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Proverbs 2751 – 3000

English – French

“And more than that, the preacher was wise; he still taught the people knowledge. Yes, he listened, and looked, and set in order many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out pleasing words; and words of truth written by the upright. The words of the wise are like goads; yes, their collected words are like nails driven home; they are given from one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MKJV).

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.

Since then the Lord has given me more, when I am quiet, in His way, and when He wills.

The principles of life have many manifestations, each of which can be expressed as a proverb. A proverb can appear simple on the surface, stating the obvious, as even to give the impression that a simpleton speaks. As one contemplates the words and seeks a deeper meaning, however, he or she can be rewarded with counsel and understanding that serve well in many applications of life, should God give to that one.

Victor Hafichuk


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2751. An agreement with darkness indicates a motivation of darkness.

2752. A disagreement between soul and spirit is called “death;” but harmony between the two is called “life.”

2753. Intelligence is the measure of the Light of God in the soul.

2754. What a pity, what a shame that we should have more faith in the ruled creature than in the Ruling Creator!

2755. What are you worried about and afraid of? Look in the mirror.

2756. Given the opportunity, water always finds the lowest level.

2757. There’s only one thing worse than hanging your dirty laundry out for all to see, and that is to hang out your clean laundry.

2758. Don’t be disappointed when your reward doesn’t show up on your time; it will surely show up on God’s time.

2759. Do you see enemies laying traps for you when you’re innocent? They’ll fall into them because they’re guilty.

2760. Do you find that God expects more of you than of others? Consider that He has a greater job and reward for you.

2761. A good wife is a gift from the Lord. A good friend is a gift from the Lord. Good children are a gift from the Lord. All good things are a gift from Him.

2762. Riches and honor received prematurely are a curse.

2763. Without substance of Life, fame and fortune are a burden.

2764. The mention of the Name of the Lord is an embarrassment to the carnal man.

2765. The fearful trade pleasure they can always enjoy for the security they may never need.

2766. There’s always more than a price to pay for not paying the price.

2767. The world trades common sense for uncommon dollars.

2768. God stands ever ready to forgive and men stand ever ready to disobey.

2769. The issue of life is all about what is right and not who is right.

2770. My honesty of myself will defeat your dishonesty of me. My humility will counter your pride, my meekness quell your brazenness, my wisdom dismiss your foolishness, my courage repel your fear, my virtue overcome your vice, my faith quench your unbelief, my light disperse your darkness, my joy banish your sorrow, my love overpower your hate, my fullness displace your emptiness, and my weakness destroy your might. I will establish my victory forevermore.

2771. Trust in God’s Faithfulness is all the insurance a saint needs against risk.

2772. I’d rather be an unwilling enemy of the man of sin than a willing enemy of the Son of Man.

2773. The tree is known by its fruit and the fruit by the tree.

2774. I tried and tried, and failed, and then I tried once more, and succeeded.

2775. If you can’t do something wrong, what can you do?

2776. If you can’t be late, what can you be?

2777. God Almighty is the Sole Source of our gains and losses, successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, health and sickness, joy and sorrow, goodness and evil, enemies and friends.

2778. Who are you sparing, your listener or yourself? Better a hard word of Truth than a soft word of compromise.

2779. Salvation of the soul is not painless, but it is perfectly profitable.

2780. Those who refuse the rightful authority set over them forfeit the otherwise rightful authority they have over others.

2781. True wealth is not measured by how much a man possesses but by his ability to appreciate value.

2782. The covetous soul has little sense to appreciate anything, no matter how much he has. The more he has, the less he appreciates.

2783. To value things over the image of God is like preferring drought to rain or nakedness to clothing.

2784. It’s a tragedy when an image of God reduces himself to less value than the things of this world. That is covetousness.

2785. Vindication is a righteous man’s reward of priceless value.

2786. He who refuses instruction is a fool but he who receives it learns.

2787. A man with a sharp knife must be careful and he who has conviction must accompany his words with sure knowledge and clarity.

2788. A wise man strikes poisonous serpents but a foolish man strokes them.

2789. A computer has no capacity for attitude or motive; so intelligence is not what you have but what you do with it.

2790. Intelligence is all about motive and attitude.

2791. Cheap is not inexpensive.

2792. To be honest and to speak the Truth for Goodness’ Sake is to save the world.

2793. As water and fire may work for good or evil, so God does with all things.

2794. Fire can fight fire, water can fight water, fire can fight water and water can fight fire, so nothing of itself is good or evil.

2795. Because the jar full of ointment isn’t full of flies doesn’t mean one fly is permissible.

2796. It’s not what you know, however much that may be, but what you do with what you know.

2797. The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t about what or how much you do, but what you become.

2798. One who tells the truth for evil’s sake is a liar.

2799. A good conscience is good preventative medicine.

2800. Only the short-sighted soul says, “You don’t count the chickens until they’re hatched.” Better to say, “You don’t count the chickens until they’re hatched, raised, butchered, and eaten, or sold at a profit, and the money spent – wisely.” Then, the cycle repeats.

2801. No man can judge another, yet all are judges.

2802. If you’re going to tell the truth, be prepared to hear it first.

2803. There are not many gifts to a man greater than a good wife.

2804. There are not many gifts greater than appreciation for good gifts.

2805. There are not many gifts greater than thankfulness to the Giver of gifts received.

2806. There are not many gifts greater than understanding that it’s better to give than to receive.

2807. Gifts received are good, but gifts given are better.

2808. There’s no greater gift than when the Giver gives Himself.

2809. You’ve heard it said, “Give and take.” Giving is good. It will render taking unnecessary.

2810. To resent is to be spent and to forgive is to live.

2811. Woe to the rulers who use just laws against the just and disregard them for lawbreakers.

2812. Woe to the people whose rulers contemn and lie to them.

2813. Honesty is the road to prosperity.

2814. Do not mistake quietness for patience, or vented anger for impatience.

2815. Do not mistake stupidity for wisdom.

2816. Do not mistake silence for agreement.

2817. Do not mistake friendliness for goodwill.

2818. Do not mistake generosity for goodwill.

2819. Do not mistake knowledge for wisdom.

2820. Do not mistake know-how and skill in one area for those in all areas.

2821. Do not overlook in kindness an offense that must be addressed.

2822. Do not mistake naivety for innocence.

2823. A little more attention pays worthwhile dividends.

2824. Dogs do their greatest damage with their mouths.

2825. The carnal mind deals in facts more than falsehoods and the spiritual man deals more in revelation than in facts.

2826. To believe lies costs nothing at the outset but much in the by and by. Truth in the beginning costs what is at hand but pays great dividends in due time.

2827. A sloth has plenty of time to get to where it needs to go and do what it needs to do.

2828. One may possess much and lose it while it appears to be retained.

2829. Make no mistake – you’ll learn nothing if you don’t make mistakes.

2830. Love is the Christian’s responsibility and not his neighbor’s.

2831. When perception overcomes reality, the victims head for the valleys.

2832. Laziness is the lack of desire to get things done.

2833. Laziness is finding it as easy to do nothing as it is to do something.

2834. Laziness is the refusal to take responsibility for anything.

2835. Laziness is the proclivity to prefer pleasure to productivity.

2836. A lazy man is skilled and energetic at defending and disguising his laziness. If only he would spend that energy doing something worthwhile.

2837. A lazy man works hard to get what he can for as little as he can.

2838. A lazy man is a consummate parasite. He has no mercy for his neighbor.

2839. Drudgery is not that you don’t like doing what you do as that you don’t want to do it.

2840. Honesty saturated with Truth is the Elixir of Life.

2841. Truth is Life.

2842. A lie sucks the f out of life.

2843. Honesty trumps nicety.

2844. A liar is one who covets that which he isn’t entitled to. He is a loser.

2845. A Truther owns everything.

2846. A Truther rules the universe.

2847. A liar is possessed by all things and is powerless to possess anything.

2848. Many of these sayings are not what one may define as proverbs, but they are Truth, and what definition is there that can trump Truth?

2849. One can never speak too much truth but one can never speak too little falsehood.

2850. The silent and still one has an advantage, be it for good or evil.

2851. Men have deadlines to achieve their works. God just does His works with perfect timing of everything.

2852. When a thief is no longer a thief, when a murderer is no longer a murderer, when a destroyer is no longer a destroyer, when a waster is no longer a waster, then what has been stolen, killed, destroyed, and wasted no longer matters.

2853. As when the sun rises and darkness disappears, so when a soul is redeemed, the damages of sin no longer matter.

2854. There come stages of enlightenment for the saint when things are significantly better understood.

2855. Darkness never leaves voluntarily; it must be driven out and that’s what the Light is for.

2856. The fear of the Lord is the bane of stupidity.

2857. Stupidity is not lack of knowledge or mental skills – stupidity is the lack of fear of God.

2858. The wiser the fool, the stupider he is.

2859. Fools can be intellectually impressive but those who have faith in God can seem so stupid.

2860. Those who mock God can be as sharp as a razor and those who praise God can be as dumb as a rock.

2861. The simplicity of the Lord is wiser than the complexity of the man.

2862. The more the need to trust God, the surer the reward.

2863. Those connected with their Maker are the wisest of all.

2864. Even fools recognize fools and wise men for what they are.

2865. Foolishness is not only a condition but also a choice.

2866. Vain professors of faith are like moths – they hide from natural light and are attracted to artificial lights.

2867. Flutterbies solitarily dance in the sun while moths swarm in darkness to man’s lights.

2868. The slide doesn’t end until the bottom.

2869. There’s only one solution to not having reached your desired destination – keep going until you arrive.

2870. To keep the Sabbath is to live like you mustn’t have to do anything except love God, your neighbor, and yourself, in that order.

2871. One may not be faulted for not knowing but he may be faulted for not asking.

2872. Many flattered and impressed by this world’s honors stumble in the success of darkness.

2873. The more you appreciate what you have, the more you have to appreciate.

2874. Don’t think too highly of yourself, thus despising the Most High of all.

2875. Don’t think too lowly of yourself, thus finding fault with your Maker.

2876. Success doesn’t exist without the agency of failure.

2877. To give is to gain and to receive is to have nothing overly more.

2878. When things are going as they should, let them alone; when things aren’t going as they should, do something about it if you can.

2879. A hard worker will be commended but consider who he’s working for.

2880. Men boast and take pride in their gifts, not considering Who gave them.

2881. A challenge of elders is to exercise patience with the younger. How much more for the younger to exercise patience with the elder.

2882. More is less and less is more.

2883. If we knew as much as we think we know, we would be so much wiser.

2884. If you question my natural right to examine your integrity, then one has good cause to question it.

2885. One of the most difficult things in life for me has been to forgive, almost as difficult as to not forgive.

2886. I find unforgiveness easier and more satisfying than to forgive.

2887. Children from birth are older and the elderly to the grave are younger than they seem.

2888. Don’t allow life to take a back seat to business – it’s far too expensive.

2889. When the destination has arrived and the battle has won, you’ll have overcome.

2890. Children go their way and parents fade away while time marches on to increase the division between them.

2891. Don’t let good things you should do consistently pass as a fad, and don’t let the bad things become a habit.

2892. Patience may seem a costly investment but, in the end, can pay a handsome reward.

2893. Betrayal even with regret leaves a stain in the betrayer’s heart that cannot be easily removed.

2894. Betrayal is the hopeless sin that is born without mercy both within and without.

2895. Woe to the one who returns evil for good and rewards the evildoer with good.

2896. The Sabbath is the last day of the week but it will always come before the first day.

2897. Many who are flattered and impressed by this world’s honors stumble in the success of darkness.

2898. The less of this world’s goods we have, to a point, the less care we have, and the more of Heaven’s good we have the richer we are.

2899. The dragon does sit in his cave on his treasure that men so covet.

2900. The dragon is an invincible foe, but should he be overcome, the treasures he guarded can be the greater foe, and the death of the victor.

2901. Is there any victory without the overcoming of oneself?

2902. Religion is sin’s custom and costume.

2903. Beware of covetousness. It will apprehend you, chew you up, and spit you out.

2904. We birth a child into this world with tears of joy knowing that tears of sorrow will surely follow.

2905. I’ve heard of dragon’s tears and now I’ve seen them. Little did I know they would be more powerful than the fire of his mouth.

2906. A dragon’s arsenal of weaponry is fully spectralled and awesome to all. Divine Power alone can match it.

2907. Only tears of evil are more powerful than fiery flames of destruction.

2908. Satan’s full force in an evil woman is the tears.

2909. If you see the watering of a woman’s eyes to plead with you, run for your life or soon you won’t have legs to run.

2910. Behold, the beauty and power of Leviathan. Don’t mess with him unless you’re resurrected from the dead.

2911. A dragon wants nothing from you. His power is that he has what you want from him.

2912. A dragon’s secret to power is that his gold is worth nothing to him.

2913. The softness of tears may come from their hardness.

2914. Tears from a dragon’s eyes can draw one close to the flames of its mouth.

2915. No sweeter a creature is found on earth than the dragon.

2916. Only a dead man can enter a dragon’s lair and live.

2917. The only weapon against a dragon is the perfect use of the two-edged sword.

2918. The heart of the dragon is his pride and his vulnerability.

2919. The dragon sleeps while awake and is awake while he sleeps.

2920. Dragons fly, oh yes, they do, and when they fly, they can fly so high they can barely be seen.

2921. The dragon’s finest hours are wrought in his cave.

2922. There’s a line between Heaven and Hell that is so fine it is invisible in space to the eye and so brief in time that man can’t measure it. It’s called “attitude.”

2923. Better to kill with the right attitude than to kiss with a bad one.

2924. Rich man, what makes you think your safe is safe? Is the one storing your gold safe?

2925. The cross presents itself as the price and becomes the greatest of rewards.

2926. Covetousness with stupidity brings the wrath of the earth but covetousness with cleverness brings the wrath of Heaven.

2927. Be wise – what is big and what is small, what is none and what is all, what does it mean to rise or fall?

2928. Only the Sword of Truth can pierce the heart of the fool.

2929. Only Love can skillfully wield the Sword of Truth.

2930. Don’t fear evil; let evil fear you.

2931. Covetousness is the perfect worship of mammon – beware.

2932. You can speak Truth to some people all the time, and to all people some of the time…but best of all, you can speak Truth to all people all the time. Yes, you can.

2933. You can have a well full of water and remain thirsty if you have nothing to draw it.

2934. Wealthy persons can enjoy nothing if they aren’t healthy.

2935. Imperfection makes the world go round.

2936. Rewards long earned are well worth waiting for.

2937. Heavenly anointing trumps age, gender, race, wealth, power, and social status.

2938. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for something. What matters more is that you bought it. And what may matter most is why.

2939. Life is like a tapestry; you’d be wise to turn it right side up.

2940. Premeditation conceals and spontaneity reveals.

2941. Knee jerks tell the truth.

2942. A blessing may not always be for those who deserve it but also for those who need it.

2943. A blessing may not only be for the blessed but also for the blesser.

2944. When you find that concern for quantity displaces care for quality, stop and correct yourself for your life.

2945. Everything is mathematics, but mathematics isn’t everything.

2946. If you’re not willing to speak against evil when you’re free to do so, comes a time when you won’t be allowed to speak against evil at all.

2947. We know to love good and hate evil, but do we know that good can hate and evil can love us?

2948. Do you know that when evil comes, we need to beware, and when good comes, we may need to beware even more?

2949. Do we know that we don’t recognize ourselves for our evil until we recognize God for His goodness?

2950. Covetousness and idolatry are to regard anything other than God as the ultimate source.

2951. Air is worth more than dirt and wisdom more than hard labor, yet each has its superior need.

2952. Without honesty, what do we have? Nothing more than some failing scraps of existence that ultimately bear no fruit or improvement for anyone.

2953. Covetousness is confidence in anything for provision other than our Creator.

2954. There is no pit so deep the Lord’s arm can’t easily reach the bottom.

2955. God’s love is so great that you cannot escape with your sin.

2956. Truth is God’s vengeance.

2957. Life can be so simple without convenience.

2958. Prosperity without virtue is like clouds without rain in a drought.

2959. The farther downhill one is, the faster one goes; the faster one goes, the greater the need for more powerful brakes.

2960. How did you end up a victim, except that you were treated like one?

2961. As the COVID jabs have been to the human body, and artificial fluoridation to city waters, so Lethbridge has been a socialistic experiment gone terribly wrong in an otherwise better city.

2962. People assume they naturally know how to live. They don’t come into this world knowing how to live but to learn how to live.

2963. People should never stop learning while they are in this world. The day they stop learning, they’re dead.


– When one learns to cleanse their butt properly, they are on their way to growing up.
– When they learn to help another who is incapable of cleaning their own butt, they are maturing.
– When they have learned to properly cleanse their hands after cleansing any butt, they have learned to love their neighbor.
– When they have learned to teach others to cleanse their hands after the same, they have learned to love God.

– When they learn to speak freely of these things, not for crudity’s sake, but for honesty and practicality, they have escaped their way out of the toilet and entered perfection.

2965. When one hates to be told what to do or to do anything properly, they are proud, stupid, and have learned nothing at all.

2966. Rare is the humble person.

2967. Man has come to the brink of destruction, and Jesus Christ is the One and Only Solution, the One and Only Antidote for Death and Hell.

2968. Your best friend can be your worst enemy and your worst enemy your best friend.

2969. There is no such thing as a non-psychopathic human being.

2970. Humanity is psychopathic and only its Creator can deliver it.

2971. The good man keeps his goods even when he loses them for a time, but the wicked perish with their goods.

2972. If you don’t know the darkness you’re in, how can you be on the side of light?

2973. Virtue without courage doesn’t exist, and courage without virtue is of no value. It is a dark and empty cloud that promises rain it doesn’t have.

2974. Truth offers sure hope in the darkest of times.

2975. The Lord accompanies His command and revelation to His people with abundant evidence that suggests the command or revelation is not of Him.

2976. Too many heroes in this world; no room for Me, says the Lord, Almighty God.

2977. By God all things consist. How then should He or those in Him ever be in a rush?

2978. Many are deceived, thinking the obvious evil is the problem but it’s the apparent good that is the killer. The apparent good has made possible and empowered the obvious evil.

2979. What is sin? It is the refusal to render to God what is due to Him.

2980. When you allow yourself to be victimized, you become a perpetrator.

2981. One must be humbled for many years before assuming a position of true authority. The saints of the Scriptures are outstanding examples.

2982. If you have no desire or respect for the Holy Scriptures, you have no wisdom and no true concept of the meaning of life and prosperity.

2983. Don’t lose out on the distant bountiful goodness because of the petty nuisance at hand.

2984. If your faith is sure, His promise is also sure. By God’s grace, don’t hopelessly vacate the altar of sacrifice and be robbed of the reward.

2985. When the rotting flesh has been disposed of, there will no longer be any need for maggots.

2986. Truth, how cruel it can be, but how much crueler to those whom it convicts.

2987. One must first get past the half empty portion of the cup to enjoy the half full.

2988. Healthy Reality has no grandchildren – learning comes only the hard way.

2989. Gifts come with a price of equal value.

2990. Hope is good but one who works for reward is bound to be disappointed.

2991. Those who work for others serve themselves but those who work for themselves serve neither.

2992. It’s not difficult to deceive, steal from, and to kill the weak and foolish, but how easy is it to escape the consequences of doing so?

2993. If you’re foolish enough to take advantage of a fool, then you’re foolish enough to be taken advantage of.

2994. The compulsion to gather earthly wealth is a form of illness. To gather it at the expense of others is criminal insanity.

2995. Parents raise their children, children lower their parents, and both lose and gain to a desired end.

2996. Men consistently speak to declare their strengths, virtues, and innocence, and to conceal their weaknesses, vices, and guilt. Therefore, they are liars.

2997. Have faith in the Lord without expectations of dependability from any other creature and you’ll have peace.

2998. The Resurrected Jesus Christ is always the Answer for everything, big or small, visible or invisible, public or private, physical or spiritual, known or unknown, old or new, near or far, weak or strong, good or bad, possible or impossible, past, present, and future, for everyone. No exceptions. All who ask, receive.

2999. Jesus Christ, the True Answer to all questions, the Sure Solution to all problems, the Faithful Servant for all occasions, none other than the Lord God Omnipotent, the One and Only Savior of humanity and Redeemer of all creation.

3000. Observe both the goodness and severity of the Lord God. He creates both Heaven and earth and all things therein. He creates both good and evil, light and darkness, and day and night. He assigns both Michael the archangel warrior and Satan the destroyer to their duties, contrary to one another. He has mercy on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will, He hardens.

Jesus Christ He calls His Servant; Moses He calls His servant; Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, He calls His servant; Cyrus, King of Persia, He calls His servant. All are His. He IS Jesus Christ. He IS Yeshua HaMashiach. He always Was, Always Is, and Always Will Be. He IS Lord of All and in All. He is the First and the Last. He comes and He comes again.



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