PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – Garry Kohn’s Call for Moral Support at Debate

I received an invitation from Garry Kohn to give him some moral support at a debate he was going to have at Sven Erickson’s Restaurant with a supporter of the “Palestinians” in the Middle East. “It would be nice to see some friendly faces in the crowd,” he candidly declared. Being fully supportive of Israel as God’s work with His people in this world, I was glad to help him.

Particle – Borowski, Bold Banner Burner

An acquaintance from Calgary, Mariusz Borowski, visited Harvest Haven in 2008. When he saw our Israeli Star of David flag flying, he relentlessly urged us to remove it, calling it an image or an idol, declaring it a pagan symbol, the star of Remphan mentioned in Acts 7:43.

We explained we were simply showing solidarity with Israel, that it was no idol to us, and that we didn’t care what Satan had done with it in the past if anything, because we would be taking back whatever we pleased. Instead of letting him keep usurped goods he had defiled, we were repossessing and redeeming them. His argument continues that the star was used by the occult and therefore evil.

Mario didn’t agree and was never settled on our spiritual stance. He claimed we were under a curse for flying such a thing. Meanwhile, he broke his leg and had to have a pin put in it. He had an accident that wasn’t his fault. The lady sued him for approximately $30,000 which he had to pay, and someone he was working for in construction as a contractor not only pulled out of a contract but also seized Mario’s equipment, I suppose for remuneration of some kind. And Mario was having serious conflict with his teenage son.

I asked Mario if he heard the voice of the Lord. He could not say, except that the Holy Spirit would speak to him when reading the Scriptures and he would know right from wrong. I asked him about conscience and if he could tell the difference between his conscience telling him right from wrong and the Holy Spirit speaking to him. He could not explain any difference, only claiming that he could tell which was which. He has never heard the Lord’s voice.

Did Mario not see the curse at work in his life? These things weren’t happening to us, though we were the ones flying the flag; they were happening to him who was speaking against the flag. I don’t say his speaking against the flag was the cause of his woes, but he wasn’t winning God’s favor by speaking against me.

I would say the main thing is that God hasn’t spoken a word to us about the flag, though I have asked Him to give me to know anything necessary that we might honor and obey Him.

There has been great anti-Semitism in Poland. Mario is Polish. I suspect Mario is anti-Semitic, though he wouldn’t admit it or perhaps even think he is. However, I don’t know that he was denouncing the Star of David because he was anti-Semitic.

Is it that we’d be wiser to not display something someone used as a worship symbol even if that isn’t my purpose for using it? Better to put something away that may stumble someone? Didn’t Paul say he’d not drink wine or eat meat if it caused a weaker brother in the faith to stumble?

Editor’s Note: Evil things DID happen to us in the years to come. Could it have been for flying the Israeli flag? I heard nothing from the Lord on this at any time and He did speak a principle to me, that being that if any faultfinding or accusations came my way, I should consult with Him and get the verdict from Him.

As for the evils that came, warnings preceded them and other causes of those evils were certainly identified, but not the flag or the star. The evil was removed, we were purged of sluggards, liars, thieves, and murmurers in our company and life went on better than ever.

Particle – A Curse on Sean

I was moved in the spirit to speak to Sean before all. He had broken the base of the miter saw, having let it drop from the table to the cement floor. Every day he has done something similar. We have all asked why, and now it was coming. I said God’s curse and wrath were on him and that was why he couldn’t say, think, feel, or do anything right.

For the first time, I saw a change in his countenance, an expression on his face of torment or trouble. He was shaken. I’ve never seen that with him before. Usually, he appeared confident, cold, aloof, and even cocky.

Later, I repeated that God’s curse was on him, and therefore he was confounded in everything. The question was why. I told him that Scripture spoke of God’s curse for various sins or offenses, for example, the curses to be recited on Mount Ebal by certain tribes chosen of Israel for that task (Deuteronomy 27:13 and following).

I said that as God’s Ten Commandments were quite comprehensive, the list of curses on Ebal was likely comprehensive, as well. If he were to search out the occasions for curses, the cause for his curse might be found. I didn’t say he could do anything about it. Still, the revelation that all things go wrong with him because he was cursed was a breakthrough, or so it seemed.

Particle – Inexplicably Identified as Brothers

Paul spoke by phone to a customer of Harvest Haven, Lorraine Hockley. She said, out of nowhere: “Boy, you sure sound like Victor! Are you sure you aren’t his brother?” Time and again, we have been perceived as brothers by strangers almost as soon as we meet them for the first time. Yet, our voices, manners, ages, and general appearances are distinctly different – at least they are to me. And why do they ask or comment? It’s a mystery.

Particle – Mariko Waits for Praise of the Lord

As I was leaving the house at the farm on January 29th, Mariko had just had a vision and was hoping I would say, “Praise the Lord.” I turned back and said, “Praise the Lord,” just as she had hoped. She then said, “I just had a vision: Mark, Lois, and I were standing with you in a circle, rejoicing in the Lord. We gave you a big hug.” This was related to the revelation God gave us concerning Sean, his spiritual state, and what we needed to do about it. We knew Sean had to leave.

Particle – A Perfect World?

I just thought of a movie one could make of an imaginary world wherein there is no crime or ill will in society. Wow! That would take some consideration and imagination. How would such a movie fare? Would people want to see it? Would it be incredibly exciting or insufferably boring?

Particle – Lois’ Prophecy: Today Is a Historical Day

Lois would often receive words, some of which were quite general and could be taken many ways, but some that were quite specific and came true. Today, February 3, 2009, she said, “Today is a historical day.”

One could assume she spoke of February 3; one could more realistically assume she spoke of this time as an important one in history. One can wonder if these aren’t simple thoughts one has. We all have our thoughts, but some words stand apart from the rest.

Particle – Correspondence

In February of 2009, I note that we were overwhelmed with letter and article writing on our site. This went on for years. I didn’t know anyone else who could do it besides Paul and me, but we kept at it. This would form the groundwork for instructing many in the future.

For a long time, we were busy creating original work, not previously having written on many subjects, but more and more we were able to share with newcomers what was already researched and written for others. We soon found we didn’t need to re-invent the wheel; however, while the initiatory workload lessened, we gathered an increasing following, so we were still busy just responding with established writings and links.

Besides, we couldn’t have similar answers for everyone. We needed to speak what the Lord gave us to speak for individuals with individual and personal issues.

Particle – You Will Be Here

On February 7th, 2009, as several of us took a walk down the road, Lois prophesied that I would be around to see the people coming, of whom the Lord in past years has spoken would come.

Editor’s Note, January 2018: Interesting Lois should be saying that, as you’ll see and some already know.

Particle – Dream – Sean’s Sword Fight

Sean related a dream he had last night. With a small sword and no skill, he was fighting a man with a great sword and skill. The man was slicing his nose, cut by cut. Sean finally fell prostrate before him, and the man laid the flat of his blade on Sean’s head. The man was Victor and Sean the subdued. Sean believed the man was the Lord. I agreed.

Editor’s Note, 2020: more revelation to come on this.

Particle – Vision to Sara Schmidt: Dena Dahl Trapped

Sara had a vision of Dena Dahl, which vision she dates having received around March 2007, but I mention it now in my journal because we purposed to pray for Dena. As Sara described it:

“There were about 8 stone pillars, and a person standing on a stone pillar about half the size of the others. The person was isolated between two thick sheets of cold, hard steel.

“Here is what I saw there: The pillars = faith, and the believers in faith. The person is Dena. She has had a measure of faith and belief. Hence the small pillar on which she stands. She is cut off, however, imprisoned, and isolated from the believers.” END.

Dena has always been distant from everyone, locked up within. Together with Paul and Sara, we prayed for Dena’s deliverance and healing.

Particle – Prophecy – Raise Your Sights

Paul, Sara, and I prayed late on Sunday evening, February 8, 2009. Paul prophesied that we need to think much bigger, to see that the Lord is doing great things, and to expect them. He said that what he received from the Lord was that our sights are set too low. The Lord has much greater things for us, even now, not just in the future. Nor did we need to do something to have them. We just needed to believe. The Lord wants this for us.

Particle – Praise for the Riches

Later, Sara came to see me about words (tongues) she heard: “Hal-le-lu-le-lu-le-mach.” We looked in the Strong’s Concordance at Hebrew words. We also asked the Lord to give us the interpretation if there was one. Finally, we realized He was calling us to praise and give Him thanks, that we were in great riches and needed to enjoy/embrace them by faith.

Sara writes: “I think the essence of the translation was: ‘Praise for the richness.’ You (Victor) said it reminded you of ‘Eat the fat’” (a Word from the Lord I had heard in the late ‘80s at Moon River, I believe).

Particle – James Decides to Leave

On Tuesday, February 10, 2009, James notified the farm at breakfast that he was leaving. His mind was made up. We had questioned him on the last Sabbath about what was on his mind, and he had nothing to say.

When I called the farm, he answered the phone for the first time with a plain, “Hello.” He hadn’t told me he was leaving. I was surprised. He thought I was Paul because he had called Paul and left a message to call back for a conference call between the three of us.

Mark had suggested to James that he ought to talk to Paul and me about his decision. He wasn’t even going to do that! So, we later talked at a conference. The long and the short of it was that he was leaving, he didn’t feel like walking with God, didn’t want to walk with God, didn’t want to want it, and wasn’t the least interested in doing God’s will. I said, “So there it is; we have established your decision and that you’ve made it” (in so many words).

James is fully motivated to leave us as soon as possible. I even expect today or tomorrow. He has already said he will stay with his family until he finds a place.

Father, I thank You and praise You for bringing James and for taking him away. Thank You for removing those that must be removed to make room for those whom You choose to bring. (Marilyn received that thought, I have been thinking it, and I think we all agree.) Thank You, Gracious Father. We deserve, I deserve, nothing good; I know.

JAMES’ DREAM: He related a dream he had days ago to those at the farm, wherein he and Ted Sears (Sorochan Enterprise’s foreman) were standing at the farm, watching Sorochan Enterprises, represented as a building, collapsing.

By the 12th, we were realizing good things coming from James leaving. We will continue to leave the door open and let him participate as he chooses.

Lois’ Vision of James today: He was running, looking back and side to side but there was nobody or nothing there.

Editor’s Note, January 2022: Things are making more sense now. While it looked like fault lay with James at the time, things were hidden from me – with purpose, as always.

Particle – Hugs Speak

When we visited the farm the following Sabbath, James was visiting. Nothing was said, but while leaving the farm for home, I hugged each one there. The hug with James left me cold like he was hardened, his mind made up, not giving, not receiving; it seemed he was finished.

The more I thought of James and his ways, the angrier I became, not that I have any desire or intent to express it. It was an inactive kind, not one that ate at me; it was something I don’t recall experiencing before and I can’t explain it. I suspected, however, that I wasn’t the only one experiencing it.

Editor’s Note: January 2022: Now I realize why I felt the confused way I did about James and his relationship with those at the farm. It wasn’t that he wanted to leave so much as he was troubled by the way the people were. Who could blame him?

Sean’s hug was different – his too was empty but with a slight element of studiousness, not trying to figure me out for advantage as much as trying to perhaps grasp or understand something, while wondering where he was at with us. It was not a matter of having made up his mind so much as wondering what to do, and maybe not so much wondering what to do as what we were going to do with him.

Dena’s hug seemed open and embracing, even thankful as if to say, “I’m with you, thankful for it, thank you for ministering to me, I am willingly here.”

Ingrid’s hug seemed fragile; she was tired and not feeling well, though I didn’t sense resistance; and Mariko’s was, as usual, enthusiastic.

Mixed messages?

Editor’s Note, January 2022: Oh, how blind, how clued out I was!

Particle – Building Panic Attacks

I was bothered again in the night of Wednesday, February 11 about the new building. How insane to the logical, reasoning mind; few things seem more insane than this – no materials (timbers), no skilled workers (timber framers committed), and no money to fulfill the project, yet there it is with foundation poured and architectural designs set up, all of which has cost us many thousands of dollars. But the following came to me:

1. All agree on the building project with not the slightest dissent from any person or direction.

2. Never have I heard or received any indication from man or God to not proceed.

3. I have not heard either a “yes” or “no” in a literal Word command to proceed. But neither was I given the literal Word command to proceed with many things in the past and they all proved as meant to be and worked out, like our Moon River home and the farm, both of which seemed to be foolish things to buy.

4. Many things have come together for us to accomplish that which we already have – James with his equipment, the weather in extraordinary favor, people with knowledge and good and timely advice, and funds.

5. There is Marilyn’s prophetic word, “Door to the world,” which has not been rejected as not of God.

6. Looking back at my past, the Lord has many times worked in these ways and has honored our steps, though we had other ideas of why we were doing things. “A man’s heart devises his way but the Lord directs his steps.”

7. God has promised to provide whatever I might need or even desire.

8. We have been told, “Expect the impossible.” Surely, this building project is an impossibility for us.

9. If I’m doing my own thing, then why is it my constant prayer and desire to speak the Word of the Lord, at the risk, if necessary, of losing customers? And why am I always examining myself to see if there is any sin with me, that I might rid myself of it? Why am I apologizing to others when I deem it necessary, and seek their counsel – two things proud and stubborn people just don’t do?

10. Why does the Lord give us visions, dreams, prophecies, and revelations concerning many things, yet not warn us in this building matter if we are doing wrong? Does He not warn? Is He not faithful?

11. Paul and I are granted power and wisdom to deal with many people. How can we have those gifts without a healthy relationship with the Lord?

12. God has sent several people recently to help and to give to us – Mai (a Japanese volunteer from Japan), Mary Benson (Jason’s ex), Sean, James, Joyce Wentworth, Daphne Hollenbach of South Africa, and others. He has also given us good sales and success in other areas of our lives. Would not His wrath cover all areas of our lives, if His wrath were in effect?

13. There have been external prophetic utterances, as with Sharlene Smith and John Belt that have come our way to succor us, as well as prophecies in our midst, as with Paul’s on Sunday evening, Feb. 8th, and several of mine in the past, which I ought to review to refresh myself from time to time.

14. How is it that my doubts and fears about this building come at night, and when I set myself to giving thanks to the Lord, those anxieties disappear? If God were bringing those thoughts, trying to warn me of the project, why would those thoughts disappear when thanking Him? The fact that thanksgiving defeats those doubts and fears tells us the contrary thoughts are not warnings from God.

15. Why would I be running to the Lord when attacked by these things if I were in unbelief?

From all I’ve been taught of the Lord and learned from Him, with nothing excepted, it would be utterly stupid to worry and fret about this building, or anything else for that matter. Surely, such an attitude would be vexing to Him. But I recognize that the enemy is here to withstand what the Lord is doing with us. He will fail, but God will succeed – God already has succeeded.

Particle – Cody’s Submissive Marital Choice

On February 12, 2009, Cody and Tonya called Dena. Tonya was screaming on the phone, in a rage. Cody had to restrain her. They wanted Dena’s signature on papers freeing them to marry. They would stop in on the way back from Seattle where they planned to pick up raw goat milk for the baby. Her breast milk must be battery acid.

And Cody thought Dena had an angry spirit?

Four days later, on February 16th, Cody and Tonya came to Harvest Haven. Cody stayed outside the store while Tonya walked in and laid 2 alimony checks on the counter, one for March 1 and one to cover the NSF of November. She had the court papers to allow their marriage and asked for Dena’s signature.

Dena told her she would sign as soon as a lawyer found them in order. Tonya grabbed to retrieve the checks from Dena, one of which was torn in half (they each got half), and stomped out the door.

Cody was talking to Mark outside, trying to show himself friendly (someone other than Cody had to serve the papers, so that is why Tonya did it). They had no corporate documents they had promised to bring Dena for the Journey of Health business.

When Tonya got outside, she shouted to Cody, “Get in the car! We’re leaving! GET IN THE CAR!”

He obeyed. How ironic that Cody had wanted a wife that would be completely submissive to him, as he had religiously expected of Dena.

Particle – Book of Curses

Who in nominal, conventional, orthodox Christian circles would have thought and has taught that God had so much to do with curses? Noah and Moses cursed people. David and Jeremiah cursed. Even the apostle Paul cursed!

Today, February 14th, 2009, on “Valentine’s Day,” of all days, I completed The Book of Curses and found, contrary to popular opinion and nominal Christian theology, that there is a place in God’s economy for cursing as well as blessing. Ironically, nominal Christendom is cursed with a fuzzy, mushy Jesus of its own making, the harmless kind that “wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Very unreal, very unbiblical, and anti-Christ.

Particle – Shall James Return?

I wanted to call James but Lois talked me out of it. We see him as having to go for a time and we expect him to return, as a seed planted in the ground will germinate in due time and one day come up (return).

Particle – Three Revelations

I had two things come to me today:

REVELATION: Some say, “Because of what that so-called Christian did/said/was like, I no longer believe in God, nor will I ever!” The truth is that in their bitterness, they never had the heart to believe in the first place – they were only exposed for their insincerity and now they use this excuse to choose sin over God. Of such did Jesus say, “You are they who justify yourselves before men.”

REVELATION: In the day of famine, Elijah was sent to only one of many widows. So much for God being interested in “taking care of the poor” of this world. He is not about comforting souls in this realm. His will for some is to draw them to, and comfort them in, the next realm through faith. The widow to whom He ministered by Elijah had the key to the next realm – that gift of faith, which can only come from God. No man can provide faith for himself or anyone else.

REVELATION – THE WIDOW WHO SAVED ELIJAH: As I recorded the revelation of the widow in this Theo-autobiography, I suddenly remembered something else I received about her only days ago. Many seem to think that clinging to life and hope is faith, but no, faith is about letting go and accepting one’s circumstances without struggle or complaint. I often pondered the words the widow spoke, wondering how they were words that indicated faith:

“And she said [to Elijah], As the LORD your God lives, I do not have a cake, but only a handful of meal in a pitcher and a little oil in a jar. And behold, I am gathering two sticks, so that I may go in and dress it for me and my son, so that we may eat it and die” (1 Kings 17:12 MKJV).

“What kind of faith is that?” I asked myself. Now, I understand. I dare say that many other widows in Elijah’s day of famine were desperately clinging to life because they didn’t possess that faith. God was nowhere to be seen or heard or believed.

Those other widows may have been even saying things like, “I believe! I’ll praise the Lord! He’ll save me! I just know He will.” Words and willpower don’t measure up to Godly faith. Man’s imitation will never do.

Particle – Anna Bayefsky, Barack Obama, and Jason Kenney

Wednesday, February 18, 2009: According to information from Anna Bayefsky, Obama has now sold out Israel by signing up for the Durban 2 conference condemning Israel. Out of 40 nations, this leaves only Canada‘s PM Stephen Harper standing with Israel.

I had encouraged Jason Kenney, MP of Alberta to Ottawa, to stand with Israel. He sent me a letter recording his speech on Anti-Semitism at Lancaster House, London, England, Feb. 17/09. I responded, with a copy to all MPs we have addresses for. We hope to also send a reply to South Africa, Japan, Belgium, and the US in support of Israel.

ParticleThe China Study

According to Dr. Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study, a plant-based diet, excluding all animal products, is the way to go. He seems to have the stats to prove the great success of that approach.

Some contend it is still a study that doesn’t include other factors. For example, the French eat the fat and consume animal products, yet don’t have the incidence of heart disease and cancer that Americans do.

And what about the Bible testimony? By God’s sanction and commandment, no less, people consumed flesh. I think we need to consider that quality, attitude, and moderation are major factors. At a minimum, it isn’t animal products per se that kill us, but what meats we choose and how we produce, process, and prepare them for consumption.

The China Study, a book that was so popular and praised by health advocates, particularly vegetarians, was later found by such as Chris Masterjohn and Denise Minger to be significantly flawed. See:

People, DO NOT believe everything you read or hear from “experts” and “doctors.” They are only human with their agendas, weaknesses, and faults, exacerbated by a good deal of social status, pride, and riches, that is, something to lose or gain financially, professionally, and socially. Don’t be carried away by every wind of doctrine, scrap of information, presumptuous opinion, and glory-seeking study. We need the Lord’s wisdom in all things, great and small.

Men, both great and small, are largely greedy, ignorant, proud, and corrupt. Don’t trust them, trust God. “Let God be true and every man a liar.”

Trusting men, you’ll sigh and die; believing God, you’ll survive and thrive.

Particle – Building Construction Strategy

It was decided that before we built the store with timbers and straw clay, we would build the house, and before the house, the cabin. This way we would get at least some kinks out of our methods, learn a few lessons, and have some experience before tackling the big one. This should prove to be an appropriate strategy.

Particle – Cora Severnson Dead

On Sunday, February 22, 2009, we attended a Hsin Ten meeting at the Sandman Inn in Lethbridge. It was then we found out Cora Severnson had died 3 or 4 years previously of breast cancer. This was not long after we had spoken warnings to her husband Martin and her. Martin had predeceased her with a heart attack (See Particle – People and Activities on the Cruise). They just wouldn’t listen to us, but Cora waxed so spiritual, so godly! She certainly despised our judgment of her godliness.

Particle – The Perpetual Battle

Reading God’s Secret Agent by Sammy Tippit and Jerry Jenkins, I was disturbed by the fact that while Sammy was getting results in broken lives coming to Christ and being mended, we were only consistently angering people and being accused of hatred, legalism, heresy, blasphemy, fanaticism, demonism, false doctrine, and false accusations.

I thought of Isaiah 58 and called a conference with Jonathan, Marilyn, Lois, Ingrid, Mariko, Paul, and Sara. I red chapter 7 of the book to them and Isaiah 58. Then the Lord quickened to me the sum of the matter:

REVELATION ON SPEAKING OUT (ISAIAH 58): I had always seen two categories of people in that chapter – religious people who feigned worship, and people who ought to be as God would have them to be. Over the past many years, I’ve often judged myself in the faulty category, the one of professing faith and faulting others, with no good fruits. But there is a third category, which is part of that second group of faithful ones, those who must stand and address sin, and that is who we must be.

I’ve been aware of being in the place of Isaiah in that regard, but I just didn’t see it as placing me in the positive of the two major categories of that chapter. Somehow it didn’t connect as it did today.

Then I let the others speak, and as usual, they disagreed that we were out of the will of God in any way, and I knew they were right. I then shared what had come to me just before they spoke.

What then of people like Sammy Tippit and so many others who seem to have been instrumental in bringing people to the Lord? First, we should see how much of their fruits of converted souls remain.

Second, God uses the truth in all vessels to draw men to Himself, as He sees fit, just as He used Ernie Hafichuk, George Lynn, Ernest Regier, Tim Friesen, Dave Loewen, Jim Flynn, “Theo” in Canmore, Carroll Vance, and so many others to minister to me.

We mustn’t condemn faulty men for faults when they have, in their fault, drawn faulty men away from fault; we all have our faults.

However, I must preach to their sins, if any, even as God directed Isaiah, though he had human faults – “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and tell My people their sins….”

I recall Dave Loewen angrily rebuking me for speaking against evangelical Christianity when in fact, by their instrumentality, I was brought to faith. Here is the answer to that, an answer I don’t recall I had then for his carnal reasoning:

When the prophet Samuel was yet a toddler, his mother Hannah placed him under the care of Eli, the High Priest of Israel. When still a young child, Samuel had to bring forth a Word from God to rebuke his spiritual caretaker. Realize, Eli was none other than the highest religious authority of Israel. So, what’s God doing, using a young boy to bring a hard message to the High Priest of His people?

John the Baptist and even the Lord were raised up under Israel, yet they had to speak up against their own people and their earthly spiritual authorities.

How about Jeremiah who, as an Israelite youth, had to rebuke his own nation as well as others? It wasn’t that Jeremiah thought he was better than them. It was his assignment of God to tell His people and the Gentiles their sins and to warn them of judgment to come if they didn’t repent.

And didn’t that judgment come? I’ve been warning people for decades now of God’s pending judgment. And in this year of editing Part 12 of this Theo-autobiography, 2021, to prepare for posting, that judgment is here now.

Whereas shoulders once turned, heads shook, and tongues wagged with answers, now, heads are turning, hands are on chins to begin to reflect, and tongues are more usefully lent to asking for answers.

We’re just beginning. The Day of Vindication of the sons of God has arrived. As I’m recording the year 2009 here from my journal, I’m recording in 2021. People thought 2009 was ominous; try 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Particle – Bensons Butchering Bullies Before Born

On February 26, Marilyn informed me that the heifer taken and slaughtered was 7 to 8 months with calf! This was a shock to each of us. I was angry that Mark should be so inept, so unobservant, and careless. As we investigated further, it turned out that the cow didn’t seem to show visible signs of pregnancy, which, I am told, happens. Were the cattle starving as we found some to be? However, Lord, why did You permit it? Surely, Your wrath has been present!

Editor’s Note, 2021, as I review the records and continue with Autobio Part 12: Years later, we came to realize the cattle were starving under Mark. No wonder, one couldn’t tell pregnancy. We had some die of starvation. I say, for letting them starve, let that bastard starve.

At the same time, a Utah man ordered and paid for a C735 on the internet, others came in and purchased a Hsin Ten super combo, and other goods were sold. I recognized my terrible tendency to overlook the gifts, the good things, and the blessings, and allow them to be overshadowed by losses and tragedies. Shame on me!

Said Job, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!”

Then Dena received a call from Calani Herasemluk, saying she heard we were a cult, that I was the “ringleader,” but that she was spending time on our Harvest Haven and The Path of Truth sites and being greatly encouraged.

She mentioned that she and I had a clash years ago about her selling imitation Chi machines but now wanted to buy the Hsin Ten equipment from us. She said she was coming, and she came this time and brought friends with her (she had expressed intentions before and did not show up).

Particle – Health Issues

I’ve been feeling crappy – no energy, somewhat nauseous at moments, foggy – something seems quite wrong with me; I feel like I am slowly dying! I eat well, exercise regularly, and get sleep, yet there’s something not right. I’m wondering if it’s hormonal. Adrenal fatigue?

Editor’s Note, 2021: I hadn’t realized stress was getting me! Those days had me stunned!

Particle – James Randi

As I enter this particle of Auto 12 in February of 2021, I find that Wikipedia has the following write-up of James Randi. It is reported he died last October 2020, just months before my record of him here:

“James Randi was a Canadian-American stage magician and scientific skeptic who extensively challenged paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. He was the co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation.”

NOTE, FEB. 2021: I find it curious that so often when I’m looking someone up on the net after many years, they have just died. What energies and forces are at work? Is it the Lord Who sparks these events? I do not doubt that at times I’m guided by the Lord and His hosts of spirits, but I also believe there are countless unidentified, invisible, scientifically discoverable, and definable forces at work like gravity or radio waves that one may suddenly find themselves unwittingly tuned or subject to. ENDNOTE

Back to the “late great” Randi, the exposer of frauds, to his credit he did expose frauds, people like Peter Popoff, the vile “Christian” evangelist. Randi caught him red-handed. But now Randi was attacking Grander distributors and the Grander technology in New Zealand, presuming to expose fraud.

We knew Randi was dead wrong on Grander. At Harvest Haven, we’ve carried Grander since 1997 and it has proven itself repeatedly to this day – no magic, no tricks, or deception. It is a most wonderful, effective, scientifically observable technology originating in Austria with the late inventor Johann Grander, an able, reputable, ethical, and responsible man with a product of rare genius.

We have personally experienced phenomenal success with Grander water revitalization. It revitalizes water without anything but positive side effects – great taste, power, and cleansing action! We would say, playing on American Express’s old motto, “Don’t live at home without it,” – or anywhere else for that matter.

James Randi, the “fraud exposer,” was one cynical man, not to be entirely blamed, of course. He offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could “provide evidence of any paranormal, occult, or supernatural event of any kind under proper observing conditions.” Reference:

We knew Randi was wrong on Grander; we knew Grander worked, we were annoyed with how he slandered Grander and the distributors in New Zealand, whom we knew, and so we thought we’d take Randi up on his offer. We had extensive correspondence with him, all on record. All he could do was bluster foolishly and refused to take us up on our proposal.

Randi would have owed us his $1 million and wasn’t about to part with it. Oh, well. His telepathic powers he said he didn’t have may have saved him from a $1 million loss, along with a diet of crow and social reproach.
Particle – Offer of Help to L. Ray Smith

On February 27, 2009, hearing Ray Smith had cancer, we wrote him to offer our help, seeing we had answers for cancer with our knowledge and equipment, notwithstanding our disagreement with him spiritually. He informed us he was pursuing an alternative healthcare route with a Dr. Jimmy Steger, who lived only a mile away from him. We encouraged him to continue to do so.

Particle – The Amirault Family Fruits of Heedlessness

We had considerable dialogue and conflict with Gary Amirault (read Amirault, Gary: A Public Promoter of Falsehood Confronted Publicly, Kicked Out of the Tent, and We Are Here to Tell You. He was offended, highly unreasonable, and argumentative. We tried to reason with and warn him but to no avail.

Then we discovered their son Scott was seriously injured. In a report on a blog, Michelle, Gary’s wife, wrote:

“Dear Friends,

“Please pray and kindly pass this onto whoever you know that knows how to touch heaven.

“We just found out our 34-year-old son Scott who lives in Louisiana was terribly injured in the wee hours of the morning, though we don’t know the details of how it actually happened. One medic thinks he may have had high blood sugar then and got out of his car and that he may even have been hit by a car, and went over the bridge off the highway. If that happened, he was left for dead last night, which is when his car was found on his way home from a friend and coworkers, who said he was fine then. Only God knows what happened. I talked to him at about 11-11:30 and he sounded okay, but his phone went dead. When he was finally found this morning, he was found in a ditch, yet he refused to go to the hospital until this evening.

“They said that his femur is broken in half and his face messed up and badly swollen. We do not know yet if the jaw is broken, but one of his lungs is also collapsed and he is in tremendous pain. As if all this isn’t enough, he is a Type I diabetic and I was just told by the same friend (from above), that his blood sugar was over 1200!!! This alone is extremely life threatening. They said if he didn’t get to the hospital, he surely would have been dead by tomorrow morning. They are wondering how he is alive now.

“But we know. God has a plan for him, for his good and not his destruction. We have a covenant with a God Who’s arm is not too short. He has said that Scott will live and not die and declare His wonderful works. Our Father promises to turn all things to good…so we are looking forward to that. But right now he needs prayers of faith to carry him through this.

“I am waiting to see when to fly down there as I do not know how long he will be in the hospital. I am too exhausted right now from being up since early in the morning for some reason. I can see now that I should have been interceding, not just praying lightly and hoping to fall back to sleep. Anyway, please pray for him to know that God is in the room with him as well as in him. Father apparently already has done a miracle in that Scott is alive and somehow more coherent and that Scott went to the hospital in time.

“Sorry to burden you to pray, but we thank you all and especially appreciate it if the Holy Spirit should move you.

“In and with His Grace, His Faith, His Love, and His Hope,


“May the Holy Spirit continually fill us with His Very Presence!

Michelle Amirault

Tentmaker Ministries & Publications, Inc.” CLOSE QUOTE

I wrote in my journal: How full of darkness! How lacking the knowledge of God! I do not believe Scott will live, though I can’t say I know for sure. I do know that God has not spoken to them concerning him, as she claims (see highlighted portion).

Scott didn’t make it. We are sorry this had to happen. There have been so many people we have warned over the years, who, if they had listened, would have been spared much pain, grief, and loss. Alas, they almost always knew better. I say, “Almost always” because some rare few have listened.

Particle – An Idea of a Live Chat Forum

Today, February 28, 2009, Paul, Sara, and I discussed having a live chat room, whereby people could come to a living, presently active place with real people at any time.

Particle – Lois Rebuked Again

I talked to the farm today and confronted Lois on her hypocrisy and disdain for my instructions, for not recording her visions and dreams as she ought, and for disregarding my request years ago that she learn to type and get involved in our internet activity.

I told her she is fast and hard when it comes to preaching obedience to others, but what about her? The conference was with Mark, Mariko, Trevor, Ingrid, and Lois. I said we need all the help and commitment we can get to preach the Word and get it out in so many ways. I see zeal and commitment, I said, with Mariko, Mark, Paul, Sara, and Ingrid, and cooperation with Dena, Jonathan, and Sean, so why not Lois? I said, “No more.” She said she will get with it.

As I was speaking, Mark and Mariko mentioned that they were seeing Lois depending on Dena to read out loud for her because she is too lazy (my words) to get her glasses and do it herself. I said that as she used Mark years ago for a milk cow, now she was using Dena and tying her up from doing more needful things. No more, I said. I am angry with the lawless hypocrite.

She tells me she is learning typing now, and how to use computers and the net, with help from “anyone she can get to help her.”

Editor’s note, October 2017: So many things I see now in hindsight as beating a dead horse, not only with Lois but with most of them. It was terrible. Why was I so blind and so clueless, without wisdom and solutions to these things? gh!

Particle – Jonathan Considers Vocation

Work in The Path of Truth seems overwhelming. There’s so much to do. I even suggested Marilyn and Jonathan quit his schooling and devote their energies to helping us. I was somewhat insincere about that suggestion because, for all I know, Jonathan is meant to finish his schooling and go for the police work as he intended. It seems to be his idea of trying to do something worthy in this world.

However, we will see. I think the police are pawns of the system. If he wishes to fight evil, The Path of Truth is the way to go. He brought up objections and questions, which I easily answered. I was surprised he was inclined to consider my answers.

Particle – Daphne Hollenbach

On March 3, 2009, Sara posted Daphne Hollenbach’s testimony at The Path of Truth, one of the first outside of our local group. Here’s a woman with whom the Lord has been so patient and accommodating, despite herself. Our favorite quote from it:

“The pope is such an important ‘holy’ person. It’s easier to reach God than it is to reach him!”

Particle – Business Battles

We are having a battle with George Hasegawa over a bill for work not satisfactorily completed. We are having hassles with VersaCold and RCS Porter Cartage about our melted ice cream shipment. They are duking it out now; we held their feet to the fire and will try to do so where we can with all those who do not conduct themselves in business as they ought.

I’m wondering about having a business section at TPOT to name businesses that conduct themselves in less than satisfactory manner. For starters – UPS and Computer Trends, both of which were terrible!

Particle – Money Solutions Dissolved

We’ve been recently informed by Ruth Smylski that her ex-husband Robert has been charged criminally in his business and that his investing clients are calling her, asking for their money, which they have allegedly lost with him.

We are told he didn’t have the license to do the things he was doing as a broker/investor and financial advisor, and that this is not his first offense. I was close to having invested our money with him on two or three occasions, and mercifully, the Lord kept me.

Robert seemed like such a sincere, harmless, “aw, gawrsh, wouldn’t hurt a fly” kind of fellow. I even told him once that if ever I decided to invest, he would be the one I would go with!

He smiled. Robert lived only minutes away from my childhood home in Manitoba – I in Dauphin and Robert in Ashville, though I had never known him but knew other Smylskis, Eva, her husband, and her children, very poor people who spent every spare cent they had at the movie theatres.

Particle – Faith Times Two

There are two aspects to faith: one, we do not trust ourselves, and two, we expect no thanks or reward for doing what is right or required of us, that being our God-appointed duty.

Particle – Vision – Mark in Rest and Light

About 9:30 AM, on March 6th, 2009, I was reading a note from Mark who confessed, “I am feeling very tired and discouraged.” This was after rebuking him over the incident at Wednesday night’s supper table when he adamantly and stupidly insisted on calling a glass a “cup,” confounding everyone, who were all beginning to wonder if he was losing it.

As I was writing Mark a reply of instruction and encouragement, I saw him standing tall, super slim and radiant, in long white garments, also radiant. In his hands was a large book, which was hanging down well below his waist in front of him, held with both hands. He was instructing people who were seated before him.

Mark was still, the carnal energy that has been his prominent character wasn’t apparent. I saw a peace and quietness with him; a spotlight was on him, but though the light was from above, it was also, perhaps more so, from within.

The teaching matter was spiritual. One might say he was preaching from the Bible, though that seems too religious or falling short of the reality because the teaching and essence of Truth aren’t limited to the Bible. The book in his hands was large but noticeably light and almost effortless to hold.

It seemed that he was standing in the new building as he was teaching, though I didn’t see anything of the building. Is it the physical building we are working on or the spiritual? I think both.

Editor’s Note, October 2017: I had a faulty interpretation of what I saw and wouldn’t realize this until years later. Mark acted in pretentious innocence and piety as a victim. What I was seeing in the vision was an angel of light, a vacuous personality. Mark was a deceiver all the way, a liar, an empty fool. No wonder the book was hanging down.

Particle – The Letter of Instruction to Mark

This is the letter I wrote Mark:

Mark, I believe we all know that you are pressured. I have wondered if we weren’t all going to lose it all with what’s happening. If we can’t handle it now, what will we do when the spring season begins? Financial struggles with creditors like George Hasegawa charging an arm and a leg for nothing, debtors like VersaCold and RCS, Paula Baker-Laporte’s intransigence on correcting her blatant errors, poor sales performance, ailing clients, Hsin Ten conflicts, Hutterite problems, complications with workers, timber and building materials sourcing with deadlines, a child coming, Sean’s incessant ineptitude…I’ve hardly begun the list.

I could say, “And it’s all on your shoulders,” but is it? It’s on all of us, but in your case, aren’t you being subjected to trials to deliver you from yourself? At least 3 of us have believed that you need deliverance from the fear of man, controlling, self-confidence, and pride. Perhaps it’s safest to say it’s Mark you need deliverance from.

You must have your way in everything, regardless of what it might be, like with the cup/glass thing. That event was a living demonstration of your nature – you stubbornly insist on your way and can’t see it another, unless hit over the head with a crowbar. I still don’t see a change here with your apology. You say you didn’t see the difference – which tells me you don’t believe Dena has two eyes on her face – those are “peculiar facial features.” Maybe I should be allowing such a misunderstanding to pass but it does floor me – it floored Marilyn and Lois too. We were wondering if you weren’t truly breaking up.

Mark, the farm responsibility isn’t on your shoulders or ours – at least it better not be or we’re all dead. If in all of this, you learn to lean on the Lord, then you’ll be able to say with Paul and other saints, “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me.” Jesus said, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.”

Strangely, God should direct me in faith by something as meaningless as dandelions in my lawn, but that’s where it happened. Just doing my dandelions was an impossible job, though I had time on my hands! Being overwhelmed with weeding them, I cried to Him in desperation and He said, “These things are accomplished from above.” I saw the hand of the Lord in it after I heard and believed those words. I’ve never had problems in handling them since, even with all the computer work. It’s been a breeze!

You need deliverance from yourself. We’ve proven that no amount of telling you to cut your talk by 80% will do (which would give you enormous extra time and energy). You insist everybody you talk to must have their immediate 101 in one or more subjects. Your much talk is but a symptom and not the root of the problem, which is your disconnect with the Lord.

You just keep on trucking because you don’t believe the Lord. You don’t believe us or see what we’re saying. As you see it, we’re the ones who don’t see it, as with the “cup.” (Ironically, it was a “cup” we could see through and you couldn’t.) You’re incapable of even considering what we’re trying to tell you.

Only Divine Intervention will do. Yesterday, it came to Lois that we needed to pray for you. She called to tell me so. It had only been hours after I received the very same. We prayed. When two or three agree on anything, the Lord says, it is done.
I ask the Lord to give you and us what we need so that you’ll glorify Him and not yourself. I ask that you’ll place your faith in His immense treasury of all things rather than constantly rely on your miserable, nearly empty bucket of scraps you think in your pride to be so valuable and sufficient, assuming others are impressed. It is a theft of the glory of God, is it not?

I know I too have been guilty of equal sins….and I must make the effort to “keep under my body,” it seems. Everybody who knows me knows how I can be the classical worrywart. I know the abysmal folly of going in my strength.
If you take these burdens on yourself, you’ll surely be crushed, but if you cast them on Him, He’ll take over and sustain you in all things, and you’ll marvel – we all will. That’s His will.

Father, Your will be done.
We hope and pray for a break in you to salvation so that from thereon in, you’ll be a blessing instead of a hindrance to the Lord and all. Then He’ll be a blessing to you. You’ll peacefully stand in long white and radiant garments, with an open book in your hands, your face shining with the glory of the Lord, teaching the people. I see this in the new building. And it’ll be the Lord, and not Mark, Who is glorified. (I realize I just had a vision.)

It all can look impossible, especially when tired, pressed, and threatened. I have news for you: It IS impossible, even at the best of times. Who do we think we are — God? Get your rest too, as you work toward the spiritual rest, which is an imperative of the Lord:

Put your cares on the Lord, and He will be your support; He will not let the upright man be moved” (Psalms 55:22 BBE).

Our LORD, we belong to You. We tell You what worries us, and You won’t let us fall” (Psalms 55:22 CEV).

Particle – Mark’s Reply

Mark’s reply was ever the same, “confessing contritely” and asking for mercy:

“Thank you for your prayers. I do need deliverance. Last night and this morning, I felt like I hit the wall, the end of the rope. I didn’t know whether I would explode, implode or just sink. I felt like I did not have the interest or energy to go on living. I have known, but have not wanted to face, and have not even known how to face, my insistent self-righteousness, self-confidence, arrogance, selfishness, self-centeredness … being Mark. Beyond physically tired, tired of being me, suffocating.

“Lord I ask for Your deliverance, for Your merciful salvation from being me, glorifying me, justifying me, defending me, rather that You would grant me the immeasurably precious gift of serving You instead, glorifying You instead. Though it has been against my will, entirely to my detriment and those around me, I know and believe that this is Your merciful will, to deliver me. Lord have mercy on me. I so desire to experience Your easy burden and yolk, instead of the heavy one I carry now in my sin. I desire to eat from and drink from You and Your treasury.
“Lord thank You for Your servants that You have given to pray for me. Thank You for all that You have gathered and will gather. From no hope to infinite hope, I give praise to Your name and thanks for Your mercy.”

Upon such confession, Mark would immediately return to his unrepentant ways, bullying everyone in his path, yet ever presuming mercy from the Lord for himself. Now, we would see that the Lord answered our prayer. The preparations were being set in motion. It would not be easy or pleasant.

In the following days, I wrote: “I felt unsettled (subconsciously) about Mark. He is irreverent, disrespectful, contemptuous, and presumptuous, but in a ‘nice’ sort of way.”

Editor’s Note, December 2017: Wow! I look back at all this as a horrible nightmare! Wait till you see what happens! Was I deceived or what? How is it I’m supposed to be a man of God yet so deceived?! Aren’t prophets supposed to know such things? Have I not been given so much else to know beyond my abilities? But so blind I was! Hence, the personal meaning of the Words of the Lord by the prophet Isaiah of Israel to me:

“Who is blind but My servant? Or deaf, as My messenger whom I sent? Who is blind as he who is perfect, and blind as the LORD’s servant” (Isaiah 42:19 MKJV).

I knew those words singled me out personally, though doubtless, they applied to others as well.

Particle – Prophecy Understood Only When Fulfilled

This I tell you in all solemnity – no prophecy is ever understood until it is fulfilled. We guess, speculate, strive to understand, and think we understand, but if there’s any doubt or question, hold off. The meaning must yet come and when it does, it will be like light shining from east to west, lighting up everything in its presence. That is Truth; it is how the fulfillment of prophecy and revelation work.

Particle – Ingrid’s Coming Child

Having suffered miscarriages in the past and having trouble in her pregnancy, I received and told Ingrid that this time, she and her child would be fine. This was on March 9, 2009.

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