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Proverbs 2501 – 2750

English – French

“And more than that, the preacher was wise; he still taught the people knowledge. Yes, he listened, and looked, and set in order many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out pleasing words; and words of truth written by the upright. The words of the wise are like goads; yes, their collected words are like nails driven home; they are given from one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MKJV).

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on, they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began, they ended, like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation, no expectation and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there.

Since then the Lord has given me more, when I am quiet, in His way, and when He wills.

The principles of life have many manifestations, each of which can be expressed as a proverb. A proverb can appear simple on the surface, stating the obvious, as even to give the impression that a simpleton speaks. As one contemplates the words and seeks a deeper meaning, however, he or she can be rewarded with counsel and understanding that serve well in many applications of life, should God give to that one.

Victor Hafichuk


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2501. As bodies of water are filled by rivers, evaporate to the sky, and waters return in rain to replenish the rivers, so in the great scheme of things, substance leads to vanity and vanity to substance.

2502. As enemies rush to trespass on sanctified territory, so help comes without delay from above to dispatch them.

2503. Destruction comes far easier and quicker than construction.

2504. It is said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I say there is a way because there is a will.

2505. The will is the mother of the way.

2506. There is no such thing as a person that is as honest as they appear.

2507. Liars appear most honest and their lies most credible when they believe their own lies.

2508. Robins nest near people, which keeps them safer from birds who aren’t comfortable near people.

2509. People are not known by how many friends they have but by what kind of friends they keep.

2510. When trouble comes, it is God’s whisper to come to Him. When you call on Him and there is only silence, it is His shout to come to Him.

2511. After pride comes shame and after humility comes glory.

2512. Before labor comes opportunity and after labor comes reward.

2513. When dogs and swine enter a servant of God’s circle of life, it is for their final judgment.

2514. There are pacifiers and there are peacemakers; they are as different as night and day.

2515. Those who will not offend friend or neighbor are an offense to God.

2516. The bully exerts himself over others to console himself of his worth.

2517. One who diminishes others and what they have, diminishes himself and what he has.

2518. Humor is a tasty flavoring that can be used in almost anything dished out – this is no joke.

2519. Consider dandelions and oak trees; that which grows slowly often grows most strongly and largely.

2520. Lawless freedom is the greatest bondage of all.

2521. Those who say there is no God are not fools because they don’t believe it but because they well know there is a God.

2522. Religion can be prevented by force but true faith defeats all things.

2523. There’s a difference between what one needs and what one needs – you red that right.

2524. Better to speak the truth and have no friends than to speak vanity and have a thousand associates.

2525. The thankless one remembers the evil and forgets the good, but a wise heart chooses thankfulness in all things.

2526. One can set good a mood by remembering the good and giving thanks for both good and evil.

2527. For speaking the truth, there will be many who hate you and few who love you.

2528. Do you speak truth to brute beasts? Why waste your time and risk danger for nothing?

2529. Men draw lines of division and distinction everywhere to promote their interests, but the Lord looks on the heart, not respecting the lines.

2530. Men make a path in the earth, but only the Lord makes a path in the waters and the skies.

2531. The Lord sets the battle in array. He determines the place of good and evil, of light and darkness, and of victory and defeat. He disarms the strong and mighty and strengthens the weak and helpless.

2532. Perfect power comes with the one who steps out of darkness and into the light.

2533. To hate others for the Lord’s sake is to not give others what they require of us when it isn’t their right to do so.

2534. Only with water can a plant live, so the soul can only live with truth.

2535. I have done good things and bad; I’ve been good and bad; I’ve been a sinner and a saint; I’ve hated God and I have loved Him; I have cursed God and I have blessed Him; I’ve been wise and foolish; I’ve been rich and poor; I’ve had success and failure; I’ve had great gains and great losses; I’ve been blind and I’ve been able to see, deaf and able to hear; I’ve been desired and despised; I’ve been hated and loved, betrayed and supported, blessed and cursed; I’ve been in good times and bad; I’ve had faith and I’ve been faithless; I’ve been bold and afraid; I have loved and I have hated; I’ve been loved and hated; I’ve been overweight and I’ve been slim and trim; I’ve been responsible and irresponsible; I’ve been drunk and sober; I’ve been stingy and generous; I’ve been hungry and satisfied; I’ve been tired and energetic; I’ve been young and old; I’ve been sick and well; I’ve been strong and weak; I’ve been foolish and wise; I’ve been busy and still; I’ve been rewarded and punished; I have rewarded and punished; I’ve been single and married; I’ve been childless and with child; I have gained children and lost them; I’ve been a son and a father; I’ve been dead and alive; I’ve been born and I’ve died.

These things I’ve been and done because the Lord has determined them all.

2536. I’ve not been God, but I’ve seen Him with my eye and am one with Him in heart and Spirit.

2537. Fence-sitters can exhibit balance that impresses both sides.

2538. Whenever a glass is half-full, we must get past the emptiness to get to the fullness. Why does the emptiness always come first?

2539. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, not even God’s gifts.

2540. Man will appear to err, and God will prove to be perfect.

2541. Men will believe any lie, no matter how outrageous, and defend it to their death before they will believe the most credible truth.

2542. Might comes by quantity but right by quality. How else can David slay Goliath? How else can Moses and Aaron alone withstand the might of Egypt? How else can one angel slay 185,000 Syrians in one night?

2543. The power in the angel is the power of faith. So it is with all messengers.

2544. Many speak when they have little to say; some speak because they have something to say; few must first speak to say what must be said.

2545. One is not done until after the finish line.

2546. If there is an external cause for our sin and trouble, then there is no God.

2547. Light explodes and darkness implodes.

2548. Choice of evil binds but repentance sets free.

2549. The angels of God are as great in quantity and form as are the clouds.

2550. Every creature made by the Omniscient Creator is like Him in part.

2551. Mirrors come our way daily to make us aware of our faults.

2552. Those who have preyed upon the weak and defenseless will be defenseless when preyed upon by the more powerful. There is no other explanation for such consequence.

2553. There is no satisfaction for the selfish.

2554. The enemy is identified as the source of fears and all manner of negative thoughts through lack of evidence and proof to support.

2555. Things are so much bigger than us.

2556. Flattery is the ugliest form of lying.

2557. Those who use the guillotine against righteous law and order will lose their heads.

2558. There are skimmers and there are divers, generalists and specialists – the Lord has made them both.

2559. Unforgiveness is unpleasant to the one in need of forgiveness, but deadly to the one unwilling to forgive.

2560. Learning comes before excellence, not to be regretted.

2561. One can tell the difference between right and wrong by the untrue and terrible evils spoken of the good.

2562. Giving is not about what comes before or after.

2563. Children are adults and aged adults are little children.

2564. Losers can’t win because they won’t let the victor win.

2565. Surprisingly, I have vacated a house I’ve lived in all my life and entered another.

My new home is larger with many more rooms and each room more spacious than those we’ve known. The rooms are beautiful with wide, tall doorways and ceilings, large windows, and fine and beautiful furniture and furnishings. This house has much more light, much cleaner air, and is blessed with beautiful music.

This house is a true home, so much better in every way. It is noiseless, fragrant, and the temperature is consistently pleasant. It is much more comfortable, friendlier, more pleasurable, safer, healthy, and incorruptible.

Food and water are especially wholesome and supplied fresh daily.

The house doesn’t need the care our former house needed, and it’s surrounded by fruitful and pretty gardens. Friendly, helpful, caring neighbors live nearby and stop by regularly. It is Heaven on earth. This, all from the Lord’s hand.

2566. Intelligence is dispensed by our Creator to every living creature as the need arises and as it pleases Him, yet two-legged beasts show themselves for the fools they’ve chosen to be.

2567. Pride is a formidable obstacle to good knowledge.

2568. To be appreciated as a person is sustenance for both the appreciated and the appreciative.

2569. The proud one is easily provoked and when provoked, is offended, and when offended, becomes hateful, and when hateful, commits sin. The path of Cain.

2570. The society that has come to a state of intolerance for cost, risk, and pain is near its end. You’ll look and see it no more.

2571. Without risk, there is no opportunity to gain; without cost, there is no reward; without investment, no return.

2572. Gain without deservedness is loss of the more grievous sort.

2573. Okay, wise and righteous man, answer me this: Which does one do first – pray or pee? The answer is a very simple one.

2574. Why should we fear when the enemy comes? Shouldn’t we be thankful we have a Defender?

2575. Prayer acceptable to our Creator Father is to squarely place our focus on Him.

2576. As age advances, accomplishment of little things amply compensates for the inability to do greater things.

2577. God keep us not from consequences we deserve but from doing what brings such consequences.

2578. Evildoers will all come down, one on the other, until all are in the sum forever.

2579. Let right reign before prosperity, lest all is lost in the end.

2580. Singing before others can be frightening, and it can be exhilarating.

2581. Much waste and damage can be prevented by simple observation; beware and be aware.

2582. If one flees to God from evil, that one will receive help, but if one flees to God from the consequence of evil, there’s nothing to be done for them.

2583. If you’re right, you can declare it boldly; if you’re wrong, you better admit it quickly.

2584. The world hates the righteous and cheers the lawless. To that end were both born – the hated one to glory and the favored one to shame.

2585. Don’t expect gratitude from the beneficiaries of your good works – you’ll be disappointed. True reward always comes from above.

2586. It’s easier to judge others’ character by their judgment of me. This will tell me all I need to know.

2587. Socialism is man’s perverse and destructive counterfeit of the Kingdom of God.

2588. An evil generation where the sick are well and the well are sick. The guilty are innocent and the innocent guilty. The right are wicked and the wicked are right. Evil is good and good is evil. Criminals force their victims to wear masks, and survivors are destroyed in the name of saving them.

2589. I need to ask more questions and give fewer answers.

2590. I need to listen more before I speak.

2591. Carefully consider the present circumstances as much as the discussion and let the discussion allow for changing circumstances.

2592. Always begin and end with God. Include Him in everything, ask to receive, and thank Him when having received.

2593. If you don’t take the war to God, He will bring the war to you.

2594. The value of a man can be judged by the nature of his enemies and their modes of warfare.

2595. The hotter the furnace, the finer the impurities of the gold removed.

2596. With the Law comes order but without the Law comes chaos.

2597. The covetous man fights a perpetual battle – his enemy is implacable.

2598. The path of righteousness is itself the guarantee of arrival at the desired destination.

2599. Many threats and dangers are real and not imagined, but facing them with faith in God ensures safety and success.

2600. Fire cleanses – don’t you want to be clean? Fire corrects – don’t you want to be right? Fire judges – don’t you want to be innocent? Fire is painful – don’t you want to be pain free?

2601. As a kiln transforms raw clay to a durable state, so fiery trials remove weakness.

2602. Fire is God’s way of imparting His Power to His servants.

2603. Enemies, losses, failures, defeats, and disappointments are the flames of the fire that bring gain, success, victory, and satisfaction.

2604. Fires of adversity come to expose false friends and true enemies.

2605. Traitors lose everything they could have had, but the faithful gain more than they expect.

2606. The persistence of a good thing will always gain and never lose.

2607. We can’t avoid the necessity of suffering but we can and will fulfill our destiny with suffering’s help.

2608. Ambition without carefulness will sacrifice everything good.

2609. Honesty is the rarest of commodities with humankind.

2610. Fear is the most powerful of all enemies.

2611. Only love can conquer all things, even fear.

2612. Knowledge is good with wisdom and bad without it.

2613. The tongue is for hearing and the ears for speaking.

2614. We mustn’t condemn faulty men for faults when they have, in their fault, drawn faulty men away from fault; we all have our faults.

2615. Man’s curse is his commitment to be self-sufficient and independent of his Maker.

2616. Does man care for others? Doesn’t he only care for himself? Isn’t it the Maker Alone Who cares for His creatures?

2617. How remarkable it is that people walking in artificial light know so much and those who walk in the True Light know so little!

2618. Don’t many who are ill, presume to be healers? Aren’t many social workers sociopaths?

2619. Let the solution match the problem and the medicine the ailment.

2620. No matter what the problem or the solution, they’re both within.

2621. Adversity comes for all, according to our required strength.

2622. Giving isn’t about meeting needs; it’s about believing the Law.

2623. Of what value is a $100-million mansion to a man with a toothache?

2624. One who favors material over Maker is foolish. One who favors material over man is equally foolish seeing man is made in the image of the Maker.

2625. Whoever unwarrantly hurts his fellow man hurts himself seven times more.

2626. The sad reality is that people prefer selfish advantage to a friend.

2627. Friendship is never made by getting but only by giving.

2628. “I’ll be your friend if you be my friend,” doesn’t work. “You’ll be my friend if I’m your friend,” does.

2629. The one who preaches good things but doesn’t do them is known as a hypocrite.

2630. One who is swift to speak and slow to hear has yet to learn the value of the ear.

2631. The dentist must tread softly if he’s to gain and retain his clients. His great advantage is the toothache, a big stick indeed.

2632. Hey, loser! Did you not know that as night comes before day, the empty half of a glass must come before the full?

2633. Did you not know that just as God creates darkness before the light, night before day, and evil before good, so, unless there is a half-empty glass, there is no God?

2634. Embrace your losses – they’re not only good for you, but they’re also perfectly necessary.

2635. It’s not about sacrificing our possessions but ourselves. Cain offered a sacrifice but Abel offered himself.

2636. On the one hand, forgiveness, goodwill, sympathy, and mercy can subvert justice and kill, while on the other, severe judgment can render justice and preserve life.

2637. Guard mood with all your being. Mood can determine the outcome of many things.

2638. Many factors can determine mood; try to judge those before the mood.

2639. Pay attention to your neighbor; he may have a better judgment on a matter than yours.

2640. Beware of your neighbor’s judgment; he may not know what is necessary.

2641. Determine your mood by many influences as your health, weather, rest, diet, thoughts, attitude, and company.

2642. I find that the quieter I am, the wiser I seem, and the bonus is that the less I say, the wiser I am.

2643. It’s not hard to be blessed; just be good and do the right.

2644. There’s a notable difference between commanding respect and demanding it. If it’s due, it’ll be there; if it isn’t due, no amount of force will make it happen.

2645. If I’m wrong, the Lord will correct me; if I’m wronged, the Lord will correct you.

2646. If you envy your brother, you’ll not enjoy what is your own.

2647. Sparing waste, refusing to recognize it as waste, can be the greatest waste of all.

2648. To forget is human; to forgive is Divine.

2649. A man may forget but he will not forgive; God will forgive though He never forgets.

2650. As a nut doesn’t come without a shell or grain without chaff, so the good doesn’t come without the bad; there is no other way.

2651. As we must all sleep to be awake, so we must suffer evil to be good.

2652. As evil can be our friend, so can good be our enemy.

2653. Evil and good are joined at the hip, shoulder, and head; they can’t be separated and one cannot exist without the other.

2654. Refuse to pay the price and you’ll not receive the goods; mourn the price you pay and you’ll not enjoy them; regret the evil and you forfeit the good.

2655. Recognize the value of the price and you enter into glorious thankfulness.

2656. Only by embracing death can one enjoy victory.

2657. Like a violent and destructive storm, how amazing the power of evil consequences.

2658. As there is no day without night and no light without darkness, so no gain without loss, and no victory without failure.

2659. Enemies of the king do ten times the evil to themselves they do to him.

2660. There is the true meekness of willingness to respect Truth from any quarter and not esteeming oneself above another.

2661. All evil that comes our way, we either need or deserve, or both.

2662. As clouds and smoke may look the same, so do fence-sitters and peacemakers, but they’re so very different.

2663. Trusting men, we sigh and die; believing God, we survive and thrive.

2664. When one is prepared to sacrifice what is to him of greater value for his neighbor’s sake, he walks through the gates of victory and into the courts of glory.
2665. To expect pay before service is to expect light before sunrise.

2666. To expect appreciation before worth is to expect water without rain.

2667. Oil anoints for appointment to death but fire anoints to invulnerable power. Only by fire and death is there resurrection. Only by resurrection is there sure victory.

2668. It’s surprising what can be found when one searches for it, especially when others say there’s nothing to be found.

2669. When this world clusters it grows stronger, and when it scatters, it weakens. When saints cluster, they weaken; when they spread out, their strength increases.

2670. A little salt makes all the difference and a little defilement destroys the whole lot.

2671. It has been said, “Live and let live,” but I say, “Let live and live.”

2672. “Listen to your body; it knows what it needs better than anyone; give it what it asks for,” say those who seek health and wellbeing. Beware that the body tells you not only what it needs but also what it wants.

2673. Can you tell the difference? Or do you think the body is only honest and virtuous in all its ways, seeking only what is good?

2674. Those who offer their burnt offerings to the Lord by us can go elsewhere if they’re concerned about where the smoke goes.

2675. Glory is no respecter of persons, except for the one seeking it.

2676. There’s no greater loneliness than with one who finds himself alone.

2677. Losses are gains in disguise awaiting their time.

2678. Friends don’t come cheap; there’s nothing more expensive or rare.

2679. Enemies are a dime a dozen; there’s nothing cheaper or more abundant.

2680. There are those who confess their sins with the presumption they will be forgiven because they have confessed them.

2681. The sacrifice of Cain is to receive appreciation of God but the offering of Abel is to appreciate Him.

2682. The one who thinks as he speaks is more to be appreciated than the one who has thought, even as fruit in season is more enjoyable than fruit out of season.

2683. The spirit of Abel comes to trust God against damages whereas the spirit of Cain comes to prevent them.

2684. Cain comes to bribe and flatter God while Abel comes with thanksgiving.

2685. Cain comes to get while Abel comes to give.

2686. The purpose of formal religious worship today is to feign fidelity to God, but true spiritual worship demonstrates fidelity.

2687. The seed of Cain despises to death the righteous life of faith, the seed of coming glory.

2688. Gratitude is better than regret and thankfulness than insurance.

2689. The words of a covetous tyrant grieve a servant but the lips of a wise king thrill the soul.

2690. Those who acknowledge their guilt escape consequences and those who justify their error reap no reward.

2691. Glory seekers are forced to take a lesser seat and author their own humiliation but those who honor justice and truth are richly rewarded.

2692. Wisdom for wisdom’s sake is not wisdom but foolishness and an effrontery to God.

2693. Evil comes and evil goes. What does it bring and what does it leave behind?

2694. Surely, this saying is true: “It’s not what you know but who you know.” That‘s because all things are determined from above and God moves hearts to do His will.

2695. It is the chess player who decides where the pieces go.

2696. The essence of the battle is one of faith versus fear, right versus might, and spirit versus flesh.

2697. Honesty is the prime ingredient of freedom.

2698. What boldness and joy in honesty!

2699. Do what you can, not what you can’t.

2700. Whether good or evil, much or little, that which comes up in harvest will surely tell what was sown.

2701. The essence of choice on earth is to fear evil or God.

2702. Of what value are gold and silver if not desired? Aren’t bread and water more valuable?

2703. Let those who only believe in what they see stop breathing, let the blind, the deaf, and the dumb declare that nothing exists.

2704. The fool declares there is no wisdom, understanding, or knowledge.

2705. Man will believe any lie, no matter how outrageous or ludicrous, before he will believe the obvious truth.

2706. Pride will not permit a man to acknowledge his Maker.

2707. Honesty is God’s delight and deception God’s contempt.

2708. Speed is valuable for itself but seldom advised for creating lasting good and quality.

2709. Like a child with matches, so a fool with knowledge is dangerous to all.

2710. Can a fool love? Take care that he doesn’t love you.

2711. You may as well chew on glass shards as reason with a fool.

2712. There are those who can be won as friends and there are those who are incapable of befriending.

2713. As you would rush out of a house on fire, so be quick to receive forgiveness from anyone giving it and give it to those who have it coming.

2714. Like wood that can’t be restored from ashes after a fire, so you’ll know repentance for the wrong done.

2715. How will you know genuine forgiveness toward you for an offense repented of? It’s like the fresh air after a storm.

2716. When faith fails, you fail. When you persist, faith will make it happen.
2717. Better to die than to worry about unfounded fears.
2718. A coming reward can be anticipated and generally estimated by the degree of aversion and contempt men have for one who, at his cost, personally identifies and aligns himself with the Lord Jesus Christ.
2719. Nothing in all of creation, no matter how great, can ever begin to compare to knowing the Creator.
2720. What we lose can be regained and even loss turned to gain when we lose for His sake.

2721. God Who is Love, hardens hearts that He might destroy them for the sake of those He loves.

2722. What is fear of anything but a front, a test, a candidate for being chosen over the fear of God.

2723. You think you have a plan for your life. Do you not realize life has a plan for you?

2724. A little toughness has seldom done as much evil as has too much tenderness.

2725. Don’t be ashamed of lingering scars from wounds suffered long ago for righteousness’ sake – they’re God’s badges of honor.

2726. To cling to money is to live in Limbo.

2727. To love mammon more than neighbor is sheer folly and great loss.

2728. The concern isn’t so much how much one has but how much one cares about how much one has.

2729. When, instead of obedience comes lawlessness, then, instead of faith comes fear, instead of peace, trouble, instead of joy, sorrow, and instead of life, death.

2730. Having the Lord and nothing else, we have all that can ever be had. Having everything but the Lord leaves us barren and bankrupt.

2731. There is a reward for those who help the weak and defenseless. When their time comes, they’ll be helped.

2732. When people are impressed with something, is it because they’re simpler, or is it because they can appreciate more? Are they blind to the obvious or discerning of subtleties?

2733. Sloths, slugs, and snails succeed their required distance with their paces.

2734. Robins sit still, watch, listen, and find their worms. Don’t be in a hurry lest you miss the reward.

2735. Flutterbies are appreciated, spiders are marveled at, mosquitoes and flies are to be swatted.

2736. Opinion is always wrong or it wouldn’t be opinion, and therefore at enmity with the Truth.

2737. If God can’t provide the best, neither can He provide the least.

2738. Fear has broken more promises to me than I can count.

2739. When all is said and done, the great conflict in Heaven and earth is between fear and faith.

2740. There are always ways to make money, and there are better things to do than make money.

2741. What was once the thing to do, God no longer winks at, and what was once so wrong, we grow right into.

2742. The mention of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is an embarrassment to the carnal man.

2743. The middle road is the road of Hell.

2744. Both the ox and the ass work but in contrary directions.

2745. God sends us enemies against us more powerful than we are that we might exercise faith in Him and that He might show His glory on our behalf.

2746. Faith has substance and fear is the lack of that substance, like darkness has no substance but is only the absence of light.

2747. Fear intimidates and threatens but it can’t hurt one who won’t believe it.

2748. The shield of faith is the invincible antidote to fear.

2749. Fear of man is faith in man and fear of God is faith in God.

2750. It isn’t the overwhelming enemies that are the enemy but the fear of them.


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English – French « Et de plus, parce que le prédicateur était sage, il a encore enseigné la connaissance au peuple; et il a pesé et sondé, et mis en ordre beaucoup de proverbes. Le prédicateur s’est étudié à trouver des paroles agréables; et ce qui a été écrit est droit, des paroles de vérité. Les paroles des sages sont comme des aiguillons, et les recueils, comme des clous enfoncés: ils sont donnés par un seul Berger. » (Ecclésiaste 12, 9-11.) Au milieu de la nuit du 15 au 16 avril 2007, des proverbes m’ont été donnés. Comme un robinet ouvert, ils vinrent, l’un après l’autre, 78 au total. Alors, aussi vite qu’ils étaient venus, ils cessèrent, comme un robinet que l’on ferme. Il n’y eut aucune préméditation, aucune attente et lorsque la fin arriva, il n’y eut rien que je puisse faire pour continuer. Ils étaient là, tout simplement.Depuis lors le Seigneur m’en a donné davantage, lorsque je suis silencieux, à Sa façon, et quand Il le veut.Les principes de la vie ont de nombreuses manifestations, chacune d’entre elles pouvant être exprimée comme un proverbe. Un proverbe peut apparaître simple en surface, exprimant une évidence, au point même de donner l’impression que c’est un simplet qui parle. Cependant, à mesure qu’une personne contemple les mots et recherche une signification plus profonde, il ou elle sera récompensé (e) d’un conseil et d’un discernement qui sert bien dans de nombreuses applications de la vie, si Dieu choisit de les lui impartir.Victor Hafichuk...

Proverbes 2001-2250

English – French « Et de plus, parce que le prédicateur était sage, il a encore enseigné la connaissance au peuple; et il a pesé et sondé, et mis en ordre beaucoup de proverbes. Le prédicateur s’est étudié à trouver des paroles agréables; et ce qui a été écrit est droit, des paroles de vérité. Les paroles des sages sont comme des aiguillons, et les recueils, comme des clous enfoncés: ils sont donnés par un seul Berger. » (Ecclésiaste 12, 9-11.)Au milieu de la nuit du 15 au 16 avril 2007, des proverbes m’ont été donnés. Comme un robinet ouvert, ils vinrent, l’un après l’autre, 78 au total. Alors, aussi vite qu’ils étaient venus, ils cessèrent, comme un robinet que l’on ferme. Il n’y eut aucune préméditation, aucune attente et lorsque la fin arriva, il n’y eut rien que je puisse faire pour continuer. Ils étaient là, tout simplement.Depuis lors le Seigneur m’en a donné davantage, lorsque je suis silencieux, à Sa façon, et quand Il le veut.Les principes de la vie ont de nombreuses manifestations, chacune d’entre elles pouvant être exprimée comme un proverbe. Un proverbe peut apparaître simple en surface, exprimant une évidence, au point même de donner l’impression que c’est un simplet qui parle. Cependant, à mesure qu’une personne contemple les mots et recherche une signification plus profonde, il ou elle sera récompensé (e) d’un conseil et d’un discernement qui sert bien dans de nombreuses applications de la vie, si Dieu choisit de les lui impartir.V...

Proverbs 751-1000

Proverbs on The Path of Truth
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