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That Prophet, Episode 8, Objective, Sound Judgment from The Lord Jesus Christ

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I want you to know that I’m speaking from an objective standpoint, from the Lord’s standpoint. I’m telling you what’s true. I’m telling you of things that people just don’t see; a lot of people don’t. Which, by the way, incidentally, I want to make it clear that a lot of these things can be seen by others; it doesn’t take a prophet to see a lot of these things. It doesn’t take a prophet to recognize the truth of what a lot of people are saying.

There are a lot of people, for example, that appreciate what Jordan Peterson is speaking, and Candace Owens, and Laura Ingraham, and so many other people. They can see it. They don’t have to be Christian to recognize it. They don’t have to be prophets to recognize it. So I want you to know that I’m not presuming that I’m the only that sees these things; obviously, I’m not.

But I want you also to know that what I know to be true is what I’m speaking; and it’s not just a matter of opinion. It’s sound judgment from the Lord. In the Scriptures it says that when you receive His Spirit, you’re delivered from a spirit of fear, and you’re given a spirit of sound… of love, and power, and sound mind. That’s the Spirit that I have. I have that Spirit of love and of power and of sound mind, just like the Scriptures declare that a believer in Jesus Christ can have, the victorious believer. And which is the promise to all those who love Him and obey Him.

So, I’m not claiming something extraordinary. I am declaring what I have. Call that arrogance… I don’t see it as arrogance. But if it is, let’s say I’ve deceived myself, and I’m arrogant and I don’t know it… I’ll stay there, thank you very much. I know what I’m talking about, and I’ve staked my life on it. I’ve laid my life down to be able to speak these things – not to be able to speak these things… I’ve laid my life down, and therefore, I’m able to speak these things. 

These are very solemn thoughts and words that I’m expressing here. And I want you to understand that I take full responsibility for them. And I’m not expecting anybody to stand with me, and be my cheerleaders, or choir, or anything else; I’m not expecting that. And I want to just speak the Truth, The Truth. So again, in summary, there are those who speak truth; there are those who speak truths; and I find myself in neither of those categories, although I do speak truth and truths, but I’m speaking The Truth. You want to hear The Truth? 

It’s interesting that Andrew Klavan, I listen to him, and he’s got, I think, The Daily Wire program. And he makes an offer to the public. He says: “Let me know, write me, whatever, call me, and whatever question you ask, I’ll answer. And I’ll give you the truth.” I marvel at that. I’d like to hear some of what he has to say to people. And if he’s listening, if he ever listens to me… who am I for people, many people to listen to, but if he ever listens to me, I’d like to talk to him. I’d like to talk to Jordan Peterson. I’d like to talk to Tucker Carlson. I’d like to talk to so many others. I really would, I really would. And I know I have things to offer them, I know that. They may have things to offer me; many people have had things to give to me, and I’ve prospered by those things. I’ve been able to take the good and throw away the bad; God has given me that grace. I know the difference between good and evil. 

So, there it is. I want you all to understand that I’m speaking The Truth. I’m not charging for it, I’m here in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, appointed by Him, by His will. I am under His Sovereign Hand, and I’m so thankful for it, so thankful. 

So, listen up. Deuteronomy 18, verses 18-19. Serious words, serious words. Know it. These are things that are being spoken. Is that a threat? Is that a warning? Whatever it is, it’s a declaration of fact, at least. And I’m not going to try to intimidate anybody or try to get anybody to follow me; I’m not the least interested in having that. I do want people to receive the Truth, and to be set free, and to rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s what I want. That’s my reward. That’s the name of the game to me. That’s the will of God.


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