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Answers on the Mark of the Beast and the Second Coming of Christ

From: Karen
To: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2016 9:56 PM
Subject: thank you for your “Path of Truth”


I have known for many years that the Mark of the Beast wasn’t what was being currently taught. I knew it wasn’t our credit card or a computer chip, or a tattoo. I have known this from almost the time I was saved at age 28 until now age 72. However I have been completely unable to figure it out. 

I have bought books on the subject. Many books. They all ended up saying just about the same thing — in one form or another. I had almost given up the idea that I would ever learn what the mark means. 

Once more, thanks to Mr. Google, I came upon your web-site. I read what the Seal of God is and now I know what the Mark of the Beast is. 

The reason I looked once again is because I just had a phone call from a lady who told me that she didn’t want anything to do with the modern technology, (especially the Smart Phone) because she thinks it will lead to the Mark of the Beast. I said to her, “But we have the Seal of God!” I honestly had no idea what that even meant!! I couldn’t go on to tell her what the Seal of God is, let alone the MOTB. So truthfully, I just agreed with her to rush her off the phone because I am so tired of all this talk and fear of that dreadful MOTB.

So then I Googled this; “Is the Mark of the Beast a Spiritual Mark?” I found your web-site.

Now I have a new dilemma. Do I send your web-site to her? Does someone who probably already has the MOTB, (as maybe even I) can they understand this? Or does it matter if they do or don’t? (Understand)

I was saved almost 40 years before I experienced a death to myself. I can’t say for sure that I stay that way every minute, but there was an event that caused a volcano in my soul that when it was over (it took a couple of years) I was ash. 

I do understand what it means to die to oneself, but perhaps I don’t completely understand what happened in my own life at that event. I know it changed me completely, and here I was a Christian who walked with the Lord for years, filled with the Holy Spirit, tongues, and sometimes another gift. I don’t think I could have died on my own accord. The Lord had to lead me through this event that caused a soul death in me. It is His workmanship from start to finish. 

So again my question if you have the time to answer, and I completely understand if I don’t hear back from you — If someone already has the MOTB, can they even understand, and be changed to receive the Seal of God? Maybe this is not a yes or no answer. Probably not. lol.   

In Christ, Karen in beautiful Oregon USA.=

From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Karen
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 7:37 AM
Subject: Re: thank you for your “Path of Truth”

Hi Karen, Paul here. 

Send our website to as many as you can – doesn’t everyone need to hear the truth, particularly those serving and in bondage to the beast? Didn’t Christ come and die in order for them to be delivered from their ungodly ways? Isn’t the Light sent to illuminate darkness? Won’t all be saved in the end? 

The Good News

As for whether people receive the truth when it’s spoken or given to them, that’s not an issue. Of Jesus Christ in the flesh it is written: “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not” (John 1:11 KJV).

We’re thankful for what you’ve received from the Lord. Keep going and stay in touch. Let us know if your question is answered. 


From: Karen
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016 1:16 PM
Subject: all saved


I have an honest question – not to try to make a point.

Do you believe that those who have the Mark of the Beast will also be saved?

I am trying to understand all of your teachings. 

Thank you for your fascinating Web-Site

From: Paul and Victor
To: Karen
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 6:59 AM
Subject: Re: all saved

Hi Karen,

Have you red these writings?

The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God
What Is the Mark of the Beast?
The Good News
Satan’s Redemption

The answer to your question is “yes,” but reading these may give you the benefit of coming to know the One Whom we’re preaching. 

Bless the Lord Jesus Christ for causing us to know Him, the Liberating Truth! 

Paul and Victor

From: Karen
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2016 3:14 AM
Subject: Should they have baked the cake?

This is my 2nd, (3rd actually) email asking a question.

What is your attitude about the bakers in Oregon not baking the wedding cake for the Gay couple?

I honestly do not know, but I lean towards the opinion that they should have just baked the cake without congratulations, keeping it business all the way. I might be wrong about this, but it does bother me because I think I should know and I don’t! 

As a side note, since the Gays are now legally able to marry each other, our Nation has destroyed the reality of marriage. In my mind, marriage no longer exists except between two committed (a man and a woman) united in the Lord. 

However, it is a good foundation for a society even if two aren’t in the Lord.

I have read your article about the Mark of the Beast about 5 times. Nothing can ever change my mind that it is true. The few friends I have don’t want to hear it though. Maybe in time. 

Karen in Oregon, age 72, 7 grandkids.

From: Karen
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2016 2:02 PM
Subject: snippets on my mind

I am becoming a nuisance. My 4th email to you.

You do not need to respond as I am sure you are working full time on your site etc.

I am in the second part of your book. I stayed up all night last night reading it. 

Your story could be ours. (My DH and me)

So much of what you say is confirmation to me as to the thoughts I have had over these 48 years since Jesus entered my heart, mind and life.  (Like your teaching about Jesus coming in the flesh.) I believed that too, yet I feared it could be blaspheme by taking the Glory away from the real Jesus up there in Heaven. He has come in our flesh! Hooray! 

(Here is where I can really get off base — Could this be the second coming of Jesus to the earth? In us?) Whew, just saying that scares me to death and fear I could be easily deceived. “Every eye shall see him?” Doesn’t every eye see us? OK enough of that strange doctrine. 

Your childhood did indeed prepare you for the rejection you would experience as you sound the trumpet. 

We have moved a lot over the years and been in MANY different churches and denominations. I was even the church secretary in the Christian Church in one place where we lived. I was there for almost two years and tried to please the pastor and submit in every way. I was blood bought, filled with the Holy Spirit, but I still submitted to that dead church thinking they were my brothers and sisters. One day I mentioned to the pastor something about being “born again.” He said, “We don’t use that term around here!” (AND HE KNOWS HIS BIBLE.)

Soon after that I discovered that he believes you HAVE to be baptized to be saved. I didn’t even know that is what that “denomination” believed, although they took great pride in declaring that they were not a denomination.  (We left)

My husband was a elder, as he usually was asked to be in all of the various churches over the years. We ended up leaving every church thinking we were the rebellious ones. One church put out a newsletter that God was separating the sheep from the goats. Of course he was referring to our leaving. We left quietly and not speaking about it to the other little ones; the lambs of God’s pasture who didn’t know the difference. 

So now at age 72, I have one goal, to teach the younger women in my family, (my own field) how to love their husbands. It takes a women to get to this age to see the damage young wives do to their husbands. You are so right when you say no wife really submits, no matter if she is quite and tries  or loud and nags. They get their way over and over, and I see it so plainly now. I constantly encourage my sweet daughter to be the wife her wonderful husband deserves. 

I’ll park it here, and hope someone gets to read this. haha. No reply is necessary.

Karen in Oregon  7 grandkids 

From: Paul and Victor
To: Karen
Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2016 4:41 PM
Subject: Re: Should they have baked the cake?/snippets on my mind

Hi Karen,

I’m not very familiar with the particulars of the story about the baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, but in principle I absolutely stand with the bakers in their refusal. I can’t see doing otherwise in the Lord. We can’t separate business from truth and righteous judgment. 

That’s the problem with man’s religion. Enshrined morals are trotted out and preached every Sunday, but not lived in reality the rest of week. If we, those who know the truth, don’t stand with Him in His judgments at all times, in every place, who will? 

I’m not talking getting religious with the world over things that don’t matter, but in this case, it very much matters if you have the choice not to contribute to an abomination (homosexuality), a deadly plague spreading like wildfire. Additionally, these bakers were given the opportunity to publicly stand against evil. That is a great thing to do in faith, a valuable service rendered to mankind by the Lord. 


Karen, Victor here,

The Bible clearly teaches that Christ lives IN those who are born again of His Spirit. How then could we possibly blaspheme His Name if we declare His Presence? Aren’t we speaking the Truth? And if He dwells in us, isn’t He coming in the flesh? 

Remember that He said He greatly desired to lay down His life that He might dwell in us? So, He died, rose again, ascended to Heaven and then returned in 10 days to indwell His disciples, those whom He commanded to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit – HIS Spirit. So how can you go wrong saying He has returned? And hasn’t He returned with every individual He comes to reside in? 

So yes, it IS His second coming. And He comes again and again. And now in the end of this age upon us, He comes in judgment in a historical, international way. He is here in this, His Day, the Day of the Lord upon mankind once again. A great and terrible day, great for the righteous, those who believe on Him, and terrible for the wicked, who think they can have their way contrary to Him and escape His wrath.


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