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Fools Believe Liars Who Malign Israel

We received this e-mail from an acquaintance, Richard, which was sent to him by Stefan (it is incomprehensible because written by foreign Muslims who concocted and spread this propaganda to the slumbering West):

These pictures are the same Jews could
Sympathy of the world of what they were suffering from it than Hitler
But now they are doing the same crimes with the Palestinian

Please try to send
And cooperate to publish as much as possible

Victor’s reply:

Richard Grzebyk, you should know that what you forward here to us from Stefan Grzadzeil is vile in the sight of God and decency. This is the work of Muslims who deceive the world, determining to Islamize it. You and your friend, Stefan, are among many in the West whom Muslims derisively call “useful idiots” in their cause to subjugate us all. (Get the movie The Third Jihad on the net and see for yourself.)

We are well familiar with Muslim history, Jewish history, the Zionist movement, the world history of present day Middle East developments in the past century, and the present situation in Israel.

Both of you are evidently very ignorant of these matters or you wouldn’t be publicizing this trash, I assure you. Either that, or you are simply anti-Semitic and antiChrist, as was Muhammad, as is the Koran, as is orthodox Islam, as are devoted Muslims, and there is no changing your minds.

Most importantly (knowing history is not enough), we have the testimony of God and the Scriptures to enlighten us on what He is doing with Israel in the Middle East. If you had that enlightenment from Him, again, you would not do what you are doing here.

I am well aware that Poles have a notorious reputation for being anti-Semitic. The Catholic Church has been a hater and persecutor of Jews throughout the past many centuries, Poland being 90% Catholic, and so it is no wonder you two, along with Mario and many other Poles, have the attitude and take the stance you do.

I hereby warn you, by the knowledge, authority, and power God has given me through Jesus Christ our Lord, Whom I know personally and Who gives me to speak now, that you put a knife to your own throats with this literature, aiding and abetting one of the greatest murderers, rapists, looters, pillagers, traitors, liars, and pedophiles that has ever existed upon the face of this earth – Muhammad. The Koran clearly confirms what I say, as do the Scriptures.

Get knowledge of God and of the true history and situation, or perish in your sins. It’s your choice. You are coming against God Himself.

Note that I am not saying Jews are innocent or godly. But I am saying that this piece of mail you sent me is a gross distortion of the facts, and in disseminating it, you become murderers, liars, rapists, and pedophiles with Muhammad. And God is finished with this evil and those who deal in it. He will destroy all those who deliberately live ignorant, irresponsible lives, as you do here.

For enlightenment and exposure of that which you ignorantly and foolishly promote, go to our Islam section. Read and change your ways, or face the dire consequences for your deeds.

And should you wish to know our rounded perspective and stance concerning the Jews, you can read at Israel and the Jew.

I have sent you a factual video account of the history of the Middle East as pertaining to Israel. It is a matter of record, and you need to know it. If you don’t have it, ask me for it, and I will send it to you. Most of all, you men need to repent of your sins toward God.

Victor Hafichuk

Stefan’s reply:

Greetings Mr. Hafichuk,

I do not fully understand what you are trying to say. The whole PLANET knows what is going on in occupied GAZA.

This conflict fuels Jihadist propaganda all over the world. Islamic terrorists use footage of Palestinian oppression to recruit for their cause and justify their attacks on the West, because the West heavily funds and supports Israel.

Are you saying that pictures are not true and fabricated? – I personally, don’t think so.

Pictures speak a thousand words about the incredible suffering of Jewish and Polish people from Nazi Germany but they also show similar suffering of Palestinian people.

I know what radical Islam is and its hatred toward west but this does not change the fact that innocent Palestinian children are being killed and burned alive by Israeli forces.

We can spend the rest of our lives arguing who is the bigger butcher in the Middle-East but it would not be a constructive discussion.

You write: by forwarding this e-mail “You are coming against God Himself”

Mr. Hafichuk: I know only ONE GOD, the God that is creator of heaven and earth, GOD of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ.

This GOD gave us the PERFECT LAW – 10 Commandments

Thou shall not kill
Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s house, thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s

EXODUS 20:1-17

According to my best knowledge GOD did not create any legal exemption from this PERFECT LAW and – no one can claim that exemption !!!

Many years ago as a young boy I red book “IN A DESERT AND IN A JUNGLE” by author Henryk Sienkiewicz, in that book boy named Kali said:

I don’t agree with this statement made by Kali, do you Mr. Hafichuk?

I believe that by being ignorant and pretending that WE do not see the horrible treatment of Palestinians in occupied territory, we somehow affiliate our self with the aggressor.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather EXPOSE them”
Ephesians: 5:11

You probably think that Israeli tactics are justified because you face an implacably evil foe that desires to wipe you out in the form of Hamas or others (who themselves have gone to the extremes because of Israeli oppression). But what you don’t realize is that you continue the cycle of violence and vengeance by hardening your hand, look at this wise quote to understand the nature of what I am saying:

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I would like to assure you that I am not anti-Semitic and anti-Christ or Roman Catholic as you suggesting.

If I committed sin against GOD please Mr. Hafichuk show me it in the scripture and I will apologize to GOD and people I unintentionally sinned against.

When I came to Canada almost 30 years ago and got a job, I worked with some Germans, and at the same time we spoke about the 2nd World War, I told them about the horrible crimes the Nazis committed in concentration camps. Some of them were very angry at me and they tried to justify it, I did not agree with them and they respected me for my opposite opinion, they did not call me names.

Your response to this very difficult subject is very similar, the truth can be very bitter and the first reaction is anger and denial.

I would like to thank you for the links provided in your e-mail. I read the literature you recommended and I did not find in it any biblical justification for the slaughter of innocent Palestinian women and children.

As a mutual courtesy to educate ourselves, I strongly recommend you to watch the series of videos called Amazing Discoveries – Exposing Deceptions by professor Walter J. Veith or

The Most Amazing Prophecies by the brilliant Jewish man Doug Batchelor

I truly respect you Mr. Hafichuk and I will pray to GOD that the Holy Spirit will enlighten your mind and will free you from the confusion and deception.


Stefan Grzadziel

Victor’s reply:

Pictures Worth a Thousand True Words or False? That is the Question

“Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24 MKJV). – Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach

The recent onslaught of Muslim propaganda against Israel and Jews is intense, fraudulent, and outrageously criminal, not according to Koranic/Muhammadan/Muslim standards and religious convictions, but according to Judeo-Christian/Biblical ethics and principles. To Muslims, if it is right for Islam, it is good; if counterproductive to the promotion of Islam, it is evil. Islam operates on an entirely oppositional paradigm to true Biblical doctrine, notwithstanding its feigned lip service to honored Biblical personages, including Jesus Christ.

Israel has been accused of being a nation with apartheid policies toward Palestinians, which is provably a false and heinous charge. Even South Africa with its past ignominious apartheid structure and policy was not known for the crime of crimes against humanity – genocide. The worst known example in our century is what we have witnessed with German Nazis against Jews.

Therefore, to compare Israel’s activities to that of the Nazis is perhaps even worse a crime than what the Nazis did to the Jews. It is certainly the same source of accusation, formed in an outstanding, unique, perpetual, and to most people, inexplicable, murderous hatred of Jews.

The Nazi genocide of the Jews is a well-documented matter of history, yet the Muslims, as well as neo-Nazis and other people of various religions, organizations, and races, will deny it happened, at least to anywhere near the extent it did, with millions of Jews perishing. And the lies and denials continue, recently intensifying dramatically and universally.

Stefan Grzadziel, you have circulated a series of pictures whereby Jews in Israel and the world are portrayed in their spirit, motives, and actions as Hitlerian Nazis. Surely, you are foolish and irresponsible to disseminate such material while not knowing, or worse still, not wanting to know, the truth about, and the difference between, what the Nazis, Poles, and others did to the Jews and what is occurring between Israel and the Palestinians.

We have already furnished factual and verifiable information for those interested in truth and justice that what they see coming from the Muslims, Poles, and Seventh Day Adventists are lies, false accusations, and character assassinations. And there is much more documentation available; not that prejudiced opposition is interested in objectivity for the sakes of those on the other side.

I have stood against your lies against Israel. Comparing me to the Germans who were upset with you when you confronted them on their people’s crimes against the Poles in World War II, you said, “Your response to this very difficult subject is very similar, the truth can be very bitter and the first reaction is anger and denial.” You are wrong.

Neither I nor my parents nor grandparents were guilty of perpetration in this matter, so there is nothing to feel guilty about or to defend personally – big difference.

The truth about this conflict is bitter and it does make me angry, though not because of any wrongdoing on my part. Rather, we have been well informed of the reality of the situation. It is not easy to watch dupes play into the hands of murderers, becoming accessories to the crime.

Let me qualify the guilt of Ukrainians (which is my race) against Jews. They have been as bad as the Nazis. In fact, more hideous atrocities could not be revealed than those on record of Bogdan Chmielnicki. Whereas before Christ, I might have been defensive (I say, “might have” – I don’t know), I am not now. It is no longer a matter of partisanship for me, but of truth, righteousness, and justice, as granted me by God’s grace.

You write, “I would like to thank you for the links provided in your e-mail. I read the literature you recommended and I did not find in it any biblical justification for the slaughter of innocent Palestinian women and children.

That is a cynical answer, is it not? We are not advocating slaughter of innocents. As for Biblical justification, what would you have said to Moses and Joshua concerning the people of Canaan, when God commanded Israel to slay man, woman, and child? And who says the Jews of Israel are slaughtering Palestinian women and children?

And where is your Biblical justification for supporting and defending those who stand squarely against the Law of God, a 1.3 billion population controlling much of the world, having holy books that, in effect, say, “Cursed is the Law of God! Islam and Muhammad and Allah and the Koran come first!” They say this not with the lips, mind you, but by their actions and policies. They also call the Bible a pack of lies and declare that God has no Son, while paying lip service to Jesus Christ as a prophet, yet an inferior one to Muhammad.

Stefan, your religious experience has sealed your foolishness and serves to destroy you and many other “innocents,” including the Palestinian children you presume to defend.

We have asked you indirectly to be reasonable, but surely it is evident we cannot reason with you. Still, for the sakes of all those who may harbor questions and doubts about Israelis as a result of this kind of vile and violence -breeding incrimination – we will reply and post for the world to hear and see that Stefan Grzadziel is, along with rabid Muslims, a religious fool, and consequently a dupe, liar, warmonger, and murderer.

Either you are deliberately in league with Jew-haters or you are among those the Muslims call “useful idiots,” whom they deceive and manipulate to first put a knife to the throats of Jews, then to their own next door neighbors in the West, and finally to their own “infidel” throats. You, Stefan, are a dupe at best and a perpetrator at worst, and I will answer you according to your folly.

“Answer a fool according to his foolishness, so that he may not be wise in his own eyes” (Proverbs 26:5 MKJV).

You say, “I believe that by being ignorant and pretending that WE do not see the horrible treatment of Palestinians in occupied territory, we somehow affiliate our self with the aggressor.

I don’t think you are pretending, and I certainly am not; neither am I ignorant, but you certainly are. The aggressors happen to be the Arab Muslims who surround Israel and outnumber them 100 to 1, and who have started every one of the numerous wars against Israel since its inception in 1948. Repeatedly and publicly, they have vowed to destroy every Jew, as their Koran and Hadith encourage, indeed instruct. And the Arabs in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza are pawns who have been forsaken by fellow Arabs, along with refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, used as a political tool against Israel. What is Israel to do? Give its throat to the sword of those who have vowed to Allah to destroy them?

You foolish dupe, Stefan! You are the one affiliating with the aggressor and slaying the innocent. You have Jewish blood on your hands, and not only their blood, but that of Palestinians as well because you have not seen the issue, thus encouraging them in their hatred and aggression, which constantly backfires on them.

You write, not realizing that you are writing against yourself, “‘WHEN KALI STEALS A COW THAT IS NO SIN BUT WHEN SOMEBODY STEALS A COW FROM KALI THAT IS SIN’

I don’t agree with this statement made by Kali, do you Mr. Hafichuk?

Are you not aware that the thinking expressed therein is the precise mindset and attitude of the faithful and devout Muslim? Don’t take my word for it. Talk to former Muslim terrorists, like Walid Shoebat, or children of terrorists, like Nonie Darwish, or any intelligent Muslim that knows the Koran and Islam, like Wafa Sultan or Ali Sina, and let them confirm to you that what I say is true. The religious nature and political policies of Islam are amoral. There is no moral code; Islam is perfectly antiChrist and antiJewish.

The Commandments of God mean absolutely nothing to Koran and Hadith-oriented Muslims. What is right for Islam is right, and what is contrary to Islamic goals and dictates of Muhammad is evil. That’s it, period. Therefore, Kali spoke in a practical proverb the doctrine, religion, philosophy, and politics of Islam, not just those of extremists or terrorists or Hezbollah or Hamas or Fatah or the Muslim Brotherhood, but of the spirit and essence of Koranic Islam according to their prophet, Muhammad.

That is precisely the Middle East problem. It has nothing to do with perpetration by Jews – nothing at all. Should the Muslim nations destroy Israel – the canary in the coal mine, the soldier on the front line taking the hit and standing in the gap for the West – they will continue on to destroy the West. They openly declare so: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” Nothing on earth but Islamic domination of earth is sacred to them – nothing.

You have it backwards when saying, “This conflict fuels Jihadist propaganda all over the world.” The Jihadist propaganda fuels the conflict, with the intent of destroying Israel and taking over the world – it is their solemn Islamic duty. Should Israel lay down its arms, no more Israel, no more homeland for a race that has been severely persecuted throughout the world and throughout its history since they slew their Messiah.

Their sins come upon their heads to this day. That’s right! The Jews are not innocent. We don’t say they are; on the contrary, we speak to them of their sins and call them to acknowledgment, confession, and repentance of the greatest sin of all, committed against their Messiah, Whose life they viciously took while He was deliberately laying it down for them.

But in this Last Day, God is finished with their judgment and will now turn with a vengeance on their enemies, you among them unless you repent. And we speak against the gross contradiction and injustice the Gentile world callously imposes on Jewry and Israel.

And you stand with the Jihadists while claiming to uphold the Ten Commandments, the very Law they despise!

A consideration for readers of this letter:

Do not answer a fool according to his foolishness, lest you also be like him” (Proverbs 26:4 MKJV).

I answer here for the warning and edification of those who are not as foolish as Stefan, without expectation of getting anywhere with one wise in his own eyes and hasty with his communications:

“Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him” (Proverbs 26:12 MKJV).

“Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him” (Proverbs 29:20 MKJV).

Stefan, your first question about the wicked Muslim propaganda pictures you are circulating is: “Are you saying that pictures are not true and fabricated? – I personally, don’t think so.

You don’t “think” so, but you don’t honestly know, do you? Yet, you will circulate lethal defamatory literature that incites murder as though it represents established truth. That is reprehensible! It is Satanic. I will “EXPOSE the unfruitful works of darkness,” as you suggest – YOUR works, Stefan.

You speak many foolish things and make this demand of me:

If I committed sin against GOD please Mr. Hafichuk show me it in the scripture and I will apologize to GOD and people I unintentionally sinned against.

You honestly think you are innocent and justified, don’t you! You have blood on your hands, intentionally or otherwise, and much to repent of, believe me. You are breaking all the Commandments at once by your actions, this one in particular, “You shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor,” in this case, the Jews. The breaking of this Commandment automatically breaks, “You shall not murder.” As James says, you break one, you break all, which includes, “Remember that you keep holy the Sabbath day,” a Commandment you are so proud of your keeping as a Seventh Day Adventist, yet truly don’t keep. You merely go through the motions and create a stench in God’s nostrils. You hypocrite!

The pictures are sure evidence of the unlearned propaganda of ignorant, uneducated, prejudiced, murderously hateful souls. I can and will put forth some simple points for each set of pictures so that any reasonable person may have little difficulty perceiving their invalidity.

Let me make one needful acknowledgment. We have recently been in touch with Wafa Sultan, author of A God Who Hates (get the book!), a Syrian lady born a Muslim and taught to hate Jews, but who had her eyes opened and now speaks out, warning the West. At the risk of losing her life to those barbaric butchers, she writes and speaks publicly to expose the savage nature of Islam, which is dictated in the Koran by the founder, Muhammad, who was a murderer, liar, pillager, rapist, pedophile, and Jew-hater, on record.

And guess what? Those you defend are among the hundreds of millions of Muslims who revere Muhammad and are taught to emulate him. As he hates and calls for the extermination of Jews, so all devout Muslims are to do the same, and your kowtowing to them in your SDA brand of self-righteousness will do nothing but encourage them in their evil.

Islam is the cause of strife in the Middle East. You say, “Hamas…have gone to the extremes because of Israeli oppression.” It has nothing to do with a circle of violence. It is all about destruction of the Jews and taking back control of the land by Islamic obligation, holy writ policy according to the Koran, and Sharia law. Islamic conquest and expansion through unjust wars and subjugation of various lands and peoples, over the 1,300 years or so before God reestablished the nation of Israel, point to the source of violence.

The Pictures

There is no specific identification or explanation accompanying these pictures. The message is not what the pictures themselves say, but what their messengers say they say. It is misrepresentation and a wicked manipulation of the audience. Several of these could have come from anywhere and could have a variety of explanations as to what really happened. That fact alone should be enough to persuade one with any decency and interest in justice to question the theme of this garbage. However, knowing the historical anti-Semitism and Arab/Muslim hatred for Jews, why should we be surprised at the deception and willingness to be deceived?

Cement Walls

The very first picture you circulate manifests you, Stefan, Richard, and other “useful idiots” for the fools you are, you who now have blood on your hands even as you send this material to others, deliberately and irresponsibly – you, Richard, and other “useful idiots.”

On the left, we see a wall that may or may not be Nazi. We are asked to believe it is. On the right, we see the wall Israel recently raised at its great expense for its defense.

Let us assume the wall on the left was the work of German Nazis. Stefan, you say to me, “The whole PLANET knows what is going on in occupied GAZA.” Not true – and by the way, if the “whole PLANET” knows so much, how is it you don’t know that it is no longer occupied? There are some who know what is going on and many who believe lies.

Some of the Western portion of the world, mostly older generations, knows that Hitler began World War II by striking Poland, your country, and had designs to continue from there, which he did. Years before the war, he was setting in order plans, laws, and infrastructure to exterminate the entire Jewish race, step by step. His prison walls were for prisoners of war – resisters, Slavs, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other conscientious objectors, and especially Jews, except that he had an intensive, concerted program for Jews because his predominant aim was to annihilate them as a people, as effectively as he and his criminals in arms were able.

The Jews were not blowing themselves up in Germany or Poland or anywhere else. They were not waging war or blowing up churches and slaughtering Gentiles and nominal Christians. They were accused of white-collar crimes, but they were only accused, not convicted.

The Nazis did not believe the Jews were people. They believed they were vermin, not fit to live, denying them all rights, bit by bit, here a little, there a little, progressively bringing them to their demise. They designed and built facilities for murder, being the perpetrators with designs to conquer as much of the world as they pleased.

The Germans saw themselves as the superior race and the Jews as most inferior. Islam calls the Jews – and nominal Christians – “the people of the book” and “the sons of apes and pigs,” the book being the Bible. As the Muslims, so the Nazis; as the Nazis, so the Muslims – their avowed, declared goal to eradicate Jews. The Palestinian Arabs are among them and of one heart with them, raising and teaching their children to believe the Koran and to hate and kill Jews.

You are grossly insulting and stupid to put Jews and Nazis on a par. And you whining Chamberlains are the worst of all. Had God not raised up Churchill in defense of freedom, Poland might still be subjugated by Nazis, and not by Jews. There would not be a Jew left in Europe, Western Asia, northern Africa, the Middle East, or perhaps anywhere.

If the Lord spews lukewarm believers out of His mouth, what will He do with Seventh Day Adventists, who do not believe, but take His Name in vain?

Extermination of Jews and subjugation of all opposition was the prime purpose of the prison in the left picture (assuming it is Nazi). Ariel Sharon’s wall (represented by the picture on the right) was built, as you should know, to prevent suicide bombers from blowing themselves up in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – anywhere they could cause maximum damage and shock. The wall is a desperate measure to protect Israel’s citizens.

Since the wall, the media is not reporting nearly as many deadly clandestine suicide attacks, killing and maiming hundreds of Israelis indiscriminately in restaurants, weddings, and market places. And if any Arabs or Muslims happened to be there, too bad. It does not matter to a hateful Muslim whose mission and aspiration from the cradle, as instilled by his parents, is to kill Jews according to dictates of the murderous Muhammad, as recorded in the Koran and Hadith. “Thou shalt not kill,” means nothing to them, even when speaking of the moderates among their own people.

“And if any Arabs or Muslims happened to be there, too bad”? You mean Arabs and Muslims are free to go about in Israel as citizens, free to vote and even sit in the Knesset? Yes, they are. I was in Israel and met several Israeli Muslim Arabs who were free to come and go. Wow! I wonder if Hitler and the Nazis did that for Jews in Germany or Poland or anywhere else.

What good did it do for Israel to pull out of Gaza? What happened then? It only got worse. The same would happen with the West Bank and with East Jerusalem. Islam by its very nature cannot stop itself.

You say, in your borrowed but perverted knowledge and wisdom, “Pictures speak a thousand words about the incredible suffering of Jewish and Polish people from Nazi Germany but they also show similar suffering of Palestinian people.

According to your heart, you interpret what you will in those pictures. You, Stefan, are a closet pedophile, a plunderer, and a murderer, just like your father Muhammad, seeking gain and glory as many SDAs do.

So the German wall is a despotic tool for unmitigated, unprovoked violence, while the Israeli one is a desperate attempt at self-defense. One is aggressive, the other defensive. Big difference in purpose, don’t you think? Being cement and twelve feet tall does not tell the whole story.

And how is it that the West Bank Palestinians are not permitted to enter, work, and live in Jordan, their own nation (there was no such thing as a Palestinian before Israel was reborn – you apparently did not know that, yet I have sent you material to prove it). Why did Jordan throw them all out? But you never hear of that, do you?

And why don’t the Egyptians let the Gaza Palestinians in? Why must it be Israel that is to blame for everything?

Yes, there are many Palestinians perishing because of war, but Israel has never wanted war. How insane for a tiny nation to be belligerent in the belly of a gigantic enemy! And how naive to believe it is belligerent!

Gates Preventing Entry

On the left, perhaps it is a picture of Jews or Poles, who knows? And for what purpose, who knows? On the right, security at a border. So what? I can show you pictures of the border security between the US and Canada. I can show you pictures of fenced areas disallowing people in all sorts of situations, both for protection of property from trespassers and for those who might hurt themselves should they enter into dangerous circumstances. And I can also suggest other purposes for the gates other than what they are in reality.

Shall you condemn prisons in America and Canada as Nazi, too, because they are prisons? Those gates could mean anything, but your wicked mind imposes your wicked definition on the minds of simple people. You are prejudiced, Stefan, and you presume to be a believer? Right!


In the Holocaust, Jews were gathered in camps for extermination. The Israelis, however, pulled out of Gaza, having invested many millions of dollars in productive infrastructure, which they freely handed over to the Gazans without requiring remuneration, and which the Palestinians willfully destroyed. The Israelis were not exterminating Palestinians. When they pulled out and let Palestinians take control, thousands of rockets proceeded to be fired from Gaza into southern Israel. The Israelis are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. And for years, they tolerated it until they were forced to act.

Would you be that tolerant if people were pelting your house with rocks as they pleased, day and night, without warning, smashing your windows, attempting to murder you, your wife, and children? What would you do, Stefan? Take down your fence if you had one? Beg, reason, cajole (which the Israelis have done)? Invite the mob to one of your eschatology conferences?

Or would you seek the law to aid you with necessary force, and failing that, reluctantly take things into your own hands?

The prison camps the Israelis set up were for those who tried to kill them. And when the Israelis lost one or two live soldiers to terrorists, they would trade hundreds of Palestinian murderers you would call “combatants” for the one or two Israeli combatants, whom you would call “aggressors” or even “terrorists.” And almost always, they traded for dead Israelis (I don’t know of one captured Israeli that was ever returned alive by Palestinians – I hate to think of what they did to them).

Jews value life and are willing to redeem a body and get closure. They are foolish in doing so because the inordinate value they place on physical life and their resultant actions only encourage the Palestinians to kill and kidnap, and the Israelis return their captives in good health, thus giving them opportunity to wage more war. Returned to their families, the “freedom fighters” are hailed as heroes for slaughtering civilian Jewish women and children. And Stefan bows down before them, a sleazy religious idiot who thinks he does God service with his “love.”

Women Behind Barbwire

Does anyone doubt Hitler’s intentions for Jewish women? Are you telling me Israel does the same with Palestinian women? Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows better. Even the prejudiced media does not make such asinine accusations, but Stefan, the proud Seventh Day Adventist, does!

You say, “I know what radical Islam is and its hatred toward west but this does not change the fact that innocent Palestinian children are being killed and burned alive by Israeli forces.

Shall you condemn Churchill and Roosevelt for bombing Germany to stop the war wherein thousands of innocent civilians were being killed? Did the Allied forces carpet bomb cities from above with care to keep children from burning? War is war! And Israel did not declare it!

Islamic Arabs have made no secret whatsoever of the fact that they simply will not accept a Jewish state. Islamic law decrees that once land has been under Islam, Muslims are under obligation to regain that land; the territory of Israel was in the Ottoman Empire until the Turks were defeated.

Which means that if Israelis lay down their arms, they die. But we have very good reason to believe that if the Arabs lay down their arms, there would be a possibility of peace, with many equal human rights. And are not the Israelis allowed to defend themselves?

Israel is on record, as testified by identified independent sources, of having taken extraordinary measures to spare the civilian population during many incidents, including during the recent Gaza invasion. But what did Hamas do? It used hospitals, schools, and the UN headquarters as covert bases to attack the Israelis, using their own children for cover. When the Israelis are forced to combat them in those stations, they are condemned. And Hamas knows it can count on “useful idiots” like you to cry, “Foul!” against Israel.

You are a deluded man. The spirit of your prophetess Ellen G. White has possessed you even as it did her. The same goes for Batchelor, a Seventh Day Adventist with a Jewish mother, and Walter Veith, another SDA. We have demonstrated the falsehood of Veith – Eat the Good; Discern the Bad – barely skimming the surface and that of Seventh Day Adventists in general – Seventh Day Adventism.

Now how is it that the Jews repatriated all the Jewish refugees from Arab countries who were expelled after being stripped of all their possessions, but the Arabs would not repatriate or absorb the Palestinians? Has it not occurred to you that Arabs are using their people as pawns in their bid to condemn and exterminate Israel? Do the Arabs not have the resources to spend for peaceful purposes for their own brothers and sisters?

And why do they not compensate the Jews for what they stole from them, if they believe stealing is wrong? Do you know any of this, Stefan? You know nothing.

Children Peering from Behind Fences

The children on the left, presumably in a Nazi camp, as suggested by those circulating these pictures, are destined for extermination, especially if Jewish. Are those on the right, presumably Palestinian, destined for death? Do you really believe that, Stefan, or can you say?

The photo on the left displays Western children, likely Jews, behind barbed wire, clothed in possibly cool weather. For all we know, the picture on the right may be of Palestinians, but are they prisoners? We see green in the background – not the usual stuff of death camps and despotic prisons. Nor do I see the same countenances in the two groups, although children will not understand what is going on.

For all I know the kids on the right are watching a ballgame from outside because they didn’t have the money to pay at the gate, or they could be Hispanic kids peering out of their metal shanties in slum areas of Mexico or Central or South America. All we can see is someone circulating pictures who asserts Israelis are Nazis.

(I am not necessarily denying these are Palestinians; I am saying they are not necessarily so, and that there is a difference between both the purpose and nature of the sure imprisonment on the left and the alleged imprisonment on the right.)

In the next picture, is the difference not obvious? Surely you ought to see the contrast, but you don’t, do you, Stefan? The children on the left are visibly under threat of death, while those on the right are frustrated at not being able to go where they wish. They are not nearly as frightened or dismal deep in their spirits.

A damned fool you are, Stefan Grzebyk! You may dispense with your Satanic love that many Seventh Day Adventists love to display to demonstrate to the world that they are holy. Dispense with your pretentious, “Greetings, Mr. Hafichuk.” I am given to see the ignorance and self-righteousness, as your serpentine tongue hangs out of your smiling mouth.

Have you never red of the unbelieving Jews, “For this is My covenant with them, when I have taken away their sins. Indeed as regards the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes. But as regards the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes. For the free gifts and calling of God are without repentance” (Romans 11:27-29 MKJV)?

“Ah, but I am not anti-Semitic,” you deceptively declare! Tell me, Stefan, do you, as do other anti-Semitic Poles, believe the provably false Khazar story, that the Jews in Israel are not real Jews but Khazars, a Gentile people who were converted to Judaism more than a millennium ago? The fictional Khazar story was written by a Jew to divert the world’s attention and wrath on Jews for the Middle East crisis. Obviously, the story backfired.

Do you believe those in Israel called Jews are imposters? For then, you could say with a straight face, but with no substance, that you are not anti-Semitic or against Jews per se, while condemning Israelis and lying to me because we identify the Israelis differently.

But let’s say they are Khazars, converts to Judaism. If God considers converts to Judaism to be equal with Jews, as the Bible says (Exodus 12:48), how then should they be condemned even if the story of Khazars is true? God sees them as His people Israel.

And how is it that we see these people, Jews as they are known, coming from all over the world, from every corner, just as God said would be (Isaiah 43:6)? Are Khazars so powerful as to make that happen, despite the horrendous odds and opposition?

Come, come, Stefan, your religion and foolish reasoning are nothing but madness. You discredit all Poles by being a Seventh Day Adventist, an anti-Semitic idiot, unwitting or otherwise. Not that Poles are any better off as Catholic anti-Semites.

Why the most recent incident with Poles in that plane crash, losing many leaders? Is this not judgment from God? For what? Ask yourself. Better still, ask God:

“And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3 MKJV).

That promise and decree stands to this hour. Yes, Stefan, I said, “By forwarding this e-mail [anti-Israeli material], you are coming against God Himself.

It is true. And especially now that you have been warned, you will be cursed on a greater level should you continue to argue with, and to resist, the truth we speak in His Name. I am the last straw.

Women and Children Confined

What do these pictures show? The fear or sadness on the faces… is it real or merely responding to a perceived (not actual) threat?

A Syrian Muslim women, Wafa Sultan, writes that when she first immigrated to the US, she was being fitted with shoes at a store by a salesclerk in Los Angeles. When someone informed her the clerk was Jewish, she panicked and ran out the door and into the street with one bare foot. When questioned, she confessed terrible fear of a Jew. Was it justified?

So do those facial expressions tell the real, or the perceived, threat? The one on the left, if it is a Nazi camp (we don’t know), tells of a people succumbed, a people knowing warfare is upon them. But what of the people on the right? Can the same be said of them? Could they be Arabs detained and wondering and imagining the worst, having been malignantly taught the worst of Jews? Is the fear in each case founded or unfounded? These pictures only show the fear.

I have seen children ready to receive spankings for misbehavior from parents with the same expression as we see on the girl’s face on the right. I see the woman on the right as fearful, agitated, and angry, but their plight seems to be a more immediate one, a fresh internment, while those on the left have a more permanent atmosphere. The expressions on the left can hardly be compared to those on the right.

Security Checkpoints

The left pictures are obviously of invasion and oppression by Nazis, as history has proven. The pictures on the right can be, and most likely are, the rightful attempts of Israelis to avoid terrorism in Israel. Obviously, their fears are well-founded. Was that the case with the Nazis? Were they in their own land and examining free citizens that wanted to come into Germany?

Apply these two pictures to your personal situation, Stefan. On the one hand, your house has been taken over by those who then search you to be sure you cannot attempt to get your house back. On the other hand, you are the owner of the house searching strangers to see to it that they can bring no harm, which they are certainly known to do, especially when they, as a people, have declared their intent to destroy you. Would you let just any stranger into your home, Stefan?

A Very Visible Difference

On the left we have soldiers pointing a gun, victims with upraised hands surrendering from a shack. On the right, a soldier directing a crowd of Palestinians behind cement road dividers. Clearly the people on the left are destined for serious trouble, if not extermination, while those on the right are hardly candidates for extermination or even treated as people of war – conflict, yes, with needful security measures, but prisoners of war, no.

Confident Soldiers in Control of a Defeated People, Women Included, Versus a Tense Soldier Holding at Bay a Defiant Group of Men

The title I give this set is self-explanatory. These pictures are hardly the same.

Two Persons Subdued

On the left we have a soldier with a beating stick forcing a victim to kneel, the victim plainly seeing his deathly fate before him. The soldier poses in pride for a picture. On the right, we have an Arab woman in what is likely a voluntary, customary, cultural Arab squat I have seen many times in the Middle East. There is no evidence of fear of pending death on her face; the soldiers are not holding a stick over her or pointing a gun, or posing for pictures.

So where is the similarity, Stefan, except to the impure, to whom nothing is pure?

Groups of People Moving On

These pictures say very little. Those on the left could be Jews or Poles or whatever; there are no visible women or children. They could be displaced persons looking for a place to live. They seem to have little choice in their direction.

Those on the right indicate families and a freedom to go where they need to go, of their own volition, and having somewhere to which they are somewhat willing to go.

For all we know, the men on the left are headed for prison camps, while it is obvious this is not the case with the people on the right. They look like they’ve just done some shopping! So what is the case? I am only saying there is a remarkable difference, but the one displaying the pictures is saying there is no difference. The one circulating the pictures picks and chooses with a defamatory agenda in mind, and you, Stefan, follow blindly along to promote his or her lies – libel that leads to murder.

What does that make you, Adventist? Shall the Lord be pleased with you when He comes? But He is here now, He sees all, and I can tell you He is anything but pleased.

“And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3 MKJV).

Crowds of People

The crowd on the left could be detained and displaced, as prisoners. Certainly the Nazis had no good in mind; if Jews, death and only death awaits. The crowd on the right could be passing through, and we know the Israelis did not exterminate them. You are a liar for passing this stuff off as one and the same thing, Stefan.

Refugees and Turnstiles

On the left, families are forced to move in a time of war and oppression. On the right, playful children with smiles, and behind them, simple, necessary security turnstiles between people who want peace and those who want war. So what is your point, Stefan?

Soldiers Examining Citizens

Both of these could be unjustified tyranny or not – the one on the left certainly is. On the left, we see apparently confident Nazis examining an obviously intimidated old man. On the right, we have apparently cautious Israelis possibly examining suspects and having to watch out for lethal attacks, which have happened time and time again.

So what is your point? Will you always judge after the appearance, which is exactly what you are calling on people to do, or will you be honest enough to consider exactly what these pictures are all about?

“Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24 MKJV).

Arrest and Subjugation of Men

We know what inevitably happened to the Jewish people under the Nazis. We also know that many Palestinian fighters are young men trained to kill Israelis and that the Israelis have set free thousands of Palestinian men, not only civilians (who support violence against them), but trained combatants known to have waged war on Israel. Do you recall the Nazis ever willingly doing that with prisoners in their custody? Not only did the Nazis deal cruelly with combatants, they slew noncombatants and all Jews, not only young men, but all ages of men, women, and children.

On the left we see a subdued people, likely with the death sentence on their heads. On the right, men are guarded, but there is no impending death sentence, and the prisoners know it from record and experience.

Am I seeing through biased eyes? Quite possibly; I prefer not. However, can there be any doubt the purveyor of this material is prejudiced? But I am not circulating propaganda; he is, and you are. I am replying to its deception and injustice.

People Lined up Against Walls

We are told the picture on the left is of Jews lined up in the aftermath of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a historic tragedy so significant it takes on capital letters. Those Jews were all shot, the penalty for trying to resist being exterminated. On the right, I would acknowledge this is likely an Israeli scene, but again, were the Israelis invading territory by their own initiative, or were they putting down a riot or having to go from house to house in search of hidden terrorists the populace was sheltering?

And what is the body about? Is the person dead or alive? If dead or wounded, is it a Palestinian terrorist, an innocent civilian, an Israeli informer the Palestinians killed, perhaps blaming the Israelis for his death? We have no idea. We know the inference, but what is the reality?

We know that the Nazis, when hunting for an offender, would take 10, 20, or 50 people from the populace and shoot or hang them until the community surrendered the perpetrators. Do the Israelis do that? I have heard no record of such, not that isolated Israeli atrocities do not happen – I know they do. But for the most part, the media, often anti-Semitic, reports that the Israelis merely bulldoze the homes of families whose members committed acts of terrorism.

The terrorists, if arrested, are incarcerated and often traded, along with many other live prisoners, for one or two dead Israeli soldiers. Is there not a significant difference between the Israelis and the Nazis, Stefan, and between Israelis and Muslims? Like night and day; but you won’t acknowledge that at all, will you?

We know it was highly unlikely the Palestinians in the picture on the right were summarily executed. Abundant records of documented Israeli dealings assure the world of this fact.

Ask the two Israelis how well they did without defense when they accidentally drove into an Arab sector in the West Bank, were apprehended by a swiftly gathered mob, bludgeoned, stabbed, and torn apart on the spot, without trial or question. There was nothing but a frenzied shark-like Palestinian madness for their blood and flesh, which the Palestinians proudly displayed in front of cameras.

On the other hand, a lady friend of ours in Israel, Talya Polinger, was driving through an Arab village in Israel when she hit an Arab child that ran in front of her car. She stopped and rushed to the child, crying bitterly at its misfortune, calling for anyone to get an ambulance or help of any kind. She saw to it that the child was attended to before leaving. The Arabs were surprised that she, a Jew, cared and acted as she did toward Arabs.

While I can’t and wouldn’t say that all Palestinians and Arabs wouldn’t do something like that for Jews, I have certainly heard far more otherwise. All I ever hear from them is absolute, unmitigated hatred and venom for Jews. Jews do not teach their children in school from daycare and kindergarten on to hate and kill Arabs, as Palestinian Muslims teach their children from cradle onward to hate and kill Jews as a duty to Allah.

Are these murderous Muslims the people with whom you identify, Stefan? And you say you respect me? Do you really expect me to believe that? I know the spirit behind smiling SDA faces and their pretentious, hypocritical policy of “Christlikeness.”

German Soldiers and Israeli Soldiers in Callousness

Admittedly, this picture looks a bit more incriminating, what with the apparent smile on the face of the Israeli policeman in the picture on the right as he points to someone wounded or dead on the ground, likely a Palestinian. But while the picture on the left has been proven by history to be true, as you yourself have known, the one on the right proves nothing, nothing at all.

Is the Israeli truly mocking the dead and dying? You don’t know. Are the Israelis responsible for that death? We know that the Palestinians and other Muslims have many times murdered their own wives and daughters if only suspecting marital infidelity or abandonment of Islam (called “honor killings”), or if they are only suspected of informing for the Israelis.

So who knows what happened in that picture? The Israeli could be saying, “Look at this! You do that to your own people! Do you see us doing that to ours? Are you out of your mind? And you blame us? Who are you kidding?” Or it could well be that this fellow takes pleasure in the death of his enemies. Jews are also human and have their faults. The point is that these pictures are being used with malicious intent to stir hatred, not that the pictures themselves factually equate Israelis or Zionists to Nazis.

Now we do know that many (not all) Germans lusted in their cruelty. It was their pleasure and duty to kill Jews, being fully conditioned and programmed to do so. The SS and the Gestapo were ruthless, cold-blooded professional killers, according to historical record. Do you really accuse the Jews of being that way toward Palestinians?

If the Israelis are one of the most powerful military forces in the world, if they have the support of America and other nations that is claimed, if their American lobbying powers are as awesome as rumored, if they have nuclear capability that Arab nations do not, if they control the banking systems of the world, if they are the Illuminati, as believed and charged by so many, and if they are what the libelous Protocols of the Elders of Zion say they are, then I should think the Israelis would fairly wipe out Palestinians any chance they had, which they have had on countless occasions, including in the recent Gaza conflict.

And the Palestinians would not dare raise a hand against them. But the Palestinians are encouraged by the perceived weakness of the Israelis who continuously make concessions and tolerate evil to an extent that no other nation on earth has ever been expected to endure. When Israelis defend themselves after being attacked numerous times within their own country, the whole world condemns Israeli “aggressions,” calling for restraint and peaceful settlements, but they send forces abroad to fight and bomb Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and other countries thousands of miles away when similar circumstances confront them to a much lesser degree.

Try having all the pieces and putting them together with understanding and you will find an entirely different picture than the one you so foolishly form with criminal negligence. The way you guess and presume, the pieces do not fit at all.

Soldiers Beating and Possibly Firing on Civilians

The supposed Germans on the left are doing what? Beating Jews or civilians? On the right, the Israelis could be dealing with a riot or hunting for combatants who hide in the civilian population after killing Israelis. Are they shooting people indiscriminately? We know that in riots, they often use tear gas and rubber bullets. Did the Germans use tear gas and rubber bullets?

How do we know Israelis shot at those persons? Can anyone say these are Nazi-spirited tactics? Only a moron would expect us to believe such absurdity, but it seems the world is full of morons who believe this stuff and even greater morons who promote it. The “whole PLANET” (to use your words) hates the Jews.

Soldiers Running

Did the Jews start the war by killing Germans? Did the Israelis slaughter Palestinians? How is it Palestinians stand by casually in the background of the second picture without fear as Israeli soldiers run by?

Who Knows?

The left picture is presumably of a German soldier using German Shepherds on a Jew and on the right, an Israeli is using…oh no! A big horse! Dealing with someone attacking Israelis in an intifada, possibly? Do you think the Germans would have tolerated such actions from Jews that Israelis have tolerated from Palestinians?

You mean other countries do not use horses in their police forces? How about Muslims using airliners full of men, women, and children in an unprovoked attack, crashing into skyscrapers full of people?

Buildings and Neighborhoods Destroyed

On the left, Germans wage unprovoked war on European populations, and on the right, Israelis have been forced to defend themselves in Gaza or Lebanon because of rockets fired into Israel for years. Israel should or could have struck, with justification, after the first missile attack. It waited years, while its people were going without sleep, living in fear, and getting killed, all because Gaza was no longer occupied!

Now here is the mentality of Kali in full action, right, Stefan? If Muslims fire rockets on Israel, no problem, but if Israelis defend themselves and fight back, it is a sin.

Children Rejoicing in War

But Palestinians would never do that! Oh no! They just train in the mentality of the Koran as toddlers to hate and kill Jews.

I lived in Israel as a volunteer on a Kibbutz and a Moshav for several months, working and living with the Israeli people. All they could talk about was a desire for peace! I don’t recall a harsh word spoken against Arabs, Palestinians, or Muslims. I also worked with Arabs as they worked on the Moshav. But I was warned not to enter Arab villages because there could be “complications.”

Dead Children

The ravages of war on the left and on the right, but…initiated and perpetrated by whom? Children killed under what circumstances? What do you say, Stefan? We have plainly heard your voice.

You see Palestinian children suffering and dying, which certainly happens and is pitiable, but you don’t know or acknowledge the root of the problem. Did you know, for example, how the West Bank and Gaza came into Israel’s possession? Who started the war that resulted in that capture, and why? Watch What Really Happened in the Middle East.

Do you think there is any pity from Muslims for Jewish children? Ask Arafat, the late Nobel Peace Prize recipient, or his successor, Mahmoud Abbas, or Hamas. While I am not suggesting revenge or tit for tat, who can argue against self-defense? Can you? Not according to your theology.

Perhaps if it were up to your interpretation of Christ’s instruction, you would turn the other cheek, permit all lawlessness to abound without resistance, and let Hitler have his way, expecting him to fall at your feet and break down in tears of remorse for his evil ways, begging to become a Seventh Day Adventist. Where were you Adventists when he and his henchmen were on the move?

Dead Bodies Gathered

So what’s new, and how does this show that Israel killing Arabs in an unwanted war in self-defense is like the Germans killing Jews for purposes of exterminating their entire race, as the Arab Muslims are currently intent on doing to the Jews? Shall the Jews receive counsel from Stefan, the Adventist man?

And notice how the Germans allowed no dignity whatsoever for dead Jews, the bodies laying half-naked, with German soldiers callously standing about. On the right, the Arabs get to shroud and dignify their dead. If the Israelis were as cold-blooded towards Palestinians as the Nazis were toward Jews, do you really think the Israelis would let the Palestinians treat their dead that way? Where are the ovens and mass graves, Stefan?

Bodies of Dead Children

How were these children killed? By whom? Why? It doesn’t say. It only says “Kali Ali” will never tolerate what others reluctantly have to do to him, though he eagerly does the same to others for selfish purposes. Is it possible these pictures do not say what you say they say? If there is any doubt, should you not drop charges, as in a court of law? But no, instead, you charge, convict, and condemn, no questions asked; just pass the poison, Seventh Day Adventist.

A Stark Contrast Rather than a Comparison

On the left, we have emaciated people who were deliberately starved in a prison camp. Have Israelis had such a policy? On the right, these children are not emaciated. They may not even be dead for all we know, not that children don’t get killed in conflicts between Israelis and Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah.

There has been much exposure of “Pallywood” films and pictures that have been concocted to discredit and demonize Israelis, films that are proven forgeries. These children on the right could be Israeli children for all we know, or they could be Palestinians asleep, painted up, and photographed. They could be Oriental by the look of their eyes or Chechen, these being pictures randomly picked from any source or situation for propaganda. Why not? The author is already a proven liar. Is that not possible, Stefan? Do you really know what this is? DO YOU KNOW?

Try this information:

But we know what Germans did to Jews, don’t we? And we know what the Arabs have done and promised to do to Jews, don’t we? Ask their imams or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and they will gladly inform you of what they will do to all Jews, and then to you. When is the last time you heard Jews say anything like that about any people, especially Europeans and North Americans?

Women Weeping

So? Jewish women, too, have wept (as you can see in the picture on the left). Tell that to the Palestinians and see what they tell you. Furthermore, Muslim women are taught that their sons get their seventy-two virgins and all the wine they can drink forever and ever. They raise sons for that cause, so what is she crying about?

I sound callous – my point is not to mock Palestinians or wish them evil – my point is that the one who gathered these pictures is a propagandist liar leading you by your foolish nose, Stefan.

Dead Children on the Left, Presumed Dead on the Right

Again, a contrast, the left being rather plainly dead while… who knows about those on the right? All we really know is the implicit message the messenger would like us to believe is explicit, with his interpretation.

Is it not true that the Israelis could also resort to these kinds of “Pallywood” tactics, but don’t? And when have you heard them publicly cry out for blood and threaten death to Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Arabs, or Muslims? When have you seen them rioting in the streets with masks, firing guns into the air, burning churches and mosques, raping women, burning their own people with gasoline and tires, putting out fatwas for writers, printers, cartoonists, and politicians, and promising to behead all non-Jews? Stefan, you are a damned, religious, wicked fool! No two ways about it.

Children in Distress

Jewish children starving in a ghetto on the left, but on the right a child not starved at all, sitting in rubble crying about who knows what, while a Palestinian in the background walks by and apparently couldn’t care less. A photo op? Whatever; it is highly suspect. That child is not starving to death, yet you dare compare? And don’t you dare call me the biased one here. I am not circulating such claptrap for any side – you are, and not only so, but you are supporting Islamic hatred of God and humanity with your devilish libel and slander.

Destroyed Bodies of Children

Have we had enough? And are you not aware that Hamas and Fatah went at it killing each other, competing over Gaza? Are you not aware that Sunnis and Shiite Muslims do these very things to one another? Again, I am not saying Palestinian children do not get destroyed and burned in warfare with Israel, war the Palestinians have initiated, but the Palestinians and many Arab Muslims have been doing these things to their own people.

Could it be they are responsible for the death of those in the picture on the right and taking advantage of it for propaganda against Israel? We don’t know. Do you know for sure? Can you be honest about this, or will you continue to be the biased hypocrite you have amply proven yourself to be?

Starved, Dead Boy and Apparent Disembodied Head

So who are these children, and who did it? Do we know? We know what happened on the left in many cases, but only suggestion leads one to suppose there is genuine similarity.

Children Arrested

On the left, children at gunpoint are marched to their deaths, if Jews, for no malfeasance on their part. On the right, a very frightened boy who was caught throwing rocks at Israelis, taught to resist and to hate Jews. Wafa Sultan was taught from early childhood in Syria that Jews were vicious beasts. As a woman and citizen in the relatively free country of America, she dashed out of the shoe store barefooted when suddenly discovering a Jew was fitting her feet. Such fear! And it is common amongst millions of Muslims, including Palestinians.

So with that background, here is this boy, frightened out of his wits and peeing himself, most likely taught he had plenty to fear if apprehended by the Israelis. Notice, this boy is not at gunpoint, and if you were to investigate, I have little doubt you would find that he was treated well under the circumstances, warned, and released. Is that what Nazis did to Jewish children? Is that what Palestinians would do to Jewish children? We know better than that, don’t we? Or do you?

Just what is “the rest of the story”?

Stefan, you should send this answer to all those to whom you sent the material, or this will also be counted as sin on your behalf.

You disingenuously write, not believing you offend in anything, “If I committed sin against GOD please Mr. Hafichuk show me it in the scripture and I will apologize to GOD and people I unintentionally sinned against.

“Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment” – Jesus Christ/ Yeshua HaMashiach (John 7:24 MKJV).

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16 MKJV).

“You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13 MKJV).

“I am the LORD your God, Who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:2-3 MKJV).

“You shall not make to yourselves any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth” (Exodus 20:4 MKJV).

Your religion is full of them!

“You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain. For the LORD will not hold him guiltless that takes His Name in vain” (Exodus 20:7 MKJV).

We can start there. You need to repent big time, Stefan.

Victor Hafichuk

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