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Wrong Opinions from a Wrong Heart

From: Douglas
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: Dan mohler

Hi Paul! My name is Douglas. And recently I read your correspondence with a lady named Karen concerning Todd white and Dan mohler. And I have a few things to say in response to what I read? 

First I want to say a bit about myself? I became a born again child of God in 1985. And over the years since off and on I have spent countless hours in the scriptures. And countless times when I would spend time in the scriptures (gods word) I would delve exhaustingly deep into the scriptures. I would go into Greek and Hebrew and word definitions and tenses etc. And even many times involve church history and archaeological aspects? That’s how I study gods word. 

Now I’m not a pastor or ministry leader. I have been asked at times if I attended seminary though because of my knowledge of Scripture? But no I didn’t. It’s that throughout my Christian walk with the Lord God inspires me to study his word exhaustingly like that. And also I talk with God (pray) ad I study his word. I’m not hypeing me up at all? It’s the Lord (him) who leads me to do as I do! And I just respond. It’s about him!!!!! 

So with all of that said. You see I discovered Dan Kohler and todd white like 4 years ago. I seen them each preach/teach live once. And concerning Todd white? There are a few aspects of things he said or taught that I questioned? Which I wont discuss here because it could be a really long email? Plus I would only have biblical discussions live in order to go in depth into the scriptures. 

And now concerning Dan mohler? With him and Todd white both I have seen many teachings from both of them. And with Dan mohler I haven’t seen anything he teaches or said that is out of context with a relationship with the Lord or the scriptures? Believe me I am extremely cautious and do use much discernment when it comes to what teachers and preachers and people in general say about God and his word? On many occasions i write things down or take a mental note of things they say and study it out through gods word and talking with God. 

And now back to Karen and Dan mohler? I read what she said about mainly Todd white? But Dan mohler also. And how through them god inspired her to become more and more living a Christian transformed life growing more and more with God being set free more and more of bondages and addictions and having more and more peace! And then you respond to her with things you said about Todd white and Dan mohler? And then she started to regress backwards into her negative issues and depression? And now here is where I’m gonna sternly reprimand you Paul! You Paul need to go back and exhaustively study out through scriptures a whole lot of what Dan mohler teaches and says? Not just one or a few of his teachings? Because I know for a fact that Dan mohler is spot on with probably 95% of what he teaches? And the 5%? You can not ever find a preacher or teacher that will be 100% accurate in every single thing they say or teach? As I’m sure you know? 

But here comes the reprimand. And you may take offence to some of it? Bit o well, I’m sorry! So Paul what is wrong with you? Karen was becoming set free of addictions and psychological issues. And gaining peace and freedom in her life! And Paul now that is a great thing! And God uses todd white and Dan mohler to help transform Karen into s better person growing more and more with the Lord! And then look what happened with her after you wrote her back? She regressed! So what is wrong with you? 

First of all you need to learn more about a person before you respond like you did with Karen? Because if a person has issues of addictions an psychological problems? Which are almost always spiritual? Because you can cause a person to regress like with Karen? And that’s not the proper way to minister to a person! Yes guidance and correction is to be done at times with people? For sure! But it is to be done with consideration of where that person is mentally and spiritually? And even physically concerning addictions or sicknesses or physical limitations? And that’s even if a person believes wrongly according to scripture? 

And concerning Todd white and Dan mohler? You need to put away any biases you may have? And really study out things Todd white and Dan mohler teach and say? And don’t and I mean don’t respond any more to a person like you did with Karen before you know more about them like I said. And I know this because even though I haven’t ever struggled with addictions or metal issues? I was a house leader in a ministry called agape house in Maryland. And I dealt with guys on a daily basis who have addiction issues and mental issues? Not all of them have either or both? 

But suffice it to say that weather or not a person is a false teacher? Or even other issues etc? The way you approached Karen the first time you responded back to her? It wad not the proper biblical Christian way to respond to her!!!! And the thing is? Paul Cohen I heard of you before? You are known in ministry. And you should know the proper way to respond to people? So well that’s about all I have to say? So I hope I didn’t offend you in any way? But if I did? Then you need to take that to God! And see what he shows you? OK? So may the Lord richly bless you with his peace!!!! 


From: Paul Cohen
To: Douglas
Cc: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: Dan Mohler

No offense taken, Douglas, but you’ve not given me anything but speculation and opinion, all of which is wrong. You’ve misinterpreted what’s happened with Karen, and Mohler doesn’t represent the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit or in doctrine. 

You can continue to read our website if you want to hear the Truth. On a practical note, it’s confusing to end sentences that aren’t questions with question marks. It appears you are not in your right mind. 


From: Douglas
To: Paul Cohen
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2016 4:02 AM
Subject: Re: Dan Mohler

Hi Paul this is Douglas. Thanks for responding to me! And now I know why your name was familiar to me as I said in my first email. You and your buddy. I can’t remember his name? But anyway I did some researching on you and him. And all I got to say is that you guys don’t have a clue when it comes to putting scriptures in context with other scriptures in God’s word? Nor do you guys have a clue when it comes to true biblical doctrine. And now I know why you responded to Karen the way you did? I was just sort if shocked why someone as yourself who claims to be a child of God would respond to a person in that way? And well now I know. And I’m sure you guys will continue to rope people in as has been wrote about all over the internet concerning you guys. But not me. And for the people that are roped in by you guys? I feel sorry for them! Just like with karen. And let me say this. Yes god is full of grace and mercy! And yes everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory! That’s why Jesus died! But in the world there are people who are decided by Satans influence. And they don’t know it. And they unknowingly device others. And there are people who know the truth and teach the lies. And I don’t know which side of that you guys are on? And like I said. Yes god is full of grace and mercy etc. But if a person is knowingly teaching others lies concerning god, Jesus and the scriptures? Then that is not a good position to be in with God! So you guys should contemplate that long and hard!!!!! And so after this email in not gonna contact you guys again. So have a good life! And may God bless you always!!!!!!!

We did not reply.

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