PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan’s Second Expulsion (cont.)


Particle – Guy Pollard

I don’t recall how we got to meet Guy Pollard of Canmore, but I see he was provided by God to direct construction on our Door to the World.

Guy Pollard instructed Mark, Trevor, and Sean on how to use the construction equipment. He examined Paula Laporte-Baker’s blueprints for which she charged us $24,000 US. He identified serious problems with the design, which required us to make changes. Paula wouldn’t make good her errors and wouldn’t give us a refund.

I know things didn’t go well for her.

This building project is a serious psychological and spiritual challenge for me.

Particle – You Are Doing My Will

As I went on a walk today, March 16th, I was considering the customers we have lost because of my speaking out against them. I was also expecting that we were about to lose another – Wayne Gregson, who was being so unreasonable. I have constantly asked myself, “Have I offended unnecessarily, or am I truly doing God’s will?”

“Lord,” I prayed, “grant me to do Your will and nothing less. I don’t want to be incurring damage because of pettiness, presumption, pride, error, stupidity, religiosity, or any other thing. If we must suffer loss for Your sake, for righteousness’ sake, fine, but not for our lack of judgment and unrighteousness. Please, let me do the right thing every time. Let me do only Your will.”

His answer: “You need to stop asking Me for this. You have it now. You need to believe instead of asking all the time. You are doing My will. You ARE My will.”

Then I wondered just what I should declare to people. Where do I draw the line? I immediately was reminded of Lois’ words I found in 1984/5: “Be prepared, as the day approaches, to speak to the beasts you encounter and to declare your power and position in Jesus Christ….”

Particle – Yeshua It Is

On March 18th, Paul wrote on an issue we needed to deal with:

“Victor, let’s decide which spelling to use for Yehoshua/Yeshua/Yeshuah. Here are some thoughts from an article on the names:

“What you will find in the Hebrew Scriptures is Yehoshua (H3091) which is written in Hebrew as Yod-Hey-Vav-Shin-Ayin or Yod-Hey-Vav-Shin-Vav-Ayin or the shortened form Yeshua (H3442-H3443 of Strong’s Concordance) which is written in Hebrew as Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin.

If we review the meanings of the correct Scriptural names, we find that the long form of Yehoshua would translate as ‘YHVH is salvation,’ or ‘He is (or will be) Who saves.’

“Yeshuah (H3444) written Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin-Hey, is a feminine noun that means ‘salvation’. Yeshua (H3442) written Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin, is a masculine noun that means ‘He is salvation’ or ‘He saves.’ It is the name that refers to Joshua in the Tanakh (OT) and is the shortened form of Yehoshua which the Name Jesus was derived from. In Scripture we find in Matthew 1:21 ‘for He will save His people from their sins.

I replied: “I would go for Yeshua or Yehoshua. Let me know what you think, and we will install it in the new writing when posting.”

We decided on Yeshua. Not that we would discontinue using the English “Jesus.”

Particle – Mark’s Hardness of Heart

I’m feeling quite unsettled about Mark. I reported my feelings and thoughts about Mark to Lois and then, as I went outside to sweep snow and feed the birds, I received a revelation that Sean, in all his vexatious ways, is there at the farm to deal with Mark. Just as Sean has not respected boundaries, so has Mark been guilty of the same; he just goes about it a bit differently.

Mark has been taking the highest seat, not discerning the Lord’s Body, not acknowledging that others have value or purpose in the Lord to work with and complement one other. He needs others, not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. He presumes to be the mouth, the ear, the nose, the knee, the foot, and the hand of the entire Body of Christ. Or if the hand can’t hear, he presumes to discard it.

Everyone must have what Mark has or what he sees fit. Therefore, he doesn’t allow others the room to learn, develop, and contribute in the way they have been created to do so.

I told Mark we’re now confronting the man of sin. And the man of sin has been sent by God to stare him in the face and show him his ways. It came to us that when Mark changes his ways, “repenting in sackcloth and ashes,” washing the others’ feet, things will begin to happen for Sean and everyone else.

Particle – Lifting Hairpieces

Concerning the 1986/87 event of the man with the toupee in Great Falls and my questions about why it occurred, Paul had this to say today:

“I saw [concerning that event] that now we are confronting those who have fashioned spiritual hairpieces to cover their baldness. In our work of the Lord, we uncover the fake by the simple things we say, whether intending to or not (often not specifically intending to), and it devastates those who love the lie rather than the truth, and those who assist them in perpetrating the illusion. Much labor is swept away in a flash. I believe this might also have to do with what the Lord said to Victor years ago about wiping out great tracts [of evil] with the movement of his finger.”

Particle – Don’t Resist the Authorities

On the Sabbath, March 28th, 2009, I was notified from above that if the authorities were to oppress or come to arrest us for any unjust reason, we are to submit to them. What happened to Israel in Egypt was for our instruction. The pressure was from God on them, and it intensified as the day of God’s redemption by Moses’ hand drew near. They could do nothing but submit to their circumstances.

Good things await us, despite the rampant evil we see increasing everywhere. We will not have to fear, hide, or flee. I received that when we submit, the Lord will undertake, and it will go well for us. We will have nothing to fear.

Journal note on March 28, 2009: We are to give thanks for evil; very good things coming; we will not have to flee, hide or fear; submit to the authorities – don’t resist; it will work out.

Editor’s Note, April 2021: We must understand the nature and qualifications of what we’re to submit to. We’re pondering and evaluating these things amid the COVID-19 scam.

Note: February 27, 2021, and April 2022: I see in my journal that I was working on this section, Auto 12, this same month in 2009. That’s been how long I’ve been away from this project! Well, I hope to complete it and go on to more. So much waiting for readers and so many questions to be answered.

Particle – Alone, Unarmed, and Outnumbered, yet Safe in Pharaoh’s Court

It occurred to me this morning of March 29th, 2009, that just as Moses and Aaron were kept from above when confronting Pharaoh, it is the same for us today. Moses and Aaron were shepherds, an abomination to the Egyptians. Yet they two walked alone and unarmed into the king’s court, which was surrounded by an army in likely the most powerful country of those days in the region, and safely delivered their message from the Lord.

Paul and I are fully identified on the internet, with virtual targets painted on our backs, chests, and foreheads, speaking boldly concerning all things to all, as given by the Lord. And He is keeping us. Over the years, He has repeatedly reminded me we have nothing to fear and has repeatedly promised me, No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.”

Particle – Plantar Warts

As a boy and into my early adulthood, I was so susceptible to plantar warts on the toes, heels, and balls of my feet. This was only if I went about barefoot on the ground. Sometimes I would try using Compound W, which never worked for me, so I’d go to the doctor, who would needle-freeze the areas and burn the warts out with liquid nitrogen.

Last summer, I decided to enjoy being barefoot again, which I’ve avoided most of my life because so prone to plantar warts. Sure enough, there they were again. Today, April 2, I saw Dr. Collins at the Campbell Clinic for treatment. He tried Compound W, which had never worked for me before. I thought maybe this time, and again, it didn’t work.

I had red that wrapping banana peel poultice to the wart works. Hmm! If that worked, that would be nice, natural, and painless. After weeks of application, I found no change. That was disappointing.

Particle – Dr. Nsisi

A week later, I had an appointment on April 9, 2009, at the Campbell Clinic in Lethbridge for a physical checkup with Dr. Michael Nsisi, a black from Uganda. He’s about 50 years of age and has been in Canada for about 8 years. His wife, Anna, also practices medicine in the Campbell Clinic.

It was immediately evident he professed faith in Christ. He sported a Kenneth Copeland tie and if I recall correctly, had a Copeland calendar on his wall. I wasn’t impressed. Kenneth Copeland is a devil if I’ve ever known one. If Dr. Nsisi supports devils, should I be trusting him with my health? Still, I remained and wondered what might come of this event.

Dr. Nsisi was quite reticent to discuss religious matters and excused himself from a visit to the farm, an invitation I had repeated to him. He suggested I return to him in two weeks. He said he would like to know my progress and remarked that he could learn things from me. I am there for him and I hope to be back in a bit.

Dr. Nsisi checked my pulse, blood pressure, ears, throat, chest, and lungs. I had high cholesterol and low testosterone; otherwise, things seemed well. I also had blood taken, test results of which he will cover with me when I have a full physical on the 23rd, Lord willing.

Dr. Nsisi wanted to prescribe Viagra for my low testosterone and statins for my high cholesterol. Not only did I decline, but because he professed faith in Christ, I told him the pharmaceutical industry of synthetic drugs was sorcery and that he should investigate alternative health care. I wasn’t very diplomatic about it.

If you wonder why I’ve gone to conventional doctors, I confess it’s been partially because of unbelief, wondering about certain adverse feelings and conditions. And when I do have certain unidentified problems, I get analyses and blood tests that are available nowhere else. Getting the information I need from conventional medicine, I then go for natural healthcare treatment, if possible, feasible, or necessary.

There are very few times I’ve needed to go to a doctor; there wasn’t anything wrong with me that didn’t come and go.

Dr. Nsisi seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. Was it me? It’s not likely his patients are as frank with him and questioning his stance as a professing believer, but I also wondered if it wasn’t the “black thing” with him, being defensive.

On May 12th, I returned to Dr. Nsisi. He got upset with me. He seemed to think I was condescending. “I’m not a fool, you know,” he said. All I did was ask him questions and he was confounded. He defends Kenneth Copeland and speaks neutrally about Benny Hinn, though he thinks Benny is a man of God. So, he IS a fool, after all, not the least unusual among all men.

In retrospect, I thought of saying when first meeting him, “You are black.” I imagined him replying, “You have a problem with that?” To which I would reply, “I don’t have a problem with your being black, but I do have a problem with your having a problem with the possibility of my having a problem that you’re black.”

Oh, with hindsight, I can think of so many neat things I could have said to many people. Has anyone invented either of two things yet – a time machine to revisit the past or some way of significantly maximizing a presence of mind?

I finally asked the Lord for the answer. Duh!

One day not long after, a customer walked into our store and related how he had warts on his feet and used the Far Infrared Dome (Hot House) from Hsin Ten Enterprises, which he purchased from us at Harvest Haven. He put his toes against the HH Dome for three hours and the warts were gone!

“Why didn’t I think of that?” I thought. “I was told the FIR killed pathogens, and warts are one of them.” Following our customer’s advice, my warts were gone! Painless, inexpensive, effective, permanent! How do you beat that? They have never returned.

Editor’s Note, 2022: The warts haven’t returned. Prayer made; prayer answered.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – Gullible and Easily Persuadable Me

While at the doctor’s office, I complained I had been suffering fatigue and lung congestion. “It’s something going around,” he said, and without a careful diagnosis or questioning, prescribed an antibiotic, which I accepted – 6 pills of it, one a day for six days.

Why would the doctor prescribe antibiotics when he didn’t seem to know for certain what the cause of my problem was? Was he assuming or did he somehow know? However, if my problem wasn’t bacterial, an antibiotic could do no good, maybe harm. Isn’t it true that we’re suffering an over usage of antibiotics and thus, ultimately rendering them ineffective as new strains of bacteria arise in adaptation?

Another reason we try to avoid antibiotics is that they aren’t the greatest for one’s digestive system and their excessive usage has messed up many lives. We almost always try to avoid synthetic antibiotics. Yet, I took them that day.

Why? I think it’s because of that “natural” respect for doctors and the inclination to take the easy route, if possible. I was doing a better job of suicide than many who purposely attempt it, as mild and slow working as my approach may be.

Particle – To Forgive Is a Precious Gift

Jonathan playfully but unexpectedly hit me on the back of the head today. I didn’t realize I’m still sensitive about that sort of thing going back to childhood. While I did not lose it, I was very stern with him in front of his friend Sheldon, which embarrassed and offended Jonathan.

I feel bad about it, and consider that it’s my fault too, because I have accustomed him to fooling with me playfully and I believe that led to this incident. How wonderful is forgiveness!

To forgive for an offense is the greatest gift one can give to another.

Consider what salvation is about and what Jesus Christ did for us all. Is His not the Supreme Act of Forgiveness and the Greatest Gift ever bestowed on us?

I speak of being able to both forgive Jonathan and hope he’ll forgive me.

Particle – Matthew Gospel Doubles Up Repeatedly and Errs

I have been finding much recently in Matthew that is not accurate:

– the four sets of twos (2 blind men, 2 thieves railing, 2 donkeys, and 2 demon-possessed men) while other Gospels mention only one of each and have another Gospel testimony – 2 or 3 witnesses are required by the Mosaic Law to confirm their testimony. So, what’s with Matthew?

Then there is Matthew 28:19 and 20 where it says, “Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19 MKJV). This suggests support for the diabolical doctrine of the Trinity. However, other manuscripts simply say, “in My Name,” which is accurate. Titles or roles are not names.

It appears somebody’s been messing with the text, adding to the original manuscripts. This is something Bibliolaters can’t handle. They think that seeing the Bible is supposed to be God’s Word, God saw fit to make it perfect and keep it that way. Yet, if it IS His Book (and I know it is), He has warned by at least three different writers – Moses, the Proverbs writer, and the apostle John in Revelation that one is not to add or subtract from His Word. Which means it CAN be done, doesn’t it, otherwise, why warn against it? And it’s been done.

Revelations 22:18,19; Proverbs 30: 5,6; Deuteronomy 4:2.

We’ve written much at proving from the Scriptures that they’ve been tampered with or perhaps that they have “honest” errors, no matter what translation.

However, the Essence of the Scriptures remains Faithful and True, not to be doubted. That Essence is none other than their Author, Yeshua HaMashiach, known as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Particle – A Dismal Dental Diagnosis

On Thursday, April 2, 2009, Dr. Karstan Lachman informed me that I had 8 cavities and needed a crown for each one. That was a shock!

In recent many years, under Lachman’s care, I had relatively little trouble with my teeth. Suddenly, after a checkup and vigorous tooth-cleaning by Joni, the dental hygienist, Dr. Lachman tells me I must have 8 crowns because my teeth have caries at the gum line, which were not there only several months earlier.

What happened? Where did I go wrong? I asked Dr. Lachman why I would suddenly have these cavities. He shrugged his shoulders; no answers. Joni was sitting by listening with interest to our conversation. It was strange.

I left the office and began considering the recent personal lifestyle changes I made. Which of these could have caused the problem? There were several possibilities, all of which I’m thoroughly ashamed of, and which weren’t convincing as the cause:

One – I was recently rinsing and re-using dental floss (I didn’t see why I should waste it if it was reusable, like a toothbrush we re-use). Could it be that the plaque remains on the floss from prior use and allegedly causes such dramatic effects? I note that for many years, I used no floss at all, and I was fine!

Two – I never used to chew gum until recently when I tried to curb my appetite while sitting at my computer. I was told sugarless gum was harmless, even good for teeth and gums. It was not a regular gum but a “health” one sweetened with Xylitol. And is Xylitol good or bad for your teeth?

Could it be that chewing gum for hours a day stimulates acidic juices that eat away at the teeth? It is said chewing gum isn’t good for you because chewing constantly sends the body the message to prepare for digestion. So, what’s true?

Three – But besides being embarrassed about chewing gum at all, I’d also chew it for a while and leave it on my pen holder for later. I thought the gum was still good, the recent kind where flavor partially remained, so why throw it out? Perhaps gum would be a prime breeding ground for bacteria?

Four – Could it be that recently I have been using a natural, harmless, edible toothpaste, which I have not felt the absolute need to spit or rinse out of my mouth completely? Have I been leaving plaque in my mouth after brushing?

Five – I had done two ten-day sessions of the Ten-Day Diet for Idiots, where one eats six meals per day. I lost the weight, all right. The diet works, at least temporarily – I lost 20 lb. in 20 days, 2 10-day sessions about a month apart.

The problem perhaps was that I wasn’t brushing after every meal. Almost all the cavities were in the lower jaw, where food was most likely to collect. If the diet was the cause, either it was the lack of brushing or lack of proper nutrition, seeing it was high protein and low carbohydrate, so low that my body ended up screaming, “I can’t take it anymore – give me carbs or I die!” It wasn’t starvation or hunger I was experiencing so much as something seriously lacking. Which is why I broke the diet duration in half and gave it a rest for a month.

Six – a Lech Lacny had shared this diet with me when, I suppose, I should have bought it directly from the owner online and paid my dues. There was a satisfaction guarantee refund on it, which I suppose I would have asked for, given I was not satisfied, so the retailer wasn’t out any money in the long run. Fine, so I lost the weight, but for how long and at what price?

I do wonder if the Lord has not chastened me for receiving goods that weren’t mine. If so, that $30 diet cost me about $12,000 for 8 crowns, not to mention the trouble, discomfort, and unhealthy dental procedures. The better one knows, the more the Lord requires. I knew better.

We also lost a customer. Lech Lacny used to shop at Harvest Haven until this incident. I guess because I didn’t contribute anything to his costs for the diet, he hasn’t been back (not that we had agreed to anything…it was left in the air, and one could assume he didn’t want anything). In consideration, I tried contacting him by phone and email to pay him whatever he wanted that would be within reason, but he wouldn’t get back to me.

Isn’t it highly inconsiderate and selfish of one to not return a repeated phone call? I did try to make things right with Lech, not because we lost a customer – his purchases were sporadic, tiny, and usually out of the vegetable/fruit distress bin, but because I wanted to make things right with him. Shouldn’t one be allowed to be heard and to make amends?

Truth be told, I liked the guy, and we had some interesting discussions.

I report all this to demonstrate my foolishness, my propensity for being a tightwad, and my willingness to get something for nothing at someone else’s expense. This isn’t the way to live; it is the way to die while killing others.

A truer saying there has never been than this: There is no such thing as something for nothing.Believe it. If you don’t believe and act on that truth, anything you presume or try to get for nothing is going to cost you far more than if you were to pay for it, fairly and promptly.

Indeed, give without expecting a return and you’ll receive even more. I’ve seen it happen many times. Giving to get never works but giving freely always does.

Years ago, the Lord spoke to me saying, “You can live expensively at the bottom or inexpensively at the top.” Herein were these words fulfilled on the tails side of the coin to my great dismay. I have not believed those words in so many ways and so many times since. Hideous unbelief!

I thought of 2 more potential causes for the rush of cavities:

Seven – I also knew that spending many hours every day for years behind a computer has been taking its toll on my energy, and my physical and mental well-being, which manifest in various ways. Could it now be catching up in my teeth? That is a certain possibility, but all at once?

Eight – Could it be that I have not gotten my Vitamin D because I have spent next to no time at all in the sun, being indoors at my computer for long hours this past many years? I’m told how important Vitamin D is for us.

Above all, why has the Lord not prevented, but instead, permitted if not pronounced, this condition on me? I’ve asked, and while I’ve been recently inclined to suspect the used gum and floss as the culprits, I don’t know. If it is these, then I have perhaps saved myself $10 at best by reusing floss 2 times or so and chewing old gum, and now it has cost me about $12,000 in dental, not to mention the troubles and pains! Now, if that isn’t living expensively at the bottom, what is?

Is it a matter of thriftiness? Is it a matter of not trusting marketers with their devices to make you use more than you need to, like a whole strip of toothpaste to cover the length of the brush when a fraction of that would do?

While I’ve made changes in these things, I’m still not settled as to the cause of the sudden dental trouble. I haven’t received a sure answer from the Lord on it.

Editor’s note, October 2017: As one so very slow on the uptake, as usual, I would realize why I did get the flurry of cavities all at once and it wasn’t for any of the reasons above. The real reason made me angry, but I knew I deserved everything I got for my unbelief.

Particle – “She Is a Witch”

While Joni, the hygienist, was cleaning my teeth at Lachman’s, I made the mistake of firmly differing with them on artificial water fluoridation. We were speaking up against Lethbridge municipal water fluoridation, having done our homework and finding the industrial waste product called “fluoride” that dentists were using and which cities were putting in their municipal water was sheer toxic poison, hugely detrimental to health.

Dr. Lachman and Joni strongly disagreed as does the dental association, which brain-soiled the dental world with its propaganda in dental colleges, funded by the fertilizer industry that does its evil best to rid itself of toxic waste by criminally deceiving the public into believing fluoride is good for the teeth.

That fluoride was good for dental health was propaganda devised by “the Father of Propaganda,” Edward Bernays, whom the industry hired to come up with a marketing strategy to unload this terrible toxin that would otherwise cost it enormous expense to dispose of.

I heard the words, “She is a witch.” I could have put a stop to the cleaning right there and then because it seemed to be a warning that Joni would retaliate for disagreeing with her. But I didn’t have the conviction to do so. Amazing how things work, how cowed we can be at causing a scene. Why? Because we doubt the things we hear that are true. So, we pay the price.

It should also be noted that I had chanced on a booklet by a chemist, I think it was, who had a Ph.D., in chemistry, I believe. The booklet was about how dental practices were often detrimental to dental health, especially when it came to tooth-cleaning. He made sense but I didn’t take his sound arguments to heart.

I had asked Mark to talk to Karstan Lachman about the booklet, which he and I did, and Karstan was offended that his “chosen profession” was maligned. The Bensons later lost the article and I couldn’t review it or find the information again anywhere online. We continued in the conventional dental treatment with Dr. Lachman, not wishing to offend, and paid a dear price for it.

The Lord always warns. I believe the Lord had brought this booklet to my attention as a warning and I failed to believe it. We pay dearly for unbelief. The Lord delivers us over to our destroyers until one day, “400 years later,” we’re ready to be released and tried again. I’m saying our judgment comes to rest on us multiplied in proportion to our offense.

Particle – Circumstances in Multiples

I have often found that when a problem arose with my health and perhaps in other areas of life, the real cause of it was obscured by several recent concurrent changes, each of which could be considered as the cause. Why is it things work that way? Do they work that way for you? Why can’t it be one thing that has changed, one sees the effects, and eliminates that change, restoring things to normal? Why must it be so complicated? Why the confusion?

Editor’s Note, January 2022; revelation: Why the multiple possibilities as to the cause of a problem? We are tested in conscience. Will we choose the right while given other options and thus accept responsibility? Our character is being developed in life through a series of choices at many crossroads.

Particle – Marilyn’s Dream of Mark and Sean in the Driver’s Seat

Marilyn told me of a dream she had in 2001 or 2002:

She saw Mark driving the Harvest Haven van. He was focused on himself, and he was bumping into things with the side of the van, causing damage – not irreparable damage, but damage, nonetheless.

She then saw Sean driving the Harvest Haven van. She was in the passenger seat, and Jonathan was in the back. Sean was focused on the road, paying careful attention. Marilyn described to him and Jonathan a situation with Joanne Harris, but Sean wasn’t listening to her – his attention was on the road.

What were we to make of this dream? It wasn’t from the Lord, though it had some truth in it, like the description of Mark. Many dreams are like that.

Editor’s Note, August 2022: It was a junk dream born out of feelings, thoughts, and busyness, as the proverb mentions. As I recall, both Sean and Mark were reckless, inept, selfish, and irresponsible. Sean just had a “finer” and more “honest” way of going about it.

Mark was stupid, hateful, deceitful, ignorant, arrogant, stubborn, and hugely lazy. If you want the sluggard of the KJV proverbs, meet Mark Benson. He hated everyone and only loved where it served his comforts and pleasures. He was raised by his mother – “two peas in a pod.” They were liars joined at the hip, creating, nursing, and living by one another’s superstitions, ever searching for fantasy and sensationalism, despising Reality.

Particle – Houdini and Whodunnit

Mark never did seem to keep track of the herds, whether it came to numbers, breeding, or even sex. We couldn’t count on him to tell us how many head we had, he seemed to have a problem telling the difference between a ewe and a wether (castrated ram), and he seldom seemed to be in control of rams and organized mating seasons. Suddenly two lambs appeared on April 2. Given the lack of information and general situation, we named them “Houdini” and “Whodunnit.”

Harvest Haven hasn’t been a viable farm or business enterprise; it’s been a “funny farm” with lazy, ignorant morons at the helm, no question. And there was nothing I knew that I could do about it. It was Harvest Hades, not Haven unless a haven for devils.

Unborn calves were being butchered in cows taken for slaughter and cows birthing unexpected calves, one after another; others aborting. It was chaos with the self-titled “General Manager” Mark Benson at the wheel as per Marilyn’s dream, one I would come to call, “General Mismanager.” Everything going wrong and no fault of his because he knew it all and could do no wrong. He would not take a shred of responsibility for anything, not in the least. He was a coward, a man-pleaser ready to do anything to avoid direct conflict with anyone.

Nor could Mark be loyal to those above him or who should receive any deference. Loyalty was foreign to him. He was a liar and traitor, merciless in all his ways, even with his children.

Not even Mark’s parents-in-law escaped his secret, outspoken contempt behind their backs. Anything anyone could do, he could do better. He would be hard-pressed to pay a microgram of credit or praise to anyone, nor give any benefit of the doubt unless they were of obvious use to him. A hero to all and a legend in his mind second to none, always. He had many fooled, me included.

Why? Was he born that way? I don’t know. Did his parents spoil him? Yes, they most certainly did, with praise, flatteries, and high expectations, perhaps partially because they were disappointed with their firstborn.

Particle – Tooth Fairy Tale or Fact

Mark’s wife Mariko had grossly crooked teeth so they decided to get braces for her. Mark and Mariko told me that during the process of installing the braces, Valerie, a dental assistant, accidentally hit Mariko’s right maxillary central incisor. It was a hard jar, they said. In time, the tooth began to go gray. Dr. Lachman insisted the tooth was dead and urged a root canal.

Mark and Mariko didn’t want a root canal and so sought some means of restoring the tooth. They spoke to a naturopath in Quebec, a supplier to us of homeopathic remedies, who recommended they go to Dr. Lachman and remove the braces to ease the pressure on the nerve, then begin to treat the tooth with homeopathy, specific nutrition, and energy devices.

They began to use laser therapy, the Russian DOVE, and the C735 Scenar technology we had in our possession. In days, the gray tooth turned white again. To this day, two years later, Mariko still has her tooth, although she must continue treatments to keep it from growing gray again.

We paid $3500 for the braces but had to cease the process to save the tooth. Though Mark and Mariko were sure the tooth was harmed by incompetent staff, Dr. Lachman denied it and refused to take responsibility, because Mark and Mariko had signed a waiver absolving the dental office of responsibility.

Our position was that for unforeseen circumstances beyond their control and with an understanding and agreement in place, it would be fair that they didn’t take responsibility, according to the agreement, but for incompetence, he should stand good. He refused any refund or any acknowledgment of fault. When I spoke to Karstan about Mariko’s tooth again on April 30, he was quite offended. I didn’t understand why and wouldn’t for years later. Duh of many duhs!

But the story gets more interesting, if not bizarre. Mark and Mariko weren’t having children until this event occurred. We’re told this tooth is physiologically related to fertility. Did the incident cause a pregnancy? Did Dr. Lachman’s dental assistant make possible Mariko’s pregnancy?

Editor’s Note, years later up to 2022: There’s more to this story – who was telling the truth?

Years later, in retrospect, I feel silly for believing Mark and Mariko in their claim that a slip of the dental assistant’s hand damaged the tooth. I don’t believe it now. As in other things, I’m suspecting they lied to me. I think it was merely another of their superstitions and coverups. One day, we’ll know.

Why would they lie? What were they hiding, except that I paid the dental bill for braces and they were afraid to admit failure for the procedure, thus incurring the wasteful expense, which was a pet peeve of mine as I watched the business bank account constantly bleed?

Two, was Lachman’s dental office knowledgeably responsible for damaging the tooth? If there’s anything to be known of Mark Benson, it is that he refused to take blame or responsibility for any error, mistake, or wrongdoing. He was a coward, liar, slanderer, false accuser, hateful, lazy, irresponsible, fool – a very stupid one. He had no mercy or regard for anyone.

Why am I so outspoken in derogatory terms about Mark? Am I being eaten up years later with realizations and revelations from others of what he was guilty of all along? I don’t believe I’m being consumed. On the contrary, we’re super thankful those days are long gone. We believe they were necessary. I had to be dealt with through all this evil. God had a purpose in all of it.

I do have the conviction to tell all for whatever reason. Let the books be opened. Let all be declared. Let everyone know that nothing will be hidden forever, to be revealed in due time in due ways, like this one.

Particle – Last Time Sean Visits Moon River

On the Sabbath, April 4, 2009, Dena, Sara, and Sean came for breakfast and stayed for a visit. With Paul on the phone from Helena, we red Mark 15 together, I don’t recall why.

I confronted Dena on her rotten attitude toward Sean after Sara reported to me of it today. Dena confessed and apologized to Sean. “Judge nothing before the time” were the concluding words I heard to put away all speculation, opinion, and judgment.

Particle – Deformed, Reformed, Unable to Perform, Needing to Be Informed

So sad but true. Calvin the murderer is the psychopathic destroyer of many throughout history and his faithful followers love him for it. The mystery of iniquity. Is this not a case of strong delusion God has sent to those who haven’t loved the Truth?

While visiting us at Moon River Estates, Sara, Jonathan, and I went for a walk to the playground (Sara Schmidt’s suggestion) and met a Dutch Reformed woman, Sandy Schipper, who knew the Kaats (Particle – Culling Calvin) and went to school with Joletta and her three young children. She was from Monarch and goes to their big new church a few miles from our farm. We talked with her for a good half hour.

I asked Sandy about predestination to eternal torment, the report from Kaat and Adrian Devries about how some Reformed people react to it with anxiety, depression, nervous breakdowns, and suicide, which Devries also confirmed.

Sandy ended up with plenty to think about and was moved. She said she never goes on the internet but made a point of asking the name of the site I already gave her earlier in the conversation. I told her about Calvin and the documents we have there, as well as our stories. It was a good visit. Sara said, “she was pierced.” Was she?

The Lord arranged that meeting. Jonathan rarely comes on such walks but agreed to come if we went to the playground, which I never do, so I said “Sure.” Sandy says she comes there perhaps once every two years. I told her that was about my frequency, that this did not happen by chance (she believes, at least doctrinally, as Calvinists do, in God’s total sovereignty) and she agreed.

I will never forget the words John Van Maanan spoke to me in 1995 or 1996 at his construction auction sale saying, “All things are determined from above.” Common and simple enough, yet apt and striking words for me.

Particle – The History of Man Coming Full Circle?

Barack Obama, a black man, has come to allegedly the most powerful executive position in the world, that of the President of the United States. He has come by stealth, being a Muslim, but pretending to be a Christian, thus deceiving the American electorate and the West. He has come with a messianic charisma, impressing hundreds of millions, drawing them to tears, and filling them with the hope that “at last, someone has come to make everything right.”

Islam is on the move to destroy the West and all its Judeo-Christian values. Obama, being Muslim, is sure to be sympathetic and energetic with Islam’s aims.

We read that man’s government on an urban scale began in the second generation when Cain killed Abel, left his parents, married, had children, and built a city (Genesis 4:16, 17). Man’s government well extended to an international scale by the tenth generation, Noah’s time (Genesis 6). However, all but Noah and his immediate family were destroyed in the flood.

Nations began to form again a few generations after Noah (Genesis 10:1-8). History tells us man’s government on a world scale, an empire of nations, began to establish itself after the flood under Nimrod, son of Cush, grandson of Ham, and Noah’s great-grandson. (Genesis 10).

Historical records indicate Nimrod was humanistic, anti-Christ, and turned souls from God to himself and themselves (“We can do it”?). It also records that Shem, son of Noah, eventually defeated Nimrod by speaking the Word in power by the Spirit of God. Nimrod was destroyed, and his body cut in many parts and dispatched to the ends of the known world. According to various sources, Nimrod is known to have been a black man.

Barack Hussein Obama very much reminds me of the king in Daniel:

Daniel 8:23-26 GNB
(23) “When the end of those kingdoms is near and they have become so wicked that they must be punished, there will be a stubborn, vicious, and deceitful king.
(24) He will grow strong—but not by his own power. He will cause terrible destruction and be successful in everything he does. He will bring destruction on powerful men and God’s people.
(25) Because he is cunning, he will succeed in his deceitful ways. He will be proud of himself and destroy many people without warning. He will even defy the greatest King of all, but he will be destroyed without the use of any human power.
(26) This vision about the evening and morning sacrifices which has been explained to you will come true. But keep it secret now, because it will be a long time before it does come true.”

Have we come full circle from an ungodly black man leading in the beginning and now in the end? Not saying that every black man is evil or ungodly, but history on occasion has a way of remarkably repeating, even duplicating, itself in stunning coincidental details, as recorded in both secular and Biblical history. A subject for another time, perhaps.

Editor’s Note: Reader, keep in mind this was recorded in 2009 when Obama had not yet publicly and entirely revealed his hand.

Particle – A Letter from Joyce Wentworth

Editor’s Note, January 2022: How America has changed this past decade:

An email – Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009, 12:37 PM
Subject: No mincing of words here
By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

WASH—Apr 7—KIN– Some of the most double-minded sayings of this new century are: “I support the troops, but not the war”; “I am against abortion, but for the woman’s right to choose an abortion”; “I believe that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same god”; and “the United States is not at war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject.”

The man who now occupies the Oval Office has uttered all of these and the last one is a direct quote before the Parliament of Turkey. Facts are: The leaders of radical Islam have called for the complete destruction of America and Israel; they have declared war on America and Israel.

The man who now occupies the Oval Office went on to say, “We seek broad engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. We will listen carefully, bridge misunderstanding, and seek common ground. We will be respectful, even when we do not agree. And we will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better – including my own country. The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans.”

We must ask: Can there be mutual interest and common ground with those who seek to destroy you? How can the so-called Islamic faith be respected or appreciated when it foments death wherever it takes root?

But worse, how can an American president ever claim that the so-called Islamic faith shaped the United States for the better? This is sheer delusion. Were the Founding Fathers born from or converted of Islam? Did Islam stop capturing Africans and selling them into slavery? Did Islam advance health and medicine in America? Was Islam the driving spirit behind entrepreneurship and free enterprise? Did Islam suffer the rights of women to vote? Did Islam stand for a free and independent Israel? Did Islam spread in our prisons and contribute to crime against Americans? Did Islam perpetrate terrorist attacks killing innocent Americans? Where did Islam shape America for the better?

It is one thing to try to improve relations that have been damaged over the years. It is yet another to make statements that not even those who are hearing them believe to be true. But the same concepts with this man hold consistent. This is the man who believes America can spend its way out of debt. He believes that free enterprise can be saved by nationalization of industry. And he believes that Islam—who kills the innocent, enslaves women and children, and sells drugs to fund the spreading of its religion–shaped America for the better.

James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” And Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”


That is the way it is, is it not? And moving fast!

We are seeing and will see, developments in the works to make our heads spin. Nothing will make sense, and it is not supposed to. Mankind is having his last great “kick at the cat.” We are at the Tower of Babel, full circle, for the second and last time. It was a black man that led the first, and a black man leading this. However, the first was the real leader (or at least his wife Semiramis’ puppet) while this one is the front man for the British/American military/industrial complex, the “Illuminati.” The earth and the kingdoms of men are winding to an end, a fast and ferocious one, in which many perish. It will be the worst of times for a short time, followed by the best to be established forever.

Particle – Edwin Romero of Honduras

Today, April 8, 2009, I had a chat on Windows Messenger with Edwin Romero, a pastor at a church in Honduras. He claims to be looking for reality in his large church and not finding it. The church is run by an “apostle,” his wife, a “prophetess,” and ten pastors, Edwin being one of them.

Particle – Jehovah’s Witness Ruth Piller Invites Me

On April 8, Ruth Piller, a lady of about 65, a customer at Harvest Haven who tried hard to convert us, invited me to the JW annual commemoration tomorrow night, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society version of the annual Feast of Passover.

I took the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about them:

I asked Ruth about a very interesting subject that a similar organization, former companions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Bible Students, occupied themselves with – the Pyramid of Giza. I sent Ruth our American JW acquaintance Gayla Erickson’s correspondence on the subject.

I asked her about the fact that JW founder Charles Taze Russell and successor Joseph “Judge” Rutherford differed on doctrine.

I also asked her to tell me who that prophet was, though I never told her.

Then Paul suggested we send her Could Jesus Christ Have Sinned?  So, I did.

Particle – The Weirdest Supper Ever

We agreed that only I should attend the JW Memorial on Stafford Drive in Lethbridge. I sat with Ruth and her husband, Al. Everyone was formally dressed. It seemed there were 2 outsiders of about 250 people – I and one young, hard-looking fellow.

They sang 2 hymns, had 3 prayers, and a sermon on the breaking of bread and drinking of the cup, as recorded in the Gospels and 1 Cor. 11.

1 Corinthians 11:23-26 MKJV
(23) For I received from the Lord what I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which He was betrayed took bread;
(24) And giving thanks, He broke it and said, “Take, eat; this is My body, which is broken for you; this do in remembrance of Me.”
(25) In the same way He took the cup also, after supping, saying, “This cup is the New Covenant in My blood; as often as you drink it, do this in remembrance of Me.”
(26) For “as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you show” the Lord’s death until He shall come.

They had several ushers pass the bread on a bread-and-butter plate. The bread was unleavened and small. Nobody partook of it; they just passed it on throughout the whole congregation. They then returned the bread to the table and passed the wine in 3 stemware glasses. Nobody that I could see partook of the wine. They all believed they were unworthy to partake but for a rare remaining few of their organization, based on some sort of virtue in their old days.

I was quite tempted to partake to demonstrate to them that I, unlike them, believed I was worthy to partake and would have been the only one to do so. On the other hand, I thought I might be partaking of the table of devils, so I “passed” on their “Passover.”

I find it so ironic that they pray, preach, and read from Scripture that they are obeying the Lord by holding this memorial to partake of the bread and wine representing His flesh and blood, then do not partake, which was what He specifically told them to do! How very strange that this contradiction is entirely lost on them!

When the service was over, Ruth asked me if I was disappointed. “On the contrary,” I replied, “I am very thankful I came.” And I was! I felt perfectly comfortable there and would have had a difficult time believing it if someone had told me they passed the bread and wine but dared not partake of it.

They believe the partaking is only for the 144,000 (Revelation 7:4; 14:1-5), of whom there are very few left alive in their estimation (Ruth, who is in her early ‘70’s, believes she knows one such person, a “saintly woman who is 93 or so.”) Of 17 million JW’s, they had 9000 partake of the bread and wine in 2008.

Wow! That would have been a rather interesting situation had I had the “gumption” to partake. Ruth also believes that many of those partaking don’t do so legitimately, being presumptuous or deluded or both.

The people are very friendly (young and old alike) and try to smile, acknowledge a stranger, introduce themselves, and make one feel welcome.

Ruth wants so much to convert me and hopes for Bible studies. I’m sending her questions that are designed to make her think. She asked me to give her feedback by email. I will do so.

I called Ralph and Evelyn Olson to apologize to them for not taking the trouble to talk to them at their meeting. He returned the call and was quite friendly. I must confess I have some empathy for those people, even though they do not know the Lord and deny Jesus’ Divinity.

Particle – Nick and Bo, JW

On April 14th,2009, I had another of 3 independent encounters with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Bo Niebergal and Nick Crow Chief came to our door from Ft. MacLeod to talk. I invited them in. Marilyn and Jonathan were doing school and Ingrid sat with us to listen. I asked them many questions they couldn’t answer, and even admitted they couldn’t. Their solution to the stalemate was to say they did not come to debate and so must leave. Before it came to parting, they gave me an invitation to a meeting on Sunday, the 26th at 11 AM.

Why has it been raining Jehovah’s Witnesses recently? I seem to be developing something for reaching out to JWs with compassion. I believe that by doing so, their defenses would be broken down, not by our power or doing, but because the Lord has brought us and them to this time.

Particle – Dream – Paul Cohen’s: James Steps out of Sorochan Enterprises

In my dream of April 10th, 2009, I was talking to James, who was telling me about a new business he was starting. It seemed the business had something to do with Sorochan Enterprises, his family business, but this was his idea and energy going into something new. He seemed upbeat, and something new for him, confident in what he was doing on his own.

Particle – Vision – Ruth Piller Wincing

As I saw our letter sent to Ruth Piller tonight at about 9:30 PM or so, April 21st, 2009, I saw and felt her wince or groan in fear and despair at this letter, a process that began some time ago. She can’t resist the truth of it and has a crisis of conscience. “How hardly shall a rich man enter Heaven, but with God, all things are possible!”

When I wrote that to Paul, he replied:

“I wish Ruth would get some healthy fear of God. I thought I glimpsed something like that while reading a portion of the letter, seeing her wince with some recognition of God’s holiness and how she is trampling on Him.”

Particle – Neil Voss and Judgment on Healing Devices

Neil Voss called us today, April 10, 2009. He’s a scientist and experiments primarily on health devices. He found Hsin Ten’s E-Power to be detrimental to health if overdone.

He found the same for Kangen water, an alkalinizing water product that showed some impressive results at first, but which led to serious health problems as people continued with it. Kangen was also an expensive multilevel marketing product. We declined on promoting either, even though we are already distributors at Harvest Haven for other worthy MLM (Multi-level marketing) products.

Particle – How Do We Tell Who’s Wrong?

Peter, Mario Borowski’s son, left him months ago and won’t talk to him. Mario takes no blame for it and there is simply no point in trying to reason with him about anything. So now, he has no vehicle, no son, had his construction tools confiscated, and suffers a $30,000 allegedly fraudulent lawsuit he is paying off. He also had a serious knee injury. This is the fellow who says God’s wrath is on us for flying the Star of David Israeli flag, which by some is called the star of Remphan.

Neil Voss concluded Kangen water is not good, at least not long term. Mario has been using Kangen for some time and I expect he’ll be suffering the effects, but he won’t listen to me.

Mario also told us his friend John Gahan is not with him now in developing a refuge from the coming crisis in the world. He says John can’t make up his mind about anything. Mario tells us John also has conflict with his California girlfriend, constantly.

These are men we try to help but they will not listen. Of course, they “try” to help us and we don’t listen to them. So, it goes.

Since Mario visited us that first time about a year ago or more, You, Lord, have told me to let things happen with him. We have seen peculiar and significant developments with him and will continue to stand and watch, while You deal with him.

Particle – Nowhere to Hide from God’s Judgment

We visited on spiritual matters with Alejandro and Aurora Orosco of Tres Marias in Calgary. They supply us with wholesale organic wheat flour tortillas. I told Alejandro that all that was happening in the world was God’s judgment, which is like water poured out. Water will find the lowest spots and every hole. If it is coming to someone, no place or amount of wealth, power, or scheming and preparation will save him.

On the other hand, if someone is not intended or marked for God’s judgment, no matter if he has nothing of protection or preparation, he will be spared. The judgment of God goes only where it belongs.

Where was Noah going to hide? The whole earth was covered with God’s judgment, but God provided an ark of safety for him and his house. So, today, the whole earth is subjected to judgment, but God will protect us.

Where could Lot and his family run and hide from the raining fire and brimstone that would destroy their hometown Sodom, Gomorrah, and surrounding cities? They didn’t even know destruction was on its way until angels were sent to deliver them. Even then, they had to be forcefully persuaded to escape.

Lord, I told Alejandro that You have been preparing, equipping, and training us this past nearly 14 years for this time. With tongue in cheek, Alejandro remarked that perhaps he and his wife may find themselves knocking on our door at Harvest Haven, asking to be let in.

It will be too late, then. They weren’t the least interested.

Particle: Am I That Prophet?

Awaking troubled, I sent this letter this morning to our local group, Friday, May 01, 2009:

“As you know, I have been wondering why my teeth suddenly had tiny caries. Within about a year, I need 8 crowns for $12,000 – this after over 30 years of relatively few problems – not that the money is anything if the Lord provides, which He has done, and I am persuaded, is doing. I’ve been asking, ‘Is it the 10-Day Diet, the gum, floss, the rotary toothbrush, lack of sunshine, EMFs, computers, what?’

“Yet, above all is God, Who gives us the wisdom to do what is right and keeps us in all these things. There has got to be sin or fault on my end.

“In the middle of last night, it came to me. This problem has come since I have claimed to be that prophet. God said he would destroy someone who is presumptuous. I perceive He has given me a gentle rebuke. Jesus Christ is that Prophet, not I.

“I can hear the “Well, what about…” but I think I can answer most objections satisfactorily. Lord, I am sorry. I confess my presumption and wrong and ask Your forgiveness. We need to change things quickly on the site. I know You will forgive me; I know that given the factors we are aware of, it was rather easy to fall into this error.”

Editor’s Note, February 2010: The cause stated here of my dental problems as mentioned above is not true. I will later receive revelation of the cause.

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