PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – Battering for Blowing the Bugle

Chris Cavers was at the store and mentioned (without divulging names) that there were two customers she knew who would no longer be shopping with us because of our Harvest Haven Herald articles. Ingrid guessed accurately who one was and assumed the other was the fellow’s daughter.

Chris said she was shocked that we would write what we did and debated whether she would remain a patron; she decided to continue with us. However, she hadn’t understood the issue or our position and promised to go home and read the article again. The customer was Doug Petherbridge, whose daughter was particularly offended.

The day I compromise and keep silent for business’ sake is the day I’m no better than those who fault me for speaking the Truth. Let the ignorant, fearful, and unjust who get offended at honest dialogue remain in Hell, and I refuse to join them.

Particle – Hardness Hard to Handle

On March 7, 2008, I awoke troubled and praying about Jonathan’s emotional hardness and how he was affected by his parents’ incessant conflict. For another perspective, I discussed it with Paul and Sara. We can only give thanks and trust the Lord is fulfilling His program with us, even as He did with Jacob and Joseph, father and son whom God parted for a time, in their case, over 2 decades.

On March 8, as we red some Scriptures in Exodus, I approached Jonathan on his hardness, asking that we talk and that he open up, which he did. He cried and confessed that he had methodically shut away feelings so as not to be affected by our constant bickering. For a while, he even thought to cut off all positive emotions toward people and events as well but decided against it.

I told him he was not to blame at all. Marilyn and I apologized to him for hurting him, though I found her apology quite dispassionate. He said one other thing that bothered him was my constant getting after him to get some air in his room, use the Chi machine – all those things I would like him to have for his sake. I’ve decided not to do that anymore and trust the Lord to take care of him in His time.

I told him that while he couldn’t be blamed for his reaction, and likely it would serve a good purpose while it lasted, withdrawing emotionally was not the answer. I likened his situation to one having an injured hand, which one can cut off to avoid further pain, or have it healed and used for good.

I said it was the same with emotions – we can choose to use them for good or bury them. The only worthwhile, profitable option, God-ordained, is to take the risk, allow ourselves to be hurt, overcome, and be what God intended for us to be. Jonathan listened, and it seemed that the words were reaching him in those recesses where he has now been hiding for several years.

On March 9, 2008, I noticed a marked improvement in Jonathan. He is freer and happier. But Marilyn is not so happy since I pointed out to Jonathan the irrefutable facts he needed to know as to where each of us had stood in our conflict.

I didn’t relate those things to persuade Jonathan to choose sides but to realize the factors in the conflict. Whether he believed me or not, I left it, satisfied I had done what I could, what was needed, and not what I selfishly wanted.

Particle – Geert Wilders, a Courageous Stand

Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is urgently and courageously calling on his country and the West to wise up to the Muslims who are taking over, slowly but surely, however way they can. Here’s a tiny portion of a speech to give the reader the general idea:

“Can anyone deny these facts from the Koran? What Geert Wilders is saying for Holland is also true for every single western country. If western populations won’t wake up and act to outlaw the Koran, only God knows the turmoil and chaos you’ll bring on yourselves and your children. This is not overreacting, exaggeration, sounding alarmist, or crying wolf. In case that’s what you would say, then it’s you that is not reading, not the writing on the wall, but the writing in the Koran. And it’s not me threatening you with turmoil, death, and destruction. It’s the Koran, every Muslim believing in its commandments, Islam’s history of terror, mosque’s preachers, Muslim activists, the unending demands and threats of Muslims in every western country, the intelligence agencies of the western world, turmoil and chaos in the Islamic world, and the daily news.” 

Geert is being condemned as a troublemaker of every kind and even brought before the Netherland court for crimes of “racism” and more. There is an Islamic fatwa on his life; Muslims seek to destroy him. He is a lone voice of reason that is highly disrespected and vilified.

Woe to the Netherlands and all of Europe! God never leaves potential victims without warning. He has used Geert Wilders to blow the trumpet but as usual, few heed the warning. Death and Hell must do their job.

Editor’s Notes, August 2022: Now, we see the country in a terrible agricultural land crisis, as well as the Islamist trouble.

Particle – Why Do They Do This to Themselves?

We just found out from friends that there is a court order foreclosure on the Watmough property next to Harvest Haven and owner Inez won’t let anyone enter her home to view it. In 2004, I called her and politely, even gently, asked her to pay her grocery bill, which had been outstanding for at least a year or two. I barely got words out when Inez cursed me without cause, called me a “jackass,” and continued to rail (See Particle – The Watmoughs Next Door) I said, “Inez, pay your bill,” and hung up. Her daughter came and paid up, saying it was her bill and not her mother’s. At least, they paid.

Particle – Cancer Cannot Convert or Convince

One would think that people dying of cancer would be open to the truth, but this is not the case. Terri Thompson came to the farm to receive whatever kind of alternative health care she thought might be helpful. Ingrid and the others helped her as much as they could.

Terri professed faith in Christ and tried to witness to the girls at our store. Terri told us she was a founding member of New Hope Christian Fellowship at 20th Av. South in Lethbridge – at the time of this writing it was called City Light Church and pastored by Doug and Karen Shimoda. Terri and her husband Glen were also members of Victory Christian Church from 1980 to 1984. She said, “There were all kinds of things going on there (not good),” but didn’t elaborate.

Recently, they were following a Dr. Jim Richards of “Impact Ministries,” as well as Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral, two presumptuous spiritual leaders who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. Terri and her friends who came with her were claiming and expecting a miraculous healing and great testimony.

After some days of listening to Terri, Ingrid felt she needed to tell her she did not have what she thought she had and unless there was repentance or some great change, she was not going to live. Ingrid and Dena spoke to Terri and Glen, who were upset. As expected, Terri didn’t return for another treatment.

I wrote Terri a letter, trying to reason with her, but received no response. We would soon receive news of them that would vindicate our warnings and pleas for change. No surprise.

Particle – Bossuyt Investment Proposals

Almost every time we met and talked with John Bossuyt, he would speak of all the money he was making. He invited us for lunch while we were in Calgary and gently suggested we invest with him. We declined. Again, my decision would be vindicated. The Lord has guided my steps and constantly kept me.

Particle – Yet Another Assurance on the Door to the World Project

On Friday, March 21st, 2008, I received a Word from the Lord while biking. I again asked the Lord about our new building project. He assured me all would be fine, that there would be no bankruptcy or trouble, that I wasn’t indulging in foolishness, vain imaginations, and presumptuous ambitions (my greatest concern), and that He was keeping and blessing us.

The Lord also said, Watch and see what I will do for you in this project.”

Particle – Champions against Atheists

This morning on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a decidedly socialist/progressive media), Chris Hedges was interviewed about his well-informed and intelligent denunciation of atheists Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens in his book called, I Don’t Believe in Atheists.

He is not a believer but has many good things to say to make atheists look like a bunch of idiots. Which they invariably are, of course. Can there be a greater fool than one who denies God’s existence in the face of creation, himself being a part of it? I know of none.

Another champion that tears the imaginations and opinions of atheist fools to shreds by fact and reason beyond justifiable dispute is Vox Day. There are many good creation spokespersons.

Particle – Dream – Sara – Transformed Prophet

(Dream from Night Between 3/26/08 – 3/27/08)

It seems Sara had a marvelous dream we think was of Paul.

You, Lord, have promised me many more friends like Paul. I am sorry I insulted You when I spoke against Your Word, seeing Paul as he was and not as You ordained he would be. Thank You immensely for him and I hope You will give me many more friends like him so that Your Word and Testimony will go out to all the earth in great power and glory.

Here is the dream, as Sara recounted it to me:

Hi Victor,
When I woke up this morning from a very interesting dream, I wondered if there was something to it. Then I knew that if there was, Paul would say something to me when I arrived in the morning. However, after considering a bit more, I was convinced that it was a dream from the Lord and forgot about my former conclusion.
Arriving at Paul’s this morning, the first thing he said to me was, “What happened to you last night?” (This before he even saw me.) A bit surprised (suddenly remembering what I had known when I woke up) I said, “What makes you think something happened last night?” He said, “Oh, you had something special last night.” He seemed a little excited and wanted to know what it was. So I related the dream:
The world was dark, barren, yet crowded, and I was searching for a prophet from God. I found him in a cave, sitting on a small stool in the dark. His face was very ugly, pale, puffy, swollen, and pock-marked. He also seemed to be blind and sick, and I led/helped him to a door in a concrete building behind the cave. He stepped into the building and the door shut behind him; I could not follow him. The building was solid concrete, with no windows, and seemed to have been constructed for isolation. 
Although I could not look in, I could see what was happening to/with the prophet. 
When he stepped into the building, he walked to a wall and started writing prophetic words in blue. They were words that I could not read, either because foggy or because written in another script, like Hebrew. I think the latter.
Then I saw him as a well-groomed small white dog. The dog jumped into one end of a swimming pool within the building and he was required to swim to the other end. Even in my sleep, in my dream, this struck me as significant, like baptism, and the dog seemed to typify the word, “obedient.” He swam straight and true and reached the other side.
Then I saw him as a young man standing full in my view. He was extremely handsome and young (30-ish), with a beautiful complexion and hair, and his face was kind and gentle. (When describing to Paul this morning, I was going to say, “More handsome than anyone I have ever seen,” but even that wouldn’t describe it, because I have only seen earthly people, which he was not.) He was dressed in white clothes with shiny gold embroidery.
At this point, I was allowed into the building with him, and I was ready, willing, perhaps somewhat anxious, to help him in his work (he was handling boxes of food). Instead of being allowed to do so, he handed me a toilet brush and pointed to a toilet in a corner behind him. It had poop in it. After cleaning the toilet, I then helped him with loading or unloading the boxes of food.
The next thing I knew, I was in an auditorium near the stage and the prophet was on the stage talking/preaching to the many, many people congregated there. He was still dressed as he was before, in bright beautiful clothes of white and gold, and the stage had touches of, or ornaments and columns of, gold. I had the impression that these things signified honor. END

I don’t recall our having an interpretation of this very strange dream. I think it was suspected it was all about Paul; not sure.

Editor, February 2018: I was deceived. I can see now that this was not a dream from the Lord at all. I was humbled, still impressed with Paul’s simple demeanor; I knew I didn’t have that same innocence he seemed to have, which to God, I thought, was of great value. I thought God was making known by a dream to Sara Paul’s inner glory in Christ, notwithstanding his external baseness and infirmity.

I also recall feeling funny and left out. I thought, “If God is giving glorious revelation and honor to Paul, why isn’t Paul including me? Why isn’t he bringing me to rejoice with him? Are we not close companions in Christ? I now recall being troubled and sad about it. I thought, “The Lord is leaving me out. He’s not including me in His ‘inner circle’ of fellowship.” Of course, the obvious question would be, “Why is that?”

I now realize I wasn’t being left out by the Lord but that devils were there to exclude and trouble me by Paul and Sara. Satan was working them like putty in his hands.

I gave Paul (and Sara) great benefit of the doubt, a prime fault or weakness of mine that seems to have not served me well all these years, yet it seems to have served God’s purpose for my life in dealings with many, ultimately for good.

Particle – Mariusz Borowski Revisited

In April 2008, Mariusz (Mario) Borowski of Calgary received the Harvest Haven groceries delivery notice and called, enthused to buy our product. He had several companions who were also interested. He may come up with a friend, John Gahan, on the Sabbath, just to visit. Mario also keeps the Sabbath, and has been for 20 years, he says.

The peculiar thing is that I’ve been thinking of him for the past two weeks, and rather intensely, hoping to see him for faith’s sake.

Mario, his son Peter, and friend John Gahan came to the farm on the Sabbath, April 5th, 2008, arriving at about 3 p.m. We received them warmly, went for a walking tour, and then talked about many things during and after supper.

They are not nominal SDAs (Seventh Day Adventists) but they may as well be in terms of indoctrination. They were told of the reconciliation of all things, no free will, no annihilation, no soul-sleeping, and other truths contrary to SDA doctrine.

Mario has the doctrine of Khazarism, which teaches that people called Jews in Israel and many scattered around the world are not Jews, but a people converted to Judaism centuries before.

Mario sees the Star of David as being idolatrous and satanic, pointedly urging us to bring down the Israeli flag on our pole. He declared that God had greatly blessed us with the farm, yet he also declared that there would be a curse on anyone who entertained the Star of David, saying it had nothing to do with the Bible or faithful Jewry. He said it was the star of Remphan mentioned in the Book of Acts:

Acts 7:42-43 KJV
(42) Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness?
(43) Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

I didn’t know what to make of what he said. I think it’s mainly a matter of motive.

So, are we blessed or cursed? Can one have it both ways?

Mario is full of conspiracy theories he treats as fact. He and John Gahan plan to go to Papua New Guinea to live there, to escape the one-world government, which, they believe, will begin experimentally in North America. Mario gave me a rave review about how paradisiacal Papua New Guinea was, and that one could grow almost anything, especially exotic fruits year around.

However, they plan to first do some experimental farming at Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan. What does Southern Saskatchewan farming have to do with tropical agriculture? And just how much time do they think they have to experiment if they wish to be out of here by December 22, 2012? And might it not be too late then?

After the Sabbath, they purchased about $300 worth of groceries. Son Peter, 17, was overly excited and happy to have been with us, though it could have turned out to be rough in our difference in doctrine. We will see where things go from here. Mario wishes to discuss our doctrines.

Mario said he once was trying to read our articles on our site but found them too complicated and confusing. I believe his problem is partially that he’s Polish and not familiar enough with English. Also, he’s indoctrinated along certain lines so that he’s confounded in his thinking when the Truth is presented. Most importantly, he doesn’t have the Spirit of God and therefore can’t understand the things of God.

Might we be able to express ourselves in simpler terms? No doubt we could but it is what it is. Should it be simpler? Who but God knows? I think it’s like anything else. We need to trust that God is directing and enabling us to do what’s needed the way it needs to be done. How simple is the Bible?

I was told to let Mario do and believe what he would and not to strive with him. We were destined to find the results interesting not too far down the road.

Particle – Marilyn’s Peculiar Illness

By April 6th, Marilyn had been ill for several days; we didn’t know if it was a bad cold, flu, or what. Growing iller, she asked for prayer. Paul, Mark, Lois, Trevor, and I prayed for her, and I was given to ask on her behalf for forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and mercy – four words that would impact her. Marilyn continued to get worse, but I was given that she would be all right.

Lois had a word for me as we were leaving: “Don’t feel sorry for her and don’t blame yourself.” I knew those words to be from the Lord and that I had to heed them against temptations. This was on Sunday, April 6th.

Marilyn is improving after a long night’s rest. She ate some yogurt and canned peaches with some Avena powder. She’s also taking Beta Loe, an immune booster product distributed by Hsin Ten. I rubbed some Wild Oil of Oregano on her feet this morning. She’s drinking water and Cali tea while in bed and using the Hot House (Hsin Ten Far Infrared Dome).

Again, Marilyn was getting worse and recalled when the apostle Peter’s mother-in-law was ill and how the Lord rebuked the fever, whereby she recovered, then arose and served them. Marilyn asked me to pray and rebuke the illness, which I did, knowing full well I had no deservedness that the Lord would hear me by any righteousness of my own or Marilyn’s. From there, Marilyn grew in confidence the Lord had heard and that something good had happened.

It was now coming to us that Marilyn was slowly recovering from unforgiveness toward me and its consequences on her. By the 8th, she was up but still feeling rough. She had something to eat, some Goji juice, colloidal silver, soup, Echinacea tea, water, and Beta Loe. On the 9th, there was an improvement, and we had some good talks.

By Friday, the 11th, Marilyn was still ill and struggling. On this day, I had a Word for her that she was entirely forgiven, as per the four words given her last Sunday.

She is to be a part of the work to which God is calling us. The focus isn’t to be on us or any ability or virtue of our own, but on the Lord. It’s His work and we’re all unworthy servants, not here to seek praise or thanks. What we are required and granted to do for God is a privilege from Him, not our gift to God or man.

Marilyn was relieved to hear these things. Paul said she was uncommitted, as though not willing to get well. Lois said we needed to simply give thanks. Jonathan had told Marilyn she was too uptight, trying too hard, digging…that she needed to take things as they come. He has told her similar things several times.

Today, Marilyn suddenly believed she was forgiven for everything. That is good, and it seems to be the fulfillment of her vision of trying to climb the wall everyone was insisting she climb, until she found a door on her level and taking it, reached the top where everyone else was.

By Sunday, the 13th, Marilyn was improving again, but on the 14th, we had yet another spat. The healthier, the harder she seems to become.

We are all ever in need of chastening and humbling, even as the apostle Paul needed an evil spirit sent from God to humble him:

2 Corinthians 12:6-9 MKJV
(6) For if I desire to boast, I shall not be foolish. For I will speak the truth. But I spare, lest anyone should think of me as being beyond what he sees me, or hears of me;
(7) and by the surpassing revelations, lest I be made haughty, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be made haughty.
(8) For this thing I besought the Lord three times, that it might depart from me.
(9) And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly, therefore, I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the Power of Christ may overshadow me.

Particle – Overwhelmed with Internet Correspondence

Paul and I are overwhelmed by the volume of internet correspondence. There are so many to speak to but few, indeed, none, listen. Many of these religious people are legends in their minds. How darkened they are!

Just during this brief time, we have addressed many pretentious, hypocritical, Christian bloggers: Lisa Nunley, Mike Ratliff, Jen Elslager, Paul Mahoney, Jim Hale (Calvinist Reformer), Carla Rolfe, Eric Hartman (Reformed Baptist pastor), as well as Ayal Yacobi (a Jew), Ali Mna (a Muslim), and even Japanese Hutterites. Each of the many blog sites generated several more participants, whom we gladly tackled in the Lord, silencing their vile mouths.

Particle –Vision – A Beaten Man

We met Andre Lefebvre and his wife as customers at our Harvest Haven store. They professed faith in Christ and he seemed interested in spiritual and religious matters. Somehow there was a correspondence that came from our meeting, which resulted in conflict. Andre was defensive, and red into what was being said, seeing evil where there was none and being quite adamant about it.

I had a vision of him. My journal record:

I see a stout man in an alley. His clothes are a mess, unkempt, torn, and filthy. He staggers like a drunkard, like someone half-conscious, in a daze, blindly bumping into brick walls. His face is a mess, bruised and swollen, his mouth smashed, with blood oozing and teeth askew, a left eye smashed in its socket, and the right hanging on the cheek out of its socket. But he tries to stumble somehow. That is Andre Lefebvre I see on April 24th, 2008.

Particle – 10-Day Diet for Idiots

I found a diet on the net, features of which made sense and appealed to me, so I tried it for 10 days and lost a few pounds. While I didn’t find myself hungry, as people invariably do on weight-loss diets, I did find it somehow taxing on the body.

I hoped to try it for another 10 days, but Marilyn too found it taxing on her busy schedule, so I waited until a more opportune time, not feeling like getting back to it. Finally, about a month later, I tried another session of 10 days.

While I lost weight at a good pace, I could barely make it the last few days; my body was screaming, “Give me carbs or I die!” The diet is low carb/high protein; I could hardly stomach any more protein. I don’t believe I was suffering symptoms of addiction withdrawal but rather of a severe lack of carbs my body desperately needed.

Particle – An About Face upon Acceptance

A few days ago, after much deliberation, Mary Benson made her decision to stay at Harvest Haven. She has debated for nearly a year now and has always vexed and troubled us with her indecision and lack of enthusiasm. Now that she is committing herself, her spirit is much better, and all see it. Mary is at peace.

I gave her a hug last night and felt from her what I might put in these words: “I am resting now, having made the good kind of decision I have never made before in my life, and I am at peace with it. I belong somewhere now for the first time.”

I believe she made this decision on Sunday or Monday. Two nights before she made it, she was praying in the dining room, asking God to guide her. She then decided she was going to tell Mark and Lois that she wasn’t staying but felt unsettled about it, then decided to stay and said she was at peace.

Now it’s reported Mary has deliberately, steadfastly disobeyed Mariko, Ingrid, and even Lois. Quite amazing! Does she think to be an “equal status” member now with all rights and privileges to do as she pleases? How so? What’s going on?

On May 3rd, 2008, the anniversary of her arrival, I talked with her – the timing was not planned; I had no idea it was the anniversary date.

Particle – Jonathan Must Trust the Lord

Jonathan came to me with a degree of apprehension. He wanted to attempt backflips again off one of our large poplars after suffering a freak accident wherein he hit his head. “Can you ask the Lord if I’ll be okay?” he asked. I waited and asked the Lord and received that it would be okay.

Jonathan tried and fell, hitting his head on the edge of the tree. While he was not hurt much, it did shake him and discouraged him from trying any further. “I thought you said it would be okay,” he remarked. I told him that is what I received and that I still believed it would be okay.

I’m persuaded the Lord confounded Jonathan because his trust was directed at me. As well, tests often follow promises to try us as to whether we will believe the Lord.

It wasn’t long before Jonathan got to be very good at backflips, the Lord’s favor being with him.

Particle – Mark’s New Mexico Trip to Produce

Today, on May 4th, 2008, I received that on Mark’s trip to New Mexico for the EcoNest workshop, wonderful things are going to happen, the kind of things we have long awaited but seen little of… people receiving and truly desiring to come to the Lord, and not just one or two. It will not be Mark’s doing but the Lord working by him. We will see some people believing very soon but many later.

Particle – Struggles Linger with Marilyn

I have been impatient and short with Marilyn so often recently. I suspect I’ve been affected adversely by going through the journal and reliving the past conflict, but I think it’s more than that. She seems so much to major in minors, and I don’t feel I have time for that. Yet, she serves in so many ways to help me with the needs of this life. I can leave them with her, be it food, laundry, house cleaning, business affairs, and more, while I attend to my work. She is God’s helper for me.

Editor’s Note, April 4, 2022: Thank You, Lord!

I need to be more tolerant and understanding. There still seems to be some spiritual battle and I can’t help but wonder if she still, along with Sean, entertains the thought that I will die, she and Sean will marry, and she (they) will be vindicated after all these years. I believe the Lord, Who said, “You will not be dying. Will you believe Me?”

And what of the Lord’s Word? Just what IS He saying?

Particle – Danny’s Life Spared by Spankings

In recent years, I have been bothered about the discipline that Danny received at such an early age. A few days ago, I was crying about it, saying, “Lord, why did I do that? Why?” But I came to a resolution that one, it was the past and I had to let it go, and two, that God being over all, I needed to trust Him and His wisdom exercised in all of His creation. While I’ve had these thoughts before, this time, something clicked in me and there was a quiet rest.

Then early this morning a realization came that I have never had before. I have often talked of how children are intelligent from the womb, even as indicated when John the Immerser leaped in his mother’s womb at Jesus’ Presence when Jesus was yet in His mother’s womb.

While I have thought Danny’s spankings would have brought negative results that he would carry for the rest of his life, it never occurred to me until this morning that he was able, by nature, even at his early age, to receive correction.

Furthermore, that correction would serve him well and spare his life years down the road. He wasn’t hurt; he was helped; he was spared. I am so thankful for that revelation. I wonder if he has ever come to that realization.

Particle – I Disclose to Jonathan I Am That Prophet

This morning, May 10, 2008, after we three had breakfast, I declared to Jonathan that I was that prophet, but only after we red the relevant Bible passages. Jonathan was able on his own to establish without a doubt that John spoke of three different personages — Christ, Elijah, and that prophet.

Jonathan also concluded on his own that any one of those three could not be another. He did this by reading Deuteronomy 18 and finding that if that prophet was Elijah, the people in John chapter one would not still be asking about that prophet and Elijah too, whom they expected to come again, according to Malachi.

John 1:19-28 MKJV
(19) And this is the witness of John when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who are you?
(20) And he confessed and did not deny, but confessed, I am not the Christ.
(21) And they asked him, What then? Are you Elijah? And he says, I am not. Are you that prophet? And he answered, No.
(22) Then they said to him, Who are you so that we may give an answer to those who sent us? What do you say of yourself?
(23) He said, I am “the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord,” as the prophet Isaiah said.
(24) And they who were sent were from the Pharisees.
(25) And they asked him and said, Why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor that Prophet?
(26)  John answered them, saying, I baptize with water, but One stands among you Whom you do not know.
(27) He it is Who, coming after me, Who has been before me; of Whom I am not worthy to loosen the thong of His sandal.
(28) These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was baptizing.

“Remember the Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded to him in Horeb for all Israel, the statutes and judgments. Behold, I am sending you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD” (Malachi 4:4-5 MKJV).

We then read Acts 7, where Stephen referred to Moses prophesying of that prophet, and then Acts 3, where Peter seemed to declare that Jesus was that prophet.

Jonathan had to leave so we didn’t discuss this matter further. However, he wondered and will wonder. He did ask, “If Moses said that prophet would be chosen from among their ‘brethren,’ the Israelites, how then can it be you?” I replied that the term “brethren” could as rightly refer to believers. I took him to Romans 2:

“For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that outwardly in flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly, and circumcision is of the heart; in spirit and not in the letter; whose praise is not from men, but from God” (Romans 2:28-29 MKJV).

Jonathan replied, “How could they be believers when they did all those things and hate Christians?” I replied that not all were unbelieving and evil then, and cited some examples of those that believed, such as Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Phinehas, some Levites, Zacharias, and Elizabeth (Luke 1), Simeon and Anna (Luke 2), and many more. I also pointed out examples of some that didn’t believe, like the sons of Korah.

Finally, I quoted:

Romans 11:26-32 MKJV
(26) And so all Israel shall be saved; as it is written, “There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob.
(27) For this is My covenant with them, when I have taken away their sins.”
(28) Indeed, as regards the Gospel, they are enemies for your sakes. But as regards the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes.
(29) For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.
(30) For as you also then disbelieved God, but now have been shown mercy through their disbelief,
(31) even so these also have not believed now, so that through your mercy they may also obtain mercy.
(32) For God has shut up all in unbelief so that He might show mercy to all.

Though Jonathan didn’t understand, I perceived he was willing to listen. I had no interest in convincing him of anything; there was no need to do so.

Particle – The Thankful One Arrives

On May 11th, 2008, Mai arrived from Japan to be at Harvest Haven for about a year with her parents’ blessing.

Mai related an experience she had just months earlier. “Suddenly, I became very thankful for everything.” From then on, it was her theme attitude, even when she was corrected or reproved. We would hear, “I’m thankful for that,” over and over – and one could tell that it was always genuine, without great effort; she was what she said she was. How refreshing and encouraging!

And how surprising – because Mai was not a believer in Christ, which makes such an attitude more unusual though not unheard of. What was unheard of was her willingness to be corrected, to endure hardships in a strange country of culture and language, to suffer longing for her parents, and to be thankful through it all to the very end. I have to say she has been a precious influence.

Mai’s name means “water,” like the Hebrew word “maim,” (pronounced “my-eem,” a masculine plural noun, which also means “water”). She is open, interested, cheery, and thankful. Her year here, You willing, Lord, will be a blessing for all.

Yes, Mai turned out to be a blessing.

Editor’s Note, April 4, 2022: Mai, God bless you richly!

Particle – Comes a Bloodsucker

We received a call from the Workmen’s Compensation Board today, on behalf of a young kid, Steven Olson. Steven came to the farm looking for a job. He said he was also working at the Cheesecake Factory in Lethbridge but wanted this work as well, for whatever reason. We weren’t looking for anyone, but he persisted, saying he was interested in working outdoors and in organic agriculture, and that he would work for any wage we thought was fair. Mark thought, “Okay, let’s give him a chance at it. We’ll try him out and see what comes of it.”

We saw. He was there a few short hours each day for about two or three days to plant strawberries – a simple enough job that almost anyone should be able to endure. This was with no pressure or compulsion of any kind. Within a week or so, we discovered that he filed a report with the WCB claiming injury – a “pinched nerve in his leg.”

What he did not know was that as a farm, we did not have WCB. When I spoke to the department and told them he was spinning a deceitful story, I believe they knew he was trying to pull a stunt with us, looking for easy money, though they didn’t say so. With people like this, scheming for social benefits, is it any wonder our tax structure and cost of living are high?

We found out the WCB requires us to pay about 2% of full-time wages for Ingrid and Dena, though they are volunteers. I don’t see this as at all fair; I see it as socialist tyranny. It is rape.

I am particularly annoyed with Steven Olson (spelling?), whom we let in with his persistence, without consulting You, Lord. Letting the enemy in, we have been spoiled for $440 X 2 for this year and however much in the following years.

Frankly, I would like to shoot the little bugger. May God reward him for his evil to us. I don’t expect it went well for him, though it may not even occur to him.

On the other hand, I have often seen how You, Lord, have worked these things for our good while serving up just desserts to our enemies. You always do so and will now. Thank You.

Hope you are reading this, Steven. We understand you are Mormon? Some of our best helpers have been Mormon, people like Jeremy Yawney and his friend, for example – with exemplary attitudes and work habits. But I suppose you are more like your religion’s founder, Joseph Smith, the narcissistic liar, adulterer, pedophile, treasure-seeker, opportunist, and scoundrel – not a matter of my opinion but all on LDS and other historical records.

If any should desire an excellent, definitive read of Mormon founder Joseph Smith and the Mormon, a.k.a. LDS, religion, read One Nation Under Gods by Richard Abanes. I recommend it.

Particle – Many Enemies

Today, on May 14th, 2008, I thought of the many enemies I’ve made by not only being a jerk, I must admit, but also by speaking out against false religion, immorality, error, ignorance, carelessness, irresponsibility, sloth, stupidity, deception, hypocrisy, injustice, theft, criminal negligence, idolatry, fraud, lawlessness, indecent social behavior, sexual perversity, people pleasing, Baal and Ashtoreth worship in the churches, corrupt politics, unethical business practices… the list marches on.

These enemies are found, starting with my flesh and blood family, former friends, now my neighbors, casual acquaintances, urban and business associates, governments – city, municipal, provincial, and national, and now that we’re on the internet, international. I have many enemies. I am hated.

I praise You, Lord, for being hated for Your sake! I wish I could be speaking friendly, gentle, soothing, comforting, “edifying” words to all, but alas, it isn’t so. People everywhere need sharp rebuke. Rare are the souls to whom soft words are to be spoken.

“Blessed are you when men shall hate you, and when they shall cut you off, and when they shall reproach you and shall cast out your name as evil, for the sake of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy. For behold, your reward is great in Heaven. For so their fathers did according to these things to the prophets” (Luke 6:22-23 MKJV).

Particle – Satan not a Sound Sleeper

Three times I was reminded and moved to warn Lois of Sean, but also added that she had nothing to fear. When he first returned, she received to not be deceived. We were reminded of the Devil’s ways and that Sean had not changed since he left – something we needed to remember.

Lois reports that Sean will take any opportunity he can to get Marilyn’s attention. He receives sympathy from nobody else but when he does receive any kind of attention, immediately he tends to be the one in authority. It is arrogance and presumption rarely seen. Given the opportunity, water always finds the lowest level.

Why was he here again and that, by our invitation? Consider that Satan was released from the bottomless pit for a season, wasn’t he (Rev. 20:3)? Released by whom? His buddies? Or angels under God’s command? Would Marilyn’s prophecy come true after all? Or would things finally be resolved with Sean? Would he be converted to genuine faith in Jesus Christ? Time would tell.

On May 28th, we understood that the issue with Sean is not one of devils or background, but of disposition and attitude. Constantly he doesn’t listen, resents instruction and direction, constantly breaks and damages things, and will not take responsibility for anything, ever blaming others and other things. I told Mark we need to address him once and for all, and if he isn’t willing to change his attitude, kick him out.

Particle – The Present Terror of Islam

Having had preceding correspondence and debate with Ali Mna, a Muslim from Tunisia, we completed another letter to him. This time, Paul and I agreed to be very direct with him, telling him Islam is a destructive, murderous pack of lies, its founder Muhammad being a murderer and a liar. This being public (we intend to post it) could bring the murderous wrath of Islamists upon us in many ways.

The next day, on May 17th, I awoke troubled and fearful again at the possible repercussions of speaking forthrightly with Ali. I wished to talk to Marilyn and Jonathan about possible dangers and implications for them. In trying to express myself, I found that my fears were unfounded and spiritually irrational. I knew that all I could, should, and must do is trust the Lord.

Marilyn heard words I have heard many times before, and those were to “put away speculation,” which, we concluded after a little discussion, was often bred of fear. I cannot help but speak and dare not hold back. Lois called to commend the letter Ingrid was translating that I had written to send to Ali (his language is French).

Do Canadians, both civilian and governmental, not perceive the disappearance of our freedoms of expression through the vicious threat of Islam? Why do they not speak up? Why do they prefer this pernicious, manifestly real, present, global threat to the laws, principles, customs, and freedoms held dear in the West? Appreciation for the right is reduced to a beggarly scrap.

We must trust You, Lord, and fear nothing.

Particle – Declare Your Position and Power

Lois says I am going to have to declare that I am that prophet. I agree. I have only begun to do so.

I have observed that as I identify with and declare the Lord, He proportionately takes care of my concerns. If I trust Him for my concerns and give myself to address His, mine are automatically taken care of.

But while Lois expects me to stand forth in boldness of faith, what will she do?

Particle – Who Will Notify Us?

A curious thing happened today, May 16th. I had often wondered what would happen if Paul and/or Sara were killed or kidnapped. Who would be notified? How would we find out? Would they contact next of kin? Today, I decided to have Paul and Sara consider this matter. The curious thing is that they both separately thought of the same thing. Are we being prepared for such an event?

Father, all things are in Your hands.

Particle – An Atheist Leads Us to a Brother

At the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, we began corresponding and debating with an atheist, Mike Magee, who was condemning Christianity because of what John Calvin allegedly did to Michael Servetus, which was to have him burned alive at a stake for heresy. Paul and I investigated this matter and sure enough, it was so.

Not only that – we discovered that Michael Servetus seemed a worthy, courageous, and pious brother in Christ who died a martyr’s death at the hands of Calvin – a vicious, sadistic murderer, narcissist, and psychopathic theologian revered and credited by millions over centuries for the Reformed Movement – who had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ – except to be rabidly anti-Christ.

As a result, we wrote the paper, The Fruit of Cain Multiplied: The Murderer John Calvin. We also discovered a book Michael Servetus had written around 1553 that was available, The Restoration of Christianity: An English Translation of Christianismi Restitutio. Calvin tried to destroy it and succeeded in burning most copies along with their author, Michael. We are informed that 3 copies survived. In reading the book, we were edified and greatly appreciated the revelation and understanding God had given this man. (Not that we agreed with all that was written).

Michael did not believe in the Trinitarian doctrine. For that, John had him die a slow death in Geneva, burning at the stake in a slow fire of green fagots. Gentle, beautiful, compassionate soul John Calvin was, but you’ll find that his day in this, our Day, the Day of the Lord, is up.

Particle – Jonathan’s Social and Career Developments

By now, Jonathan has had his first girlfriend, Samantha Underhill of Barrhead, Alberta, whom he met at the School of Hope homeschooling summer camp in Drumheller.

Jonathan started a business of his own, Don’t Panic – Computer Basics, hoping to teach people the simple basics of using a computer. He wanted to make some money on his own. I suggested he use the knowledge, skills, and talents he already had. We realized and considered that he had close to 10 years of computer experience and was quite capable of teaching others.

It was my idea to head in this direction, but it didn’t last long. Nevertheless, Jonathan received homeschooling credits for business development, having spent several hours going through the developmental motions, as well as servicing a few customers.

In pursuing this course, he bought the first cell phone among us all. We had a considerable debate as to whether it was wise to have a cell phone, given the controversy about the harmful effects.

Jonathan was already driving on his own, having taken professional driver training from John Roach of Lethbridge.

Jonathan has also been regularly attending and advancing in Ninjutsu with Jim Kambeitz, a Lethbridge police officer, and Wayne Sommerville, a computer tech in Lethbridge, two seemingly capable men in their craft – Kambeitz exceptionally good, Sommerville, not so sure.

By now, Jonathan was beginning to consider either the army or police work, neither of which Marilyn nor I have been overly enthusiastic about. However, if that were his inclination, we weren’t going to stand in the way, considering that the Lord was putting it in his heart and would keep him.

Jonathan has also begun to help us with The Path of Truth site, doing search words for Google search engines. Sara says he is doing a good job of it.

Particle – Dream, Paul’s – Preaching to a Crowd

Paul writes:

On May 25, 2008, I dreamt I was giving an impromptu sermon about spiritual matters to a group of people in some public place. They seemed to have been gathered for some other purpose, like at a restaurant, but they all paid close attention to what I was saying.

When I finished speaking, everyone began to applaud simultaneously, in a restrained, respectful manner. It was surprising and different from any applause I had ever heard from others. It was as though they were applauding because they knew it was true, not because they knew, but because it was given to them to know. The clapping was not for me, but for the Lord Who inspired what I said, and inspired the hearers to receive it. I joined in the applause, giving God the glory.

Particle –Struggles about the Door to the World

On the night of May 29/30th, 2008, I had another battle on the planned building, “Door to the World.”

I thought, “I was the one who dreamed foolishly of a meeting hall. For what? Who comes now and who would come? We have room in the house for anyone that comes if we ever need it. Why build on silly dreams?”

I thought, “I’ve been the one that has wanted a commercial kitchen so we can do our own food prep. But why? How much do we do? Surely, it’s far more than worth it to go to the Cameron Farm Hutterite Colony registered commercial kitchen or wherever to get what tiny amounts of food processing we do.

I thought, “Here we are planning a little restaurant, complete with patio seating. For what? Don’t we have enough to do? Who wants to serve food and see people waste it or be catered to on a physical level when we have far more important things to do? Isn’t the restaurant business a hard one? Who needs it?”

I thought, “We’re planning treatment rooms and offices. Aren’t we doing well enough with whatever we use now for office space? If we grow no more, who needs more space? Why can’t we make do as is?

“Treatment” rooms? How many people are coming for treatments, anyway? Very few! I know of none now. For what kind of treatments? Are we qualified? Regardless, do we want this? We need thousands of dollars in treatment space like another hole in the head!”

I thought, “There was all the talk and Lois’s panic about Paul and Ingrid marrying and needing a home for her 3 children, so we rented a house for many months, blew $6000, drove to town weekly, shoveled snow, mowed lawns and for what? The landlady loved it; she received rent for nothing.”

However, at least we demonstrated to the authorities that Ingrid would have her own home where she could raise her children. We thought this would help her receive custody of them. The court in Belgium didn’t believe Ingrid, she didn’t get her children, and Paul and Ingrid never married. How bizarre!

Now there’s the panic about Trevor and Ingrid having children, so again, what do we do? Build hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of accommodations, and for what? To leave a large 5000-foot-square remodeled house empty? Will there indeed be children? Who says? Marilyn? Lois? And what if there are? Why the panic? Why the extravagance?”

I thought, “I have often wanted a solarium. So now we add one to the proposed building. We add a large meeting room, expensive heating, commercial kitchen (to license each year), offices, treatment rooms, another cooler, and instead of having some income, we have thousands of dollars more in taxes per annum. And a whole lot more to take care of, whether we use the facilities or not.”

I thought, “Who has time to even remodel a bathroom or bedroom? And we’re going to take on a 4500-sq. ft. project, at great expense? Is this not sheer madness?”

I thought, “All because I have these silly notions and stupid dreams of who knows what? I don’t even know myself!”

Now we’re committed to Paula Baker-Laporte. We have already spent over $23,000 just for design and training and digging ourselves deeper – literally – with James coming to do water and septic field lines.

Particle – Counting the Cost

Two days ago, I thought of the illustration the Lord gave of building the tower and counting the cost before starting. Have we counted that cost? Do we know what we’re doing? I don’t. Does anyone? I’m afraid we could be sitting bankrupt, not able to pay our farm expenses because we have spent all on the building, and then people will laugh, saying, “This is the guy who thought he was a prophet! Didn’t he see this coming? Hah! Heretic! Fool!”

Particle – “Look Back and See How I Have Led You in the Past”

During a time of unbelief and worrying in 1976, Don Morrison, delivered a Prophetic Word to me: “Look back and see how I have led you in the past and know that I’m leading you now.”

As I was troubled with these thoughts the past two nights about the Door to the World, I remembered how when we bought our house in Moon River in 1988, we had no means to pay for anything, not to mention the additional expenses of long-distance phoning and long-distance driving to Lethbridge, not only for us but for anyone having to come and service our property, be it landscaping or whatever. How would we pay?

Yet, within months the mortgage was miraculously cleared with funds provided for furnishings and landscaping to boot.

Going as a whore into the stock market in 1993 for the supposed purpose of “laying up treasure on earth,” the Lord disciplined me and kept His promise of quadrupling our savings in exactly 7 years to the day, despite me, even though we lost much in the stock market. His ways are way past finding out. Yes, He chastens His sons but not without compensation plus. He replenishes.

When we bought the farm, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. There was a debt of nearly $70,000 and the place was completely run down. It would take hundreds of thousands to repair and renew. Marilyn received a Word from the Lord that “a million dollars wouldn’t touch what needed to be done.” I had no idea. We were supplied all and much more besides that was needed.

At any time that we were down to nothing, the Lord came in and supplied. Could we have done things differently? Undoubtedly! Were we “efficient” in anything, or ever obedient, unmistaken, or attitudinally clean? I can’t say that we were.

There was no credit coming our way for anything. To trust in our efficiency, knowledge, experience, cleverness, or anything but Him was plainly self-righteous and utterly foolhardy.

But guess what? Looking back, I recognize the only thing that ever hurt us was our unbelief – nothing else.

The Lord once told me that He would give me whatever I might need or even want. I know He is limitless. All of this is less than nothing to Him. The whole earth is nothing to Him. This solar system is nothing to Him. This galaxy is nothing to Him. Think of it.

Particle – Questionable Motives

But here’s another confession I must make. One of the motivations for putting up this new building was to do something with the money in savings in case everything went down because of economic collapse, or perhaps bank accounts were frozen or confiscated through martial law, or whatever. “Spend it before it flies.” Is that trusting the Lord? No, I don’t think so.

So again, for my part, it has been a matter of fear and covetousness – unbelief. Oh, I have been such an unbeliever! Shame, shame, shame!

Now that we are into the building this far, it would still do us well to bow out, if it is not the will of God. Yes, $30,000 or more is gone, but better that than $700,000, or more, much more, along with the wringing of hands and great regret.

Particle – A Crucial Resolution

Having concluded the building was God’s will, I said, “I want to enjoy this one. I cried about the house we bought at Moon River and lost the pleasure in it. My turmoil was huge in the stock market. I have spoiled everything God has ever given me by fretting and stewing, instead of believing and being thankful.”

“For once, let me be thankful; let me look with joyous anticipation at what You, Lord, will do and how You handle these things, as bizarre or threatening as they may seem. Lord, may You enjoy faith from me instead of being grieved with my unbelief. Don’t let me look back, doubt, worry, fret, or fear. Let me enjoy You and what You do!”

Just confessing the struggles I’ve recently had in this affair. My entire life has been a struggle of unbelief. I hang my head in shame. Yet, the Lord has not abandoned or condemned me.

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