Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – Franklin Walden

Who Heals and Gets the Glory?

We got this note in response to Franklin Walden – Teaching Baal Worship:

you do not know truth or love all you are spreading with your hateful negative words on your website is death you do not know the one you should have your heart focused on HIS NAME IS JESUS YOU ARE SAUL BUT YOU CAN BE LIKE PAUL IF YOU WOULD CRY OUT FOR GODS LOVE TO OVERTAKE YOU. VICTOR COULD BE CHANGED TO VICTORY IF YOU WOULD REPENT OF THIS HATE! GOD HAD FRANKLIN WALDEN PRAY FOR ME AND I WAS HEALED IN MY SPINE NOT BY MAN BUT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GODS LOVE NOT HATE!

Victor’s reply:

Theresa, I have somewhat to say to you.

One, please quote the exact words in context as to where you find hate coming forth from us, presumably in our exposé on Franklin Walden. We declare we have no hate at all for him or for anyone associated with him. We would like to know how, where, and why you perceive and accuse us of it.

Two, I am only reporting what I witnessed and what the Lord told me, and I stand with that. God told me Walden’s service was a Baal worship service; I know what I heard and from Whom I heard it.

Three, there is no shortage of reports of healings through unbelieving men, not because of any virtue in them or personal relationship to Christ, but because of faith on the part of the one prayed for.

Example A: From God Heals Today, His Way:

In the sixteenth century, a Spaniard, Cabeza de Vaca, related how he and his companions were instrumental in the healings of many North American natives. The Spaniards, having suffered shipwreck, were few in number and at the mercy of the natives. When one group of natives sought them out for healing, for which they had no medical knowledge or faith, they saw themselves as having their backs to the wall with nowhere to go. Not knowing what else to do, as stalwart Catholics, they made the sign of the cross over the natives and prayed as best they could, not expecting much but commending themselves to God. The natives began to experience healings almost immediately. The word spread. More natives came for healings and De Vaca even reports he prayed for one native that was raised from the dead. It seems that there was simply great power in the belief the natives held that the Spaniards had the power of healing.

Example B: Perhaps you have heard of Charles Templeton, who was a Canadian associate evangelist of Billy Graham’s many decades ago? Charles left his “ministry” because he didn’t truly believe there was a God, though he was charismatic, very popular, and successful as an evangelist, at least in men’s eyes. He was honest about having no faith.

However, there once was what appeared to be a supernatural healing through him while preaching Christ and praying for people. Here is Templeton’s apparently frank report of the incident, which he recorded years later, after admitting he was an agnostic:

I had, when requested, prayed for the sick many times, never effectually. I never preached on faith healing, seldom referred to it and was publicly critical of evangelists who majored in it. I regarded it as peripheral and, in the hands of charlatans, dangerous.

Nevertheless, one Sunday afternoon, I went to one of those small boxlike frame houses common to Toronto’s east end at the request of a woman who attended the church. Her infant daughter had been born deformed. The large muscle on the right side of the neck was attached to the left collar-bone, binding the baby’s head to the left. As I understood it, there was some conjunction of the muscle and the jugular vein that made it impossible to correct the problem surgically. Once a week the woman took the infant to the Hospital For Sick Children for muscular rehabilitation. The baby’s head was repeatedly twisted to the right, to stretch the muscle so that, in later years, she would be able more or less to face the front. The mother was required to repeat the therapy for ten minutes each day despite the baby’s screams. Finding it unendurable she importuned me to come and pray that the infant be healed.

I went reluctantly, feeling like a mountebank. The baby was in the bedroom in its crib. I put some olive oil on my fingers, kneeled with the mother, put my hands on the infant and prayed. I had no expectation that the child would be healed. With the glib words on my tongue, I was thinking about the woman – about her pain, and about how disheartened she would be when the baby was unchanged and months of agonizing therapy lay ahead. At the close, we rose to our feet and returned to the living room. I was questing in my mind for sentiments with which to buoy up her courage and ease her disappointment. We sat for a few minutes, talking, I in a chair and she on the chesterfield opposite, I asked, ‘Wasn’t the baby’s head bound to the left?’ The baby was looking to the right and then turned to face me. The woman fainted, and as she began to slide to the floor, I caught the baby and placed it on the chesterfield. When the woman revived, she was near hysterics. I told her to report what had happened to the hospital.

Four years later, New World, a Canadian imitation of Life magazine, came to me looking for a story idea. They planned to do a feature in their Easter edition under the heading, ‘What My Faith Means To Me.’ I sent them to the woman and to the Sick Children’s Hospital. They ran the story and a full-page picture of the mother and child, now a young girl and manifestly normal.

Perhaps that is the kind of thing that happened to you. I don’t know and there isn’t any point in speculating.

Mr. Templeton wasn’t a popular man in Christendom when he quit evangelism and confessed his unbelief to the world, but I appreciate his honesty, which is not common. My point, Theresa, is that healings can happen by what appears to be the agency of unbelievers. So just because a healing happened with Mr. Walden (if it really happened) doesn’t mean Mr. Walden is true and God is a liar.

See more on healing at God Heals Today, His Way, where this Templeton story is recorded.

Four, God gave me a vision in 1975 while praying in the home of Art Beals, one I considered a brother in Christ, but with whom there was confusion. In the vision, I saw Satan slaying me on a sacrificial altar with a long, two-edged knife almost as large as a short Roman sword. We and the Beals went our ways that year.

Nearly seven years later, after being apart for those years, my wife and I found ourselves together with Art and his wife in Winnipeg, in their home once again. They were in a different home this time and the vision came to pass within days of being there. Art Beals, in the person of Satan, slew me and upon leaving the Beals’ home, the Lord revealed to me that the vision was fulfilled.

This same Art, who fulfilled Satan’s work of slaying me in the vision, had traveled, preached, and “ministered” with Franklin Walden as an associate minister in the southern States, and perhaps in Ontario as well, in the years we were apart. What does that say for Mr. Walden? If he was a man of God, anointed by the Spirit of the Lord, what was he doing traveling and working in “ministry” with the Devil sometime between 1976 and 1982?

It is certain you aren’t aware of the great deception in the world in the Name of Jesus Christ, so as to deceive, if possible, the very elect. You speak of love and accuse us of hate. I wonder if you would have accused John the Baptist of hate?

Luke 3:7-9 MKJV
(7) Then he said to the crowd that came forth to be baptized by him, O generation of vipers! Who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
(8) Therefore bring forth fruits worthy of repentance, and do not begin to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones.
(9) And now also the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bring forth good fruit is cut down and cast into the fire.

John was full of love, Theresa. Does that sound like love or hate to you? It may do you great good to read our section on False Love – The Last Stronghold.

In Jesus’ real love,

Victor Hafichuk


Franklin Walden – Teaching Baal Worship          

The ancient pagan gods and their worship services have never gone away – they have only been hidden under the name and presumed worship of God. So the Lord showed me at a Franklin Walden church service in 1980.


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