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That Prophet, Episode 10: Israel – Born Again and Here to Stay

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I’d like to speak about Israel. Israel has been in the news like no other nation. It has been in the news throughout our present generation; wonderful things are happening in Israel. Israel is confronted with enemies of every kind, everywhere in the world, in every way possible. Militarily, technologically, socially; they are a despised people by the world, people are out there to kill them, and Israel is fighting for its life, has been fighting for its life.

When it was voted in the League of Nations, I guess it was in 1947, to be, – or was it the UN, I don’t remember now – when they were voted to be a nation, on November 29th, 1947, they then declared themselves a nation and named it Israel, in 1948. May 14th, I believe. And it’s been 72 years now, almost 72 years, and they came up from desert, a desolate land; it was barren, there was hardly anything there. There were a few Jews living there, there were Arabs living there, and maybe a few other people, but essentially, the land was totally desolate. And it was desolate for about 1,900 years, ever since the Romans flattened it, and renamed it, and scattered the Jewish people to the four corners of the Earth.

Someone referred me to a speaker, a preacher, Chuck Baldwin, who, I gather from the sermon that I heard for about 1 ½ hour, he believes in Replacement Theology.  Which means, it is people who believe that Christians received the baton, they became the new Israel, the new Church; and whereas Israel served as the Church in the Old Testament. And so, Chuck Baldwin was essentially preaching that there was no hope for the Jews now, and that this Zionist movement is ungodly, it’s not of God, it’s wickedness. And he is so wrong, he is so wrong. 

And President Donald Trump has been supporting Israel, very supportive. He’s been the best US President friend that Israel has ever had, by far. Harry Truman was a good friend of Israel, from what I can understand, maybe not in every way; there’s a lot of debate. History can be written by anybody and so you really don’t know a lot of the things that go on behind the scenes; but Truman supported Israel while he was US President from what I recall. And President Trump is supporting Israel, very much so, he’s been doing so much for Israel; and I have no reason to believe that he isn’t going to continue.

Anyway, this Chuck Baldwin, he is a Calvinist, he is a Baptist; and he doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. He is an eloquent preacher.  I’m not eloquent, obviously; there’s nothing special about me. I don’t have any credentials, fine. But he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and I do. So, call me arrogant. 

He doesn’t believe that there is anything good happening in the Middle East with Israel. He is so wrong. And how can he possibly come up with those conclusions when you have the prophets like Jeremiah, and Isaiah, and Ezekiel, and Zachariah, and so many other prophets talking about the Lord gathering the people from the four corners of the earth, after many days. Ok?

So, they were scattered by the Romans, by the first and second centuries AD/CE.  They were gone, Israel was no longer a nation, except for a few remnants, little scraps of humanity left. And for 2,000 years, this one ethnic people were saying: “Next year in Jerusalem, next year in Jerusalem.” They were waiting for the time when they could return. And there was a unity, a commonality among the Jews, throughout the world. They made it back, they made it back in our generation. I was born in 1946; their nation formed in 1948. And they’ve been going strong right from nothing to a thriving country. And the Jews have come from all over the world, from every corner. And against all odds. When they first named themselves a country, all the Arab nations, the Muslim nations around them, surrounding them, were out there to destroy them. And they weren’t getting any help from anybody.  

Most nations thought “Ok,” most nations thought they were not going to make it, “They’re just going to be destroyed, and that’s fine, who cares; it’s just the Jews” kind of thing. There’s been anti-Semitism throughout history.

God has set up a system whereby the Jews were persecuted; they had their sins and they paid for their sins. The prophets said they would pay for them. But the prophets also promised that God would be faithful in the end and He would bring them back to their land, to the land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his tribe. They were all going to eventually return.

So, 1,900 years later, there are all these Jews coming, and they didn’t set up their country anywhere else in the world, but in the very place where God said it would be. And there it is. And if you read chapters 9, 10, and 11 in Romans, who can escape the words of those chapters in the New Testament, that indicate that God is going to be faithful, has been faithful, is faithful to Israel, the descendants of Abraham?

Yes, Christians are true descendants of Abraham, I’m talking about the true Christians; Christians that have faith, I’m not talking about people who call themselves Christians, I’m talking about people who actually believe. They believe, and not just intellectually, but in the heart, they have circumcised hearts. In Romans, Chapter 2, Paul says: “Who is a true Jew, but one who is circumcised in the heart?”

As it stands, those who are circumcised in the heart, those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, not only of Israel, but of the world, they are the ones, they are the true Jews. That was what the Abrahamic faith was all about. It’s not about Judaism, it’s not about all the religiosity, it’s not about that at all. It’s about faith in God. And you can only have that faith through the Lord Jesus Christ, Who was there all along. (7:41)

Paul the apostle, a member of the tribe of Benjamin, he was a rabid Pharisee; he became a believer, God stopped him in his tracks, turned him around, and Paul has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he referred to Jesus Christ being in the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is all about Jesus Christ.

So here we are, how is it possible for people, for men, to do what has been accomplished in the Middle East, right there, with the Jewish people? How is that possible? And they had to have a baptism of fire, the Holocaust, right? Which means “whole burned offering.” They came through all of that. Six million Jews perished. I don’t care if it’s five million or three million. There was a whole wholesale slaughter of Jewish people, ok? Some people argue about the numbers. I don’t care. Who cares? I don’t care if it’s five; I don’t care if it’s a hundred. The Lord chose the number that He chose. It happened; there was a Holocaust. The Nazis and the Muslims were out to destroy the Jews. And they looked like they were going to be successful; but they weren’t. 

In 1956, there was the Suez crisis; that went. That came and went and the Jews survived that. 

In 1967, the Six-Day War, they thrived in that; they just put all their enemies out of commission. 

In 1973, there was the war, the surprise Yom Kippur war; they put that away. They defeated their enemies, even though they were greatly outnumbered. It is just a wonderful thing, a wonderful thing. 

And then, there has been this war of attrition all along, with all the Intifadas, all this constant attacking Israel, wherever they could find them. The Olympics in 1972, in Berlin I think it was, they slaughtered the Jewish athletes there. They just kept coming at them. But Israel has gotten stronger all along, stronger and stronger, and stronger.

And here is one way that I know that this nation and what is happening there is of God: I see the horrible hatred, the lies, the murder, all the wickedness that’s coming against Israel, unprovoked, unprovoked. All the lies that they tell about them, the blood libels. And unjustly taken away, men, women and children, to their deaths; persecuting them everywhere, the Inquisition, the Crusades… All these things that have happened against the Jews.  Not only by the Nazis, not only by the Muslim Arabs, but by the whole world; the whole world has hated them. 

I know, as a Christian, that the world hates me. I know that. It’s a fact of life; the Bible teaches that. I see that hatred, that ungodly, horrible, ugly, wicked hatred coming against them. Beheading people, burning them in the fires… The Koran teaches that the Jews are what? The sons of apes and pigs? And that they should be hunted wherever they could be found and killed? What’s that all about? What’s that all about? 

So I see where the stuff is coming from at them. And right away, reason will tell me who is innocent and who is guilty. Who is evil, who is good? And God has used the evil, He has used that iron furnace of Egypt, so to speak, to bring the Jews to the power, the ability, the understanding. 

Look at how they excel throughout the world, in all fields; whether it’s science, or medicine, or technical, high-tech, everything, everything. Water management, everything. They excel. Arts, entertainment, it doesn’t matter what it is. Politics, economics, they excel. They excel, they excel.

It’s a wonderful thing to watch. Why do they excel? Because they have had the Law of God and they have practiced the Judeo (Judaic) laws, passed down from Moses. And that Law has also prospered many people if they only believe those laws and live by them. Everybody else just perishes, they just wither away, one way or another; they just get lost.

Rome – the empire – it went. Before that, it was the Greek empire, it went. Before that it was the Persians, they were gone. And Babylon, and it was gone. Israel continues. Tell me that isn’t God. Tell me that isn’t God. Fools believe that it isn’t God. Only fools believe that it isn’t God. The Jews are God’s chosen people. 

Yes, there are the heavenly, the Christians who are born again, and Jews; it started with the Jews, it didn’t start with the Gentiles; it started with the Jews. The first apostles were Jewish, the disciples were Jewish; Jesus Christ the Messiah, He came from Israel. He hasn’t forsaken His people; He is faithful and true. 

Yes, they killed him, and it was meant to be; He had to lay down His life. And it happened on Passover, the very Feast where Jesus Christ was slain as the Passover Lamb, as they had first started to do in Egypt, in the Exodus, when they came out of Egypt. 

God has been with them all along, all along. And He has chastened them, He has severely disciplined them. They excel only because they have been spanked, only because they’ve required the utmost. That’s the way it’s been working. And hated by everybody. Isn’t that an amazing thing? 

So don’t tell me that Israel’s Zionist movement today is of men and not of God. There are many Jews who say that, orthodox Jews. They are wrong. Chuck Baldwin is wrong. They’re just plain wrong, and they’re going to have to pay the price. And Chuck Baldwin also accused Trump of blasphemy.  

Blasphemy? I’ve never heard him blaspheme. What is he talking about? Donald Trump has been maligned by everybody. And one of the main things that has happened is that people have just piled on him and he has prevailed, in spite of all his enemies. Just like Israel has prevailed in spite of all its enemies. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? It’s just so wonderful. 

Yes, I stand with Israel. And guys like Chuck Baldwin, the Replacement theologians must have had a bit of a shock when suddenly Israel is on the scene and it becomes a nation again after all those centuries of saying: “Oh, Israel will never be replaced, never be replaced; it’s the Christian church now.”

And the Christian church in the meantime is just a rotten scene, on every front. They have become self-righteous; they have become paganistic in every respect; worse than a lot of the pagans. They do all the sins, and yet they say: “Oh, I accepted Jesus as my Lord, and now I’m home free, I’m saved, I’ll be going to Heaven when I die, because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” Wow, that is so crazy, so crazy.  It’s not going to happen. 

I’m speaking as that prophet and I am telling you, you are going to be seeing things happening that are going to tingle your ears, and you’re not going to believe what you see. You’re going to be very surprised; a lot of people are going to be very shocked, as to who makes it and who doesn’t; who has God’s favor and who doesn’t have God’s favor. You’re going to see it all happening.

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