PART TWELVE – Troublous Times to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – Never Right to Never Wrong

Recently, we’ve been finding that when things seem to go wrong, they are introductions to better things. While we were meeting with Bonnie Kam at the Southpointe Mall in Calgary, our car battery died on us because we left the headlights on. So, I went into Payless Shoe Source to use their phone. It so happened that Sheila Koop, the lady looking after the store, had just strained her back and was in considerable discomfort. I told her about the Chi machine we had with us, but she was afraid to try it on the floor in case her boss should walk in at any time.

However, her husband Conroy happened by, though he was supposed to be working in Okotoks. He tried the Chi, liked it, and asked us to meet with them that evening in their house, which we did, and they bought it.

The Canadian Tire store was in the mall where our battery went dead. Stan, a serviceman was right over to recharge the battery, charged us $20 and we were off. The small detour pressed us for time, but it turned out to be a pleasurable and prosperous one.

This has been the pattern recently. The Lord has been making lemonade from lemons.

I’ve said there was a time when I could never do anything right; now it seems I can’t do anything wrong, not that one can willfully do wrong and escape judgment.

Except? I was debating openly whether or not to give Koops the shipping on the Chi, which I did not do in the end. As I see it, that was so foolish of me. I think I should have given it to them. Thereafter, when we came to Calgary a few times since, I was giving them eggs and carrots to make up for that. I don’t think they ever realized what I was doing.

So, what happened to my healing to use mammon for the good of my neighbor?

Particle – Faith from South Africa

A lady in South Africa found The Path of Truth website, contacted us, believed the Gospel, put away her idols, confessed and repented of her sins, forsook her family and friends, began bringing offerings, and received revelations. She received the Spirit, accompanied by the spiritual gifts, and the Lord thus began to bless her in wonderful ways. We are thankful for Daphne Hollenbach, whose heart God opened as He did Lydia’s in Acts 16.

Father, we have been doing battle with those whom You have not been drawing, and now You bring whom You will. Indeed, “the second crop shall be better than the first,” as You have promised. The first is by our effort, which produces nothing; the second is by Your Power, which accomplishes the impossible.

That’s not to say we haven’t had to do what we’ve done – I know it’s been necessary, for our sakes, for those to whom we have written, even as a witness against them, and for those who need to read those things now and be taught of God. Our sincere teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Christ has been the foundation provided for others and is now serving those who are being drawn.

Particle – 2005 Dream – Paul and Sara in Bizarre Relationship

On Friday, November 14th, 2008, I sent Paul and Sara this dream record from 05:

“In the night of August 8/9, 2005, I had a strange and unpleasant dream. Paul and Sara were together, performing a grotesque dance/pilate/martial arts action, in which Paul was full of vigorous contortions and countenance changes. There seemed to be a certain sexual element in the act as well, in thought more than action.”

We later talked and Paul admitted to problems with him and Sara, which I hope will be resolved.

Editor’s Note, April 2018: What else could or should I have done? Prayed? Roundly rebuked them? Insist that they explain themselves? Sara was ever silent whenever anything was brought up implicating her. And Paul was invariably grudging in his admission of guilt, if not silent. I’m learning that people who don’t answer are often that way for 2 reasons: one, they’re guilty, and two, unrepentant.

Particle – Conventional Medicine Sure Proof?

I’ll be among the first to acknowledge there are times when we need doctors and they’re wonderful to have around for things like diagnoses, certain surgeries, and bone fractures, for example. But when it comes to the actual treatment of various problems, they can be so pharmaceutically oriented and swift to treating symptoms instead of determining the root cause of the problem. Not good. Western medicine is grievously corrupted.

Particle –Dream – Barry Cloutier

In the night of November 25/26, 2008, I dreamt of the late Barry Cloutier, an associate at The Bay in Winnipeg when I worked there. I also met him briefly on the road north of Saskatoon in 1973 a couple of years after I left The Bay. He had also left The Bay by that time.

In the dream, Barry came to me for a $1,000 loan. He was unable to borrow anywhere else, being in debt over his head. I was wondering if I should lend him any money and expected that I would not see it again if I did. I wondered about collateral, but he was so far in debt that I expected there was none to claim or hold.

He asked me what interest rate I would charge. I suggested 10%. He said, “But you’re charging someone else only 5%.” I couldn’t think of anyone like that. I thought of Bonnie Kam, a.k.a. Johnston, at 8%, but he insisted on someone specific. I was willing to consider 5% – if I should lend him money at all.

The scene changed and in the next room, I found him laying on the floor in what looked like a gym that was also used as a meeting place or banquet room. He was on his back, under some blankets, sorrowing and troubled about his financial and social condition.

I asked Barry if he had consolidated his debts or loans, suspecting he had. He said he had, which meant he had no more room to maneuver in managing his debt. I decided I wasn’t going to lend to him, and said to him, “Whatever you borrow now will only go to waste. You will squander it.” He was resigned to doom. The dream ended there.

I knew Barry had died of cancer many years ago.

One wonders about such dreams. Are they junk or is there something to them in another realm? I’ve had a few of those where the people had left this world, yet I was meeting with them. Hazel Chute and Lillian Hafichuk were 2 others, off the top. I can’t simply accept that in all cases, “dreams are just dreams with little or nothing to them.”

Particle – Jonathan Tuned Out

For the past several years, Jonathan hasn’t wanted me to read to him from the Scriptures or anything else spiritually edifying. Somewhere, he grew apart and cold. I don’t know when, how, or why, but I suspect it came from the conflict that raged between Marilyn and me, or that it seemed he didn’t receive answers to his prayers concerning us and his headaches, or I bored him to death with reading Biblical material not meant for him in his early youth. I just don’t know.

However, things are changing, and though answers to prayer may not come instantly, I know they do come when due. There is the story of the prodigal son who was restored. There was a very happy father the day that happened.

Particle – Marilyn’s Vision – Sean, a Serpentine Monster

Marilyn records:

On Saturday, November 29th, 2008, Victor was asking me questions about what had happened with Sean and the freezer, Jonathan going to town, and Sean and the lamb pricing. I didn’t know why until that evening when Victor sent me Sean’s letter. After reading it I was troubled, angry, and questioning what was going on. So, I asked the Lord what it was all about. Several things came to me which I shared with Victor and now am sharing with all of you.

Sean is the one with the problem.

What I experienced with him on Friday was a mini example of what everyone experiences with him all the time. When I asked him to put some boxes of meat into the freezer, he started to make excuses about having to get something on. I said to just do it the way he was because it was only going to take him two minutes, no big deal.

Then I was putting receipts away at supper time and saw the lamb ones for which Sean would need a brief explanation about some pricing for the cost analysis, but Sean had to go around in circles about it, which made me very frustrated. When he said that Ingrid knew what to do with it, I said yes, knowing she didn’t but she would understand or get the picture quicker than he was.

This is the way Sean is with everyone—there’s no willingness to help (he’s being “borrowed”), he makes excuses and goes around in circles when it is something straightforwardly simple. And the biggest problem is that he finds fault, with me in this situation, but with everyone else, never, never himself. He is the one with the problem; he is the problem.

As I was praying about this, I had a vision. It was of a brown scaly monster like Godzilla. In the movies, Godzilla is usually in the distance and black and white. This monster was so close that I couldn’t see all of it, just that it was a big, brown, scaly, serpentine, nasty creature. I knew it was Sean.

Particle – An Ultimatum for Sean

Because of many and various kinds of unacceptable incidents with Sean, I finally wrote this note to him:

“Sean, I have heard on several occasions that you are not obeying Mark.

“Question or stall with him again when he gives you a final direction to obey, after what he considers to be sufficient discussion on any matter, and you can pack your bags. I am tired of your shit towards every person, including your serpentine accusations of Marilyn in the letter you sent me, and your constant refusal to accept responsibility or blame for anything.”

Particle – Daphne Hollenbach’s Divine Defense

Just after Sabbath supper on November 28th, we decided to call Paul and Sara. Shortly after, Daphne contacted them on TPOT Chat, fearful because her husband Lionel said he was coming to her office. We talked and had several things to tell her, essentially that she had nothing to fear. God had spoken and Lionel was finished.

We later received a letter from Daphne about Lionel being angry when notifying him she would have no more to do with him. She said he was dangerous. I wrote a reply and as I did so, Lois said that Lionel is the one in danger now – the Lord will put him away. Then Paul wrote Daphne and said:

“When we saw your letter here in Montana (I live in the US, as does Sara, who works with me here), Sara said that in your obedience you have seen Lionel exposed as to where he is at. In this, we see God’s grace and His keeping you and those with you.

“I then said I expected Lionel to be put away. As we see in Victor’s letter, the saints in Canada have the same witness, which you know to be true, because He has given you to partake of the same faith. Praise the Lord!”

Particle – A Word for Daphne

This Word came to me for Daphne on November 30th, 2008:

“It is a very solemn thing that the Lord comes to dwell in us. Without holiness, no man or woman shall see God. It is no small matter that the Creator of the universe should come to dwell in a person. It is a privilege of the first order. It is also a great responsibility that He will fulfill in us. Know that with the Spirit comes fire, to cleanse and purge and purify. Very hard but very good and well worth it, far more than worth it.
“It is the Day of the Lord, and nothing and no one can withstand Him or thwart His will in any way. He is over both good and evil. You will know that He is gracious and good. And He will prepare you for the purpose He has for your life and is even now doing so.
“Though you feel like it is a dream come true (and it is), it is a dream you have never dreamed, not having the capability to dream it. What you have now is barely a whiff or taste of what is to come. You will be sorely tried for your perfection, for your benefit, and for God’s glory, which (glory), if you obey and endure to the end you will share.

“Don’t worry about your righteousness – there isn’t any. It is all about His righteousness. Only believe, obey, and give thanks all the way. You have much to be thankful for; you have no idea. Beware of any pride or self-righteousness. Beware of doubts and fears.

“The Lord God Omnipotent (Almighty) reigns. Praise His Holy Name! God is good to you. He has been good to us, and He will be good to all, but each person in due time. He will exercise faith and patience in you. And you will know He has done it all. Amen!”

Particle – The Devilish, Debate-Demanding Doctor

For years, I kept in my library a book by Dr. William Crews entitled, The Doctrine of Election. I had red it several years ago but decided to take another read. Paul and I found it to be a mixture of truth and error, so Paul wrote him and told him so.

Dr. Crews wrote back, taunting and challenging us to a public debate, calling Paul a coward. We corresponded with him, not accepting his challenge to meet somewhere, supposing that the internet would be sufficient. However, he was quite adamant that unless we publicly debated him in a physical forum, we were blowhards. Finally, we accepted his challenge, offering to meet him at the church or meeting place of his choice in Helena, Montana (we were not about to fly anywhere he chose). We didn’t hear from him again.

We posted our correspondence with him in False Teachers ExposedCrews, William: Christ vs. Crews.

Then, Paul found something on the net as we searched for addresses to send these links to all those who had an affiliation with Dr. Crews. Now, think of this: I have had Crews’ booklet in my library for many years. I even red it a few years ago. He has been an ordained minister for 50 years! Now we reply to him within months of this incident recorded below! Paul wrote me:

Victor, I haven’t found any of Crews’ church addresses yet, but did find this:

Pastor William Crews Arrested On Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Posted on August 11, 2008, by
Pastor William Crews was arrested on July 29 on criminal domestic violence charges after police were called to an altercation between the pastor and his wife, Freda. The pastor admitted to Spartanburg County, NC officers that he had been drinking.
Dr. William R. Crews, 73 and founder of “The Awakening Hour” television ministry, was arrested for criminal domestic violence on July 29, according to reports from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. He was released on July 30.

Spartanburg County Dispatchers received a 911 call from Freda Crews at 7:16 p.m. on the date.

From Crew’s website (link no longer available): Dr. William R. Crews is a native of Starke, Florida. In his early life, he was a professional pool hustler who later became an alcoholic. After being saved out of a life of deep sin, the Lord called him to preach the Gospel and to teach the Word of God.
Freda told a deputy who responded to the scene that William came to the house drunk while she was sleeping. Freda said she and William began to argue and she came to fear for her safety.

She became so frightened, she told officers, that she locked herself in a bathroom with a gun. She then called her daughter and told her to call 911.

Freda told the deputy that it wasn’t the first time William had been violent with her, but it was the first time she’d called. Sheriff’s Office reports stated there were no visible marks on either Freda or William.

William admitted to officers that he’d been drinking and also admitted there was a gun in the dash of his car.” END.
Is this an indication that God is timing and directing judgment? This we know: He is the Judge of all the earth, and His judgment is certainly just. The timing of this event is marvelous to contemplate.

Who says there is no God?  
Editor’s Note, April 11, 2022: Marilyn looked up this fellow’s obituary just now. He died in a deadly fall just over a year later:

“Rev. Dr. William R. Crews

SPARTANBURG, SC– Rev. Dr. William R. Crews, 75, died Sunday, November 29, 2009, at Spartanburg Regional Hospital in Spartanburg, SC, following a severe brain injury as a result of a fall.

He leaves his wife of 55 years, Dr. Freda V. Green-Crews; his daughter, Terrie L. Moyer, his son, Williams Crews, Jr., and daughter, Rachel Greene, his grandchildren, Robert Jared Wilkins, Jacob Lee Wilkins, Jessie Lang Moyer, Michelle LeeAnne Crews, Megan Elisabeth Crews, Lawrence Neal Buckley, Jr., Stafford Lawson Buckley, and great-grandchildren, Noah Jacob Wilkins and Karsen Oliver Wilkins, a sister, Jonnie F. Moody, niece, Sherry E. Taylor, and nephew, Paul Lang Edwards.

Dr. Crews was born and raised in Lake Butler, FL. His parents were the late Stafford Lang Crews and Merlie Mae Williams-Crews, and he has resided in the Spartanburg area beginning in Gaffney, SC, since 1983.

He attended high school in Starke, FL, where he was a star Defensive Tackle for the Bradford High School Tornadoes football team. After high school, he served his country in the United States Navy. Dr. Crews became a Christian in February of 1956 and immediately answered God’s call to preach and entered Seminary in September 1956.

Rev. Crews was ordained to the ministry in 1957 by Grace Baptist Church in Newark, TX, while earning a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington, TX. He went on to earn a Master of Arts from North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD, and a Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.

Dr. Crews was a great expository preacher and teacher of the Scriptures and has served as Pastor of churches in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, South Dakota, and South Carolina, including East Gaffney Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC, from 1983 to 1988, Calvary Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC, and was the current pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC.

Dr. Crews has had radio and television ministries for over 30 years and is currently seen on Television with his ministry program, The Awakening Hour, which airs on 150 U.S. Stations and in another 170 countries. In addition, he has written over 60 Bible Study booklets on religious subjects. He has taught on both the Bible College and Seminary level and has served as a Seminary President. He was an accomplished pilot, holding private, multi-engine and instrument ratings which served him well as he flew to various speaking engagements across the country.

Besides his ministry activities, he and his wife, Dr. Freda Crews, owned and operated five Christian Radio Stations from 1972 through 1985. Dr. Crews also founded a business whose mission was to assist other Christian Ministries in their endeavors to spread the gospel through radio and television, and in 1974, he and his wife gave this thriving business to the ministry of Bible Study Time, Inc., now located in Spartanburg, SC.

He was listed in Outstanding Young Men of America in 1970, Outstanding Personalities of the South in 1973 and Who’s Who in Religion in 1985.
A funeral service will be held at 2:00 PM Tuesday, December 1, 2009, at Floyd’s Boiling Springs Chapel, in Boiling Springs, SC, with viewing and receiving of friends beginning at 1:00 PM. Dr. Crews will be entombed in Good Shepherd Memorial Park Mausoleum.

Memorials may be made to Bible Study Time, Inc., P. O. Box 1714, Spartanburg, SC 29304.

An online guest register is available at
Floyd’s Boiling Springs Chapel” END

Editor’s Note: We have many incidents recorded of people who wouldn’t listen, who blasphemed, and are now dead, many of them preachers whom I publicly rebuked for their falsity. And I was condemned as anti-Christ for rebuking many of them. Their defenders vigorously defended them as men of God. Did I ever hear from those people when proven wrong? Not once.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – A Crisis for Trevor

On November 30th, 2008, I questioned Trevor about the fact that several at the farm were out digging late at night by hand and by machine in the septic trenches for two days now (with no time to waste because of cold weather coming in) because of his mathematical miscalculations, which he assured Mark were accurate.

We also ended up with hundreds of dollars (two pallets full) of extra building blocks, shipped from Ontario because of his miscalculations, though he assured Mark he had been right. He has been off on his surveying angles and has repeatedly been found to err, yet always assuring Mark he was right, the results often proving him wrong.

So, I asked him, “What is the problem? Why do you assure Mark and insist that your figures are correct when they’re proven wrong again and again? What is it? If we don’t get to the bottom of your problem, this is going to happen time and again. It is costly, frustrating, and highly unfair to everyone else. Don’t you give a damn about anybody? What is the problem?”

“I don’t know”, he replied with hesitation, then goes on to give me a copout answer he thinks I might accept – “pride, I guess.”

“You mean to tell me you know you’re wrong, but you won’t say?”


“Then what is it? Trevor, now you tell me you’re tired and going to bed. What about everyone else? Aren’t they tired? And aren’t they tired because you screwed up? And you’re going to bed? No. Here’s what you do: you stay up, pray, and find out from the Lord what your problem is; I don’t care if you must stay up all night, as tired as you are. This thing must go. There’s no place or excuse for it. If you don’t identify your problem, it won’t be solved and we’ll all be pulling our hair out because of it, repeatedly, which is what we’ve been doing.”

During the conversation, he told me plans were changed midstream, and that Mark had changed his mind on certain things, which led to new calculations and changes.

“Then you weren’t wrong and it’s Mark’s fault after all?” I asked.

“No, I’m not saying that but there are other things involved,” he replied.

“Trevor, have you been wrong in calculations while insisting you were right?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Then you stay up tonight, go to the Lord, and get your problem identified unless you can go to bed with a good conscience. Call me in the morning and tell me what you have, but if you do go to bed when you’ve been in the habit of imposing trouble on everyone else as in these past days because of your careless and irresponsible behavior, then you’ll be having nightmares. So, you decide. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” he replied, and the call ended.

On Monday, December 01, 2008, Ingrid called to talk to Marilyn. She said Trevor hadn’t called because he had to go to town early. She informed me that he had received an answer last night and talked to everyone at the breakfast table. He told them he received he was independent, and while that sounded common and trite, he realized that the world taught it was good to be so and he was more realizing it wasn’t. With that, he said a burden was lifted and he went to bed. I wasn’t at all satisfied with the answer.

But she went on to say he continued to consider the problem in bed, and it came to him that in engineering, they were trained to hold to the calculations once done and submitted, and never change them – “Those are the figures, period.” Changing indicated weakness or inefficiency and this must not be allowed!

What? How abominably irresponsible a philosophy! Put everyone at great loss and hell to avoid being or looking wrong? How wicked! And this is what he’s been doing with us?

Lois told him it was not mere “independence,” but the man of sin. Mark told him, fine, that’s the problem; now do something about it.

Particle – Paul’s Dream – Coopers Back, Sarah Distressed

On November 30, 2008, Paul dreamed the Coopers were back or wanted to be back with us. Sarah Cooper was in great distress over the way things were going in their lives, whereas Dallas did not appear that way, but came along with her.

Particle – Just another Curious Coincidence

A Cherie Henson wrote to The Path of Truth, asking about “being slain in the Spirit.” There are two prominent Scriptural texts used to justify this man-made or demon-made activity. I wrote:

“How interesting it is, Cherie, that yesterday, we as a family red in John where Jesus said to the mob,I am He,’ and they all fell backward the first time He said it (though not the second). That is one text used (John 18:1-9). Last night, while reading before retiring, as is my habit, I was reading through Isaiah (one to three chapters a night) and happened to be at the point where I came upon the other text:

“But the Word of Jehovah was to them precept on precept, precept on precept; line on line, line on line; here a little, there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken and snared and taken” (Isaiah 28:13 MKJV).

Now consider: What is the chance of reading through the Bible (the New and Old Testaments separately) and coming across both passages on the same day? Then ask yourself what are the chances of someone writing on that same day, enquiring about that very issue? Ask any statistician and you will have your answer. You would likely as easily win a million-dollar lottery ten times over.”

Who says there is no God?

Did Cherie Henson reply, “Praise the Lord! It’s evident He is leading and teaching!”? Did she say, “Thank you”? No, there was silence. Most professing faith are like the 9 lepers who never returned to give thanks after receiving from the Lord. Of course, she may have disagreed with what we had to say, but could she not have had the courtesy to reply, seeing she took our time and energies for her sake?

Such are they who profess faith and go their way, doing their thing, loving themselves more than those they presume to be their brothers and sisters in Christ. Do we need gratitude, adulation, or appreciation? No, of course not. Do we need to be paid for our work? Not by men, we don’t – and dare not!

Our Father in Heaven pays us far more than man can imagine. We have “meat to eat they know not of.” But where are those who don’t care, who have no gratitude, who receive without thanksgiving, without honoring those who are sent to labor for their sakes? Consider the counsel of Scripture in this kind of matter:

“Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in Word and doctrine” (1 Timothy 5:17 MKJV).

“But they have not all obeyed the Gospel. For Isaiah says, ‘Lord, who has believed our report?’” (Romans 10:16 MKJV).

Particle – A Curse Comes

Three of the other political parties in the Canadian House of Commons have banded together to take a vote of non-confidence in the House and force an election, thus bringing down the present Conservative minority government. They were all saying Harper and his government were finished. Anger arose in me as I witnessed this, and I was moved to a spiritual reaction.

Tonight, on December 1st, 2008, I cursed Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, Bob Rae, and those allying with them to overthrow the elected Conservative government (I later discovered that Michael Ignatieff was not involved or in agreement with the coalition, though he seemed to be straddling the fence).

I wrote A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada, addressing the political parties in their coup attempt against the government. Sara is sending the document to all federal politicians, over 1300 names, as well as posting the article on our site.

I was full of vehemence in cursing the Dion/Layton/Duceppe coalition; Marilyn and Lois agreed with me. I then went to bed when it looked bad for the Harper government.

Lord, Your will be done. Give Your chosen government strength, courage, and wisdom. Thank You that You have done and are doing so.

By evening, the Conservatives have been greatly strengthened and are standing strong just when they seemed to be defeated. The great majority of the electorate is rising in indignation everywhere against the opposition coalition.
We’re sending a letter of the curse on the coalition to many. Now they await Governor General (the Queen of England’s representative to Canada in the British Commonwealth) Jeanne Sauvé’s decision. God grant her to make the right one!

By Wednesday, December 3, we found the tide was turning for the Conservatives. They were singing “O Canada” in the House! They also had the words they needed for the argument, causing the opposition to look foolish. The battle rages and isn’t finished; it is not in the externals but in the spirit.

I just red this in Isaiah:

“Now the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and not spirit. When the LORD shall stretch out His hand, both he that helps shall fall, and he that is helped shall fall down, and they all shall fail together” (Isaiah 31:3 KJV).

It will be interesting to see how things unfold. Another election? If it happens, Harper may well get the majority he seeks, after all.

Stephen Harper and his party won, hugely.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – A Price to Pay for Politics

For announcing our curse on the Harvest Haven mailing list, we have lost business from many who are quite intolerant of any religion or politics mixed with our business. Many wish to keep God out of the picture altogether. It’s fine for them to have their opinions and “free choice,” but when opinion and choice differ from theirs, they will not tolerate it.

Well, I prefer to keep God in the picture. Thus, we have had a flurry of correspondence with many and have had the golden opportunity to preach the truth to the intolerant, self-righteous, humanistic, and dogmatic.

(Reader, all correspondence of the various situations described in this autobiography are available in their very state of origin, available for the asking, Lord willing.)

Particle – He Removes and Replenishes

For the “Door to the World,” we need much landfill hauled in. Back in 1996, we had plenty of our own, but our neighbor, John Schussler, was building his food processing facilities nearby and needed clay fill. He conned me out of ours and took dozens and dozens of truckloads, without paying me a cent. Now we must pay for something we once had.

But did it do him any good? He’s gone, having lost it all in business failure and bankruptcy, while we are still here and able to pay our way. The Lord replenishes that which the thief takes from us and He curses the thief’s house.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – All in One Chapter

We found Isaiah 41 to include apparent reference to my first dream from the Lord in 1972 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, with the Lord holding my right hand, God looking for a man, finding none:

Isaiah 41:8-13 MKJV
(8) But you, Israel, are My servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham, My friend;
(9) whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called you from its sides. And I said to you, You are My servant; I have chosen you, and not cast you away.
(10) Do not fear; for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God. I will make you strong; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.
(11) Behold, all those who were angered against you shall be ashamed and confounded; they shall be as nothing. And those who fight with you shall perish.
(12) You shall seek them, and shall not find them; men warring against you shall be as nothing, and as ceasing.
(13) For I, Jehovah your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

In that passage were Theo’s verses of 1976 in Canmore, Alberta (verses 9 and 10; 11-13); below are the Sioux fellow’s verses of 1977 in North Dakota (verses 14-16):

Isaiah 41:14-16 MKJV
(14) Do not fear, worm of Jacob and men of Israel; I will help you, says Jehovah, and your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.
(15) Behold, I make you a new sharp threshing instrument, a master of teeth; you shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make the hills like chaff.
(16) You shall winnow them, and the wind shall carry them away, and a tempest shall scatter them. And you shall rejoice in Jehovah and shall glory in the Holy One of Israel.

There was my agreement with the Lord in 1984 in Bernalillo, New Mexico, which was tied to the cabin meeting in 1976 near Prince Albert; and the words in verse 4: “I am the First and with the last…” (note: not, the “last” but, “with the last”).

“Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the first, and with the last; I am He” (Isaiah 41:4 KJV).

The Lord speaks in parables and mysteries and we discover their meanings:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2 KJV).

Particle – A Battle with Brute Beasts

Some time ago, the Berns next door accused me publicly of peeping or shining a light into their daughter’s bedroom at night. Days later, Jonathan’s neighborhood friend Ginny Bogaert said that their friends were running around at night shining laser lights. He figured that is what happened at the Berns on the night in question. Despite reason and evidence, Andy and Val Berns have never discarded their suspicions or withdrawn their public accusations against me.

Now, more trouble from them has come this afternoon of Monday, December 8. About 4 PM, as I was coming home down the road near their place, Val was coming up the road from the horse paddocks with her dogs. The dogs were ahead of her by 40 to 50 yards. One of them ran past me, circled behind, took a flying leap at me, and grazed my left arm when I wasn’t looking.

I turned to defend myself and chase it away. It ran into the ditch, growling and barking at me. I stopped, stared it down, and shouted at it to “git.” From about 30 yards away, as Val Bern was approaching me, she said, “I see you’re trying to get the dog to attack you.”

I said, “What? It attacked me, from behind!”

“Oh yeah, sure, you liar! You’re nothing but a looney-tune and everybody knows it!” she snarled as she walked by without stopping.

“You animal!” I retorted (sorry I did – I guess…), and that was it. I found it hard to believe that first, they know full well it is illegal to have those dogs roaming; second, it attacks me, and she not only says not a word to the dog but accuses me of provoking it! Finally, she condemns me personally.

There must be good cause for this to happen. Why is it happening and what should I do, Lord? The first thought I had when attacked was that You were hardening her to offend, that You might judge her. Lois said she stepped over the line, in an incredibly wicked, wanton way. Paul recommended that it was time, with the poison coming to the surface in Val Bern, that she be reported to the authorities, that laws and keepers were in place for such.

I called the Special Constable Dave Furrie of our Municipal District of Willow Creek. He suggested I could lay a charge and take them to court. I considered it, told Paul about it, and he urged me to do so, but I decided I would rather have the Lord deal with them. I declined the officer’s suggestion and left it.

NOTE WITH HINDSIGHT: I would come to be sorry I didn’t take the advice, after all. But months later, I would be thankful God stood up for me in such an unexpected way, doing what I hadn’t dreamed.

Particle – The Dreadful Door

In the night of December 9/10, 2008, I had yet another scare concerning our new store building. I considered the immensity, specialty, and vulnerability of the project in so many aspects, the financial impossibility, our inabilities, and our present busyness that is more than enough without the building tripling or quadrupling it. (When will this worry end?)

Yet, Israel was confronted with the daunting task of conquering Canaan. Focusing on the impossibilities, the Israelites perished in unbelief. We mustn’t faint or waver, or we’re done for.

How true it is that we can’t do it, and how true it is that God can!

I was reminded of Don Morrison’s Word from the Lord in November of 1976: “Look back and see how I led you in the past and know that I am leading you now.”

Relating the above thoughts and feelings to others, Sara responded:

“I believe, Victor, that this is the circumstance foretold in my dream:

During these things we were being told to, ‘Expect the impossible.’ It was very clear, and it was a command from the Lord. I had the distinct feeling that He spoke of a specific situation to come wherein it would seem like the solution or necessary outcome would be impossible, and He said to us, ‘Expect the impossible.’ Not hope for it, or try to lift ourselves up to believe it, but simply expect it to be done.”

Particle – Touching Base with the Past

Today, on December 11th, 2008, I joined on the internet for a 3-month trial. I checked in with four of my schools. While several clicked on my name, and four contacted me – Ernie Hudson, Ron Moll, Jack Crozier, and Jerry Minarz, only one struck up any amount of correspondence with me – Jerry, who happened to be a nearby childhood neighbor of Croziers and the one person I regrettably treacherously turned on in my life by abandoning him as a friend.

I had since then and many years ago, before I even became a Christian, apologized more than once. Jerry seemed to forgive me, though I knew things could never be the same despite my regret, repentance, and sincere apology. The cement of resentment and enmity had been laid among his friends and I would be forever despised. I can understand how Judas felt and why he could go out and hang himself in shame and regret.

People, the past can seem so far away and forgettable, but this I know – neither I nor others forget the unpleasantries of the past. We never forget and I’ve learned that outside of a new nature with Christ’s Mind, we can never forgive. It’s true. And the curious thing about it is that we (at least, I) seem to remember the evil things done to us more so than the good.

Jerry retired in May of this year of 2008 as a pharmaceutical representative. He lost his wife Nancy to MS a year ago. He has had prostate cancer for which he has been receiving conventional treatment; he also informed me he was having depression problems but was managing them.

Eight others touched base at my name but gave no reply. This isn’t surprising when I asked them to Google my name and see what’s happening with me – that usually sends them scurrying.

Particle – Sean Addressed Again

On the 13th of December, I addressed Sean and the fact that he doesn’t see himself accountable to the Bensons at the farm. I told Lois, Mark, and the others that Sean is entirely in their hands to pass judgment, and do as they see fit; if it is to toss him, so be it.

On the 16th, I was told they continue to have problems with Sean – full of errors, accidents, and constant ineptitude every step of the way.

We must give You thanks for it all, Lord. Father, bless You! Thank You! I praise You and give You thanks for it all.

Now, I wonder why they haven’t expelled him. I asked them. They could only say that so far, they didn’t feel free to do so, though they sensed such a day approaching.

Particle – Christ’s Blood IN Us

In the night of December 13/14, 2008, I dreamt I was talking to two men in their early ’60’s. I have never heard anything like this before, nor have I seen it expressed thus in Scripture, but I have no doubt it is real and true. I said to them (not the exact words or as many):

“Put aside all your religious background, experience, and doctrine. Simply put it all away. Your relationship with God has nothing to do with those things. What you need is Jesus Christ’s blood. Without His blood, you are dead, no matter what or how much you know or do. Without His blood in you, there is no difference.

When once His blood is coursing through your veins, you have life, new life, lasting, indestructible life. His blood in you makes all the difference. It is His Life in you (the Life is in the blood). Then, you know you are right with Him. Then, will you have His assurance and peace.”

While speaking these words with passion, one man was greatly moved and in tears. He had hope for the first time, something finally getting through to him after many years of fruitless effort at faith and works.

I’ve never heard of His blood IN us. I have heard of our being cleansed by His blood, of His blood washing away our sins, of His shedding His blood for us, but I have never heard of His blood “coursing through our veins” or His blood “in” us.

I later concluded the event applied to Bill Stokes. Might it not have applied to others?

Particle –A Realization of My In-laws

I don’t know how many times I have said to Marilyn and others, “Am I ever relieved and thankful we have nothing more to do with the Kleins!” I was sounding like a broken record. However, today, as we were driving out of Calgary, it suddenly dawned on me as to why I was thankful. I told Marilyn it was because they despised me but put on a pretense of friendliness so they could have access to her and Jonathan.

They hated me but hid it well. I was always feeling empty and desolate with them. What a relief to have it all in the open! Let it be a lesson for all! Yet, I know there was a purpose worked out in all the contact we had with them.

I’m reminded of the Lord’s Word to me, “Make your enemies now.”

Particle – A Revelation on Jerry Minarz

I received a revelation on Jerry Minarz, the schoolmate I turned on. He was as, if not more, treacherous than I! That was why the treachery occurred. It was Jerry’s harvest of what he sowed all along. I realize I sensed his disingenuousness all along and finally rebelled. But while I turned on him, I did it openly (not that I can justify myself on that point), but Jerry was always playing games to his advantage; he lived treachery, but he had everyone fooled because he was always so amiable. I see it all now, after 50 years!

Jerry was a flatterer, appealing to people. Their perspective and opinion of him were always so important to him. That’s partly why he was so indignant with me when I decided to change “buddies” and side with Gordie Ryz, who was at enmity with him. Jerry was so angry that he maligned me with other friends of his, so much so that they wanted to beat me up – Ron and Gary Archer, to be specific.

Note: I recall Ron and Gary’s older brother, Del. He took a liking to me. I don’t know why. This was before my division with Jerry. Yes, when we mess up, we mess up farther, longer, harder, and worse than we realize or perceive or would dream we would.

Also, just shortly before, Jerry had tragically lost his younger brother, David, a cheery boy, in a shooting accident, which I’ve spoken about. I believe people sympathized with Jerry and his parents and Jerry fed on that sympathy, growing accustomed to, and expecting it. When I did the very opposite of what he expected, it was particularly unacceptable to him.

I was so consciously unaware of these things these many years until Jerry replied to me on Classmates. The $15 for 3 months of service there was well worth it for this revelation. I am unburdened of that event so long ago. Not that I justify myself or doubt I was at fault. I was, but I perceive that Jerry was also at fault. He brought it on himself and well deserved what happened.

Isn’t it always that way with everyone? Every one of us has been a rotter, both victim and perpetrator. Seldom if ever is one guiltier or more innocent than any other. Nothing ever comes our way without our needing or deserving it.

God works both good and evil, but He works it toward ultimate good for all, both victims and perpetrators. We are all in wrongness but He’s always right. And He will eventually make it all good and right for every one of us.

Particle – Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and a Heart to Understand

An Important Point: As I look back over many years of my early childhood, I see how as a non-Christian and later as an immature Christian, I was so blind to mankind’s basic corrupt nature and was deceived by so many people. But now, I have new eyes to see, new ears to hear, and a new heart to judge. Believers in Christ are given to perceive reality. The saints see what is hidden from the carnal man. The Scriptures declare:

1 Corinthians 2:14-16
Authorized (King James) Version

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the Mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we have the Mind of Christ.”

Particle – Surely and Ultimately, Time Unveils All Things to All People

I once believed, as do most people, that young children can’t comprehend or remember much of what they experience. I now know that isn’t true. They will retain the knowledge and grow to understand what they experienced – all of it, both good and bad.

Beware, you who take advantage of the young, naïve, and defenseless. The essence of every one of those words and actions will be revealed in due time. This is one of several reasons I write this book, naming specific individuals and events so that many will know they don’t get away with anything.

God comes to judge all things. Jesus said, “There is nothing hid that won’t be made manifest.” Minds mature, memories are refreshed, and experiences understood. Not one of us gets away with anything, ever.

If you have any way of making things right with people of your past, try to do so. Confess to them the wrongs you did them and perhaps talk to those who wronged you. Who knows what great good can come of it?

Particle –The Little Girl of Dreams by Two Dreamers

In the past several days, I have been seeing some pieces coming together concerning the “little girl” in our lives. First, Paul had a dream around 1984/85 of Marilyn and me leading about a godly little girl at a banquet. Then about that time, Bob Gregson had a similar dream, twice. Would this be a physical girl? We expected so, but it was silly of us to do so if these were dreams from God. What then did that little girl represent?

(Note a grammar lesson: I wrote “Marilyn and me,” not “Marilyn and I” – because “me” is object, not subject, a grammatical error many, both high and low, make today – a pet peeve of mine.)

On July 10th of 1991, we discovered that Marilyn was pregnant. We thought, “Surely, this must be the girl Paul and Bob saw in their dreams.” I prophesied and spoke of “Alaythia,” a name derived from the Greek, which means “truth.” The prophecy was of a godly child, faithful and obedient.

I thought the dreams were about the child in Marilyn’s womb, which turned out to be a boy, Jonathan. So, no physical, literal girl. No disappointment though – details of the prophecy came true, and we were so glad to have a son. God just isn’t sexist, is He?

In 1995, four years after Jonathan was born, Marilyn had a miscarriage. I thought we had perchance lost “Alaythia,” because of sin, as Archie gleefully declared. But we never heard anything from the Lord directly.

Then on December 6 of 2003, Ingrid had a dream of a young, 8-month pregnant woman who was supposedly my fiancée. Who was that woman as my bride-to-be? And how is it she was already pregnant? Do I have a marriage yet to come, and a child?

Is this woman of Ingrid’s dream my betrothed, my child, the little girl Paul and Bob dreamt of?

Is this a fulfillment coming of Carroll Vance’s prophecy saying, “The second crop will be better than the first?” Spiritual children and grandchildren in Truth and Godliness?

In 2006, Sara Schmidt had a dream wherein she saw a little boy flushing a baby girl down the toilet (Sara knew it was a baby girl). We realized that Dallas Cooper was the boy and the baby girl was the truth we had shared with him, which he trashed.

Truth? Alaythia (Greek, “truth”)? That is the girl at the banquet, the pregnant woman on the mountain, whom the dragon (Satan, the liar, thief, and murderer) sought to destroy. By us, “Alaythia” will be made manifest.

Particle – The Door to the World

On the Sabbath, December 27, 2008, Paul, Sara, Marilyn, Jonathan, and I drove from Moon River to the farm to spend the day with the others.

We received several things from You, Lord, for our edification. Reviewing what we received:

After watching a documentary about a Japanese timber framer (Miyuchi-san), who is interested in doing our building, we gave thanks for the building and the project, and during the giving of thanks…

Mark and Mariko prayed that they were thankful for everyone being involved and everything being provided.

Paul prayed that he was thankful that the Lord is pleased to do this because it will glorify Him.

After the giving of thanks, we all shared what we received:

Marilyn said that in watching Miyuchi-san, noting his enthusiasm and ability, she realized that the Lord would bring whomever He will in what capacity needed. The Lord will do this, and after it’s done, we won’t have to keep asking for things to be done; we will say “Thank You” for what has been done. This project as a work of God will bring us to a higher level, into rest. We won’t have to knock at the door any longer.

Lois enthusiastically agreed, and she added that others will also come, see that thankfulness, and be thankful.

Mariko said she received the words, “Forsake the building”, which she said, could fit in with what Marilyn and Lois received. What is important is the process of the building and what it will accomplish, and not the building itself.

Editor’s Note, 2016: Was God warning us by Mariko to not follow through on the building, that it was not of Him? Or was she hearing other voices to confound and to discourage?

Trevor said this would be a lot more for the two timber framers than just the 4-week project. It would have a spiritual impact on them.

Ingrid said she was reminded of Hiram and the craftsmen for the building of Solomon’s Temple. Miyuchi-san has the skill, talent, and desire and may fill a similar role. He did say God was directing him to build our building. Was he speaking from himself or was he speaking something he was receiving from above? Or was he merely tickling our ears? Most people of the world steer away from such talk.

Paul said that it is more than Miyuchi-san just doing another timber-framing in a customary role; the process will be for the builder. Miyuchi-san is looking for more; something is happening with him. And everyone working there will be given what they need to do the job they’re there for, and more.

Victor said he received that this building would be a blessing more than a trial.

This project will build up our faith, and that faith will be required for what will come after the construction is done.

Editor’s Note as of April 2022: We’ve seen traumatic changes in Canada, the US, and the world, the kind that causes men’s hearts to fail for fear. Much unexpected turmoil and hardship of every kind, incredible to most. Even I didn’t expect to see what would come, though the Lord had been showing me very hard times approaching.

Architect Paula Baker-Laporte was the first to be affected by this project, and its influence will go out to many others. We’ve already seen the Lord bring many to be involved.

Editor’s Note, August 10, 2022: Only today, I realize how Paula would be affected. It wasn’t a matter of her coming to faith or agreeing with us. Rather, she would be the first to be judged in the building project in that she would take advantage of us.

I, Victor, feel like I can barely keep up with what is happening. What will it be like when there are many more people? But the Lord will provide what is needed, and we may be speaking to several at a time.

Neither I nor anyone else has ever heard anything negative said about the building project. There has been no negative indication from the Lord, but many positive ones. Would God not warn us if we were wayward? Hasn’t He been faithful?

I once watched a documentary on the building of the cathedral of Chartres. Many people died during the building of that cathedral, and all of Europe was heavily taxed to finance the mammoth project.

Organized religion is forever fundraising, but we are not to ask for anything. Everything has been and will be provided. I’ve said the cathedral was cursed but this building project is blessed. How much could we do about the weather and the many things that have happened so far – including James providing the heavy equipment and skill to do what he has already done?

Everyone is thankful.

Particle –A Curse on Israel’s Enemies

On December 27, I cursed the enemies of Israel. As the Gaza situation continued to fester and Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel without provocation, I was angry at the ignorant criticism of Israel everywhere in the world. All I could do was cry out to God to do something because there is nothing we could do.

Lord, thank You! It is all in Your hands and Your timing and ways are perfect!

What I received was that Israel’s enemies would destroy themselves among themselves, even as the Lord turned Israel’s enemies of old against one another.

Lois asked if we should pray for the situation in the Middle East and Israel. I then came forth with a curse, cursing the Muslims, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Iran, the Palestinians, and all those that vehemently and unrepentantly oppose Israel.

The curse goes for the Russians and all nations that gather against Israel and Jews. I want them out. I want them destroyed. I said to all those at the farm, “If I’m wrong, I’m wrong; that’s the way I feel and that’s what I want. I want all those vicious, contradictory, murderous, selfish monsters destroyed, utterly destroyed.”

And then I said, “But I’m not wrong!” Lois, Paul, Sara, and others readily agreed that I wasn’t. I don’t believe their response was simply sycophantic in all cases.

This was another curse coming forth now. “Father, destroy them and let them all know that it was not Israel but You Who destroyed them. Let them know the God of Israel watches over and favors the nation. Let there be no question. Wipe them out, whether by sword, famine, plague or by destroying themselves by one another.”

It’s an abomination how the world stands with the Arab and Muslim aggressors. However, Egypt did go on record to say they warned Hamas to stop, that only trouble would come. Israel stands and says it will cease firing the moment Hamas ceases, but Hamas is even more belligerent.

Upon whom will the Lord show mercy and whose hearts will He harden? Let there be mercy to the merciful but let the stubborn and wicked man perish, be he Arab, Jew, Christian, or any other.

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