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I Fed the Homeless, Therefore I’m Righteous

From: Bryan
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 9:41 PM

hey i read your script on todd white.  i dont glorify man or worship man, but i have heard his witnessing to people on the streets.   i think you dont endorse him not because of what he says but what he looks like.  putting this aside, he does talk about repentance, but Jesus did not talk about repentance or the cross he came across. i think what is fueling your passion to label this guy is your jealous because you are not out sharing your faith and doing what he is doing.  and maybe like me, you probably studied theology, think you know something, but somehow it does not translate to going beyond the church walls and reaching people on the streets- like Jesus.  i have my excuses, and i have been praying for a while for God to open me up somehow to do what i know we are suppossed to do, what i once have done so many times in my life- share Jesus with the world.  but here is a guy doing just that and you blog about him, i wonder what that says about you.   be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

From: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
To: Bryan
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 6:49 AM
Subject: Judging after Appearance

Bryan, you’re assuming things that aren’t true, which has led you into speculation and wrong conclusions. 

We addressed the false gospel of Todd White because people came to us asking about him and the Lord gave us to answer them, and to publish the answers for everyone to hear. Don’t you think He knows better than you what needs to be said and to whom? 

As for whether we’re reaching people with the Gospel of Christ, it’s foolish and presumptuous of you to think we aren’t. We’re regularly reaching people through our internet ministry and in person. 

You really have no idea at all what you’re talking about. You err in thinking everyone is called to preach on the streets. You also err in suggesting we’ve received our knowledge by studying “theology.” You haven’t investigated what we preach, or simply can’t see anything in what you have red from our site. Likely it’s both. 

The harlot has polluted your mind and being, Bryan, and you’re staying there because your heart hasn’t been after the truth. You need to repent in order to receive the Lord before you can speak of Him to others. 

Paul and Victor 

From: Bryan
To: Paul Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 7:51 AM
Subject: Re: Judging after Appearance

Please explain what you mean when you say the ‘harlot’ has polluted my mind? this would clear things up for me.

no need to go back and forth debating.   i read your articles about him………… i am not a todd white follower, and i dont think everyone is called to be on the streets preaching.  but i dont find any misrepresentation of the gospel in what he says.  Jesus never condemned people (except for the religious folk) but he did speak of sin here and there. but he showed love and compassion, i think that is what todd is saying.  our culture in the past has had churches go out and condemn people and tell people they are going to hell-…………….. and while that may be true, i think it can be done differently and more effectively. people who would be open to the Lord, and want freedom, want a way out but dont know how.  and in the past, i think people were speaking the obvious without a good solution. its like telling a  guy with a wrecked car who is also broke, hey man your car looks like crap. some people, no matter how you serve it, they still receive the message wrong cuz their hearts wrong.  my wife has a friend who is on drugs, sleeps around, etc, and i have loved her, fed her, lent her money, took her child to church, the list goes on…… never once have i said to her, you have sin and need to repent……….. its obvious.   but i have invited her to church, mentioned she should join a fellowship to grow closer to the Lord…………… and she says i am condemning.  so her heart is not right……………………. yet there are people who may be open to Jesus.  Todds message from what i see is drawing people to the goodness of God thru love…………….. cuz many think God is about anger and wrath.  Gods goodness is what is appealing, not the fear of hell…………….. while both are true.  

i think it comes down to semantics. throughout church history, our theology has been refined with words, and the very concept of the trinity took a while to be put to the pen.   people have various beliefs, and that is not all bad……………….. what is bad is when someone believes something that will damn them eternally-  how to present the gospel would probably be akin to 
pretrip- midtrib-posttrib ideas, where one sees it one way, another sees it differently.  now to say we can work our way to heaven, or Jesus’ death was not enough for our salvation or there are many paths, that would then become heretical.  so after reading your stuff and watching his stuff, i think yal like to present the gospel one way and he does it semantically different and i  would say leave him alone………………………………he is not in error. 

From: Paul and Victor
To: Bryan
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2016 7:59 AM
Subject: Re[3]: Judging after Appearance

Bryan, you ask: “Please explain what you mean when you say the ‘harlot’ has polluted my mind? this would clear things up for me.

That’s like the fish asking for an explanation of what swimming in water means. You need to get out of the tank for some perspective. The best thing you can do now is assiduously read all the links we’ve already given and others, such as:

The Case for Coming Out
The Church
Counterfeit Christianity
The Cross – Only the Death Sentence Will Avail 
Devils Also Believe in God
Here Is the Way It Is
The High Places
How One Is Saved
Incompatible Mixture  
The True Marks of a Cult
Diabolical Doctrines

You say: “Jesus never condemned people (except for the religious folk)” What makes you think Todd White isn’t very religious? He’s walking in his own righteousness, for which we’ve given ample proofs, take them or leave them. Being blind but thinking you see, you’ve chosen the latter. 

You recount the following: 

my wife has a friend who is on drugs, sleeps around, etc, and i have loved her, fed her, lent her money, took her child to church, the list goes on…… never once have i said to her, you have sin and need to repent……….. its obvious.   but i have invited her to church, mentioned she should join a fellowship to grow closer to the Lord…………… and she says i am condemning.  so her heart is not right……………………. yet there are people who may be open to Jesus.

That’s an excellent example of the false love gospel of Todd White in operation. You tried to “love” this woman to Christ with your support, something the Lord and His disciples never did. They didn’t start soup kitchens or homeless shelters for poor unbelievers. Jesus said to those sought Him after the miracle of the loaves and fishes: 

“Truly, truly, I say to you, You seek Me not because you saw the miracles, but because you ate the loaves and were filled. Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for that food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give you. For God the Father sealed Him” (John 6:26-27 MKJV).

The Lord didn’t feed the people to win them to God. He fed them miraculously to give glory to God and build faith in those who believed. You fed this woman to get her to listen to you, in other words to glorify yourself. It had nothing to do with faith in God. She didn’t spurn Him – she spurned you. She rejected your righteousness. You played the fool, and that’s where your love got you. 

How about Jonah’s attitude when he went preaching in Nineveh? How effective was his approach, and what do you have to say about his results? 

You say: 

i think it comes down to semantics. throughout church history, our theology has been refined with words, and the very concept of the trinity took a while to be put to the pen.

Highfalutin nonsense, Bryan! You parse words while lacking The Word. As directed, read the links we’ve given you, including these:

The Asininity of the Trinity
By Any Other Name, It’s Still the Trinity: And It Smells Bad 
The Carnal Reasonings of a Trinitarian 
Diabolical Doctrine: The Trinity (God Is Three Persons) 
The Gospel According to Trinitarians
Jesus Christ Is God (section) 
The Perfecting Faith of the Son of God 
The Wisdom of God Trumps Trinitarian Tricksterism
You Can’t Explain What You Don’t Know: And You Can’t Know What You Don’t Have

Paul and Victor

From: Bryan
To: Paul Cohen
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2016 4:44 PM
Subject: Re: Re[3]: Judging after Appearance

regarding my wifes friend…… my point of feeding her and her kids is being hospitable,……  we are taught in scripture to do good to even our enemies…………. yet it was  not to open a door so i can witness….. or say wow arent i mr. wonderful.  my point was actually that no matter how much good we do for people, if their heart is not right they will still complain or find fault.   i have already preached the gospel to her, but you would have thought the idea would have been that “hey this guy cares for me and my family”…………… yet she criticized me for judging her. 

i find it interesting, that i have asked you a question, and instead of answering it you turn me over to a bunch of articles.  i did read about half of the one about counterfeit Christianity.  you brought up alot of good points.  but interesting i find throughout scripture, there has always seems to have been some dysfunctionality with the people of God, in the old testament, and in the new testament, even with truth and the Spirit, paul had to write different epistles to straighten out some of their problems in the church.  Peter James and John didnt know what to tell paul, and afterward they told them not to be involved with strangled animals, etc.  James didnt give a list of criteria for brotherhood in Christ…… just 3 things not to do.  Peter himself was caught in some form of hypocrisy with the Jews and Gentiles, and this was some time after his denouncing the LORD.  Paul and Barnabas had a breaking of fellowship, there was the issue of circumcission, etc, so from the very begining  the church or Body of Christ, has always had some varrying views on theology.    ……………………………………….and my point is , in all of this, we are still not told to stop going to church or the synagogue or a house church, they  had troubles back then along with disagreements, and in our time, we too have troubles and disagreements. But Jesus said in John, the world will believe the father has sent me, when they see that you- the church- has love for one another. Paul says until we all come into the unity of faith….. not that we are there yet………………………  should we love blindly at heresy? no. but the comments you make broadly about other professing believers because you think they and i are false brethren, does not fit in the heresy department,  
i dont agree with you, but because i dont doctrinally see eye to eye with you makes you a false believer, nor myself.

Not being part of the Body, may be like the eye saying to the hand i have no need of you. and what did he say, the unlovable parts get the most attention?  separating yourself from churches wont help them grow, and being apart from them is like saying “I have no need of them”…….. so your logic may be reasonable, but it is not scriptural.  and to implant your logic into or above scripture is unwise, even with the best intentions.  things were bad way back 2000 years ago, and they are so now……… nothing has changed. isnt it interesting that Jesus chose Judas, he was around the whole time of Jesus’ ministry, and he knew he would betray him, yet he never said, get away from me you scoundrel.   i think they only premise we have for ceasing fellowship is if one calls himself a believer yet lives in fornication- other than that we are stuck with eachother.

i am familiar with  your logic and rhetoric, and as i read your article, paragraph upon paragraph spoke of hypocrisy, the brood of vipers, etc.  i get the feeling that your group  are the only remnant left and the other professors of truth are apostate almost.

your neighbor, much like yourself, though she claims to have truth, still may have faults……. just like you do ……… and the rest of us do.  does the mean we say to ourselves let grace abound……… life is a process, some character issues are plain and simple, like dont steal, it is simple to see that one, but other issues steming from our hearts sometimes take years to see-understand-and then repent of. its easy for you to see her faults.  just like i know several of your faults and we have not even met, , it does not take a lot of skill to see and point the faults out in others.  it take greater gifting not to blast people and cut them down to size with the word because we think we are skillful with it.  its very easy to create enemies or make people not want to be friendly with us- because of how we go about speaking our truth…………and when they dont receive us we then call it persecution or unwillingness to see truth.  did you ever notice when Jesus was in homes talking  with folks, he would say…… a farmer went out to sew seed, ….. or  some other parable.  he could have said, your a sinner and your going to hell so repent…… and although there is truth in that and there may be times to handle people like that, we dont see many examples of this in scripture. we never see Jesus washing the dust from his feet  when leaving someones home, because they didnt like what he said.  we never see Jesus tell the disciples, we will never visit this house again, they are false brethren  Isaiah actually says about Jesus, a bruised  reed he will not break, and a smoking flax he will not quench. and  and we should be more worried about doing Gods will and not what gets affirmation from others.  i would much rather someone offer me a mint then say hey man, your breath stinks.   

i dont like what i read on your articles, but i do believe you are a brother.  if we lived in the same city i would invite you for coffee just for brotherly love and i would not even bring up our differences.  i would encourage you to find common ground with people who call themselves believers, and let the LORD convict people of whatever he needs to convict them of- only he knows peoples motives, not u or i. 

From: Paul and Victor
To: Bryan
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 7:11 AM
Subject: Re[5]: Judging after Appearance

If you were to invite us to coffee, Bryan, we would decline. We don’t have time to listen to a “loving” know-it-all who has adamantly shut his ears to the truth. The Lord has far better and more productive things for us to do. 

Paul and Victor

From: Brad Currin
To: Paul Cohen and Bryan
Cc: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 12:13 PM
Subject: Re: Re[5]: Judging after Appearance

Hi Brian/Paul
Just an observer here. 
Brian, Your reply has a lot of “me” and “I”, basically you stating your opinion.(from your email alias you seem to be quite the ‘pro’) Then after justifying your opinion, you suggest compromise.
Know this for FACT, there can ONLY EVER be ONE truth. Therefore there are only 3 possibilities, either you both (Paul and yourself) are incorrect or one of you is telling the truth.
I have been led to never to side with matters where there is a mention of ” common ground ” / compromise you mention at the end of your email.  ‘Com-promise’ with the switching of the 1st and 3rd letter = Moc [a] Promise.

Has it ever crossed your mind that Paul speaks truth?  However, IT IS WRITTEN that we will only know the truth if it’s given/revealed to us by Our Father.
This I can promise you, the Truth will never come with a ‘me’ or ‘I’ attitude. 

Brad Currin

From: Bryan
To: Paul Cohen
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 6:01 PM
Subject: Re: Re[5]: Judging after Appearance

the idea of coffee, (which obviously would not happen cuz  i am in new orleans and i dont even know where you are), was for civility.  you have seemed to backed yourself in to a corner, because anyone who does not seem to agree with you, you belittle, get angry and push off as if they were in rebellion and you are elijah.  i bid u peace man, and remember the world is bigger than your personal experience in your corner of the globe.  yes there are secular and nominal christians, as well as religious ones too; i am neither any of those.  but fundamental christianity differs in view points- and if you think your theology is perfect in every way, you have missed it.  be warm and filled

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