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Letter to Eireann Hafichuk

The following letter was hand-delivered to the front desk of Eireann’s place of work on December 27, 2007, in response to rumors we had heard of Eireann’s speaking against us. We are not afraid of the truth (indeed, we are thankful for it) and are ready to stand up to the evil coming our way.

I, Victor Hafichuk, have added some other details, as indicated with brackets, which were not included in that letter, but which I later thought would be pertinent.

Hi Eireann, Victor here.

Within three days, we found out from two directions that you were in Lethbridge. One of our customers brought the Lethbridge Living Magazine to our store and someone else reported that you were speaking against us.

True or not, we were told you said we were a cult and that we “take people’s money.” I wish to address these things and to let you know where you stand with us, just so you know and govern yourself accordingly.

Never once did I ask your parents for money in the 11 years they were here in Lethbridge with us. In the periods of time they were with us previously, that is, in the seventies, we gave to them. We paid off their maxed-out credit cards, and gave them money and goods, even a car, which we drove up to Calgary from Prince Albert, without expecting any financial return. We tried many times to help them in many ways, but they did not appreciate any of it (momentarily perhaps, but not ultimately).

Before you came to Lethbridge with them in October of 1985, we had last seen them in 1979 in Standard, AB, and then in 1980 in Winnipeg, MB. At that time, we had also provided for them but they threw it all in our faces and went on to Toronto. I told them it would be Hell for them there, and when they arrived in Lethbridge (this time with you) in 1985, they confirmed that what I had prophesied was true and came to pass during their 5 years down east. You and your family came to Lethbridge poor, indebted, ragged in many ways, and sick.

Archie told me he had fasted for 16 days before coming to us and that the Lord had told him to come and submit to our spiritual authority and leadership. But we had had enough of them and did not want any part of it. However, we decided to pray and received the direction from the Lord to take you under wing. “But,” I said to your parents, “We will not pay your way. This time, you will pay it.” I was firm on that, unforgettably burned often enough to be firm. Your father accepted the condition.

As we sat in the living room one evening shortly after you arrived, devils suddenly began to speak out of your father, while his face contorted. He was eventually delivered of 16 of them (coincidentally one for each day he had fasted in Toronto). Chris was delivered of two later when you moved to Columbia Boulevard.

Archie became a changed man. He had hope and peace for the first time in his life. As your father obeyed the Lord and did that which was right, he was blessed and prospered, but when he did not, it did not go well.

When he brought offerings to us of his income, which income we, in the Lord, had helped him to receive by guiding and establishing him in a prosperous business, God blessed him. There were several times that he brought generous offerings and I would repeatedly say to him, “Archie, are you sure? The Law of God does not require that you give this much.”

He would reply, “Victor, I know I have to give this. The Lord told me so.” I accepted and your family enjoyed God’s blessing to the degree of his faith, and as your father never had in Toronto or anywhere else in his life before.

When he stopped bringing offerings, the business would either dry up or there were “holes in the pocket.” The money would come, it would go, and though the books showed the money had come and where it went, and though there was much, somehow there was not enough (none of this was my doing, obviously).

One day, your parents had no business coming and had very little left, about $100. We all sought the Lord to ask the reason. Your father received a vision showing two cucumber bins adjoining (cucumbers represent the “treasures of Egypt,” the things of this world). One bin was your father’s, filled to overflowing, and the other was the Lord’s, essentially empty. He knew he had withheld offerings to the Lord. He took the last $100 he had, gave it to us, and, in minutes, the phone rang. Someone was offering him a good job. He was “back in the saddle,” and things turned around.

I did not ask for that money. I was not the one who gave him that vision and Archie was the one who heard what to do, not by me but from the Lord directly, as he said. In many cases, he gave all that he gave even when I questioned him on it.

When he was asked to leave in the fall of 1996, you were deciding to stay with us, but I felt you needed to go with him and so you went, along with Ben. Your heart was not with us or with the Lord and I knew it.

Archie wanted to sell us several items he no longer felt he needed, named his price, and we bought them all for the prices he asked. Later, in trying to make amends with him, feeling badly about the way things had been, and wishing to reconcile ourselves, I wrote him, asking forgiveness and asking what I could do. He wrote back, saying they had forgiven me, but then accused me of stealing or taking that which was not right and required 7 times the amount in one case, according to his interpretation of one Scripture in Proverbs:

“They do not despise a thief, if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; but if he is found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the goods of his house” (Proverbs 6:30-31 MKJV).

I knew he was not right in his attitude and perspective, and sent him a letter of rebuke, seeing through him and his motives, and knowing he was not the least interested in reconciliation. All he wanted was money, nursing great bitterness toward us, some I acknowledge to be understandable (in many things we offended) and much that was not at all acceptable, but there it was.

Perhaps I should have simply ignored what I perceived as his wrong and given him what he asked. It amounted to about six or seven thousand dollars, I believe. However, I refused.

But some time later, I sent him an even more generous gift of money. [He accused us of theft (not directly, perhaps, but in that he used that Scripture, which pertained to thieves) and incorrectly interpreted that thieves should literally repay seven times what they stole, taking the literal meaning (the Law of God says twice the amount in some cases) and therefore asked me seven times the amount he believed we owed him. I decided not only to give him what he asked, but three times what he asked.] I did this against the counsel of almost everyone else; perhaps only Paul agreed with me. About a month or two before I sent it, I had a vision. My journal record:

Vision – Archie and Cathie, Poor, Resentful of Gift

I had a vision in 2002, of Archie and Cathie, poor, in need of money and all things. I saw myself giving to them, only to provoke great resentment toward me. Marilyn said at the time of the vision that I would have to remember it. Soon, it came to me to give them a significant sum of money. I struggled with it. At first, I had taken the vision to be a warning not to give when the temptation arose to do so. Finally, I decided I needed to do it, but knowing full well there would be resentment, and not gratitude. Sure enough, I was thankful to have been warned. There was no response but for a tiny card with the printed “thank you” on it, no signature, no personal writing, nothing. In giving, however, I had a reward, a freedom from them I hadn’t had before. I did not seek or need their gratitude, and that is the way it ought to be. [END]

Not long after, we received a surprise call from your brother Ben, who told us your parents had been in financial trouble, asking him and others for money to help them. I was unaware of their circumstances when I sent the money. I just believed I needed to do it.

By the way, Ben also told us that your father had not forgiven us, and that he had tried reasoning with your parents to no avail. He also told us your sister Elizabeth suggested inviting us to her wedding but your father protested saying, “If Victor comes, I will not be there,” so Elizabeth dropped it. So your father lied to us, even though he professed faith in Christ. One of the spirits he had been delivered of was a lying spirit. Apparently, it returned, stronger than ever, or with strong companions, as you shall see.

Were you aware, Eireann, that I sent them that money?

I had later heard that Archie had totaled his truck, sliding through a red light, and that things were not going well before that financial gift had been sent. I also heard that you had been in a serious car collision. Whether these things are true or not, Eireann, I am not saying. I only tell you what we heard. You tell us, if you care to.

So are we a “cult that takes people’s money”? How so? Are your remarks to others fair to us and honest, Eireann? Do you know what you are talking about? Do you know what a cult is? Your father is full of devils and bitter toward us. Those devils were cast out in 1985 and your father told me the Lord told him that if he did not cooperate with me, He would send those devils back in. Concerning these things, here is what Jesus said:

“When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest, and finds none. Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out. And when he has come, he finds it empty, swept, and decorated. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter in and live there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so it also shall be to this evil generation” (Matthew 12:43-45 MKJV).

That is what happened to your father, because he did not believe or obey the Lord. Just before he left, when you expressed that you were going to stay with us, he turned to you and said, “You are one of us, Eireann. You come with us.” I perceived that it was not your father speaking, but spirits in him. If that is true, you will not listen to me now, unless the Lord determines to give you grace and mercy. I don’t see Him drawing you, though, or you would not now be doing and saying the things you do.

[Your family arrived in Lethbridge in a terribly wretched state in 1985, as I said. Once your father began to receive our counsel, things turned, and never did he or any of the family suffer any more evils of the kind to which you had been subject. However, after leaving, your father totals his truck, gets into terrible debt, you are subjected to a severe physical beating in a vehicle collision (so I am told by Ben), Nathan is chased down by financial institutions (they were calling us, looking for him), and three months to the day Chris and Nathan took off on us, without warning but with deception (more lying from your father’s household), Chris suffered a severe concussion and brain hemorrhaging, laying unconscious in a coulee for over an hour, having had a biking accident. And these things are only what made it to us. You know what else has happened, of which we are not aware. My point is that while you were with us, the Lord protected you, but after you left, the protection was gone.]

If you were to come visit us at Harvest Haven (you may if you wish), you will find a very different place with a very different atmosphere and very different attitudes than what was there when you left eleven years ago, when we were all going through God’s purging and purification fires, which came to a close for the most part after 2000. God has been very gracious to us. He has blessed us enormously, though we have not deserved it.

The storm of which I prophesied in the fall of 1995 as we all sat at the dining room table, just after we bought the farm (if you will recall), came to pass. Many did not survive that storm – your family did not, you did not, Kerri did not, but some did, like Lois, Mark, Trevor and Paul. God’s fire came, did its necessary work and passed. Since then, others have come and wonderful things are happening.

I don’t know if you have seen our web sites, and We are very thankful for what God is doing.

Let me assure you that God is doing it. Therefore, as you speak against us, you speak against Him. What good has it ever done anybody to speak against those the Lord has chosen to bless and to be His? What good has it ever done to speak with ill will, as you are reported to have done? As the Bible says of His saints:

“To them who are good to you will I give blessing, and on him who does you wrong will I put My curse: and you will become a name of blessing to all the families of the earth” (Genesis 12:3 BBE).

I speak for your sake as well as ours. We have seen those words fulfilled time and time again with many people, Eireann. Beware, but if you should choose to ignore my warning, you will discover the hard way that God and His Word are true. It has not and will not go well for you under His curse. I would rather see a blessing on you and on those you defile with your words and attitude.

[Shortly after your father left, I prophesied that your father would become our greatest enemy. When I last saw him, he was dark, very dark. According to what we are hearing secondhand, by you and others, yet another of my prophecies has been fulfilled. He too was right – you were one with him. Repent and make things right. It cannot go well for you unless you do.]

Having said all that, Eireann, if I have wronged you in any way, and you can specify, and if I can make it right, I stand ready to do so, gladly. If you can bring legitimate complaint to us, we will make things right for you in any way we can, as soon as possible. This letter will go on record so that many can read it, in its entirety, unless you can show me that any part of it is in error. We stand on what we say and are not afraid to have the truth published, not because we are so virtuous and innocent, but because we wish to be open and honest with everyone. We do not come first and neither do you; God does, and His truth. Nothing else matters.


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