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Mass Mailers Asking for Healing

Mailer #1:

Urgently pray for Trudy. It is over 3 months now that this fungus is eating away on her and she had several strokes and is in a lot of pain. Trudy can not speak and she can not see. The fungus is still alive inside of her. Dr’s has given up weeks ago already and is surprised that she is still alive. They have just rushed her back to N1 city hospital from Panarama rehap. It does not look good. We are praying that God will end her suffering in what ever way His will. Either by healing her or taking her home. The family and friends close to her is also really tired and suffering a lot. I don’t think it is in God’s plan or will therefore we can pray that His will will be done.


Mailer #2:

Hierdie boodskap is gestuur via die SDA Kuberkerk besprekingslys:
Dear Everybody

I am just giving a bit of background for those of you who don’t know Trudy personally and then also an update on how she is doing currently.

Trudy is a friend of mine and Gillian (my friend that I always call my sister) Trudy’s mom in law past away about four months ago after a long ill bed (cancer). Trudy and Peter use to take care of her and visited her daily in the hospital where Trudy is now a patient. Trudy is also a diabetic.

Then about three months and a week or so, Trudy was admitted to hospital with a fungus eating the left side of her face (sinus and eye). She has been in ICU for almost three months and about three weeks ago they moved her to the rehab centre in Panorama. She had several strokes and the hard pallet of her mouth is eaten away.

Last week they took her back to N1 City Private hospital for the scan which showed everything was fine. Then yesterday she had another set back and today @ 14H00 she had another stroke and later on epileptic fits. She is currently in a coma. Her body is ice cold and her vitals don’t look so good. She is suffering so much. Even with the oxygen she seem to have difficulty to breath.

The worse part is to see her Mother’s, who is 80 years old, pain in her eyes facing her child suffering ~ her husband Peter, her sons Grant, Ryan, Jade and her other siblings and close friends Gillian and Desire. It is bad. And they are all so tired. I don’t really know what I currently feel. I am a bit out of touch with my own feelings as I had just recover from a bad arthritis attack and also a bug of some kind that made me vomit and had diarrhea which kept me two weeks in bed.

To night when I took Gillian home I realize she has fever and it seems like this cute vomiting back is renting her body for now… it decided it is to expensive to live inside Willa.. my poor friend!

All I know is that it is not easy to go to visit Trudy and to see an once very active, fun loving nut-head talkative woman who was always there for us, encouraging and helping face our fears, now laying completely still and only making mourn sounds and it looks as if nobody is home inside her body shell.

And I know that God is sad with us, this is not His will. I don’t know if it is in His plan to Heal her or take her Home now.. I just pray that within His will the suffering for Trudy must please come to an end and her friends, family and I appreciate all the prayers you all are offering on her behalf.

This afternoon I just included everybody on my address book and not the usual e-prayer warriors as I had to leave in a hurry for the hospital and just wanted to alert the prayer partners to pray for her as only God can really help Trudy. But now I am glad I did as more of you are now praying for Trudy and God’s will to be done.

Thanks for your prayers, even though you don’t really know her. Do continue to pray for her as well as her family.

Have a great week and stay at the feed of Jesus.

May He find each one of us faithful on His soon return.

We know not the hour, day or year ~ we just know from His word that the signs of the time shows He is near!

You are listening to Yoko’s "Prayer" … as you know, Yoko is my favorite composer and pianist. She wrote and recorded (played the piano herself) when she was only 9 years …Yoko is from Japan, now studying in USA.

Love ya

Mailer #3:

My Dear Family and Friends,

Hi there. We hope that all is well with you each.

We apologize that we don’t have time to do a personalized letter, due to the urgency of this matter. We have sent you the following letter, exactly the same (except for a small change and a correction of the date!) as we had sent it to Kuberkerk, on which site the prayer request was made, so that you might also be able to participate, for the sake of the woman involved.

Please read this letter, and put your name at the bottom, if you are interested in acting on behalf of her.

All our love, as always,
and in the Merciful and Compassionate Name of Jesus Christ,

Glenn, Ingrid, Jacqui and Julie

PS. Just a bit of background on Trudy. She had developed diabetes at one point or another, and suddenly, from there, her situation has just progressed from bad to worse.


Dear Willa, all the Kuberkerk Members, Trudy’s Family and all Others,

It is 10:05am, Monday, August 7, 2006. What if I invited you all… recommend something that I wanted to recommend, just before Trudy had improved and left the hospital?
When I first heard of Trudy’s sickness, I had a strong notion to invite everyone who cared enough about Trudy, to go onto a pure plant diet, not even a fast, for 7 to 9 days, and in this way, carry her serious health condition up to the Lord. However, I was not brave enough to request this… why I had cared more about what people might think or might comment about this request, I don’t know…

…Well, that following Friday, after I decided not to be brave enough, I became as sick as a dog myself, with such a serious unexplainable and painful headache, all day long – wow! I then realized I should have just done what the Holy Spirit had impressed me to request, and should really just have gone right ahead to invite those who have Trudy’s welfare and her soul at heart, and said, ‘LET’S DO THIS!’ I didn’t… And afterwards, when her situation improved some, I felt bad to have been so hesitant…

I would firstly like to say, that we all know that so many external things can attack us. We look at the Congo Fever, Malaria and so on. Human beings become the victims of so many things, that we can not count them on one hand. People have even self combusted, for no reason at all! I mean, how is that, that a person’s body can actually burst into flames, and you then burn up like a piece of charcoal!? This is just part of living on this planet; it is indeed a strange and hazardous place to live on!

However, today, I want to humbly use this new opportunity, and put it to you all, that since it is usually due to our own lifestyle practices, especially what we eat, that we usually end up weakening our bodies, and then falling ill, let’s ask God to set Trudy on a path that will bring her healing. We need God’s grace for her at this time, the same as we all do.

People, let us begin to understand the facts of our bodies. Humans rarely ‘inherit’ cancer, or other diseases. We may be born with a predisposition to develop a disease easier than somebody else, simply due to being born with a particular weakness in our bodies; but we are in control of that situation 100%, by eating and living a kind of lifestyle, which will shatter the chances of you ever developing, say, cancer, like your grandfather and other family members from that same tree of family. George Malkmus (please find him on the net) proved this to be so, by deciding not to die of terminal sickness such as both his parents did, by going onto the healing diet found in the Garden of Eden. He thus became healed from his dreaded colon cancer, and is still well and alive today.

Look, for the last mentioned reasons, of bad health and then an untimely death, along with reasons of animal cruelty, manly due to modern-day animal husbandry and slaughterhouse conditions, this is why Jesus had instructed His peoples, through His Prophet, EG White, to, ‘EAT MEAT NO LONGER.’ Our tastes buds can not be allowed to rule our lives and our minds, can it? By letting our desires rule us, is when disease will eventually rule us, because we had let our desires be our (unsympathetic) masters.

I worry so much about the condition of Christians today, because so many amongst us heatedly argue about whether we should really have to give up this or that, instead of saying, ‘Hang on, let us all agree to do what is BEST for us. Let us live wisely’. We need to start asking question such as, ‘What does Jesus have to say about all this, for a sick and dying world? What are His instructions for a better world, and a healthier me?’ We can not live according what feels nice or tastes nice. We have to live completely according to God’s will and what is sensible for us all, or end up paying an awful price, by an illness and an untimely death.

Therefore, today, I make a serious request for all those who are really interested in Trudy’s healing, to come with us on a pure plant diet, just for 7 days. In this way, the best we know how, we will bring Trudy to Jesus Christ, and say, with the following prayer:

Lord we are not sure what Your plans are for Trudy, and we don’t always know what we are presenting is good enough, but we know that You know, we are doing the very best that we can, to live right by You, and bring one another to You, the best way that we can.

But, Lord, we are sure of this one thing, that You want us to live for you and live in a healthy body, and not die in a heap of sickness misery, for you at this time. This is because we understand, that You need so many willing disciples who are living their lives in 100% dedication to You; spiritually able, mentally, able and healthfully able. And we all know, as You know, Dear Jesus, that Trudy is not able to live by any of these in her current condition.

So, Dear Lord, to show You how much we care for Trudy’s health and life, on behalf of Trudy, we will for the next 7 days, eat only from the healing plants from Your Garden, as from today, August, 7, 2006, because Trudy can not do this at this time, for her own healing.

Our Dear Kind, Merciful and most Compassionate Lord Jesus… If Trudy is not yet completely ready to meet her Savior, please give her another chance, by bringing her complete healing, or grant her healing enough, so that she may be an active disciple for you, in a healthy and able body.

Jesus, may Your will be done on Earth, as it is done in Heaven.

In Jesus Name, AMEN.

PS. Everybody who wants to live for Trudy, for at least the next 7 days (including all of her family members), please put your name on the below list and send it on to others who wants to do this for Trudy, please send your prayer and healtful ‘fasting’ list back to ourselves.

  1. Glenn du Preez
  2. Ingrid du Preez
  3. (Please extend this list as you put your name down.)

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