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Proverbs 2251-2500

“And more than that, the preacher was wise; he still taught the people knowledge. Yes, he listened, and looked, and set in order many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out pleasing words; and words of truth written by the upright. The words of the wise are like goads; yes, their collected words are like nails driven home; they are given from one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MKJV).

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.

Since then the Lord has given me more, when I am quiet, in His way, and when He wills.

The principles of life have many manifestations, each of which can be expressed as a proverb. A proverb can appear simple on the surface, stating the obvious, as even to give the impression that a simpleton speaks. As one contemplates the words and seeks a deeper meaning, however, he or she can be rewarded with counsel and understanding that serve well in many applications of life, should God give to that one.

Victor Hafichuk


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2251. The arrogant one pretends to not need anyone when he damned well knows he needs everyone.

2252. Bitterness is to hold someone other than the right person responsible for wrongdoing.

2253. There is a place of blessedness that is humanly impossible to reach, is secret, yet real and is its own description. So is the Kingdom of God.

2254. To the blessed, their work is their pay and the pay their work.

2255. The rich man in his earthly wealth is no richer than the poor man.

2256. When you follow in what’s wrong, you die and kill. When you lead in what’s right, you live and make alive.

2257. The test, duty, and power of the wise are to recognize that even the fool is purposed.

2258. The prophet of the Kingdom of God bows before the king on earth because earth is his realm of authority, but when the king desires the benefits of the Kingdom of God, he bows before the prophet whose authority is in Heaven.

2259. It doesn’t occur to the offended one that he offends more than those who offend him.

2260. To the winner, everything is gold but to the loser, all is shit.

2261. There’s nobody with 20/20 eyesight like the blind.

2262. God is a Single Perfect Gem of a Zillion Facets.

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