had a difficult time keeping up with everything up to now, so how will we cope when more people come? As Marilyn asked the Lord to provide more laborers, so it will be. People will come.

It also occurred to me that the store brought Ingrid, Dena, and James, who have come to be with us in the great work to which the Lord has appointed us. So, it will continue. We will give, and in giving, the Lord’s words will be fulfilled:

“Give, and it shall be given to you, good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over, they shall give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you measure, it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38 MKJV).

I believe it; it is time, seemingly way overdue.

Particle – Sean Expelled Twice

Today, May 21, Mark told me of still other goof-ups with Sean – 3 more. I then decided after consultation with them that Sean needed to go.

At about 3:20 PM, in the square, I told Sean he needed to leave. He said nothing and I had little to say except that he had been here 2½ years and it was only getting worse. I left the door open, saying that while it was not for him to live at the farm, if the Lord had something in mind for his being involved with us, it was fine with me.

I told him that as far as I was concerned, if he didn’t go, somebody was going to get hurt, with all his accidents and inability to comprehend situations. All agreed with my sending Sean away, including Paul.

Particle – Why Jonathan’s Stair Fall

Ingrid and Dena received something special for me today, May 26, 2009, which Ingrid relayed to me by phone. I passed her message on to Jonathan and Marilyn. Jonathan didn’t say anything. Ingrid wrote:

“Lois, Mark, Mariko, Dena, and I gathered in the store to read the email. Mark prayed, thanking the Lord for the situation and asking Him if He would show us what was needed to help Jonathan and Victor.

“As we were praying, I was wondering what should be done for Jonathan, when I was shown that when Victor heard ‘He’s going to fall,’ the Lord was simply telling him what was going to happen. It was not so that Victor would try to prevent the fall, but so that Victor would know that He was the One engineering circumstances for Jonathan. Dena received the same independently of me and all agreed (including Trevor who was on the phone from the house).

“Later, I saw where this was also part of the new direction. Victor had to go through the pain and guilt for all these years, but now it was over. The Lord, in His goodness and mercy, was putting an end to it. Lois had the same thought. I felt very thankful.” END

Ingrid’s letter was in response to an email I sent them, bemoaning the day I did not pay attention to the words I heard when Jonathan was crawling up the stairs:

—– Original Message —–
From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Paul – Harvest Haven ; Schmidt, Sara ; ‘Mark Benson’ ; tibenson ; Solutions – Harvest Haven ; Hafichuk, Marilyn ; Mariko Benson ; Benson, Lois ; Sorochan, James
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 9:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Dr. Irena’s advice for Jonathan

This concerns me. I ask you all for prayer on this matter. I don’t honestly know what we should be doing here. Decided to go with Dr.Pierre Gaulin but have my doubts, yet the doubts may not be legitimate. Hedrick is NUCCA; Marilyn left a message with him, but he didn’t return the call. Does anyone have anything?

Wow! What Hell for a moment’s disobedience or unbelief!

Particle – Counsel for Jonathan from Dr. Irena Kossovskaia

From: Solutions – Harvest Haven
Sent: May-20-09 7:35 PM
To: marilyn
Subject: Dr. Irena’s advice for Jonathan

Here is Dr. Irena’s response several days ago:
Sorry, guys,
It looks like this your e-mail got lost in my abundant correspondence
From what you are describing, my gut feeling is that the boy has a severe misalignment of C1 (atlas), and unless this is corrected nothing else will work permanently. Now, chiropractic manipulation on C1 is a highly skilled and potentially dangerous procedure that only a few good chiropractors can successfully do. Look for those practicing Grostic or Nucca techniques, or any other technique that does NOT involve actual mechanical manipulation on the spine. If this is successfully accomplished, the rest of the symptoms will take care of themselves.
You can help the dynamics by working on the base of the skull with both laser and COSMODIC, as well as on the neck and back muscles – but please, no Little Wings! Too dangerous, as the situation is pretty fragile.
Good luck!
Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM
MediSCEN (Niagara) Inc.
454 Mississauga St., suite 361
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada L0S1J0

Editor’s note March 2021: I didn’t believe Ingrid and Dena had received that message from the Lord when they delivered it to me. However, years later, I now recall a time when I was concerned about disciplining Jonathan, feeling like I was being lenient and negligent in it and the Lord told me He would take care of it and discipline him.

As I look at Jonathan’s past, I see the things the Lord has done with him that I had no control over, and which I would have tried hard to prevent. They were necessary, I see, and I must thank God for them. He works all things for good.

Great unbelief on my part. I’ve given myself far too much credit and too much blame for many things. Pure unbelief, that’s all.

Lord, I’m sorry. You’re teaching me You are Perfectly Sovereign over everything.

Particle – Mariko Marks Mark, the Manpleaser

I am finding that while Mariko receives and understands spiritual matters, Mark does not. This has happened on several occasions. She saw his reaction to Paula Baker-Laporte. It concerned her. She saw that it was important for him to be received and respected. She drew that parallel partially from her experience with her family, concerned about how she would be perceived if she did not give her parents due attention.

Fear of man brings a snare and we’ve been snared many times, in Paula’s case included, sorry to say.

Particle – A Kathleen Kellogg Prophecy?

We met with Kathleen at Kopsikum, her office. She said only God will correct everything and that He was now coming “at the end of the Sabbath” to do it. These words surprised me and caught my attention. I was wondering where she got them. Was it LDS (Mormon) doctrine or was she saying something beyond herself?

Editor’s Note: March 19, 2022. Interesting! What she said was true! I wonder what she meant by the Sabbath.

Particle – Battle with Sean Over

On May 27, 2009, as Marilyn and I returned from Calgary to the farm, I received several things concerning Sean. At the farm, I suddenly said the battle was over, at which time, Sean exclaimed, believing, “It’s over?” He got up and made a beeline for me to give me a hug of thankfulness. I sure didn’t expect that.

We are parting on what seems like more than friendly terms, and Lois perceived the fulfillment of a vision or dream Sean had about having a sword fight with a man, who slashed his nose several times and finally cut it deeply, after which Sean bowed to the ground and the man placed his sword on him in victory. Sean was defeated and submitted.

I see this as having happened with my being that man in the Lord (Sean thought it was the Lord, and it was, but I, the vessel). The final and decisive sword blow was stripping him of his perceived entitlement to the farm by evicting him from the farm.

As we visited in the dining room that evening, a bat flew about in the house. We opened the doors and waited for it to find its way out, which it finally did.

I likened that bat to Sean, whom we were “letting go” because, like the bat, he did not belong there. As a bat, he was blind, and as a bat is not a bird and not an animal, so he belonged in neither the believing nor the unbelieving world.

I continued: Did we despise or condemn the bat? No. It is God’s creature, with purpose and we must let it go where it belongs.

Still, in Fife was no life, only strife, quelled with a knife.

Particle – Events and Details on Sean Before Departure

– We talked with those at the farm about Sean. I was informed today that when Lois apologized to Sean nearly two weeks ago about being grumpy or inattentive, his response was, “Yeah, I thought you were a bit of a jerk.” This morning I wondered about letting Sean go but this tidbit solidified my determination. The sooner he leaves, the better. Not that Lois hasn’t been a “jerk.” She’s been far worse.

– May 23, 2009: Sean is taking measures to part, accepting his eviction. We are working with him to do it with grace, expecting changes in the future for the better.

– Bob and Audrey contacted Sean, offering help for his move away from us. I received that we were done with Bob; later Marilyn said that very thing to me.

– May 25: from a conference, Dena and Ingrid related some conversations they all had with Sean. He has not changed, not repented, not humbled himself. He has a plane ticket from Bob to leave early Sunday morning, the 31st.

– May 26: Yesterday, Sean left the hydrant open in the pasture all night, the pump running to the point of the water being warm for all the pump’s usage. Good thing it was immersed, of course. Second, he left the power tools on the ground overnight. Good thing it didn’t rain. Third, he was hauling irrigation pipe, dropped one, and ran over it.

Now Sean wants compensation for the two and a half years being here! Lois tells me she had never seen Mariko as upset as she was when she heard Sean suggest compensation. She thought, “What nerve! What utter contempt for what he has been afforded here and despised!” Trevor told him he ought to be compensating us for the arm-long list of damages he has done since returning.

– Days ago, when Bob and Audrey began communicating with Sean, offering help, Marilyn received concerning them that the “hags of Hell were coming to claim their own.”

Particle – Sean’s Last Days Before Departure

On Friday, the 29th of May, we had the Sabbath supper with Sean, Paul, and Sara at the farm. Sean was unusually free to talk. He agreed to stay in touch and work with us on websites, sales, and all possible departments.

Sean was quite talkative and enthusiastic, a way we haven’t seen. Strife had ended. This battle that is finished is one we have fought to success, by God’s grace. But it is a fight that has had to do away with at least 25 years of imprisonment, darkness, and torment for Sean, ever since he was 14 and his mother married Mel, a farmer 20 years older than her, which Sean resented as an intrusion to his world with his mother, with whom he had enjoyed undivided attention. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she belonged to another, which sent him into a tailspin.

Why, I don’t understand, but I gave Sean a copy of Cervantes’ Don Quixote. He said he has never been able to read a book since that time of his crisis. I never knew that. It will be interesting to see if he is now able to read this one and to see what he gets from it. I hope and expect him to see himself in it. If he does, I think it could be a good indicator. If not, and if he sees someone else other than himself, I think the proof of where he is at will be manifest.

There is still something missing; we will see. I often pick up things in hugs and he was holding back on the last one as he left after 11 PM. He freely admitted earlier that he was still resisting.

He told us that the hardest thing for him at the farm was people talking about him – whispering, murmuring, gossiping (not that he used any of these words) but he acknowledged that he did that very thing against me to Marilyn, constantly complaining to her of me behind my back. And she entertained it all.

Editor’s Note, February 2018: There is further explanation for what I received on Sean – deeper, unexpected, and conclusive; very interesting. This information is reserved for future installments, Lord willing.

Particle – Primary Life Things I Would Change:

I would seek out wisdom, avoiding foolishness and vanity.

I would choose to do the right thing instead of protecting my interests and myself.

I would not waste my time with frivolity but try to be productive.

I would live generously with myself and others, inexpensively at the top rather than expensively at the bottom.

I would value people over things.

I would not smoke, get drunk, steal, lie, mislead, hate, dishonor my parents, commit adultery, fornicate, masturbate, indulge in pornography, crude language, and ideas.

I would choose to be faithful to my friends and neighbors, no matter what they did to me.

I would not take the schooling I did; rather, I would do what I enjoyed doing, for the fulfillment of spirit rather than for financial security and respect.

If I had lived a godly life with godly and wise parents, I would not have had my tonsils removed, I would not have injured my neck and leg, which caused no end of pain and inconvenience, and I would not have had an appendectomy. I would have taken better care of my teeth so that I didn’t live with many mercury fillings for many years, which, we’re informed, are highly toxic. With those five “injuries,” I have suffered much – more than I have known.

Science and medicine are only now beginning to realize, in the western world at least, the importance of tonsils in fighting disease, and the appendix for producing beneficial flora and lubrication of the colon. I have often suffered constipation and numerous colds, one after another in my early and middle years, and only now do I think I know how a lot of it was caused.


This book is for everyone, believer and unbeliever alike. It is a manual for life in many aspects. Many will be able to reference it all their lives. It is a book of instruction and lessons that all who read may gain. But it is also, oftentimes, stranger than fiction. Nobody can walk away from this book and remain the same.

Question: Why do you name names as you do? Is that right? Is it fair to others? How would you like it if people published all or even parts of your ugly past, without your permission?

Answer: I would not care to have people publish my past without my permission. There are many ugly things in my past. However, they can ask and possibly may have my permission, depending on their purpose. My point is that when we get right with God, we can be without fear or guilty conscience, despite our dark past.

When Jesus Christ comes to save a soul, He first has that person realize there’s hope in Him; then He proceeds to turn that one around and acknowledge and confess his or her sins, openly and candidly. There is freedom upon repentance that one has never experienced before. Only by transformational repentance through Jesus Christ can this happen. I shout to the world that this is so.

The second reason I name names is that I want people to know that nobody will escape the world knowing their wrongdoing – nobody. It is being recorded somewhere, somehow, and will be manifest sooner or later, one way or another, with or without me. There is no escaping or denying it. I am ashamed of so much wrong I’ve done to so many people. Knowing what I know now and having an opportunity to change things, I surely would try to do so.

The best thing I can do is let people know that they don’t get away with anything. I want them to know their offenses have not gone unnoticed or forgotten. Things don’t work that way. This book should cause people to realize that while they think they are doing things in secret or without accountability, they are very mistaken. This book should encourage people to refrain from selfishness and evil and endeavor to do what is right. That is, it should do so for people with any conscience and idea of changing for the better.

So ends PART 12, with more to come. It’s been a life of ups and downs, good and evil, victories and defeats, gains and losses, joys and sorrows continuing to the desired end still not grasped as I’ve yearned it to be.

I cringe in embarrassment at the things I’ve written of myself in PART 12. How blind I’ve been, so clued out, still so corrupt, so lacking in understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and love, still in need of repentance and healings I didn’t know I needed. But where else could I go? What else could I do?

I’ve been on a conveyor belt I’ve had no control over, no matter how much I would like to be, and anything I’ve tried to control has only turned sour. I’ve concluded God is over every detail of our lives, everything, every quirk, quark, micro, and macro portion of His creation. He does as He pleases, both good and evil. That’s my conclusion after many decades. Jesus Christ is Lord.

It’s difficult living in a certain period of my life, recording it as I go, then reviewing the record years later when I have a different understanding and perspective. What does one write? What does one say? What for?

And we continue to change. What can I do but depend on God for me to be as honest, factual, objective, true, and fair as I can be in all these matters?

One thing I’d like to repeat if I’ve already mentioned it – I’m not going to claim that everything I say is accurate. I’m giving my take on things. Others will see things differently. I’m expressing what I perceived and how I interpreted things with all my emotions, biases, prejudices, desires, information, knowledge, and understanding I had while living those things, and years later when expressing them.

We’re forever changing and with that change our perceptions and memories change with us, being part of us. So, what counts in the end is our attitude to leave us with the color of the residue we come away with.

What else can I do except verify things and confirm them within myself according to my conscience, memory, and limited intellect? I can ask God for enlightenment, which I constantly do, and often He corrects and reminds me of things I need to remember.

The main thing is that I need to trust Him to do an impossible job, which only He can do. It’s all about faith, with honesty and justice toward all. By God’s grace, we live to do His will and not our own. All praise, glory, honor, worship, power, and thanksgiving belong to Him. We know and serve a Great God.

Must I record all the things that I record about people? That’s debatable. Who but God knows? I’ve debated that with myself all along and somehow, I can’t help but continue. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I think that though I am wrong, the Lord is right in having me do what I’m doing. So help me God.

We’re now at the end of May of 2009. Eventful times to report.


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