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Proverbs 2001-2250

English – French

“And more than that, the preacher was wise; he still taught the people knowledge. Yes, he listened, and looked, and set in order many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out pleasing words; and words of truth written by the upright. The words of the wise are like goads; yes, their collected words are like nails driven home; they are given from one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MKJV).

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.

Since then the Lord has given me more, when I am quiet, in His way, and when He wills.

The principles of life have many manifestations, each of which can be expressed as a proverb. A proverb can appear simple on the surface, stating the obvious, as even to give the impression that a simpleton speaks. As one contemplates the words and seeks a deeper meaning, however, he or she can be rewarded with counsel and understanding that serve well in many applications of life, should God give to that one.

Victor Hafichuk


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2001. The righteous are at peace with the death sentence, but the wicked crave to live.

2002. The Sabbath is a haven of rest granted, not a refuge taken.

2003. A refuge may be discovered by chance, but the Sabbath is provided by purpose.

2004. Darkness never willingly gives place to light.

2005. Reality ignores nobody and includes everybody, whether they ignore or include themselves.

2006. Quality is to be met and surpassed for everyone’s sake, not rejected for selfish sake.

2007. Quality is to be embraced and not resisted; met and not forbidden.

2008. The righteous before God are not without unrighteousness. The righteous before God keep themselves from their unrighteousness. (2 Samuel 22:21-27; 1 Corinthians 9:27; Romans 7:18, 8:1)

2009. Are you seeking strength in the Lord or strength for yourself before the Lord?

2010. Vipers do not come staunchly stomping; they come smoothly slithering.

2011. “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” say the flies. And I say to the flies, “If you have problems with what you call ‘vinegar,’ what will you say when God brings the swatter?”

2012. The issue is never one’s circumstances, but one’s attitude toward them.

2013. We are formed not by the actions of others upon us, but by our reactions to them.

2014. Holy silence with a holy life speaks louder than holy preaching with an unholy life.

2015. How terrible the darkness of those in captivity, and how glorious the brightness of those walking in light.

2016. Better to live in a car under the hand of the Lord than in a palace as a prince of this world.

2017. Blessed are those the Lord loves and keeps, but cursed are those He casts off.

2018. What color is a chameleon? Is a mother killdeer injured as it hobbles away from its nest of young? Does a great bear flee when circling behind? Do appearances deceive, or are observers deceived in their judgment?

2019. Truth is the goodness and wisdom of God lived and shared for the benefit of others.

2020. It is said, “The devil is in the details.” Better put, “God is in the details; the devil is in their lack.”

2021. Children of faith surrender not only the worst, but also the best.

2022. The sluggard refuses to make decisions and take responsibility.

2023. The Sabbath is the secret of the Lord.

2024. Would you like to offend anyone? Speak the truth. Would you like to preserve relationships? Don’t speak the truth. Are you doing well in society? If so, have you wondered why?

2025. The Sabbath is the work of Heaven.

2026. It is vain for man to measure True Value on his own terms – money, time, energy, territory, family, number of souls, even happiness.

2027. The rich man’s wealth is his poverty and his strength, weakness.

2028. The Sabbath is the harbinger and taste of Heaven.

2029. Truth is truth; those who resist it can only fail, and those who believe it can only prosper.

2030. Blessed is the one who trembles at God’s Word; he will be at rest and the world shall tremble.

2031. Man will readily give his life for a lie, but would rather die than believe the truth.

2032. Fear is the fulfillment of the unfulfilled reality.

2033. Those who do evil are their first and greatest victims.

2034. Liars and cowards find it easier to pretend than to be honest.

2035. The humble look to their God, but the proud have another.

2036. Truth condemns the works of darkness, and the darkness blames the truth for its exposure.

2037. The Sabbath is to refrain from doing anything for money.

2038. Take away excess food from a glutton and he has nothing to live for. Make a sluggard do his necessary work and he will despise you.

2039. The proud seek praise and glory because they have none of their own.

2040. Knowledge of good serves to deceive and condemn when not acted upon.

2041. Whatever you do, don’t do it for money.

2042. The anointing is not about the anointed but the Anointer.

2043. As sure as the sun rises, vindication comes for those speaking the truth.

2044. The only way to receive the day is to take the night with it.

2045. How pleasant it is to give counsel to those who receive it!

2046. The covetous man focuses not on what he has, but on what he doesn’t have; therefore he’s always poor. The liberal man focuses not on what he has given, but on what he has left to give; he’s rich, always having something. The amount one possesses is irrelevant to contentment.

2047. Mankind’s nature can never be changed from without, only from within.

2048. The Sabbath is the Strength of God in the weakness of man.

2049. The Sabbath is a taste of the coming Peace of God.

2050. The Sabbath is the freedom of nothing left to lose.

2051. The Sabbath is the Declaration of the Sovereignty of God.

2052. Life originates and is regenerated in the Sabbath of God.

2053. Only in the Sabbath is there the complete victory of God.

2054. The Sabbath is the blessed union and harmony of soul and spirit.

2055. There is only faith and no fear in the Sabbath.

2056. Both the day and the night proclaim the Quiet Might of God.

2057. The streets of the Sabbath are paved with pure gold.

2058. Unauthorized wings cannot overcome the walls of the Sabbath.

2059. Only the Sabbath-keeper dines on the Bread of God.

2060. The Sabbath Potion of Heaven is too powerful to be diluted by less than six to one.

2061. Man’s rulership presumes to impose every day of the week on the Sabbath and pretends to gift the Sabbath on days of labor.

2062. The acceptance of reality is a thing of beauty; it is the essence of emancipation.

2063. Thankfulness is eyes for seeing, an ear for hearing, a mouth for eating, and a heart for living.

2064. The Sabbath is a banquet of thankfulness.

2065. I have learned that no man forgives another’s offenses, great or small, but for the grace of God.

2066. The Sabbath is the Declaration of Dependence on God.

2067. The Sabbath is the Declaration of Independence from Self.

2068. The Sabbath is the Acceptance of the Charter of Responsibilities.

2069. The Sabbath is to know and to do the will of God.

2070. The Sabbath is to reside in the throne room of God.

2071. The Sabbath is to agree with the will and perspective of God.

2072. The Sabbath is the joy of being as God intended His children to be.

2073. There’s no success without failure.

2074. Make sure your steps; they each lead in a certain direction, whether good or evil.

2075. Prisons don’t leave open doors or post maps for the exit.

2076. The righteous will know the goodness of the Lord, but the rebellious will not be partakers.

2077. Our shortages are our greater provisions.

2078. The proud labors for pride, and the sluggard in pretense to escape labor.

2079. Those who judge after the appearance are the greater offenders in those things for which they fault others.

2080. One doesn’t go hanging apples on a willow; apples are gathered only from an apple tree and that not just any time, but in season.

2081. It is the nature and duty of every lover of good and right to do battle with evil.

2082. Losers always lose and winners always win.

2083. He who builds his house before he tills his land reaps desolation.

2084. Sugar makes the world go round, like water spiraling down a drain.

2085. Fear of anything other than God subjects us to the thing we fear.

2086. He who sacrifices, trusts in himself and expects reward, but he who obeys, surely trusts in God, knowing his unworthiness.

2087. Obedience comes with faith, but faith comes with obedience.

2088. Those who deny others the right to judge have no judgment or right to judge.

2089. If you say, “Yes,” it will be yes; if you say, “No,” it will be no; if you say, “Yes/No,” it will be that, too.

2090. Ignorance is bad, but knowledge may be worse; ignorance can be dispelled, but knowledge gives false security.

2091. The Bible is an external aid for the outer man made subject to the inner man.

2092. Thoughts led me to write, and writing led me to think.

2093. Swords can move a few words, but a few words can move many swords.

2094. To conceal the truth about evil does not serve good.

2095. When you are what you are, there’s no competition. You’re the only show in town.

2096. If you believe, you’re worth far more than your weight in gold.

2097. It’s more important for the left to protect the right of murderers to kill than to uphold the right of victims to live.

2098. To not hear what is good is bad enough; to hear and not do is much worse; to hear and do is the Sabbath.

2099. Better to die from what you fear than to die a thousand times by the fear.

2100. Fear is the fulfilment within of suffering that which one is afraid of without.

2101. You don’t give thanks only because you’re thankful – you also give thanks to become thankful.

2102. The proud get religious, but the humble get real.

2103. The wicked will take anything they can get, except the truth freely offered.

2104. He who holds the violin also holds the bow.

2105. Don’t look back to see who’s following but look ahead to see who’s leading.

2106. There’s nothing wrong with ignorance unless one is content with it.

2107. Ignorance is bliss but for a short time.

2108. Complexity is to be conquered with simplicity, and pride with humility.

2109. In vain do men seek after their own glory – they demand that God withholds it from them.

2110. A pitcher may be beautiful but what good is it if empty?

2111. Men have understanding to make clothing, yet fail to understand that clothing doesn’t make a man.

2112. Take away excesses and man is bettered for it; take away the basics and he perishes.

2113. Knowledge, like water, can enter and destroy much good.

2114. It is not for a king to do the dirty work but it is his to assign it.

2115. Knowledge without action is like water without a container.

2116. The Sabbath is the hidden Tree of Life, clothed in righteousness.

2117. Men have made Hell of Heaven and Heaven of Hell.

2118. Some men have greatness; all have their faults.

2119. The Sabbath is the beginning of new things.

2120. Many can argue but few can speak truth.

2121. The Sabbath is trading all other options for the Last One.

2122. To tell the truth to commit evil is not good, but to tell a lie to do good is acceptable in God’s sight.

2123. “Thou art the man” is ever the issue.

2124. People don’t just retire and die – they die and retire.

2125. Without the higher life, the lower cannot exist. But the higher also needs the lower.

2126. Heart strings are formidable chains with no weak link.

2127. Comely creations rise up in desolate places.

2128. Where it’s possible for us to deal with a problem, God won’t do us the disfavour of a miracle.

2129. Are there not times that less is as good as or better than more?

2130. Heaven is hell to a sinner and hell is Heaven to a saint.

2131. Saying right things doesn’t mean they’re the right things to say.

2132. Because one says right things doesn’t give him the right to say them.

2133. Death is the opportunity for multiplied replenishment.

2134. The smaller you are, the safer you may be.

2135. Correction is a chief ingredient of grace.

2136. You cannot rightly judge a man for not knowing everything; you cannot judge him for what he doesn’t know; you cannot judge him for what you think he knows; you cannot judge him for what you think he should know. You can only judge him for what he does with what he knows. Now, are you sure you know what he knows as he should know it?

2137. The Sabbath is the fulfilment of the promise of God.

2138. Fear is a tyrant that won’t allow you to disobey it.

2139. Fools slay themselves in fun and the wise save themselves in sobriety.

2140. We have a reward for coming clean, but chains of darkness and regret come with unwilling exposure.

2141. Unbelief destroys but faith overcomes all things.

2142. If you indulge in pleasures to alleviate your miseries, you’ll fail – it is idolatry.

2143. Persistence bridges the impossible.

2144. We’re each members in a row of dominoes. Somebody has to be the one out of line to stop total collapse.

2145. To a sinner, Heaven is hell and hell is Heaven. The sinner fears for the worst, but the saint believes for the best.

2146. Truth appears the unjust tyrant to those who prefer to nurse their egos and sensitivities.

2147. The deception of the Tree of Knowledge is that you feel justified by simply having knowledge without living by it.

2148. There is no such thing as a lie that escapes judgment.

2149. Those who celebrate birthdays promote their funerals.

2150. The will of God is not, “Lord, give me what I would like,” but, “Lord, what do You want?”

2151. Better the hens are without a rooster than to have a fox acting as one.

2152. Better to do good than to feel bad about not doing good.

2153. Immediate gratification is a powerful foe against all reason, but God is greater. Those who put their trust in Him will not be ashamed.

2154. If one can accept the legitimacy of an adversary’s point, he will be more able to have his points considered.

2155. Victory does not come by overcoming self, but in knowing the Sovereignty of God and resting in that knowledge.

2156. The Law of the weekly Sabbath is a mere label of the Reality commanded within.

2157. We can only make right decisions by making wrong ones; it is called learning.

2158. Man doesn’t learn by making right decisions; he only learns by making wrong ones.

2159. By wrong decisions, man learns; by right decisions, he earns.

2160. Wrong decisions are a means to the end of right decision.

2161. If you never make a wrong decision, you’ll never make a right one.

2162. Only mistakes can propel one to success. There is no other way.

2163. Wrong decisions are the portal of death that leads to right decisions of life.

2164. As an egg needs a shell, so a right decision needs the wrong. A right decision is hatched by breaking the shell.

2165. If you want to see a knave instantly transformed into a saint, check out the obituaries of scoundrels.

2166. The loudest and swiftest to preach are often the quietest and slowest to act.

2167. To receive correction is wisdom; to reject it is folly of the first order.

2168. Correction brings life, but those who refuse it embrace death.

2169. To seek to be understood is a chief sin, a path chosen that keeps one in hell.

2170. In vain do waves of opposition assail the rocks of Truth.

2171. Nothing is free, least of all freedom.

2172. The way of the sluggard brings sorrow and shame but the labor of the diligent brings sweetness of satisfaction.

2173. Says the simple, “Fellow mice, there’s no trap; that cheese is ours; let’s enjoy.”

2174. When dilution is called for in administering medicine, one must use a wholesome dilutant.

2175. If one fears not having enough money, all the money in the world will not be enough.

2176. The Sabbath is the firm conviction that the Lord God reigns supreme over all.

2177. Because you see an apple on a tree doesn’t mean it’s ready to eat.

2178. Cain offered a sacrifice he was pleased to give.

2179. Believers are by nature engines of mercy and forgiveness but they come equipped with a timing belt.

2180. Correction is determined for every soul at the appointed times.

2181. Patience, faith, humility, and love – without these we have no life in us.

2182. There is a struggle with sin that seeks to retain the sin and there is a struggle with sin that seeks deliverance.

2183. Your eyes and ears will teach you far more than your mouth.

2184. Those who give to others multiply gifts to themselves.

2185. If there is an insoluble problem, there is no God. If there is an Almighty God, what can possibly defy His omnipotence?

2186. Godly unity is perfect beauty.

2187. The Sabbath is unity of body, soul, and spirit.

2188. Two united are more powerful than ten thousand divided.

2189. Faith in Jesus Christ is the key to Life – it is the answer to every problem in existence.

2190. Find the man who has perfect harmony with God and you’ll know the world is conquered.

2191. Perfect faith is the twelfth dimension. It is found at the Throne of God.

2192. There is never an ideal time to do the right thing.

2193. There is never justification for doing wrong.

2194. To speak the truth and walk in integrity is to incur the hatred of men.

2195. Though it appears we perish or prosper according to what we think, say, and do, I find the Lord determines all things. Only faith perceives that God conceals Himself and His works.

2196. A rough pit can be easier to escape than a smooth one.

2197. We stand to gain more from our enemies’ condemnation than from our friends’ compliments.

2198. To keep a gift to yourself isn’t good; to use it for yourself is worse – it is thievery because God gives us our gifts not for ourselves but for others.

2199. The churches are led by thieving wolves who gather souls by means of gifts both natural and spiritual.

2200. Gifts are to be freely given, not possessed.

2201. A wayward son is a grief to his mother and father; he doesn’t care for their suffering.

2202. Parents will lay down their lives for their children but will children do so for their parents?

2203. Children take for granted their parents’ gifts to them.

2204. Parents reap from their children what they have sown to their own parents.

2205. The journey is the destination.

2206. Whether the door knob is on the left or the right side of the door depends on which side of the door you’re on.

2207. To keep one’s gift for oneself is thievery; to use it as power over others is murder; a gift is given to be shared with others.

2208. It is wickedness to blame the release of aroused passions on the temptations at hand.

2209. The value isn’t in what you do so much as how well you do with what you have.

2210. To decide for right is to win every time; to appease the adversaries is to lose every time.

2211. When you are on Truth’s side, Truth is on yours; you can never fail or lose because Truth never fails or loses.

2212. When you side with the Truth against yourself, that is the cross.

2213. Learn, know what you’re sharing, and share what you know others need to know.

2214. The willingness to dirty the hands keeps the soul clean.

2215. You can’t always wait until the ground is soft before you’re prepared to walk barefooted.

2216. Good deeds break fences that don’t need to be there and mend them where needed for the mutual benefit of both sides.

2217. By the consequence of forgetfulness, our memories are improved.

2218. Victims are sinners.

2219. The purr of a cute kitten is more powerful than the roar of a mighty lion.

2220. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.

2221. We learn not only by doing but by learning.

2222. It is not reason that reigns among men, but passion and love of mammon.

2223. Decision by knowledge is better than decision in ignorance.

2224. No power can stand against victory.

2225. Love is the greatest wisdom.

2226. Man is the problem; God is the Solution.

2227. Poverty is our great need.

2228. Without being without, we are without, indeed.

2229. Our niceness will not add to God’s power to save and our meanness will not diminish it.

2230. People learn from their mistakes; they die from their rebellion, which is a refusal to learn.

2231. Are you seeking understanding? Consider the wisdom in dumb beasts.

2232. No matter how fast you are, you can never outrun reality.

2233. Objectivity is impossible with selfishness.

2234. Eat the truth that satisfies and you won’t be hungry for the lie.

2235. Our effort to convince is the fuel to oppose ourselves.

2236. Loss is an effective instructor, always fair and balanced.

2237. Parrots have beautiful feathers; they can even talk.

2238. Flatterers can be your worst enemies, and critics your best friends.

2239. Is it that a bird doesn’t know it can’t fly through a glass window or is it that it doesn’t know the window is there?

2240. Fire doesn’t hate gold; it only hates the impurities in the gold.

2241. Failure is the secret to success.

2242. It is easier to fall than it is to stand.

2243. The prince of darkness readily receives those who reject the Prince of Peace.

2244. As one has no right to conclude there was no grace before Christ’s appearance in the flesh, so one has no right to assume the Law no longer exists after His advent.

2245. Of what value is a shining light without darkness? And what glory is there in the truth without the falsehood? Can there be victory without battle and can there be battle without an enemy?

2246. The arrogant one pretends to not need anyone when he damned well knows he needs everyone.

2247. Bitterness is to hold someone other than the right person responsible for wrongdoing.

2248. There is a place of blessedness that is humanly impossible to reach, is secret, yet real and is its own description. So is the Kingdom of God.

2249. To the blessed, their work is their pay and the pay their work.

2250. The rich man in his earthly wealth is no richer than the poor man.


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