Letter to Harry and Alice Koppert

Although this letter was originally intended for few, and primarily Harry and Alice Koppert, it is now for all residents of Moon River that I know have been, or might be, involved in these personal matters. I intend to set the record straight about my character and alleged crimes.

Hi Harry and Alice,

These are the thoughts and questions I have after talking with you and your daughter, Suzannah, on Wednesday, August 1, at your place concerning the gossip about me.

At first, I thought I would be removing a small cancerous cyst, until I found that the cancer had metastasized throughout the community. Therefore, I now send this letter to many, to eradicate the cancer of lies with a truth treatment, though such as are given to lies will believe as they please, to their peril (the virus of lies always destroys its carriers).

To our subject: I fail to see how John Rienstra or Valerie Berns could have surmised a criminal connotation to my having come by your place last year (howbeit at a late hour, close to 11 PM) to drop off some goods for the Moon River Fire Department fundraising garage sale, unless there was something in the works from your household to that effect.

Valerie Berns accused me of being a criminal with a record, of “having beaten a kid to within an inch of his life,” of shooting and killing someone’s dog, and sexually perverse (in that I supposedly peeped in her daughter’s window at night with a flashlight; what criminal in his right mind – not that criminals have right minds – would use a flashlight, from the outside, with an occupied house, especially for viewing purposes?).

Last year, Andy questioned me and other neighbors about it (based on previous circumstances unrelated, which made him wonder). I replied, he seemed satisfied, and I thought the matter was put to rest. Obviously, they choose to think I am sexually perverse and a liar. Why? Because I requested they not permit their dog to run around and defecate (witnessed by others) on my lawn, as dictated by the pet by-laws of the M.D. of Willow Creek/

Update on this matter: Andy came by on the evening of August 2, 2007, the day after his wife accused me, to discuss the matter. He was angry; I was angry, but slowly we came to an understanding that he had been misinformed on several counts and seemed to realize that I was telling the truth, or at least that there was ample room to doubt what he had heard; some things were clearly demonstrated, explained and corrected. He also apologized to Jonathan for accusing him of throwing something at their dog, which he did not do, having heard from John that Jonathan had done so (John was present and admitted he was wrong).

Whether Andy is satisfied is another matter. He did say he would go to the Bogaerts and correct accusations his wife made of me before them and others. We shook hands and parted amicably, at least for my part, though I am hardly satisfied. I will see if I get an apology from Valerie. I expect no such miracle, and I am not at all convinced Andy believes me. He did declare that there was a story going around all the community that I had beaten a kid, was charged by the police, and had a criminal record. I told him it was all lies; all one needs to do is check public records.

John Rienstra later told me the story came from Eric Van de Merwe, and that Kendra Benedict had heard it from Eric as well. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? I bring it out and we will know. If I bring something forth that isn’t true in this letter, I’ll publicly apologize and retract it, though I suspect perpetrators will expect an apology for “straining out a gnat,” while they “swallow camels.”

It is understandable, of course, Harry and Alice, that you are not responsible for opinions and speculations that others may have concerning what you and your family may or may not have said. However, you did seem to be aware of something. I did pick up on the fact that while I had forgotten the event of my dropping those goods off at your place last year, you had not. You furthermore commented on it being unusual that someone should be at your door that late in the evening. The event was nothing to me but obviously it was not so insignificant to you.

I gather there was speculation and commentary, whether from Susannah or you folks, or someone else there, of the possibility of some sort of possible danger or threat from me. Why else would John comment on a simple, insignificant visit that had a legitimate intent and result, i.e. dropping off goods and asking a favor of you to submit them to the fire hall next day, seeing I would not be available to do so myself? (Remind me to be less charitable and dependent for favors.)

It seems to me there was some corrupt foundation somewhere upon which John could build, regardless of his publicly witnessed and reputed (not speculated or opined) propensity to lie, gossip and distort, as you yourself testified, and as have several others.

I also felt it rather curious that Susannah was not willing to even look at me momentarily, much less engage herself, when I brought up her name and discussed a matter of potentially harmful gossip, wherein she was involved. While she declared how John made more of the matter than there was, she did not divulge what the matter was or how it had been perceived or discussed. Apparently there was evil speculation somewhere, and it makes me wonder how or why it could have originated with John. After all, the event was not as outstanding as all that. I am sure John can find better material to work with.

Update: Tonight (August 2), my suspicions are confirmed. John Rienstra came by. I wanted to talk to him about the importance of telling the truth and getting the facts straight, especially when it could impact someone’s character reputation. He was open and cooperative, but he also informed me that Susannah had told the Rienstras of the time I was at your home. I asked him to clarify and he insisted Susannah said I was there “in the middle of the night, just standing there on the porch.” Now what was that supposed to mean? And what were the Rienstras to make of it? And why was it not left at face value when Anthony answered the door and accepted my donations?

Let me take it another step. Why the propensity to think evil of me in the first place? Based on what Valerie Berns and John Rienstra had to say, there’s little doubt that there is the circulation of similar rumors of me to encourage surmisings in this instant in which you were involved.

This will not be the first time, or the second or the third, that evil rumors have been circulated about me in Moon River. One, back in 1988-89, of my being a “peeping Tom,” began with Joanna Arnoldussen (which, after much thought, we believe we know what prompted it) and spread to the Van de Merwes (whom I confronted on the matter, and of which Isabelle Van de Merwe denied they had any involvement – perhaps it is so – I gave them benefit of doubt at the time).

Another was with the Van Lieres, whose lawless and impudent two eldest sons, Quinn and John, gave Marilyn and me no end of grief, even to our very doorstep (they despised and mocked us for weeding our lawn by hand because we will not use chemicals). I finally told them that if they came on our property again, I would call the police.

Things seemed okay for a while, until one day Quinn threw stones at my house from the road (as testified by Joella Arnoldussen) without provocation. I “lost it” and tore off after him, determined I would take no more. However, though I was very angry and totally fed up, I was in a keen (perhaps even miraculous) state of full control and earnest intent to alarmingly confront, yet not hurt, Quinn though I used physical force – in other words, it was strong scare tactics.

At that moment, I suddenly became “Mr. Hafichuk” instead of some derisive, contemptuous appellation. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and marched him up to his parents (the whole family was home) and told them what had happened and promised that I would call the police next time. All Jake would do was act the “Philadelphia lawyer” and counter with “smart aleck,” cross examination questions, totally denying his bratty son would do anything wrong. I received no cooperation or satisfaction whatsoever from him and his wife.  However, we had not another moment of harassment or trouble from them thereafter, not a stitch. They steered clear of our home, thinking me to be a madman, I suppose.

No police came to my door and I was not charged with anything, though I suppose I easily could have been charged.

So why did Van Lieres not have me charged? Was it out of the goodness of their hearts, or was it because they knew they were guilty? But what if the police had charged me? If one were to judge by where I was coming from and by what provoked me, would there not be some reason for understanding? (Thank you, Deeanne Rienstra, for considering and expressing to your son that perhaps there was another side to the story – so John tells me.)

I recall recounting the incident with the Van Lieres to Steve Harris, complaining that the parents will not discipline their children. “Then you watch…the kids are headed for trouble,” he replied. Now, if you wish to know who has the criminal record, see that Steve’s statement was almost, if not, prophetic.

Some time later, I spoke to Jake and “Hanny” and apologized to them for strong behavior (I wanted friends, not enemies; I felt badly about the conflict we experienced, not guilty). By then, Quinn was in regular trouble with the law. Jake said to me, with some chagrin, “Sometimes a child turns bad and there is nothing anybody can do about it.”

I was surprised to hear him say that, and thought to myself, “Jake, you could have done something years ago, and refused. You defended him in his conduct, wouldn’t listen to me or others, and now you have what you have.”

Until the time we stood up to this harassment, we tried following the ignorant and foolish notion that if one ignores bullies they go away. (Churchill was right; Chamberlain was wrong. God removed Chamberlain and saved us by Churchill, also leaving us with a legacy of wise principle and policy to be practiced by both nations and individuals.)

The self-righteous “Christian” counterpart to that apparently wise, yet foolish philosophy of the worldly wise is, “Turn the other cheek.” I’ve learned, several times over, that bullies only get bolder and uglier when not faced squarely and sharply reproved. I have had success, not at revenge or unforgiveness (which things those words of the Lord Jesus Christ are intended to address), but in reproving the works of darkness, of standing up to them, of uncovering the cloak of darkness and secrecy Satan uses to further his evil intent for as long as he can. Brutes apparently need brute force, and so I write.

“Oh, you say Victor did that? Well, that might explain something – he came by our home late one night – I wondered about that…hmmm.” Not considering that I would have to be a fool to arrive at the door openly, as a member of the local community, without disguise; not considering I had a legitimate cause to come, timed with a community event to be held the next day. Or was I cleverly weaving together these circumstances for my sinister purposes, as the wicked could easily surmise? Perhaps I used the fundraiser and goods as an excuse or alibi, in case you were home and I didn’t have opportunity to seduce your daughter?

I can see Valerie Berns and family saying, “Aha, a pattern here! This isn’t the first time, so there!” There are many who will accuse and condemn without proof or justice, and think nothing of harm they cause. I’m not afraid, nor will I remain silent and let her defile the neighborhood with her accusations and evil surmisings, while I stand by silent as though guilty. Let people bring their proofs and testimonies into the open, publicly. I will surely answer.

Do you hear that, Eric Van de Merwe? I’m informed by John Rienstra, who says he was informed by Kendra Benedict, that you told them and others that the police came to me and I was charged with assault on your brother Adrian (or someone else), whom I had badly beaten up.

Now, I understand that both John and Kendra will get some of the details confused from your lies, but not all. I’m fairly confident you have a propensity to open your mouth in evil against several, as reported. In my case, you have it in for me because I confronted you on stealing community water from the boulevard hydrant in front of your home when the rest of us had to pay for ours. You gave me nonsensical argument and I told you that you were a stupid man if you could see no problem with what you were doing, as you claimed. I heard later that the RCMP were at your door with a warning, if not a fine. Maybe that’s rumor, Eric? Could be. You tell us.

One day, as I visited Peter Webber, he showed me pictures he had taken of your hoses hooked up to the boulevard hydrant behind the south end of your fence. I supposed Peter wished that someone would file a complaint – maybe me – but I didn’t. He was concerned with next-door neighbor relations. I told him he ought to report it if it bothered him, and not to expect others to do it for him. I have no idea if he did anything. I didn’t.

So really, Eric, are you not the liar and the thief here? You also have a backstabbing, careless mouth. You tell lies about me to the Benedicts and how many others – Berns? Kopperts? Who else?

You also spoke against Thomas Harris without cause. Steve said he was your customer for a car once, but no more. How can one blame him?

And as for your kid, at his early age, he already has a reputation for a foul mouth and a bratty disposition, and you’re going to accuse Thomas of poor character? Hypocrite. We’ll see how your son turns out; it doesn’t look very promising, does it?

Is this how John and Isabelle, your parents, have taught you to live and conduct yourself? Do you go to church, Eric? What do your pastor and fellow congregants teach you to do there? Gossip? Slander? Lie? Falsely accuse your neighbor?

Satan is known as the accuser of the brethren (those in Christ). I am in Christ, contrary to the perverse notions this community has come to harbor of me, thanks to devils like you who love evil. Their perceptions do not determine reality. You’re a false accuser. False accusers and false witnesses were dealt with harshly in Old Testament times; they received the very punishment they wished upon others who were innocent. The lesson was that being a false witness was a serious offence before God.

Go to your church, hypocrite, sing your hymns, smile in your suit and put your measly offerings in the collection plate. Perhaps you even sing in the choir and teach Sunday school!

And God is a fool, is He? He that made the eye to see and the ear to hear doesn’t see or hear a thing. He won’t bother you – you’re a “Calvinistic Christian,” predestined for Heaven, while everyone else not of your religion is predestined for eternal torment in Hell. We will see what God thinks of you and your ways. (To the fearful who read danger in everything: this is not a threat – just a promise based on an abundance of experience and the testimony of Holy Scripture; many have come against me in this community for speaking the truth against them; see what has become of them, without any doing on my part to bring it about – I am not God, and cannot arrange cancer, drug overdose, “accidental” premature death, bankruptcy, divorce or criminal records.)

Kendra, I’m thankful you came by as Andy and I were having it out. Thank you for being so discreet, confirming your information, and spreading these lies about me (unless John is lying to me about what you’ve said). Perhaps thanks go to your husband Steve as well? At least I found out about a prime source of the lies.

If this letter stirs up a hornet’s nest, as Peter Rienstra counseled might happen, let it happen. I do expect this: some people may think twice in future about opening their mouths to speak evil. This could also do many people here and elsewhere some good, but it won’t go well for those who refuse to humble themselves and make things right. They will have earned what comes. God is not nonexistent, absent, ignorant, stupid, or prepared to overlook these things. I can tell you, with knowledge, that He’s fed up with wickedness, especially with the religious, hypocritical variety; mark my words.

“Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God. You will reap exactly what you plant” (Galatians 6:7 GNB).

Harry and Alice, I simply see that there was more to the affair where you were involved than met the eye or was acknowledged. Should I believe you when you say there is no more evil thought of me on your part in this affair, if there ever was? I would like to believe that, but I didn’t find complete honesty from your daughter or from you. Nevertheless, I will overlook it. I too have often spoken unadvisedly. I have been no angel, though I defend myself against these lies because I am wholly innocent of them. Some of my story will give you more details of my life, for those interested. Read Victor Hafichuk.

Those who name that precious Name of Jesus Christ ought to know that their condemnation is all the greater, because they take His Name in vain and do evil. I want them to see that those who do not name His Name will use the loose words and rumors of those that do, to do their evils, even if those that believe and speak foolishly think they intend no harm. They will still give an account for every idle word. Those without Christ don’t care about the veracity or source of slander (though they’ll also give account). They simply serve themselves in their bitterness and self-righteousness.

Valerie Berns has used material coming from presumed Christian sources, you (Harry and Alice), the Van de Merwes and the Van Lieres, John Rienstra, to name those of whom I’m aware, to publicly attack me. How many others have inadvertently walked into a trap set by God?

The Berns brought her daughter’s boyfriend in to support her. He was brutish, not to be reasoned with, threatening, accusing and maligning, without substance or knowledge. Either Valerie was inebriated, drugged, or out of her mind on the street when railing on several of us (including the Bogaerts), as we stood on the road visiting. Her material wasn’t mere imagination but also false information gathered of others; regardless, her conduct is contemptible and inexcusable.

There has been no apology from her. Several of you people owe serious apologies, but I know I will run out of oxygen before I get an apology from anyone.

Nevertheless, in all of this, I forgive and hold not a wisp of evil intent or desire for anyone, not you, your family, John, Valerie Berns, Eric, Kendra or anyone else. God has marvelous ways of dealing out justice, and it will be perfect. I am only thankful to have discovered these vile matters as they circulate, and to have the opportunity to rebuke wickedness. God is finished winking at all the crap coming forth from people, especially from those who name His Name and continue in all sorts of evils, especially secret ones, including lying, slander, character assassination, murmuring, whispering, malicious gossip, sexual perversion, theft, and slander.

It is an evil day indeed, and the Lord is finished winking. I know; He has told me so, I have seen His judgment of it over and over, and I speak every bit as much on His behalf as, and more so than, mine. He is mine, and I am His. Otherwise, I would not and could not speak.

If any should think I am bold when behind a computer, I welcome a personal, public discussion of these matters any time, with as many people as anyone may care to assemble, whoever they are.

I give you all my website: www.thepathoftruth.com. And we will all see how mad or what a fool I am.

Thankful to be identified with Jesus Christ in this world,

Victor Hafichuk

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