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That Prophet, Episode #9 – Right Is Might and Not the Other Way Around

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Father, give me the words to speak to the people, give me what they need to hear. Thank You, Lord.

Jesus Christ is Lord. The Bible says that He is the Light of all men. He’s where Life is. He’s the Creator. He’s the Answer to all things. He’s also Sovereign over both good and evil. 

Isaiah prophesied, saying: “I, the Lord, create light and darkness; I create good and evil. I, the Lord, do all these things. There is no Lord besides Me. I am the only One.” Look far and wide and you won’t find another one.

Today, we are in an age where things are coming down, coming to an end. There’s going to be the ending of the old age, and the beginning of a new. It’s a wonderful day. 

I remember having a prophecy, years ago, where it said that we were coming to the Lord’s Day. And it was going to be a great and terrible day. Great for the righteous. That is, those who believe, those who care for the Truth, even those who don’t necessarily confess themselves to be believers, even those who want to do what’s right. They may not be so knowledgeable about the Scriptures, or about God, but they want what’s right; they want some justice. Not just for themselves, but for everybody in general.

Now, the Lord, in His Sovereignty, is over both good and evil. The Scriptures are plain on that. There is so much that I could give you. We can talk about it sometime, Lord willing. But what has been remarkable to me, in the last few years, coming out very vividly to me, is that there is that interplay of good and evil. And it’s the evil that starts. It’s the people who are selfish who start the fight. And then, when the other side rises up…like we are talking lefts and rights, the leftists and the people on the right. It’s the leftists that start the trouble. They are the ones who invade; they are the ones who attack; they are the ones who impose their wills – or try to impose their wills – on others. 

In the Second World War, for example, there was Hitler.  And Britain was a peaceable nation, and Britain was trying to do everything possible to appease Hitler. Chamberlain has a reputation for trying to appease Hitler. And there was no appeasing him. Hitler was on the side of evil. You cannot appease evil. You cannot appease leftists. You cannot appease globalists. You cannot appease atheists. You cannot appease socialists. You can’t do that. They will not be appeased. You know why? They are there for one purpose, and that’s to cause war; to cause conflict and to suppress anything that’s good, or holy, or true, from Above. 

Oh, there are lots of leftists, or socialists, or liberals, who think they are Christian; they go to church. In my community, there is one man here that is taking particular offense at things that I am saying, and that Martin, a brother in the Lord, is saying; and he goes to church, and he professes faith and Christ. And he is a leftist, he is one self-righteous man. So, we have to deal with him. And that’s why I’m here, that’s why we’re here. We’re dealing with the leftists. 

The leftists start the fight, and the Right finishes it. Here is why. God has set all these things in order. The leftists trust in might. Notice how they use force? Notice how they use force? Israel tries to defend itself, and its enemies are trying to destroy Israel. Israel is not trying to destroy them. Isn’t that interesting? It’s the way it is. Might is right, with men. But God is taking us, all of mankind, through this process, demonstrating to us that Right is might, and not the other way around. 

We have to learn that God is Right, man is wrong, and there is no way that we can come to victory, no way that we can live life, unless we see things the way He sees them. And it’s not about force. It’s not about force. 

But the lefts, the side of darkness, the side of evil, uses force. Just consider the nature of darkness. Darkness hides things, and a lot of evil things lurk in the darkness. Cockroaches come out of it at night; shine the light and they are gone in a flash. That’s the way it is. Might will never win in the end. Leftists, socialists, communists, atheists, will not win their way in the end. 

You’ve had Madalyn Murray O’Hair; you’ve had other people, Margaret Sanger, all kinds of people… Karl Marx… A lot of people who have used force – force – to try and get their way. Why?  Because they hate The Truth. Truth speaks, and they hate The Truth. They hate their Creator. An atheist hates his Creator. He hates the Lord Jesus Christ.

Think about this. The Lord came, in peace; He didn’t come with a sword, like Mohammed, or Hitler, or so many other people who used force. The Lord never came to use force. He came speaking The Truth. And guess what? They hated Him for it. The Jews didn’t want to have any interference in the control that they had over the people. That denominational control, like the Pharisees had, and the Sadducees had. They wanted to keep that control. And by speaking The Truth, they knew they were going to lose that control. It talks about that in the Gospels, and in the book of Acts, it talks about that, and in other letters that Paul the Apostle wrote, other passages of books of the Bible. That’s the way it is. 

Man wants to control, control, control. Every one of us wants to have control of anything that pertains to us; we want that control. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether it’s a little child, or a husband, or a wife, or a pastor of a church, or a congregation, or a committee, or whatever; everybody wants some kind of control. But control is not what it’s all about. And the Lord demonstrated that in such a remarkable way. 

They took His life. And He says: “No man takes My life, I lay It down of My own accord, I lay It down by My own will. Nobody takes My life from Me without My consent.” That’s what He said; that’s essentially what He said. So, He let them take His life. They killed Him. They used force. That’s the only thing they know to win.

You get people in the world, all the leftists, Pelosi, and Schumer, and so many others, Schiff, Comey, the Clintons, the Obamas, all they know is force. All they know is darkness; all they know is evil. To that end, they were called. They are doing their job. Mainstream media: a pack of lies; they are all liars. Tons of money behind them, very wealthy people. Bloomberg, very wealthy; he’s going to be using might to win his leadership race in the Democratic Party, planning to be President of the United States. It’s rumored that he’s going to be spending a billion or two to win the election. How does that work? That’s might, that’s not right. 

Donald Trump, President Trump, on the other hand, he is introducing prayer back into schools. He’s giving freedom of religion, which is what the Constitution stood for; but evil wicked people who did not want to hear The Truth, had it taken out. Just a few members of society, of American Government and society, the judicial area of society, determined the course of the nation, against the Constitution. That is so outrageous, so egregious, so amazing. That’s the way it’s been. They’ve used might, because they weren’t right, they were on the wrong side. 

Anybody that walks in The Truth, who knows The Truth, is free. They have no reason, no desire, to control anybody; they don’t have the desire to do that. They’re free in The Truth; they’re secure in The Truth. They’re standing on The Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ; they’re standing on that Rock. People, that’s a wonderful, wonderful place to be.  

So, they killed the Lord Jesus Christ because He was speaking The Truth. At the same time, while they were taking His life away on Him because they hated Him, He was laying down His life for them because He loved them. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” That was 2,000 years ago. 

I dare say this is The Day of The Lord now. I declare it to you. And what I dare say is that now He is not going to be laying down His life. He is going to be standing up and putting away the wicked. He came as a lamb, slain, as a sacrifice for the sins of the world; and now He comes as a lion. You’re not gonna fool with the lion now like you did with the lamb. Different story. New chapter. New book. New world. 

He is there, in what they call in the Scriptures “The Vengeance of the Lord,” “The Wrath of God.” They talk about the Lord coming and they talk about: “Oh, isn’t that wonderful, Jesus is coming soon… Jesus is coming soon.” Well, I tell you, folks, He is here, He is here; and I’m declaring that. I am telling you, The Truth is now standing up, now being unveiled to counter the might. Right is might; Right is might, in God’s sight. 

Might is totally wrong, and God is taking us through this whole thing; He is Sovereign over the whole thing. He is going to cause these forces of darkness, He has caused them to rise up, to fight the right, and now He is going to strengthen the people on the right. He IS doing that, as for example you are seeing with President Trump, as you are seeing with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, just like you saw with Ben-Gourion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. He stood up. Everybody was saying: “Shut up, Ben! Right? David Ben-Gourion, shut up, ok? Don’t say anything, you’re gonna provoke the enemy, and we’re in real trouble.” They knew they had to stand and fight.

We watched “The Darkest Hour” on Netflix. Where Winston Churchill had to stop listening to the nay-sayers, and to people like Chamberlain, appeasers, compromisers, cowards – yes, cowards – in the name of: “Oh, you know, we are peacemakers, we want to do everything right.” And Winston Churchill knew very well that you could not deal with a monster, you could not reason with a rabid dog, you couldn’t do that. 

And on the side of might, that’s what it is, it’s rabid dogs. Don’t dogs use force? What else do they use, to fight, to counter? That’s what they do. And it’s the wicked who do that. Antifa… Look at Antifa. They mask themselves, they dress in black, they disguise themselves. And they’ll take a bike wrench to somebody’s head and it happens to be a professor that does that, disguising himself. And they discovered who he was. All these people, they are wicked people. Evil, evil, evil people. President Trump has said that over and over and over again. 

Yes, they are very evil people, people that are cowards; they use force because they want to impose their will on you, because they think that’s the only way to do it, it’s by force. They think might is the way to go. And they are going to find out, everybody is going to find out that might doesn’t work. Hitler didn’t get his way. He died in a bunker. That’s the way it is. All those who use force end up having force used on them, multiplied. There Hitler was, peppering London, England, just bombing it to bits, right? And the British were not going to capitulate; they were not going to give up. They fought, and they kept fighting, hope against hope; they were fighting for their lives. And Winston Churchill led them through that. He knew that was his job; and he was a very capable man that God had set up to do that. 

Near the end of the war, Germany was bombarded, they were flattened, everything was destroyed; Germany was cut in two. Germany was mighty; under Hitler and the Nazis, it was mighty, it was like it was an unstoppable force. And Winston Churchill had to face that, despite their lack of arms, their lack of power. But he knew what was right, and he knew that right would win. He knew that. And right did win. And you’re going to see the might standing up and causing a lot of trouble. The atheistic, socialistic doctrine in the schools for the past half century or more, they’ve prevailed, they’ve caused the American people – and here in Canada, same thing – they’ve caused North Americans to believe that socialism is the way to go. It’s not. It’s not. Socialism is man’s counterfeit of the Kingdom of God. 

The thing that I’m concerned about, and I don’t have to be concerned, but I can tell you that what I’m seeing is that, while President Trump can make the economy so much better, he can do so much better for the people, in various ways; they can get jobs, they can live more comfortable lives. But one thing President Trump can’t do, and that is to change men’s hearts. And men’s hearts have to be changed. 

And I see America split in two: good and evil, right and wrong, conservative and Democrat, or Republican and Democrat. And yet, the division isn’t along political lines or social lines. You can’t really see where the line is, you can’t see the line, say, between heterosexuals and homosexuals, or between Democrats and Republicans, or conservatives here in Canada, and the liberals, the line, you just don’t know where that line is going to go. God works in mysterious ways, He works in amazing ways, and we will see where things fall out. But we are going to be seeing Right coming to the fore and standing up and saying: “Might, you’re done. You’re finished, you’re finished.” 

And I love to be here, being able to say that. I just so appreciate that the Lord has given me that privilege – and others with me – that privilege, to know that right wins, all the time; and that darkness cannot win. If I were to turn these lights off right now, right, darkness would take over. So, what do you do? You have to turn on the light if you don’t want darkness. But what’s the darkness going to do? Can you turn on darkness, and put out the lights? Doesn’t happen.

And atheists, they say: “There is no God.” It says in the Scriptures: “The fool has said there is no God.” He is Light, He is the Light of all men. That’s what it says in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. He is the Light of all men. He alone is the Solution to all problems. He alone is the Answer to all questions. He alone; nobody, nothing else, because He created everything, and by Him, the Scriptures say, all things consist. Everything. Everything. 

And the Lord is going to settle this whole thing in the end. And He is here to do that. We’ve gone through ages, we’ve gone through empires, right? We’ve had the democracies, we’ve had Islam, moving to take over the whole world. We’ve had the Catholic Church trying to take over the whole world. We’ve had the atheists, the globalists; we’ve had the Nazis. We’ve had various church groups that have had their own secret desires to compel humanity to believe the way they believe. And they have all lost, and they are going to lose, whoever has not apparently lost yet will be losing. 

We have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. We can lift up our heads, the Lord said. When these things come, when all this turmoil comes, the wars, and the famines, and earthquakes, and all that…He says: “Lift up your heads, look up to Heaven, because your redemption draws near.” These troubled times are a sign that things are coming to a head, and it is Right, it is Light, it is Goodness, it is Truth, that wins in the end. It’s like the sun rising; when the sun rises, there is nothing to stop it. That’s the way it works. So I’m so thankful to be in this position where I know Who is going to win.

You see Antifa doing so many evil things, the socialists, the atheists… force, force, force; force, force, and lies, deception. Bernie Sanders, he is a mean old bugger. Wow, nasty. Hillary Clinton, nasty. Nancy Pelosi, nasty. Schumer, nasty; Schiff, nasty. Nadler, nasty, Comey… They were all lying, they are all a pack of liars. That’s the only way that they think that they can win or get their way. Because they hate The Truth; they hate The Light. And Trump is destroying them, he is cleaning that swamp. Boy, it’s been a huge job. Evil has been so embedded in the American public government.

There was an American civil war, and it was one of the worst wars ever. I’m sure it was the worst war that America itself ever experienced, beyond the Second World War, and the First World War, and the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It was horrible; brother against brother, North against South. And now, I have to say, because President Trump can’t change hearts, there are many hearts out there that are going to do nothing but evil. You will not be able to pacify them; you will not be able to live with them. 

I so often hear about how “so and so should be kicked out of Congress,” or “so and so should be deposed,” “send them back to the countries where they came from,” et cetera, et cetera. I say there are traitors, great traitors in our midst. And there is only one way to deal with traitors, and that’s the way they dealt with treason, in the past. They knew what they had to do; you don’t spare them, you just don’t spare them. 

Now, they start it. The might starts it, tries to impose it, thinks that might will win the day. Right comes along and says: “Here is the way it is. We speak the Truth, and the Truth will determine the course of things. It won’t be the error or the lies that determine the course of things.” For a time, blackness does have the upper hand, and the Lord does that to show that, though it has the upper hand, though it has the might, Right will come and destroy all the evil. It will wipe it away. The Lord knows what He is doing, and it’s all perfectly ordered; He is in full control. That’s a wonderful place to be.

I was mentioning the Scripture where it says: “The fool has said in his heart: ‘There is no God.’” You know why he’s called a fool, the man who says there is no God? You know why he’s called a fool? Because he knows very well, he knows damn well there’s a God. And he is so stupid as to deny it. I’ve never met anyone as stupid as an atheist. 

They’ll say to me: “Prove that there’s a God, prove to me that there is a God.” All of creation screams out the proof of God. The person saying to me: “Prove there is a God,” he is proof. Where did he get all the stuff he has? The ability, the senses, the eyesight, which we can’t even match with a camera. And they talk about it coming from, what? An explosion of gasses? An accidental event? Billions of years ago? They take a large margin of time and think that that’s going to buffalo those who have any understanding; that it’s going to maybe persuade them to believe there is no God. That there is a valid reason for presenting the argument for atheism and evolution. 

Totally ridiculous. Look around you, anything that man has made; look around at everything, whether it’s houses or cars or musical instruments or cameras, or any of these things. They all took intelligence, every last one of them. 

Did that intelligence come out of gasses? Is that what happened? How stupid is that? How stupid is that? Animals, birds, human beings!  They have two eyes. Not one. Not three. The Trinitarians will believe there are three persons in one God. Bullshit. I’ll use that word. And they’ll say “Oh, that’s not a Christian, he wouldn’t use that word like that.” No, he would. I’m a Christian and I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and I’m using that word on all these bullshitters out there. 

They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. They are just a bunch of damned fools. Damned, yes! He that doesn’t believe is damned. That’s what the Bible says. And they are damned. They’re living in their darkness. And they are fools because they know very well there is a God. But they despise the thought of there being a God because if there is a God…hey? Maybe they have some accountability to face? Maybe they have to answer to somebody? They don’t like that. They may not consciously know that but they know it, in their nature; it’s innate. That’s what it’s all about. 

And I’ll tell you, in the ages to come – not everybody is going to be saved in this life – but I’m telling you that, ultimately, in the worlds to come, this realm, this dimension of our existence (and I’m not talking about reincarnation, that’s not what I’m talking about), but this dimension, this lifetime is only one window, one step, in the process of God creating man in His Own Image. When He is done, He will reconcile all men unto Himself; He will have reconciled all men unto Himself, formed in His Image. And then we go from there. I don’t know where, but we’ll be going from there to very constructive, very dynamic, very wonderful existences. It’s exciting. 

And we go through war, we go through bloodshed, we go through all of that. And the Lord takes us through that evil to get us there. He put the children of Israel into Egypt, and Egypt used power, used might on them. What did it do? It did them good, it built them into a nation. Jacob’s clan was taken into Egypt and there, God said: “I’ll form you into a great nation,” which is what happened within 400 years. They came out a great nation. 

And what did the Lord cause them to do, right after they came out of Egypt? He caused them to get armed, right? He got them armed for battle. And that’s why evil is coming our way, that’s why evil has come to us in so many aspects. Because we’re to be strengthened, we’re to be conditioned, we’re to be matured, developed to stand and fight evil. That’s why the righteous are there, that’s why the sons of Light are there; they are there to fight evil. And they need the training, they need the boot camp. 

That’s why we have to suffer, that’s why I’ve had to suffer for decades. And now I’m here to fight. Now I’m here to fight. This is 2020. Now I’m here to fight. And there are those who stand with me now, here, to fight with me on my side, against evil. Oh, I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful. Saints have been crying out, all of creation has been groaning, in this vanity that God has subjected them to. And now we’re coming to that place of victory. Victory for the believer, victory for the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Victory for people who may not know Him personally, but they have some understanding of right and wrong, good and bad, light and darkness. And they are going to prevail, they are going to have their day. They’ve been waiting for it, they’ve been praying for it, they’ve been wanting it, they’ve been looking for it, and it’s here. 

That’s the purpose of evil, and that’s the purpose of good. We will discover that right is might, and not might is right. We’ll know that, in our innermost being. God will have established that truth, The Truth He is. Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” He said: “And you’ll know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free, and when the Son of Man, that is Jesus Christ, makes you free, you’ll be free indeed.”

People, you have no other alternative, you have no other choice if you want peace and victory, and security. You have no other choice than the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only valid refuge from evil. And that’s why He is taking us through all of this, so that we will know that, so that we will be developed, formed, taught to know that. Not just in our heads, but we will BE that knowledge, we won’t just have it, we will be that knowledge. Isn’t that wonderful? 

People, I’m not talking churches now, I am not talking churches. The Lord told me to leave them behind as I would leave my own dung behind. The story is in my Theo-autobiography at; you want to read about it, all this is there, I’ve been very frank with the whole world, with everybody. I was supposed to leave all religious activity behind. 

People say: “You’re religious, you’re religious.” No, I’m not religious. Because I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, does that mean I’m religious? No, no. Because I believe in the Bible, does that mean I’m religious? It depends on your definition, but essentially speaking, it’s not about religion in the sense of formality, and church-going, and ceremony and ritual, and that sort of thing. It’s not about that at all. It’s about Life, Jesus didn’t come to give us religion, He came to give us Life; Life, power, union with Him. That’s why He came. That’s why I’m here now; that’s why I’m here speaking in His Name. I’m speaking with Him, for Him, one with Him. So thankful to be identified with Him in a dark, evil world. 

And He is bringing everything to the surface. The leftists aren’t even apologetic anymore about their evil doings and their lies… They think they’re going to win now, they think they’ve pretty well got it going. And then Donald Trump comes along, a few other things come along, some other people of integrity come along. The Lord’s raising people up on all levels. And I’ll be talking about some of those people; many of them aren’t believers, but they’re seeing the light of so many things. That’s wonderful; that’s really wonderful. But Jesus Christ is The Ultimate Light. He is The Ultimate Place, and Cause, or Reason, for our existence. He is the victorious One. He is Lord, Jesus Christ is Lord. Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for these words. Amen. 

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