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Proverbs 1751-2000

English – French

“And more than that, the preacher was wise; he still taught the people knowledge. Yes, he listened, and looked, and set in order many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out pleasing words; and words of truth written by the upright. The words of the wise are like goads; yes, their collected words are like nails driven home; they are given from one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MKJV).

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.

Since then the Lord has given me more, when I am quiet, in His way, and when He wills.

The principles of life have many manifestations, each of which can be expressed as a proverb. A proverb can appear simple on the surface, stating the obvious, as even to give the impression that a simpleton speaks. As one contemplates the words and seeks a deeper meaning, however, he or she can be rewarded with counsel and understanding that serve well in many applications of life, should God give to that one.

Victor Hafichuk


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1751. Salt in a shaker is useless, so let it be sprinkled; water in a pitcher is useless, so let it be poured.

1752. So many issues in the world today, but we only need to trust One God for the answers.

1753. The antidote to deception at your profit is honesty at your cost.

1754. Those who walk the middle road are the least to be trusted. They call themselves “open-minded,” but are as equally open-minded to the false and wicked as they are to the true and good. They call themselves “peacemakers,” pretending to be there for the benefit of others.

1755. Those who lack the Sabbath lack life, but those who keep the Sabbath have life abundantly.

1756. The Sabbath is the agreement and harmony of soul and spirit.

1757. The Sabbath is when chaos ceases and all things are set in order.

1758. We know the Sabbath has arrived when the heart of the beast is set for good.

1759. The Sabbath is found through the cross, past the grave, and upon the throne of God.

1760. The Sabbath is the precious reward of a work well done.

1761. The Sabbath is the fruit of the grace of God without measure.

1762. The Sabbath is the reality of the favor of God.

1763. To keep the Sabbath is the highest honor and calling, found only in the bosom of God.

1764. Blessed are those who keep the Sabbath; they can do and suffer no wrong.

1765. The Sabbath is the purpose of life on earth. His rest is our work and our rest is His work.

1766. The false use sugar to gain for themselves; the true use salt to give life to others.

1767. Wisdom is stronger protection than high walls, locks, and bars.

1768. Cruel to one, man, animal, or unborn child, cruel to all; cruel for a moment, cruel always.

1769. Even the wicked can feel badly about their sin, but the one who repents of sin is alone justified.

1770. Forsake that which has been taken from you. God’s purpose is higher than anything you’ve had before. So the process is painful. So you don’t understand. So you enjoyed what you had. So you must spend what you have. So there’s a price to pay. Be thankful you have something to pay to get what God wants you to have!

1771. One who reaches out with gentleness to a viper is suddenly stricken.

1772. He who despises correction despises life, but he who bows under the rod is delivered from death.

1773. Which is the greater evil, to speak against evil or to speak against those who speak against evil?

1774. The Sabbath is the destination of the redeemed soul.

1775. Only one who is the Sabbath can keep the Sabbath.

1776. The Sabbath is the crown of faith.

1777. Those who have ceased from their own works have entered the Sabbath.

1778. Thanksgiving to God is the lubricant of the machinery of Heaven.

1779. Any light is judgment on darkness; therefore darkness can tolerate no light at all.

1780. The enemy will not rest until all spiritual value is neutralized.

1781. Negligence of detail is an enemy of perfection, but responsible attention brings worthy results.

1782. If you don’t walk in the Truth when you have something to lose, you certainly won’t walk in the Truth when you have nothing to lose.

1783. Mine the gold from the soil and refine it. Lay it on the furniture, walls, and ceilings of the Lord’s Temple for His glory.

1784. The Sabbath is more than an observation – it is a nature.

1785. The Sabbath is more than an event – it is a celebration.

1786. The Sabbath is more than a means – it is an end.

1787. Blessed are those who believe; they bless the Lord of the Sabbath.

1788. Blessed are the thankful, for the Sabbath is theirs.

1789. Blessed are those on the way to the Sabbath; their rest will be complete.

1790. Blessed are the Sabbatarians of the spirit; rest is their reward.

1791. The Sabbath is the sign of God’s Presence, the proof of His blessing.

1792. It is said, “Make hay while the sun shines,” but those who trust in their righteousness work in darkness.

1793. Wrong attitude hinders spiritual progress, but thankfulness brings wholeness.

1794. Light unveils, but darkness conceals; light tells what is, but darkness refuses to speak. So sons of God bring forth truth, but sons of darkness are found speechless.

1795. All of creation knows a phony, even man steeped in phoniness.

1796. Those who trust in the essence of this world go hungry and thirsty, but blessed are those with substance from above, because they’re satisfied.

1797. Be circumcised, circumspect, and circumscribed in all circumstances, both in heart and mind. At the same time, don’t allow yourself to remain within the circumference of your comfort zone.

1798. The Sabbath is the power and glory of the One Who rests and joins us to Himself.

1799. Only those who rest in their Maker are able to do His work; only those who work by Him are in rest.

1800. The Sabbath is the Kingdom of God fulfilled.

1801. Wisdom is greater than the Law it formed for good.

1802. The judgmental one judges others as judging unjustly.

1803. One can never do too much good or too little evil.

1804. Those who can, but don’t, get proper physical exercise rob themselves of a good part of their lives.

1805. As we grow older and wiser, we think less of ourselves and more considerately of others.

1806. One who rejects God’s rule can’t rule himself, because there is no rule without the rule of God.

1807. Lord, let it be that where there was fear, we have brought faith; where despair, hope; where doubt, confidence; where darkness, light; where ignorance, knowledge; where confusion, understanding; where wounds, healing; where vengeance, forgiveness; where bitterness, pardon; where turmoil, peace; where sorrow, joy; where weeping, laughter; where poverty, wealth; where falsehood, truth; where bondage, freedom; where destruction, restoration; where hatred, love; where death, life; where Hell, Heaven.

1808. Goodness and perfection are in the details, bringing satisfaction and joy, but ignoring them brings failure, lack, and regret.

1809. Blessed are those who have overcome; theirs is the Sabbath.

1810. Blessed are those who have been rewarded in their faith; they have entered the Sabbath.

1811. Blessed are those who reap the harvest fruits of God; this is the Sabbath.

1812. Oh, the disaster of unbelief and the precious treasure of faith!

1813. Let rulers attend to the weightier matters and entrust the lesser to their subjects, so they may both benefit.

1814. Details reveal secrets and render wisdom and understanding.

1815. All things are determined from above, both good and evil.

1816. There is no other way to become a winner but by defeat.

1817. Clay before the kiln crumbles, but is made firm by fire.

1818. There is no instability on the Rock, but man’s sand shifts continually.

1819. When the light shines, can darkness overcome it? When it shines, can darkness resist or disperse the light?

1820. As the sun disperses darkness when it comes, so the Son disperses evil when He comes.

1821. To keep the Sabbath is to enter the City of God.

1822. The Sabbath is a day that stands apart; those who embrace it are blessed.

1823. Only those not faint of heart, who trust their God, can enter the Sabbath.

1824. The Sabbath is a place, not a time; a nature, not an act.

1825. An honest man will not expect anyone to believe his promises or claims of good intentions.

1826. Evil men wear their works as badges of honor, but honorable men will not boast of the good they do.

1827. One who thinks he has time to do good has no time at all.

1828. Don’t underestimate the value of your enemies.

1829. People must hear what they don’t want to hear because that’s what they need to hear.

1830. Speakers must say what people don’t want them to say because it must be said.

1831. Men have steadfastly chosen the course of destruction, and only Divine favor will deter them from it.

1832. Worthwhile success is a culmination of a succession of efforts.

1833. Success never comes without trying and seldom comes without trying several times.

1834. There is no commandment of God without grace and no grace of God without His Law.

1835. Fear of losing is predetermined defeat.

1836. The unbelieving go directly from the sixth day to the eighth, while the righteous never leave the seventh.

1837. The Sabbath is the manifestation of the completion of God’s work.

1838. The outward Sabbath is a Law fully appreciated only by the grace of the Sabbath within.

1839. Rest is needed so we can work; work is needed so we can rest.

1840. The Sabbath is the throne of God in the inward man.

1841. The Sabbath is the establishment of justice and mercy.

1842. All things belong to the one who keeps the Sabbath.

1843. The Sabbath is the gathering of the scattered.

1844. In the Sabbath is perfect peace and safety.

1845. Those for truth rejoice in it, but those against it are offended, whether charmed so wisely or strongly rebuked.

1846. Work good, and the evil will work for good; work evil, and the good will work for evil.

1847. Doing right leads to life and peace, but doing evil brings bitter consequences, indeed.

1848. Open honesty serves as an ointment to heal the wound of secret dishonesty.

1849. Happy is he who is a friend to his enemies and knows his enemies are his friends.

1850. Because we succeed doesn’t mean we’re done. We need to keep succeeding or lose our success.

1851. The Sabbath is the wedding of soul and spirit.

1852. The Sabbath is the Word made flesh.

1853. The Sabbath is the residence in Eden.

1854. The Sabbath is the dining table of the Tree of Life.

1855. There is no death with, or life without, the Sabbath.

1856. The most challenging circumstances offer potential for the greatest rewards. Acceptance, where called for, is the key to those rewards.

1857. It’s a wonderful thing to have good neighbors; it’s even better to have good relations with them.

1858. The Sabbath lacks no good thing.

1859. The Sabbath is the dispersal of all darkness.

1860. Against the Sabbath, there is no cause or power.

1861. The Sabbath prevails in the heart of one who walks by faith.

1862. It’s not about where you are or what you’re doing; it’s about who you are.

1863. Who you are determines where you are and what you’re doing.

1864. True healing is free… and priceless.

1865. The Sabbath is the shelter from the storm.

1866. The Sabbath is the provision of all necessities.

1867. The Sabbath is the knowledge of the sovereignty of God over all.

1868. If one possesses the Sabbath, he possesses all things.

1869. Always the many do little and the few do much.

1870. Be encouraged to be among the privileged few who do the much.

1871. A mouse, by its appearance, provokes mercy, but by its actions, destruction.

1872. Religion says, “God, give to me,” while true worship asks, “God, what would You have me do?”

1873. Might is never determined from beneath, but from above.

1874. The Sabbath is the restoration of all things to God.

1875. The Sabbath is the fruit of God’s labor.

1876. The purpose of loss is to cause us to focus on the Source, not the channels of provision.

1877. Sleep seems like a waste to those who love the body and soul more than the spirit.

1878. The Sabbath is an active day of opportunity and challenge to rest.

1879. The Sabbath is the actualization of yourself.

1880. The Sabbath is the battery that powers the week.

1881. The Sabbath is the energy that strengthens the weak.

1882. Nothing is impossible to those who dwell in the Sabbath.

1883. He who fears loves himself more than God.

1884. Because not everyone knows the truth doesn’t mean no one can.

1885. Those who don’t know the truth can’t judge those who do.

1886. Those who know the truth can judge those who don’t.

1887. The Sabbath is the portal to God’s peace.

1888. The Sabbath is the manifestation of God’s work through His gift of faith.

1889. One who trusts the Lord doesn’t keep the Sabbath; he is the Sabbath.

1890. The Sabbath blesses the saint, who in turn blesses the Sabbath.

1891. No man enters the Sabbath alive, but receives life when he enters.

1892. The Sabbath is to believe His work is done.

1893. To live trusting the Lord in all things is the Sabbath.

1894. A blade of grass is insignificant, but together with many others, it makes a green lawn.

1895. Disobeying God is where hell begins, and obeying Him is where it ends.

1896. To keep the Sabbath is to do the work of the Lord.

1897. To keep the Sabbath is to do the Lord’s pleasure.

1898. The Sabbath is a gift that serves, never a master to be served.

1899. The Lord rests in those who keep His rest.

1900. The Sabbath is the willingness to accept the evil when it comes and let go of the good when it ends.

1901. To overcome, we must not only be willing to gamble, but to lose, and not only so, but commit to it.

1902. Honesty begins with reassessing ourselves and looking for a sure foundation for what we believe.

1903. A wise man seeks counsel, but a fool independently forges on.

1904. The Sabbath is to see unbelieving men being of worth to the Lord.

1905. Stubbornness knows it’s right, but humility knows it’s wrong.

1906. Unbelief thinks it has arrived, but faith knows it is only starting out.

1907. One who knows the Sabbath asks for nothing, because he has it all.

1908. The Sabbath is the possession of all there is to be had.

1909. Those who covet freedom for freedom’s sake bind themselves the more, and those who relinquish their freedom for truth’s sake are made free.

1910. Glory’s just another name for nothing left to gain.

1911. It is as good, if not better, to disagree with one who is wrong as it is to agree with one who is right.

1912. Those who despise correction despise themselves.

1913. Those who refuse chastening love death.

1914. The Sabbath is the fruit of faith.

1915. The Sabbath is the fulfillment of obedience.

1916. The Law of the Sabbath is Grace manifest.

1917. The Sabbath is God’s work and pay made one.

1918. The Sabbath is the Presence of God come to rest in the bosom.

1919. There is no need of answers or solutions in the Sabbath.

1920. Action without knowledge brings pain and sorrow.

1921. Give man knowledge without sanctification and give a sharp knife to a child for play.

1922. Men pursue lies as moths swarm to a porch light.

1923. Money can buy anything.

1924. Circumstances will change when they’re done with us.

1925. It’s not about changing our difficult circumstances, but about being changed so that we no longer need them.

1926. Stop shoveling and your hands will remain tender while the work remains undone.

1927. The Sabbath is to know Jesus Christ reigns and to agree with Him.

1928. Moths swarm to artificial light, and men swarm to lies as though they were true.

1929. Optimism without realism is like counterfeit currency – it appears to be effective for a time, but in the end proves itself illegitimate.

1930. The way to fight the secret works of darkness is to shine the light for all to see.

1931. There’s no solution to the subtle lie like the naked truth.

1932. As water satisfies a thirsting body, so the Sabbath refreshes the soul.

1933. Unforgiveness is unpleasant to the one in need of forgiveness, but deadly to the one unwilling to forgive.

1934. Without labor, there is no Sabbath.

1935. People need to hear, not so much what to do, as what they are.

1936. Have you ever seen a tree growing with roots in the air, and branches and leaves buried in the ground? So is atheism.

1937. Atheism and the Sabbath despise one another.

1938. Go before the Lord with persistence, not insistence.

1939. Instinct is a powerful gift, if it serves to do good.

1940. Philosophers think so much and know so little. The more they think, the less they know; the less they know, the more they talk; the more they talk, the more they show how little they know.

1941. Is there anything wiser than to ask questions when we lack knowledge or understanding?

1942. Criticism perfects.

1943. Discomfort comes when the left foot touches the right.

1944. Some say one’s water should be light, some dark. Those in darkness listen to the world, and those with understanding receive wisdom.

1945. Even on an overcast day, the sun shines for the righteous.

1946. Fasting doesn’t so much answer prayers as reveal the Source of answered prayer and grant needs not requested or made aware of.

1947. Instinct is a wonderful gift for good, but a formidable tool for evil. Those who use it for good will prosper, but those who do evil will be destroyed, and that right soon.

1948. How can one give wise counsel to a proud man when pride makes him stupid?

1949. Let the son follow the father, not the father the son. This law has been established by the Perfect Example.

1950. Fasting summons unimaginable, unseen forces to accomplish the impossible.

1951. Fasting is a door to reality and freedom. It is the power to overcome the forces of bondage and oppression.

1952. The purpose of fasting is to see and to acknowledge things the way they are.

1953. A man can only see himself in darkness because the Light of God has begun to shine on him.

1954. A wise man deals in knowledge, but fools plunge confidently through the darkness.

1955. The diligent are rewarded, while the careless suffer loss.

1956. One who is flattered when complimented is equally offended when criticized.

1957. The more you have of this world’s good, the less you enjoy it.

1958. Doing the will of God is neither a matter of desire nor requirement by the Law, but of decision.

1959. The Sabbath is the manifest reconciliation of Law and Grace, of Heaven and earth.

1960. The true value of a work is not determined by successful results, but by the knowledge that right has been done.

1961. The wicked use truth to receive power, but the righteous forsake power to receive truth.

1962. He that measures by money and time lacks understanding and troubles himself.

1963. A righteous man changes his mind, even to his cost, when truth is made known to him.

1964. Men swarm to lies as flies do to dung – they can’t help themselves.

1965. Those who agree with me are with me; those who don’t agree with me aren’t with me.

1966. Nuts can look so full, yet be so empty, and fruit so wholesome, yet rotten within.

1967. Fasting is friend to spirit and enemy to flesh.

1968. Wisdom brings more understanding, but foolishness destroys.

1969. Political correctness and social decorum are Satan’s tools to stifle and resist the spirit of truth.

1970. The Tree of Knowledge student seeks to establish his own righteousness, but the Tree of Life disciple knows Life must come from without.

1971. What we have and what we don’t have are both best for us in God’s wisdom and love.

1972. Man’s way is the way of darkness and deals death, but God’s way is the way of light and gives life.

1973. To have patience in your circumstances is to have patience with God.

1974. The Truth always makes free and falsehood always binds.

1975. To those who love the Truth, it is a joy hearing from the Lord by babes, but to those who wish the preeminence, it is a vexation.

1976. The Sabbath is God’s perspective of what He has done.

1977. If the Lord gives you a match, light a fire before the match goes out. If you don’t, you’ll spend your life cold and in the dark.

1978. The righteous man can appear to be quite evil and the wicked man quite righteous.

1979. A righteous man does good in the sight of God, and an evil man does good in the sight of men.

1980. An evil man does good in the sight of men, but evil in the sight of God.

1981. As a tailor-made suit fits the body, so the Sabbath clothes the righteous.

1982. Compromise brings regret and bitterness, but steadfastness unto the Lord brings peace, joy, and righteousness.

1983. As a deer approaches a clearing, so a wicked man warily meets with a ruler.

1984. “What does he see?” they ask themselves. “How are we camouflaged? I will stand still. I will move as little as possible lest I give myself away. I could eat some grass and then move on to hide in the trees again.”

1985. Some wicked fear lest they be found out, but some are brazenly confident in their sin.

1986. The wicked declare their righteousness and are quick to point the finger at the unrighteousness of others.

1987. Let the lowly serve faithfully with confidence in their God, not in their rulers.

1988. The humble shall be spared, though their rulers perish in wickedness.

1989. The wicked conceal themselves from the eye of the flesh, not considering they are stark naked to the eye of the spirit.

1990. Like a shy child closes its eyes to hide, yet remains seen, so the wicked deceive themselves.

1991. Who is desperate, who is anxious, if not the wicked? Yet will he not turn from his wickedness.

1992. The wicked spins the roulette wheel to escape his guilt, but his success is no better than that of a gambler.

1993. The righteous know it’s better to own the house than to spin the wheel to try to beat the house.

1994. The wicked trust in opportunity, but the humble trust in God.

1995. It is a grievous thing to rule over the rebellious, but it is even more grievous for a ruler to oppress the righteous.

1996. What ruler has joy in a stubborn and cunning servant? What parent has pleasure in a rebellious son?

1997. Some children are born wicked to righteous parents, but some are the fruit of wicked parents.

1998. The Sabbath day is greater than the six of labor altogether.

1999. The Sabbath cannot atone for wicked works, but gives rest to workers of righteousness.

2000. The wicked presume to gather up a Sabbath sustenance, not considering it is the gift of a righteous God.

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