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Israel: Nation of God or Satan?

On March 11, 2018, Victor received the following email:

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-11-18 4:26 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: House pets

Greetings and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ, Victor:

I am going to send you a link from Dr. Lorraine Day’s website showing you who is REALLY in charge of this world. You may know this already. Lorraine Day is a doctor who developed breast cancer over 20 years ago who developed a tumor the size of a grapefruit. She, instead of going the traditional, torturous way of chemo, radiation and mutilating surgery, chose to cling to God and obey his laws, statutes, commandments and promises for healing and got well.

She was literally on deaths door.  She believes very similar as you. Her husband was a senator in California. Her website is very informative as yours is. Our world is being run by demon possessed people literally. They are the seed of the serpent. She speaks on many issues.  Spiritual and physical health.  You may find it interesting. I live in Manitoba.

Blessings in our Lord and Savior, Jesus

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From: Victor Hafichuk
Date: Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 7:44 PM
Subject: RE: House pets
To: Patsy S.
Cc: Marilyn Hafichuk, Martin Van Popta, Ronnie Tanner

Hi, Patsy!

So, you live in Manitoba. Where? I lived in Winnipeg for a total about 8 years, 6 of those in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, 2 of those with my wife, Marilyn, from ’79 to ’81. I was born and raised in Dauphin, there for 18 years and 1 in Roblin. You can read it all in the Theo-auto, .

Yes, Satan has been the prince of this world and all the inhabitants have been living under his rule until Jesus Christ has redeemed them, praise be to His Wonderful Name! In the fullness of time, all men will be brought to faith, repentance, and be reconciled to Him.

I can certainly agree to many things Dr. Day has to say; however, I don’t agree with her direct mixture of the Gospel and merchandising. While we sell merchandise at Harvest Haven, it being our organic market farm grocery since 1995, with products to enhance people’s lives and health, The Path of Truth is kept separate and the Truth entirely free. As well, as you search out TPOT, Patsy, you’ll find that most people who can’t operate successfully without the mark of the beast are quite inclined to not only disagree with, but ultimately reject, the Truth the Lord Jesus Christ, Who IS the Truth has commissioned me to preach in the power of His Holy Spirit. I’m supremely thankful to have that duty, honor, and privilege.

We’ve seen many people healed of cancer and other diseases, delivered from death’s door, as with Dr. Day, not by a miracle necessarily, so much as with knowledge and application of God’s gifts in this realm, including herbs, organic foods, and good, revitalizing water by Grander, for whom we are the distributors in North America. Dandelion root powder, which we sell very inexpensively, has been one of several simple, painless, effortless, but effective ways peoples’ health has been turned around. BUT, we also know of the miraculous healing Resurrection Power of the Lord, a gift granted those who believe, which we have often experienced and witnessed. His Name also has full power over all spirits, who must obey Him.

God has been very good to us, Patsy, as I hope He has been or will be for you. “And you shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free… and when the Son of Man makes you free, you’ll be free indeed.”

Thank you for writing! May the Lord bless you as you read at TPOT.

If you do wish to participate at TPOT and the Forum, it’s easy enough. Just contact our webmaster, Ronnie Tanner, who I’m cc’ing, and he can help you; no problem.

I’m also cc’ing brother-in-Christ Martin VanPopta, who is the manager of Harvest Haven. He and his wife Jeannie are doing a superb job, for which we’re all very thankful. See Harvest Haven on FB, if you can. We also have the site, which it seems you’ve been to. We’ve posted your other letter already with my reply and have had some positive response.


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-17-18 8:47 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: House pets

Hi victor

This is funny. I was just reading your testimony. I’m on part 5. Interesting read. I live outside of swan River by Bowsman. My husband and I farm with our son. We are in our early 60’s.  I was raised in swan River since I was two. The valley is quite beautiful

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From: Victor Hafichuk
Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: House pets
To: Patsy S.
Cc: Marilyn Hafichuk

Thanks for the note, Patsy. I’m hoping the Lord blesses you at our site with the Truth that makes us free. He’s what everything is all about as He subjects us to vanity that we might be formed in His image to be as Him. That is a wondrous thing, is it not? Can one think of a higher purpose in this world? He is our Blessed Hope and Destiny.

Lots of good food at TPOT and plenty to avail yourself of in mundane terms at Harvest Haven, as you know, I’m sure. Good things the Lord has given us that we dare not take for granted.


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-20-18 8:26 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: House pets

Thanks, Victor, for your note.

Yes we have a wonderful blessed hope in Jesus!  How awesome is that?
I have a question for you. About 10 years or so ago the Lord removed us from the church system. We attended three different ones in the Valley here but they really aren’t interested in truth.

God said to come out from amongst them and be ye separate and be not partakers of her sins. So we left and read scripture at home alone. We did watch tv shows such as Charles Stanley, and others till this past year when the Lord showed us that the “Christian” programming is all owned by the NWO people (illuminati, satanists, Freemasons) which was upsetting to say the least.

I started to keep the Saturday sabbath and started to pray to the Lord to show me if anyone was keeping this commandment as I wanted to be with other believers. There was a group that was keeping proper sabbath and reading Torah portions and I met with the small group which I liked. They also kept the feasts and festivals. Then I realized those were fulfilled in Christ and we are no longer to keep them however they do have spiritual application for us today.

It is the 10 commandments written in our hearts now and not on tablets of stone that we keep. The temple of God now resides in believers hearts. The ordinances of sacrifices and offerings are done away now. I realize now that this group practices Judaism which are the Pharisees of Jesus day. They follow teachers who teach from Torah but also use the Talmud and Kabbalah which are satanic and very wicked books. This group is looking for the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem where the sacrifices will be resumed and the Antichrist will take his seat.

I asked my friend Lilianna who attends this group what the purpose of rebuilding this temple as there is no need for believers to sacrifice anymore as Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice once for all. This group also supports the state of Israel which is 85% owned by Jacob Rothchild who is NWO. Believers are the nation of Israel.

My question to you is should Christians support the state of Israel that are involved in wicked things?  I have since left the group but I do miss fellowship with other believers.

Thank you

In Christs love


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-20-18 9:29 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: House pets

Just an afterthought about the state of Israel. It had on its flag the Star of David. David didn’t have a star. It is the star of remphan as mentioned in the bible. It is occultic and the shape is a hexagram. The same people who crucified Christ (the Pharisees) are the same ones in power in state of Israel as in the rest of the world. They are the seed of the serpent   Truly the whole world lies in the power of the evil one

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From: Victor Hafichuk
Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 10:06 PM
Subject: RE: House pets
To: Patsy S.
Cc: Ronnie Tanner, Marilyn Hafichuk

Hi, Patsy!

I am willing to and even considering examining before the Lord the things you’re saying. Meanwhile, I’ll share these links with you and I ask you to give me your thoughts on the material:

There is the section in Part 11 that was recently published that covers this topic. Just passing along the direct links.

Also, read:

and our section, Israel and the Jew:

The Lord Jesus Christ grant you and your husband wisdom and understanding.


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-25-18 11:43 AM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: House pets

Thank you very much victor for the links. I will definitely peruse them and get back to you with my thoughts. Thank you for considering mine. I am a sincere seeker if truth as I know you are. Some things I thought were true in the past were not true such as Sunday worship in churches, Easter and Christmas keeping amongst others.

If we seek truth on a matter God will direct our path. Jesus tells us that in the last days there will be much deception but we are to examine everything and keep what is good. Satan is such a master of deceit and he brings confusion but if we are willing to search out a matter we will find the truth. If I’m wrong I will stand corrected. It’s so awesome what Jesus has done in our lives May Jesus bless you and your ministry.
Kindest regards,


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:20 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: Israel/star of David

Greetings and peace to you victor in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

I have taken some time to read your links. Thank you for sending them. I will address Israel first. I used to believe as you about Israel but my eyes have been opened to the bigger picture. I used to watch John hagee, the Jewish Jesus, Sid Roth, Jonathan bernis, all of whom preached support of Israel.

Then I was made aware that ALL tv stations are owned by Freemasons, illuminati or New World Order people — all one and the same. One cannot have programming on tv unless you are part of them. Tv is all about brainwashing, lies and propaganda not to mention spreading satanic agendas. This includes “Christian programming as well. I came to learn that Jacob Rothchild owns pretty much most of Israel. He is from the serpent line and I believe a nephilym.

I will send you a picture of his head and his eyes that are that of a serpent. I will also send you a picture of Benjamin Netanyahu shape shifting. These pictures are not photo shopped. Now, there is the nation of Israel which is composed of believers in the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Jacobs name was changed to Israel. Believers in this one true eternal God have been grafted in so you, me and all true believers are Israel. And Israel is all over the world and of course some true believers are living in the state of Israel. Most living in Israel are atheists which is in need of a Savior.

We need to pray for them whether they are blood Jews or not. God shows no partiality with people the scriptures say. The ones running the state of Israel are the same ones who crucified Christ and the same ones who were there when God brought Israel to the promised land after He delivered them from Egypt. The scripture that says “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” is taken out of context. They apply this to the state of Israel.

God spoke this scripture to Abraham and he wasn’t even in the land of Israel. God will bless those who are true believers in Him (Israel) and that means you and me and curse those who curse us. And btw the word Jew is not in the original manuscripts of the bible. It has been altered. Jew is a sort of nick name for people from the tribe of Judah. They were known as judahites. Rothchild and the like running the state of Israel are from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews and are not.

They do lie the scripture says in revelation. Freemasons/illuminati which comprise these fake Jews speak to one another in codes using hand signs, shapes (triangles etc), numbers, Colors, dates to communicate who they are in the world. We are as the hoi palloy not taught that. It is hidden in plain sight but because we don’t know we don’t see until God opens one’s eyes to it. I see their “signs” all over the place now. Yes the whole world lies in the power of the evil one but his days are numbered and God is in control of everything. The Christian programming on tv were started by Freemasons.

They are being used to deceive people. No wonder Jesus said take heed no one deceives you as MANY will come in His name and deceive many. Even the elect of God if possible. Examine everything and keep that which is good scripture says. In light of what I found out, I believe the state of israels “star of David” is occultic in origin. I sent you a picture showing it is on the popes hat, and Rothchild crest and even satanists use it. It is on synagogues and Freemason buildings. I will send pictures. For this reason even tho I understand your intentions, Christians should not use this symbol as people in the “know” will think you are NWO/Freemason/illuminati supporter.

I know this may seem hard to take. I also read your dialogue with you/Paul and Dallas/Sarah about the Star of David. It grieves me to say but I believe Dallas came to you with a legitimate concern and it kinda got a bit ugly from you and Paul. In my experience in dealing with people , stay with the issue only and not attack the person in other areas. Dallas stuck to his view and because you didn’t like the message you shot the messenger and turned him over to Satan.

He didn’t do anything worthy of being turned over to Satan. We must walk in love which is part of the fruit of the Spirit. Even tho at the time you didn’t agree you both should have agreed to disagree and prayed for further revelation. Also putting the business of ministery (airing dirty laundry) in public is not loving. What happens in ministry should stay in ministry. I don’t know how your relationship is now. I hope all is good.

I thank our Lord for you and what he has done in your life and mine also. May he richly bless you, Israel!!

Sent in love

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:23 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Jacob Rothchild owner of state of Israel

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:26 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Star of David

There is a hexagram on top of a synagogue. I believe it’s in New York

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:49 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Popes hat

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:30 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Netanyahu

Serpent eye slits. Second picture with mouth teeth distortions

From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-27-18 4:44 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: The Holocaust LIE

Read this article victor with an open mind. It is hard to take to realize we
have all been massively lied to. I believe it is well documented.

From: Victor Hafichuk
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 11:19 AM
Subject: RE: Israel/star of David
To: Patsy S.
Cc: Brandon Laberteaux, Martin Van Popta, Jeannie Van Popta, Marilyn Hafichuk, Ronnie Tanner

Hi, Patsy!

I hope to respond to your letter and concerning the link you sent. Meanwhile, I’ve shared your correspondence with a few others and am wondering if you would mind placing your views on the Forum. I believe you gave us the go-ahead on the Housepets topic. I’m hoping you’ll consent to this, as well.

I give you a heads up that I understand what you’re saying, am aware of all this information, have been for many years, have been before the Lord on these matters by prayer, thought, research, Scripture, and have most certainly had the “open mind” long before you’ve requested of me. My mind is open to the Lord, but closed to lies and evil, seeing I now have HIS mind. As you can see at our site, there is much teaching on these subjects.

We are in disagreement and will express our understanding and knowledge. I just received a response from one of our members to your article/link. He has some things to say. We will publish everything relevant and give you a fair hearing. Are you willing? May the Lord Jesus open fully the minds and hearts of all for His glory, honor, and praise.

By the way, have you checked out my 33 songs? I recall your saying you were at Part 5 of the Theo-auto. There’s more to be shared, but one step and matter at a time. Waiting to hear.

As for Dallas and Sarah, there was much more there that I don’t believe you’re aware of, not just concerning the topic of the star but greater matters of the heart. I’d have to check and see. Keep reading.


From: Patsy S.
Sent: March-28-18 4:52 PM
To: Victor Hafichuk
Subject: Re: Israel/star of David

Thanks for your reply. At this time I don’t wish to put this on open forum however I reserve the right to change my mind lol. It appears you feel this view that I and others have are lies and evil. I would like your opinion of why you feel that – scripturally speaking. I am not surprised by your stance on this issue, I am seeking a deeper understanding.

No, I haven’t checked out the music section yet but will take a look. Yes I agree there may have been other issues with Dallas and I was thinking there could be but I don’t think an open forum was the place to discuss it and matters of the heart should be discussed face to face if possible. The Star of David and matters of the heart were separate issues and should have been dealt with as such.
I await your reply

1. What are the lies
2. What is the evil

Of what I was saying ?

Much blessing

From: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2018 1:42 PM
To: Patsy S.
Subject: Re: Lorraine Day/Israel/Star of David

​Hi, Patsy,

We have posted Lorraine Day at our site with more to follow, Lord willing. Read False Teacher – Lorraine Day.

You ask my opinion. Understood; however, I have no desire or even the right to give you an opinion on these matters. My responsibility is to tell you what I know from God and not what I think from myself. The two are ever antithetical. One is fact; the other, guesswork; one is from above, the other from beneath.

One is “Thus says the Lord,” the other, “Thus says man;” one is Truth, the other, error.


To answer your questions, “1. What are the lies 2. What is the evil Of what I was saying ?

I take it you refer to my words, “My mind is open to the Lord, but closed to lies and evil, seeing I now have HIS mind.” I was speaking in general terms and not specifically addressing you. “Open minds” can be a detriment, depending on what they’re open to. Not necessarily a virtue as many surmise.

That said, you’re believing much falsehood and it isn’t doing you any good, only harm. Your serpentine eye pictures, for example, are likely photoshop materials; in any case, they are sensational and certainly unnecessary to promote the Kingdom of God. Have you personally seen people with serpentine vertical slits? I haven’t, and at 72, and walking with the Lord for 45 years, I don’t know anyone else who has.

And reading into tooth formations is foolish judgment after the appearance. Think, Patsy; pray, and repent of your nonsense; it is witchcraft, destructive foolishness. I can point you to many servants of Satan who have beautiful teeth, as one could expect angels of light, glorious messengers, to have. You know that, don’t you? Enough said on that?

Not saying there aren’t aliens among us or ET’s or demonic spirits, just as there are ministering spirits to heirs of salvation, “guardian angels,” if you will. I happen to know there are all these, so it isn’t my unbelief or incredulity that causes me to question or denounce what you’re promoting.

I’m simply saying what you’re spreading is mostly false, especially concerning Israel, Zionism, and the Jews. Therefore, it is unprofitable and contrary to the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. Not good, not for you or anyone else.

Here’s what you need to do: Read

Conspiracies – Who Cares?
The True Marks of a Cult
Diabolical Doctrines

Here’s a letter from a brother in Christ, in whom God has recently done a wonderful work. We have spent the time and energy to be able to honestly and justly respond to your materials and Lorraine Day’s:

From: Brandon LaBerteaux
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 5:33 PM
Subject: Re: Israel/star of David
To: Victor Hafichuk
Cc: Martin Van Popta, Jeannie Van Popta, Marilyn Hafichuk, Ronnie Tanner

I’ve been taking a lot of time to read into this today, pouring through the scientific study I posted earlier, analyzing its sources and citations, as well as general commentary from 3rd hand discussions.

From what I’ve gathered, yes Ashkenazi Jews have European ancestry as well as Middle Eastern ancestry. The only diaspora of Jews to have the strongest Middle Eastern genetic ancestry are the Iranian/Iraqi Jews, who can be traced to the time Israel was exiled to Babylon. Even these populations retain their Israeli genetic markers because they have been seriously inbred over 2,500 years (with most random subjects shown to be related in the degree of 1st and 2nd cousins).

However, regarding Khazar, evidence shows the Ashkenazim are more closely related to the Western European and Northern Italian populations, as well as Sephardic (Spanish and Sub-Saharan) Jews than they are to Khazars.

There have been some scientific studies that “prove” there is a Caucasus (Turkish/Slavic/Iranian) relationship, i.e. the Khazar connection, but most of these studies have been critiqued by peers as having been bias or at least narrowly scoped. It’s as if the person investigating or leading these studies was specifically trying to find the connection between Khazar and Ashkenazi (a hammer looking for a nail).

Most of the Khazar admixture they believe is more closely related to Ukrainian (!) mixture with the Caucasus populations, which in turn began to mix with Western European populations. It has been found non-Jewish populations such as the French, German, and Northern Italian populations are more closely related to the Ashkenazi than the Khazars, with very little significant data pointing to a direct connection.

Almost all Jewish Diaspora populations show a Semitic Mediterranean connection, although the paper I sent earlier says that European Jewry is a category of its own, having less than a significant connection to Mediterranean population (this may be because they compared it in a dataset with Iraqi/Iranian Jews where the Semitic connection would be significantly higher).

There is a significant difference between European Jewish populations and European Non-Jewish populations, implying that there is some direct lineage there that differentiates them from their regional cohabitants. Much of the European admixture in the genetic testing is thought sociologically to come from a time where Judaism was more focused on proselytizing, and thus converting Europeans and marrying them. Of non-Jewish populations tested in the data sample for this particular study, Palestinian Arabs were shown to be more closely related to Ashkenazi than non-Jewish Europeans.

With the Ashkenazim in particularly, there is some interesting data regarding their population expansion. In the 1400s there were suspected to be close to 50,000 Ashkenazi Jews in Europe, but by the late 1800s this number had grown to 5,000,000! Thus their genetic data kind of skews the research a bit, as there was a lot more 4th and 5th cousin marrying than what was seen in say Sephardic Jews who were a scattered population. Spiritually, I believe this was the Lord preparing the Jews to return home, much like how He had them grow to millions inside of Egypt.

Researching the history of Zionism, it began in the 1490s with the Sephardic Jews being expelled from Spain by the Inquisition. By the time WWI rolled around, yes, the Ashkenazi were significant in size and involved in the movement, and race politics were involved in who was accepted into Israel (favoring light-skinned Europeans). However, the Ashkenazi were not the only Jews of the Diaspora to be accepted into Israel, and by no means the only Jews trying to return to their homeland. The Zionist movement had been around since they were expelled in the apostles’ day, and I remember reading before that some of the Jewish groups that live in Israel today had never actually left. They moved up to Samaria for a time, then returned and began to mix with the population that had overthrown them.

I think the point is, while the history of Jewish diaspora is a complex one, I don’t think there’s any way someone could clear-cut say that Israelis today are Khazars and part of some grand conspiracy to fool the world about who are true Jews of the flesh and who aren’t. For the most part, the Khazar myth is roundly rejected, and while there are outliers who still do research regarding the Khazar myth, they are not considered credible. And in Lorraine Day’s article, I saw absolutely no scientific studies cited. Just opinion and myth.

To a conspiracy theorist though these are all just points that could further ensconce one’s belief. “The Illuminati and such are behind the scientific studies.” “The shadow government is pulling the strings of the scientists writing these articles.” “That’s just what ‘they’ want you to think.”

Ultimately, one must accept that there’s a chance that man has no clue what he’s doing and is completely subject to the Lord and His will. Otherwise, I think to believe there’s some grand sinister plot to fool everyone gives man too much power. We’re not masters of our own destiny. END

Here’s another letter from Brandon:

From: Brandon LaBerteaux
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 8:28 AM
Subject: Re: FW: The Holocaust LIE
To: Victor Hafichuk
Cc: Martin Van Popta, Jeannie Van Popta, Marilyn Hafichuk, Ronnie Tanner

It’s all just claptrap.

Does Lorraine Day say some true things? Maybe, although I’m not sure I see anything of substance here or elsewhere at her site. Rather I see volumes of ranting and raving but no solutions, no works in faith to be done, other than a hollow statement of “trust God.”

What does that look like? Publishing and disseminating encyclopedias of fear and paranoia, or going about your life knowing He’s over everything? Psalm 2 comes to mind.

Everyone Day quotes as authority in that paper has been tried and found guilty to either be a liar, a Holocaust denier, or a fraud. It’s easy to sound correct when everyone you quote agrees with you. Many of them have no references for their research other than their own biased opinions and writings. The whole Khazar thing has been found out to be a lie anyways. (

What this scientific article gets at, and what’s probably more accurate to what the Scriptures reflected would happen, the Jews were scattered across the world from Spain to Japan, and anyone who remained in a Jewish community scattered abroad retained their genetic Jewish ancestry. So Japanese Jews are just as Jewish in the flesh as the Israeli Jews today, provided they remained “orthodox” in a sense. There are distinct differences in the DNA due to regional mixing, but all descendants of the original Judea maintain certain traits/clusters that can trace back to Israel/Middle East.

I applied for entrance to Israel as a Jew. The criteria has less to do with being a “Khazar” or Ashkenazi, than it does with being Jewish (mainly orthodox) in faith. I don’t know the ethnic makeup of modern day Israel, but I doubt it’s solely European white people.

I’ve had genetic testing done. I am of European Jewish descent on my mother’s mother’s side. There shows strong Semitic lineage in the testing, however, there is little/negligible Hungarian/Turkish ancestry in my DNA.

So either Day is right, and billions are in delusion buying into the deception of evil men, or there are a handful of people who think there’s some grand conspiracy where every single action of our lives is controlled by men with serpent eyes, and those handful of people are just looney tunes.

I’ve worked for the “Illuminati.” Men of secret societies, specifically the Bohemian Grove/Club ( and for Freemasons as well. They’re just a bunch of coked up financial whores who believe they are gods by their own making and everyone else is less human than they are. I really don’t see how they are any threat to anyone but themselves. They do a bang up job of ruining their families, engaging in orgies, and wasting their money and resources on things like Nazi uniform collections. Never saw any serpent eyes though.

My take is Patsy is eating from the Tree of Knowledge thinking that is salvation, and she’s following Lorraine Day and not after God.


Patsy, no condemnation here, as you should be able to see, though the Truth can certainly seem that way when we walk in error, but the onus is not on the Truth or the one speaking Truth, but on the one spoken to.


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