PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – A Proven Culprit

I have been weeding my lawn by hand recently, bending my neck. I have felt miserable, with slight nausea and dull, subtle pain in my head, neck, hips, and shoulders. Consequently, I feel anxiety and fear; I get troubled about many things.

Recently, I am troubled about having purchased Jonathan’s cell phone, the new building project (which is now resolved with me again), and the matter of Steven Olson coming and by his deviousness, imposing WCB upon us.

I’ve also been bothered by past events again, such as being “sucked in” by Rupert and Lise Goodhart of Cochrane and their massage treatment scam. Though Marilyn, Jonathan, and I were treated, we didn’t find any change that we could tell.

However, Hale Sherland claims the Goodharts “saved” his life, Lavelda Krisko says her traumatized son stopped chewing his nails, and I believe that Adrian and Bertha Devries seemed to indicate it helped them. Could it be a matter of my attitude? If only it helped them, it’s been a good thing, despite the Goodhart bad heart devices.

Back to the issue, when my neck is in pain, I’m troubled, yet all things are resolved when my neck is better, which is now. There’s a purpose being worked out in these things – the Olson matter included. We’ll see what the Lord does. He has been faithful. I’ve seen so many examples of it in the past and recently.

Tonight, James brings the equipment to Harvest Haven, and, You willing, Lord, they begin to dig for the lines for the “Door to the World.”

Particle – He Reigns Over All!

Is God ruling all things? This morning, Marilyn and I were talking about how the Lark Sparrow and the Meadowlark have a similar call. Many mistake the sparrow’s call for the other. I wondered if that is why they called it a “Lark” sparrow. Then, as I took my bike ride down the road, where Lark Sparrows hang out, I saw one on a fence post. I also saw a Meadowlark at the top of a tree a little way off. The Meadowlark gave its strong, resonating call and the Lark Sparrow followed suit with its quieter, buzzier rendition of a similar call.

There they were, birds and calls, side by side, simultaneously treating me to a confirmation of what we had just finished talking about that day. How does one explain these things? How dare one write them off as coincidences with God’s absence! Only a fool does that.

Who says there is no God?

Particle –Dream – Bossuyts Walking in Bog

In the night of May 30-31, 2008, while in a sleep state, considering Bossuyts’ spiritual status and what I should say to them, I had a dream or vision. I saw Bev – thin, frail, soiled, in rags, nearly naked, quite distraught and confused, struggling through a deep bog, trying desperately to get through it. She was finding it difficult, if not impossible, sinking up to the knees, and suction of the mud and materials holding the legs from pulling out with each step.

Along the right side of the bog, lower down, I saw a slough, which represented danger and destruction (it looked somewhat like the old dugout we have at the farm). On the left edge of the bog, on a still higher elevation, and running parallel to the bog was a paved and straight road available for use. I had the impression Bev was headed more toward the slough to the right than to the paved road on her left.

John was there behind her, though not in the bog with her or even walking. He was sitting back, watching, and letting her go on. Unlike her, he was well dressed, at ease, and quite passive about Bev’s plight, letting her do what she was doing.

Particle – A Ground-breaking Day

Tonight, May 31st, 2008, they are breaking ground with James Sorochan’s high hoe to lay water lines for the “Door to the World.” What shall we call it, if not that, according to the prophecy from Marilyn?

Forty days to July 10. Everything’s on schedule.

Particle – The Ho-Hum Possible Versus the Exciting Impossible

We have so much to do, perhaps twice what we can handle, so now comes the building, whereby we will triple our workload. However, these things are accomplished from above; from below they are impossible.

Now, why should we only venture into the possible? Don’t we want to fellowship with God and let Him work while we rest in Him? Why bother with our work, which is so… so nothing, while His work is so interesting, dynamic, miraculous, and important? What about “glorious”?

Particle – To Declare or Not to Declare

Today, on June 2, 2008, it again comes home strong and clear that I am that prophet to whom Moses referred, and second, that we are to declare and will be declaring it. There are many proofs, or at the least, strong indications, which we need not, and would not, choose to use to prove anything to anyone, but there they are.

There is more coming to us on that prophet, and Paul has begun a paper. I think of the fact that those who don’t heed what we speak will be destroyed. So many have been destroyed, with many more to come. But how many will be saved?

On June 21st, I received more knowledge on the identity of that prophet. A verse in Psalm 89 appears to refute that Jesus is that prophet whom Moses said would be like him:

“For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the LORD?” (Psalms 89:6 KJV).

How then should the Lord compare Himself to a man? Therefore, the one of whom Moses spoke is not the Lord, but an ordinary man like Moses, John the Immerser, Elijah, or another.

Yes, many would argue those men were no ordinary men, but I say they were like us and we like them. The extraordinary thing was not them but God’s anointing upon them. His grace and anointing make the difference – nothing else. The Record shows that Elijah, who was translated, was an ordinary man:

“Confess faults to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous one avails much. Elijah was a man of like passion as we are. And he prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for the time of three years and six months” (James 5:16-17 MKJV).

Particle – Sean Continues to Try All

Mark and Lois had yet another discussion with Sean, who, as usual, cannot conceive of boundaries or proper social protocol, assuming the right to be involved in anything he pleases. Sean will be there the way he is until reactions are corrected.

On June 10th, because of a conversation Lois, Mark, and I had, Lois remembered hearing these words in the morning, “I am finished with Sean.”

Particle – A Change of Course

Mario and John have changed their minds about Papua New Guinea, hearing there was violence there. Mario is now talking about an idyllic lake in northern Italy. People have their ideas. And these are people who profess faith in God, presuming to have spiritual authority and superiority over others professing Faith, such as us.

Of course, most will say the same of me, won’t they? Will I change my mind?

Particle – A Coincidental Meeting with Kurt McPherson

I happened to be at the farm when Kurt McPherson arrived to soil drill for our new building. He remarked on how we were doing the right thing with the farm in preparation for approaching apocalyptic times. He also expressed some personal concerns. He had a second child on the way and feared an economic crunch was coming, which could put him out of his work, much of it related to the oil industry. He told us his financial position was precarious, only two monthly payments away from repossession of his home.

Mark and I were independently reminded of the Word I heard from the Lord in 2006 about Kurt, “He will come, not this year, not next year, but the year after,” and considered that it was fulfilled when we met in this event. Kurt still claims he will be out to do the rockwork, asking for my patience. Will he now keep his commitment to me?

Particle – A Prayer for Mary Benson

On the Sabbath morning of June 7, 2008, I had a talk with everyone and addressed Mary on not trusting us (she has been so compulsively suspicious) and not being thankful.

As Marilyn and I were driving off the farm she came down the driveway to the gate. I hugged her and prayed for her deliverance, cleansing, and that she would have repentance and come to love Your Law, Lord.

Particle – Trouble on Many Fronts

We are being bombarded with troubling reports coming in on many fronts – major bee colony collapses, bats perishing in large numbers, fish stocks dwindling, birds dying, many companies in Canada closing their doors, unable to cope with the increased value of the Canadian dollar, the American real estate market in desperate condition, American debt overwhelming, sharply increasing energy prices, food shortages around the world, doubling the hungry from one to two billion; Islam militantly on the move and expanding; the list goes on and on. Some true, some untrue, I expect.

Construction costs in Alberta are increasing and here we are, doing a major construction! If God can’t provide the best, neither can He provide the least. Is any bill too high for Him to handle?

Particle – Evolution Exposed

We are watching Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a DVD John Bossuyt gave me in Calgary on June 11th about evolutionary scientists going creationist with new science that reveals the great complexity of the cell, DNA, and the bacterial flagellum. Darwin once said that if this kind of information were ever made known, it would disprove his theory entirely.

While that information was not available in his day without the technology, we have it now, but will the high and highly paid priests of the religions of pseudo-science and evolution forsake their ideologies, doctrines, careers, status, and power? Not likely. It isn’t reason that reigns among men, but pride, passion, power, glory, and love of mammon, the lusts of the flesh – never Truth.

Particle – Vision – Paul – False Market Bottom

Paul records: On June 14, 2008, I saw an article on the net posing the question as to whether the stock market had bottomed out in the last few months, and then I saw a floor, which seemed to be where things were at present, as though it was the bottom, but then it opened like a trap door, presenting the true bottom deep below. 

Particle – Repeat Offender

Sean had offended again, having driven the Farmall tractor with the transmission brake engaged, squealing, paying no attention.

Then, as Mark and I were looking out the front door of the house, I saw a spruce tree dying. Mark assured me it was the setting sun lighting on it, making it look like its needles were dead. He insisted he had examined it not long ago and it was fine. I was not convinced but left it.

Then we decided to check out the yard for PRFA tree placement and again came to this tree. Sure enough, it was dying, but it didn’t look like disease or insects, and none of the surrounding trees were suffering.

Then it occurred to me later to ask, “Has it been damaged in the bark at the base?” Mark went out and checked and sure enough, the base had a scalping the size of two silver dollars side-by-side, a significant wound on a tiny tree. The most likely way it was damaged was with the lawn tractor, which Sean has operated.

That was it. I was finished with Satan almost daily destroying all things good on our farm. The tree was valuable and difficult to replace, situated with other trees of its size in a certain formation. We confronted Sean, who, as usual, was in his stupor, refusing to respond.

Nothing connects with him. I addressed Satan in him and said, “No more destruction. You take your hands off everything here at the farm and anything to do with us, you hear me? Do you hear me? You are done, finished. You are out.”

Mark told me about how great a struggle he had been having with Sean, that there was always resistance and how he was having to be ever on guard against giving him any attention because immediately he would soak it up and somehow take advantage of it.

Lois then came to me and told me she felt a great release, a relaxing, reminding her of how Jonathan had felt the release back in 2000.

It was about a week ago that Lois heard, “I am finished with Sean.” The next day or so, I called her telling her the meaning, “Sean has been judged.”

I also told Sean that if the devil in him did not leave without its vessel, namely him, then he too would have to leave. Lois, Mark, Mariko, Trevor, Ingrid, Dena, and Mary were present when I spoke.

Particle – Another Declaration

At Friday morning breakfast, June 20th, 2008, in prayer I spoke these words from thoughts I had early in the morning: “If there is any inkling, any possibility that Trevor might somehow begin to gloat again against his brother or anyone about having a child, whether before, during, or after the child comes, let the child be destroyed, let it not be born; let it be taken like the other in miscarriage.” His conduct during the last pregnancy was reprehensible, and I was not about to tolerate it anymore.

Particle – Jonathan and the Sabbath

I have often spoken to Jonathan about observing the Sabbath, but he has ignored me. Last Sabbath, he landed on his back trying to do backflips off the tree. This Sabbath, he landed on his neck on the trampoline. It was a curious incident, a warning, I suppose. I told Jonathan that while I didn’t mind his doing some gentle, relaxing things on the Sabbath, I didn’t agree with his working out and learning new tricks. I didn’t want him sparring, either.

Today, he earned another visit to the hospital, along with medical drugs and X-ray radiation. He went over to neighbor Thomas Harris’s where Andrew, Tom’s friend was. Andrew is a big boy who likes throwing his weight around. He dislocated Jonathan’s elbow with a kick, and I had to take Jonathan to Fort MacLeod emergency, where he was treated by three RNs – Suzie, Jamie, one trainee, and a doctor from Calgary, Dr. Shwaluk, about 50 – friendly, unassuming, but experienced and confident.

They took X-rays, put Jonathan out, put the elbow back in place, took more X-rays, and things looked better. He’ll take perhaps 3 months with physio to get back into shape. We’ll use effective healing modalities like the Far Infra-Red Dome and MediSCEN Scenar.

Jonathan’s lesson is manifold. He is to heed my counsel and warnings – honor the Lord on the Sabbath; not spar without supervision, especially with people like Thomas and Andrew, who have little consideration, discretion, or control; that he put away an opponent as soon as possible; and take precautions like using guard equipment (cup, etc.).

Those at the farm who heard what was happening were thankful, knowing that good things were working. I believe that. Jonathan will be set back for summer activities, exercises, and Ninjutsu but his soul will have progressed. We had a little talk, and I told him the Lord loved him and was disciplining him, even as the Son of God learned obedience by the things He suffered.

Particle – Another Revelation in Timing

On June 21st, I received another interesting revelation on that now famed year 2012, in which the Mayan and other calendars allegedly end after some millennia: 2012 will have been 40 years since the dream in 1972 when the Lord first appeared to me, and 33 years since Paul was delivered by the Word of the Lord in Israel in 1979. For what it’s worth.

Particle – The Definition of Death

Death is the cessation of existence in a certain form or dimension. This does not presuppose the cessation of existence altogether, for example, when a forest burns. The forest ceases to exist, and its trees cease to exist as trees, but they return to the elements in which they originated, and the cycle begins anew.

Particle – More on That Prophet

This morning, Lois told me she received that I needed to speak out that I was that prophet, and that when I did, there would be an explosion and great things would happen.

As I was weeding the lawn this afternoon, I remembered two men who had said they were compelled to say to me, “Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord.” Those were Mike Trepanier, in 1980, and Les Mills in 1998.

Then it occurred to me: When Jesus said to Jerusalem, “You shall not see Me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord,’ He wasn’t speaking of just anyone; He was speaking of that prophet who would come in His Name.

If I’m right, then earthly Jerusalem will be saying, “Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord.” This reminds me of Marilyn’s vision of my walking through the Golden Gate of two arches. Is this not another matter to be added in terms of indirect details in That Prophet?

As silly as it sounds, I think Lois is right, but not the way one would expect.

There’s also the prophecy I found at Fred and Delores’ Camrose house in 1984.

Particle – My Ex-Sister Losing Her Firstborn

These words came to me today concerning my earthly sister Barbara losing her son, Ronald Junior: “Because you have rejected your mother’s firstborn and God’s Firstborn, therefore has God taken your firstborn.” Barbara had said of me, “I disown him as my brother,” words to that effect.

Particle – Jonathan’s Correction, and Mine

I pointed out to Jonathan how, in Andrew’s carelessness, we are stuck with footing a bill that could cost upwards of $2000 or even more. Does Andrew have no responsibility for this? Would it not be nice if he took some? But he doesn’t know any better.

Then I recalled the vision I had of the devils over the Harris property. So, Jonathan goes, with my forgetfulness and negligence, and incurs trouble. I take it as a “heads up” and if we don’t heed, we could be very sorry. No way!

Father, Your will be done, in all perfection.

I am now speaking to Jonathan about all these things.

Particle – “And You Will Miss Her When She’s Gone”

Lois received an interpretation of words I had of Jonathan before he was born, saying, “And you will miss her (him) when (s)he’s gone.” Jonathan left spiritually, and I want him back to be with us in the Lord.

Father, please forgive me for my offenses in this matter, if I have discouraged or stumbled Jonathan, somehow. Please restore his heart to You and let him rejoice in You, always and forever.

I’m canceling Jonathan’s involvement with the Harrises and Andrew. No more.

Particle –God’s Business Serious Business

In this incident with Jonathan’s arm, I am taking stock and realizing the gravity of God’s calling, revelations, and commands. It is serious business. I consider that:

–      He had to break my leg to get my attention and set me on track.
–      Now I find Him “breaking” Jonathan’s arm to get his attention.
–      Didn’t the Lord wipe out the entire population of earth in Noah’s day?
–      Didn’t He slay Judah’s sons, Er and Onan, for their neglect and rebellion?
–      Shall we look at the dreadful present-day consequences of Abraham’s taking Hagar to try to help God keep His promise of a son?

–      Didn’t God send fire on several cities and destroy them?
–      Didn’t God turn Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt for looking back?
–      Didn’t God wipe out Job’s 10 children and many servants?
–      Didn’t Rachel die in childbirth because she valued and stole her father’s gods and lied to both father and husband about them?
–      Didn’t the Lord seek to slay Moses’ son when Moses neglected to circumcise him?

–      Didn’t God have all the firstborn of Egypt slain when delivering Israel from the Pharaoh? And what about all the terrible plagues He afflicted them with?
–      Didn’t God have 3000 of His people slain at the foot of Mt. Sinai for idolatry and revelry?
–      Didn’t the Lord say, by Moses, that those who did not heed that prophet would be destroyed?
–      Didn’t thousands die in the wilderness for lusting and murmuring, struck dead, buried alive, and bitten by serpents?
–      Didn’t God have a man stoned to death for disobeying Him concerning the Sabbath?
–      Didn’t God have parents lay hands on their son to have him stoned to death for cursing God?
–      Didn’t God slay Nadab and Abihu for sacrificing presumptuously to Him?
–      Didn’t 36 men of Israel die for Achan’s sin, besides him and his family?
–      Didn’t the Lord repeatedly deliver His people Israel over to their enemies because of their waywardness?
–      Didn’t Samson lose his eyes because he neglected to obey God after Delilah pressed and extracted from him the secret of his strength?
–      Didn’t the Lord take away Saul’s kingdom despite his sacrifices because he neglected to obey God’s explicit instructions?
–      Didn’t Jonathan die for standing by his father Saul’s side, even though he was David’s dear friend?
–      Didn’t Uzzah die apparently for unintentional irreverence in putting his hand forth to stabilize the wobbling ark?
–      Didn’t the Lord slay many for looking into the ark at the time it was returning from the Philistines?
–      Didn’t David suffer the loss of at least 3, if not 4, sons, and 10 concubines, along with thousands of Israelites, and the rape of his daughter by one of his sons for his sin with Bathsheba?
–      Didn’t a prophet get killed by a lion because he disregarded God’s instructions that seemed unimportant?
–      Didn’t God have Jehu slay all Baal worshippers at once in Israel?
–      Didn’t God ignore all widows but one in a famine in Elijah’s day?
–      Didn’t God have Elijah slay 450 prophets of Baal?
–      And didn’t God ignore all lepers but one, a Syrian general, in Elisha’s day?
–      Didn’t Zedekiah have his eyes put out for rebelling against God’s command?
–      Didn’t Zedekiah have burned into his memory the last sight being his sons slaughtered before him?
–      Didn’t God subject the women of His people to kill, cook, and eat their own young in a siege?
–      Didn’t the Lord strike Miriam, Moses’ sister, a prophetess, with leprosy for murmuring against Moses?
–      Didn’t the Lord open the ground and have the sons of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, swallowed up, including their wives and little ones, for their gainsaying and murmuring?
–      Wasn’t Uzziah condemned to leprosy when presumptuous and irreverent?
–      Weren’t 42 children destroyed by two she-bears when they mocked Elisha who then cursed them?
–      Wasn’t saintly and faithful Josiah killed when presuming to interfere with the Lord’s mission by Pharaoh Necho to do battle with Assyria?
–      Didn’t the Lord have many young boys die by Herod when he sought for the Christ child?
–      Didn’t the Lord have Pilate slay some people and mix their blood with their sacrifices, and did not the tower of Siloam fall on some because of their unrepentance (Luke 13)?
–      Didn’t God slay Ananias and Sapphira for lying, even though they sold their land and gave a significant portion of the proceeds to the church?
–      Didn’t He say He would spit out the lukewarm believer?
–      Didn’t He promise to afflict Jezebel and those she was teaching to commit adultery and to kill her children with death (Rev. 2:22, 23)?
–      Didn’t the Lord, by Rome, scatter Israel to the four winds 40 years after they crucified Him? Has He not dispersed them throughout the earth, leaving them in fear and persecution to this day nearly two millennia later, plaguing them with horrid pogroms and the horrific holocaust?

What is life to God? His business is serious business. He’s serious with us and will not permit our being lackadaisical with Him. “Behold both the goodness and severity of God.” How can we not be serious, sober, and vigilant in all things?

Let’s consider the present day and the events in our midst. What has happened to Howard and Jason Benson, Delores Molnar, Pascal Gregoire, Nathan Lipton, Stan Howell, Arnold Willms, as of 2008, and dozens of others I could name up to that time and since? God means serious business.

Consider the stupid and ignorant notions about the nature and character of God prevalent in our society today, and the false gospel of mush and sentimentality all around us. Are those people not perishing? Will they not perish? Believe it – they will and are!
What will happen if Trevor even dares momentarily ignore what he’s been told concerning his attitude toward having children? What awaits his childbearing and rearing? We’ll see.

What will happen to all those who oppose us because we walk by God’s gift of true faith?

What has happened to Marilyn and Sean for their great sin? How has their state been? Have we seen it all to the finish yet?
He showed me the black angels over Harris’s house. Yes, that was over 18 years ago! So what? No, He didn’t give me explicit commands, like “Don’t go there; don’t have any more to do with them,” but must He? Shall we ever be guided as unruly mules by bit, bridle, whip, and spur? We’re to take heed; the sooner, the better; the more earnestly, the better. Woe to us if we don’t!

Jonathan had no business there if only because of that revelation, and especially on the Sabbath, doing what he was doing. Not that the Harrises are any worse than anyone else; it’s not the point. The point is the knowledge we’ve been given and our obedience and discipline before God.

God has not only finished winking with the nations. He has also finished winking with us. And that’s why we must speak up and do His will, without hesitation or ambiguity. This is especially so when God has entrusted to us a great responsibility in this day! Wow! Even more will we be called into account, not “in the by and by,” but here and now, even as it happened with all those I’ve mentioned.

Furthermore, consider how the Lord commanded Israel that when they entered Canaan, they were to destroy all its inhabitants – men, women, and children, except for believing Rahab and her house, who, in Godly fear, against her nation, assisted God’s people. The Israelites were to be ruthless. Was God sparing the tender, delicate, young maid? Was He sparing the suckling and those yet in the womb? Did He spare any of these in Sodom and Gomorrah besides Lot and his two daughters? Did He spare Lot’s wife who looked back?

Did Saul not lose his kingdom because he failed to kill everything that lived of the Amalekites according to God’s command? What kind of “loving” prophet was Samuel, who “hewed Agag to pieces” with a sword, especially after Agag pitifully pleaded, “Surely, the bitterness of death is past”?

If God has finished winking, having repeatedly said so, what are we doing overlooking trespasses and offenses?? Is this a time for winking? Isaiah was told, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up Thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1 KJV).

Doesn’t Hebrews 13:8 say Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever? Have men long since ceased to sin? Or is there not perhaps an even greater need to cry out against sin, seeing “evil men and seducers have waxed worse and worse” (2 Timothy 3:13) as Paul prophesied would happen in the last days?

All those of Israel who took the Lord’s life were slain and their nation scattered to the four winds, and what a slaughter that was! And all this was after, not before, His resurrection and ascension. So what happened to, “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they do”? Or do we misunderstand His intended timing and application? Could be?

What kind of teaching is it that Jesus would never do now such things as He once did and that He is full of pity and compassion that He would overlook sin and wouldn’t hurt a fly? This teaching is demonic and highly deceptive. Look how it has won the hearts of carnal men and even deceived the believing into destruction.

Funny how on the one hand, love, forgiveness, goodwill, sympathy, and mercy can kill, while on the other, severe judgment can encourage law and order, render justice, and preserve life.

Doesn’t Scripture declare dire consequences for offenders in this present “dispensation”? Yes indeed, it does:

He who despised Moses’ Law died without mercy on the word of two or three witnesses. Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy of punishment, the one who has trampled the Son of God, and who has counted the blood of the covenant with which he was sanctified an unholy thing, and has insulted the Spirit of Grace? For we know Him who has said, ‘Vengeance belongs to Me, I will repay, says the Lord.’ And again, ‘The Lord shall judge His people.’ It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:28-31 MKJV).

God has made clear how serious matters are. He sacrificed His Only Begotten Son by one of the cruelest inventions of execution. Is that serious enough? That’s how serious matters of our existence are.

Jesus Christ’s life wasn’t taken by a quiet departing in His sleep or by a mere merciful bullet to the head or lethal injection on a cushioned gurney or chair, or even by an efficient hanging. No, Jesus had to suffer the horrible agony and public humiliation of the cross, no less, at the hands of vicious, brute beasts, with His people crying for His blood and His own Father turning His back on Him. “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” He cried at His end.

That is how serious it is, but no, we must spare ourselves the gravity of life. It is enough we must live it. We must not make it any worse in any way than it already is (speaking tongue-in-cheek) – we must be ever unoffensive in any way, but gentle, meek, tender-hearted, kind, sympathetic, loving, merciful, sweet, understanding, compassionate, “godly,” and most of all, “Christlike.”

Devils tie our hands with soft rope and stuff our mouths with sweet, desirable malarkey. Be “politically correct or you’re dead.” That is Satan’s strategy and his False Love.

“Make your enemies now,” says the Lord. “He that keeps his life will lose it,” He says. “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and tell My people their sins,” He cries.

“Spare not,” He declares, but Agag says, “Surely the bitterness of death is past.” “Cursed is he who does the work of the LORD with slackness, and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from bloodshed,” a prophet of the Lord declares (Jeremiah 48:10).
God says, “Spare not,” but Satan says, “Let’s love one another.” God says, “Spare not,” but messengers of Satan, posing as God’s ministers choose to flatter and coddle and savor the things that are of men, and thus Satan prevails over them to destroy.

Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, saints, angels, and God!

Particle – Theo-Autobio Free of Charge

I awoke the morning of June 25, 2008, with the idea that we should publish this Theo-autobiography on the internet free of charge. Until now, I had planned to charge, whether we published electronically or otherwise. We may charge for hardcopy if there’s a demand for it.

On June 27th, Paul, Sara, and I discussed proceeding with the publishing of the Theo-autobiography free of charge at The Path of Truth.

Editor’s Note, March 2021: I’m working from journals and records to publish Theo-auto Part 12. Part 11 was posted years ago.

Particle – Sean Continues

Sean continues as a retarded being, unwilling to take responsibility for anything, unable to cope or think, and full of bitterness. God will deal and has dealt with him.

Sean called, having damaged the wheel move and ATV – both minor but still damaged. I told him what he was all about, right down to his physical abnormalities.

The curious thing about Sean is that love doesn’t work on him. The more he’s loved and respected, the prouder and more lawless he grows. It seems he needs a restructured perspective of himself, an entire overhaul. What does one do with a dilapidated building or a burned-out engine? What has the Lord done with His people?

I told Sean he thought he was gold but was shit, visible for all with eyes to see, fit only for flushing, and nothing more. I told him it was not his mother and father but he who was to blame for all that he is, a vile creature of the first order. I think I saw at least some cracking in his foundation for the first time in 13 years. Always hopeful but the man is impervious to correction, mild or severe.

Particle – Jonathan’s Physiotherapy

Jonathan is responding well to his physio treatments on his arm in Fort MacLeod with Murray Sontag. I do hope he has learned lessons for his spiritual benefit. I believe he has learned for physical benefit. Can the two be separate?

Particle – Roof Repair for Me and Sky Preparation for a Worker

I had Werner Duda of Advantage Roofing come and do the shingling and skylight over the kitchen because we were suffering leakage in certain rains, and the shingles were well worn. On the 27th, I talked to Werner’s worker, Gus Wensmann, about spiritual matters and gave him our site address. It seems something was happening.
Lord? Was there?


On the Sabbath morning, Gus unexpectedly came by to finish the roofing. We talked, touching on many issues. He is an interesting fellow, a thinker, a teacher, and, I dare say, somewhat of a searcher. He said he was thankful for the conversation, as was I.

ParticleThat Prophet Posted

Today, July 1, 2008, Paul and Sara posted the announcement of that prophet. The topic, “Who is That Prophet?” starts with “Part 1 – Eliminating the Fraud,” (Muhammad) and goes to “Part 2 – Identifying the True.”

This is a supremely significant announcement.

Particle – Paul Speaks to John Bossuyt

We wrote John and Bev Bossuyt a letter of correction but heard nothing back so Paul decided to call John.

I wasn’t entirely surprised at the reaction. John was belligerent, declaring he repudiated every word in my letter to them. He said he wanted not another word of spiritual discussion with us again. Here’s what Paul wrote of the conversation he had:

“John said, and I quote, ‘I repudiate every word that was said about HUB. It repulses and sickens me…I am not stupid…I perceive a religious and judgmental spirit…every pastor I have talked to calls this [HUB] of God.’

“I [Paul] felt very satisfied with the phone conversation. I asked him a question, ‘Why do you think we would say such things about HUB?’ He really couldn’t answer, other than to reiterate that we were judgmental and had to be proven right.

“He did not want to hear anything further from us, ‘ever,’ on spiritual matters, though I did talk to him some more, making a few points about what the Lord teaches about giving [alms] and mixing business and His Name, and how He has shown and taught us these things personally.

“I let John know that we have no doubts about what we see with HUB, but if he could correct us, we’re ready to listen and to be corrected. I didn’t get to tell him he didn’t start well on this course, not answering us. If he has so much truth, why has he been so silent? The answer is forthcoming in what I will tell you next, though, of course, John does not see it.

“I brought the conversation to the matter of loving your neighbor (something he brought up), and gently but firmly took John to task on his delinquent payments, according to his schedule, with no communications to let us know what was happening. He didn’t argue. Instead, he told me they had suffered a major financial crippling because of an investment that ‘went south’ about two months ago. His income has been cut severely, he said.

“Just yesterday he was trying to get a loan to pay us off but wasn’t successful. He said he thinks he’ll be able to pull it together in the next two weeks.

“The farm needs to send him a payment history with the total remaining. He thought he only had the Hot House to pay for (which he seemed to be blaming you for insisting on giving it to him), but I corrected him by generally saying it was more like $2,600, and the farm would follow up by sending him an exact amount.”

Particle – Mai’s Parents

Mai’s parents came from Japan to visit for a week. The father, Yoshio, 56, is a casualty of the drug culture of the ’60s and is unproductive in practical earthly terms. He cuts grass blades and tiny pieces of paper with tiny scissors, which scissors and paper his wife (who is 51) supplies him from her teaching occupation. She supports him.

Mai has been highly desirous that I talk to them; I said I would, Lord willing. Yoshio has many idealistic, philosophical ideas, which seem to be carved in stone for him, but who knows if the things we have shared will not bear fruit one day? May Mai have her desire; she has been a friend.

Twice, once by Trevor and once by Mai’s mother Seh-Tsu, almost simultaneously, it came that it was not just the words we spoke that were working in Yoshio, but the Spirit of Life was and is at work.

Father, thank You.

Yoshio also said something along those lines. We all felt the Peace and Presence of the Lord as we visited. They remarked on these without solicitation or mention.

With Mai’s family, we discussed the Lord as the only way, Israel as God’s work, the world’s opposition to Israel, and no hope for environmental correction by men.

I recall that when I first began searching for meaning in life before receiving faith in Jesus Christ, the environment was of interest to me. This seems to be an issue for seekers of meaning, be they hippies, New Agers, and so forth. Why the environment? It’s obvious man is destroying the earth; its state of affairs rings alarm bells for all to hear, and the earth’s condition is evidence of a great spiritual lack in us.

Yoshio was of a hippy background and unfortunately, took a wrong turn. Instead of serving to improve the environment and man’s lot, he destroyed himself in his misery and pursuit of escape from reality. Attempting to solve the problem, the problem dissolved him.

Particle – Where Is My Son?

On July 4th, I asked Jonathan where my son was, the one that used to have visions, prophecies, willing to read the Bible, and spoke of spiritual matters. I told him I missed him. I also told him it was as though some dark force took him over. He takes pleasure in the things of the world but is bored and somewhere else when I try to read the Bible to him. “We’ve red it so many times, I get bored,” he complains.

“If you were a believer, you would always want to get more from the Scriptures,” I said. “A believer rarely, if ever, gets bored with the Bible.”

We have not been reading much of it together recently.

I try to restrain myself from pushing anything on Jonathan but at the same time, I feel occasionally compelled, right or wrong, to read something to him, about a chapter at a time, perhaps once every 2 or 3 days. I must have patience and faith in the Lord that in time, Jonathan will come. After all, isn’t that what happened to me? It wasn’t my doing or that of my earthly father that brought me to faith.

Particle – Theo-Autobiography to Go on the Path of Truth

Today, July 10th, 2008, we decided to begin the work of publishing the Theo-autobio on our site and wherever possible on the internet.

Particle – Brother John, the Immerser

Today, I was asking the Lord why He introduced me to John the Baptist years ago. Then, running the question by Paul this evening, he said two things:

One, it was for John’s sake as much as for mine; he needed to be blessed with what was now happening with us, fulfilling an answer to his question of Jesus, “Are You the One or do we look for another?” Jesus gave him an indirect answer, meaning “Yes” to the first question, and yet not fully divulging that there was more to come down the road – as at this day by us.

Second, Paul said John had something to impart to us concerning the religious hypocrites, whom we must deal with, speaking truth directly and forcefully.

Particle – Ariko Ishikawa Writes

On Friday, July 10, 2008, Ariko wrote, asking questions about her past and explaining what happened to her that she should turn against us. She seems sincere and ready to listen and learn, yet this seems strange.

Particle – Ingrid Miscarrying

On July 11th, Ingrid was not well, apparently miscarrying because the flow is there. Now I see that Marilyn’s miscarriage not only healed her but provided some understanding to us of others. This is Ingrid’s second miscarriage.

I know Trevor needs this sharp experience. Lois reminds me of words Ingrid received concerning Trevor, that he was “going to be put in a corner.”

Particle – The Evil of Crop Dusting

There are many heinous evils perpetrated on society by various powers. One of those is crop dusting, spraying fields from the air with toxic chemicals pushed by the petrochemical and agricultural industries and government. These toxins are carried by the wind to surrounding properties of those who want no part in chemical agriculture yet have no say in the matter.

Their crops, trees, gardens, families, and animals are polluted, and they are left without recourse. This is a great evil. We’ve heard of several instances of farmers who had gardens and trees dying soon after crop dusters sprayed their neighbor’s fields. No doubt, many people have died from the chemicalization of farm fields, especially from the air.

Particle – A Rabid Atheist Attacks Us

This is nothing new to us but this one is noteworthy for the substance. Robert McNally, an atheist, and casualty from the WWCG (Worldwide Church of God), has a blog and has openly ridiculed and taunted us and God as nobody has. His blog, intending to put us to public shame has most of our correspondence with him posted, with blistering attacks.

His taunt of God:

“Or perhaps you mean me to set my own deadline since your God’s obviously shy about setting dates himself? How about this: if a week goes by and it “goes well for me,” and I don’t “lose my tongue” in some ghoulishly ironic way, let’s say I’ve beaten your little curse, shall we? After that, the board is again open for the many other curses placed upon me by God’s numerous other witch doctors who have prior claims against me.

“I laugh. You are worse than false prophets. You are pious frauds who prey on others’ fears.”

Paul and I prayed: “Father, it is Your time and Your doing. Do now, we pray, according to his words, that all who look on may fear and that Your Name is glorified.”

This conflict with Robert McNally comes from the mailout to over 600 recipients on July 10th. Furthermore, he is the first one with whom I signed off as that prophet, which term he omitted from the posting, not having caught on.

We would see the answer to our prayer in a remarkable way; however, there’s no longer anything left on the internet to prove what we say. Long story short, after several years, McNally’s blog ceased to post shortly after our encounter with him.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – “Make Your Enemies Now”

On Monday, July 14th, 2008, I received some understanding of the words I once heard, “Make your enemies now.” The thought is that I am going to make enemies of people anyway in the end, so I may as well get on with it. They are there even now as enemies; there only needs to be exposure. I must do my job without stalling or hedging.

In other words, mean business; “cut to the chase”; don’t entertain pretentious or superficial friendships. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Let’s not deal in false impressions. The sooner you test the waters, the better.

Particle – Women Must be Sober

Marilyn has been annoying me with silliness and talking about things that are rather meaningless or inconsequential. In chafing or pointing it out to her, she takes it that I am wrong, inconsiderate, intolerant, and impatient. She says, “That is how women are; they are different.”

Today, the Lord gave me a reply: “Women cannot justify silliness and small talk because they are women. They are to be sensible, sober, and wise.”

Silly women go and are astray, and are easily led captive, as she has already been by Sean. She was miffed, and I’m getting tired of putting up with a selfish brat that must have her cursed, selfish way. What will it take? Death? Divorce? What?

Particle – Uganda Calls

Arthur Ssajjabi called again on July 16th and asked me to pray that he would have rest and peace. I told him such did not come by asking, but by obedience, step by step, quoting John 14:21, 23. He seemed to marvel, as though such had not occurred to him, or, somehow, perhaps, faith entered in to persuade him that rest and peace were indeed possible after all, and that he was being notified of how to attain them.

Editor’s Note, February 2018: In retrospect, I recognize Arthur was trying to flatter me for gain. Beware of those who want something you have.

Particle – The Mother of Monopolies

Today, on July 17th, I had a talk with Mark about a visit I had with a distributor under us, Karen Christie, who bypassed us to our supplier for a product we carry. I said, “We need a product that we have full rights to, that nobody else has, and that nobody can go behind our backs and obtain; they must come to us.”

And then I said, “You know what, Mark? We have the product. What are our advantages?

“Nobody has what we have. For us, it isn’t about the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome, Grander water revitalization, Berkey water filters, Magnetico mattresses, Scenar energy devices, organic food, or any of the other tangible products we market. Our business is far greater and more important. No better product can be sold. What shall we say about what we have?

“We are sole distributors; all must come to us for the product; we have a monopoly.

“Only those who should have the product will have it, and none will miss out that should have it, no matter who or how rich or poor they may be.

“Competitors with the counterfeit can only sell to those who aren’t meant to have ours.

“We need not worry about business expenses, marketing, profit margins, lost sales, collections, or any other business concern. Our manufacturer/supplier will take care of it all and provide us with clients who will pay us generously, beyond our hopes. We address our supplier’s concerns, and our supplier will generously, abundantly take care of ours.

“We give the product away for free and we needn’t ever worry about supply, overstocks, shortages, theft, breakage, spoilage, fashion trends, or aging!

“The product is foolproof and guaranteed for life and beyond.

“No credit card worries, free credit if takers want it.

“Buyers will gladly pay all they have to receive and be perfectly satisfied with what we have to offer.

Can a marketer have it any better? Can anyone ask for a better deal? The product, of course, you should know.

Particle – Honor to Whom Honor

It seems to me there is not the respect for authority among us professing believers that one finds in the Scriptures. We live in a lawless, ignorant, arrogant, entitled, decadent society. Many seem to think they have everything coming to them regardless of who they are, rulers or common people, employers or employees, male or female, parents or children, young or old, human or beast, trained or inexperienced, educated or ignorant, rich or poor, professional or amateur, deserving or undeserving, good or bad.

It is a proud, lawless, entitled society we live in today, the bottom.

The western world is now at its end, rotten to the core, and those professing faith in Christ aren’t much better, often worse. An argument could be made that with the hypocrisy of the religious and the deceptive veneer, they’re in a worse state than the world.

We are discussing proper attitude, social conduct, honesty, respect, and honor toward one another, particularly in terms of deference to those in authority and to whom honor should be naturally and justifiably due.

Particle – Obama’s Speech in Berlin, July 24th, 2008.

I watched Obama’s speech in Berlin:

He is preparing all for a one-world government, I gather. His sights, with the help of others, are set higher than the US presidency. In this speech, he seeks to unite all with every division they may have of any kind, be it race, religion, ideology, geography, social and economic status, name it. This is the tower of Babel all over again, but like the other, this will not and cannot work.

This came to me before but again last night: We have the remake of Nimrod, a revisitation of the mighty hunter of souls before the Lord, the hero, to whom all men are strongly attracted (Genesis 10:8-10). This is the last day of the last days.

Particle – More Deception

We find Ariko continuing her deceitfulness and I’m reminded of what she was like 16 years ago. Mariko replied to Ariko.

Particle – The Disorder of Canada

Harvest Haven customers Gerhardt and Geri Hartman sent us an email asking us to vote against Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s receiving the Order of Canada for his work promoting abortion. We sent the following to the Harvest Haven Notice list of about 400 customers:

“Hi everyone,

This just in from one of our friends. We are calling the enclosed number to register our disapproval, and we pass the information along so that you may do as you choose.

Hi Everyone:

If you do not approve of Dr. Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada award kindly call this number:


It is to CTV and it is a “No” vote call. You do not have to say anything. It is answered with, “This is CTV and your ‘No Vote’ has been recorded.” That’s it.

Archbishop Tom Collins from Toronto is asking that all people of goodwill protest “this act of dishonour” and ask that this action be revoked. In his archdiocese on Sunday will be a special day to pray for an end to abortion.

Please pass on this phone # 1 416 870 4444 (END OF MESSAGE MAILED OUT.)

We received a negative reaction from several people, some vehemently disagreeing with us, at least one serving us notice that she would not be shopping with us anymore and vowing to reverse any good publicity about us for which she was responsible. We will reply, gladly, and will include some of the material on this issue in the next Harvest Haven Herald.

We replied, and those letters are available. Paul wrote to M. Dean, Sonja Hagemann, Richard Chisholm, Jackie Lanman, and I wrote to Gail Hanrahan and Pat Chuchryk concerning granting of the Order of Canada to Morgentaler. The letters are on file and available here.

These people were upset with our disapproval of killing babies. How upset would they be if we were to take forceps and begin to pull them apart, piece by piece? I would now be ashamed to accept the Order of Canada for any reason. It is defiled. Are not all worldly honors quite worthless, even contemptible, especially one such as this?

By the way, the Nobel Prize is no better. Many flattered and impressed by this world’s honors stumble in the success of darkness.

Particle – Flesh Family Fury

Joyce Wentworth (approaching 80) decided she wanted to come from Guatemala and New Mexico to visit Paul and Sara in Helena and then the rest of us in Canada. She is on her way but has experienced great opposition from her family and church/religious affiliations for her association with us.

Paul received several calls from her sons, daughters, and their spouses. One call was from Phil, her son, who threatened to kill us if “we touched a hair on her head or took a penny from her.”

Joyce is holding steady, but I wonder what is going on with her and her family. Son Steve, daughter Cindy, and others are concerned. Doug, another son, plans on coming up to see what is going on. I say, “Come!”

The remarkable thing about these people is that they all profess to be Christians, Joyce presuming to have raised them to be faithful. We had plenty to say to them.

Particle – Dream or Vision – Vermin on My Bedroom Wall

On Friday night, July 25th, 2008, just after midnight, while Joyce was spending the night at our place, I had a dream or vision:

A large mouse or small rat was crawling on the wall around or behind my headboard and my flutterby (“butterfly”) picture. I saw no features, only its shape in black as it would appear from above like someone had done a cut-out from black paper.

I awoke and the experience was so real, I turned on the light and looked around, behind the headboard, night table, picture, and under the bed. Though I was startled and groggy, I knew there was nothing physical to hurt me, but I wondered about the spiritual reality.

Marilyn too had a troubling, demonic dream, an evil entity trying to grab her from behind. Hearing Marilyn from downstairs, we called out to Sara, who was sleeping next to Marilyn to wake her from her nightmare, which she did.

Joyce has unclean spirits. This sort of thing has happened before with unclean visitors.

Particle – Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Problems continue with Mary Benson, who often displays a rotten, lazy attitude. She comes from a very dark background. I don’t know that I want her to stay; in fact, I know I don’t. Yet, I have not felt free to send her on her way.

Particle – Jesus Christ Versus Muhammad

Jesus Christ laid down His life for others; Muhammad laid down others’ lives for himself. Jesus Christ is Resurrection and Life; Muhammad, destruction and death. One is God, the other man; one is True, the other false. One is Love Incarnate, the other is Hate Incarnate. While Jesus relies on the Sword of the Spirit, Muhammad relies on the sword of the flesh.

Similarly, Jesus Christ lives in His disciples as does Muhammad. The Lord’s disciples are bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh, and spirit of His Spirit, manifesting His Nature, and so with Muhammad’s disciples, manifesting his nature.

Editor’s Note, March 2021: Robert Spencer of the David Horowitz Institute has written a book arguing that Muhammad was not a real person but a myth concocted by warring Arab factions to instill fear and provide religious motivation. I hadn’t considered that before and I do tend to believe Robert.

Myth or real character, the Muslim representation of a prophet represents all evil, lust, death, deception, and destruction concerning all that is Judeo-Christian, Biblical, and Godly.

Note how rarely, if ever, Muslims speak of love. I’ve never heard or red it from them. The Bible says God is Love.

Particle – Abrahamic Faiths

It is said there are three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But I tell you none of these has anything to do with Abraham. His is the true faith of God while these others are religions, entirely unworthy of Him because altogether void of God’s Gift of Faith.

However, I will say that the Abrahamic faith is the tree and the advent of the Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach is the Fruit. Therefore, there is a very real and direct relationship between the physical Jews and spiritual Jews, as there is between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But there is no relationship between Islam and Abraham. Those two are contrary to one another, as is perfectly evident today and has been throughout Islam’s history. The Promise of God comes through Isaac, the miracle son from above, and not Ishmael, the carnal one from beneath.

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