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Todd White: Stingy and Confusing

From: Robert
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2016 8:07 AM
Subject: Todd White

Hi,   I read your discussion of Todd White etc. and thought I should comment on my interaction with the group.

I went to Power and Love Tulsa this weekend,  left early on Saturday.   I was intrigued by Todd White when my son told me about him 3 years ago and have been waiting to check him out.  I guess I was hoping to see a next Billy Graham.   I can only relate to what I saw at the seminar I haven’t studied Todd.  He readily admits he has reading problems and doesn’t understand a lot of theology etc.  That’s not necessary to know the Gospel or preach,  the early Christians didn’t have a bible just the words and maybe a few letters from the apostles butttt  the great commissions seem to be pretty basic to Christianity.   

I’m not here to judge Todd or the rest,  I am intrigued by your site and work, we need falsehood exposed.  I will testify that some of the nicest most charming people I meet are NOT Christian,  they are Mormon,  Unitarian, Adventist etc.  There’s a church here in Springfield MO. I did a lot of investigation and tried to help called Abundant Life Church which is not mainstream,  the body has no say in polity or government,  just the Pastor (untrained) and his college buddies.  I can’t find that site where I discussed that church at length with a very wise Christian, it might be this one, had great and wise discussion I was almost sucked in.  I will also note the search engines seem determined not to find your site,  my son sent it to me after I gave up.

Any way I will share my review I put on my and their (Tulsa Power and Love) Facebook page, and embellish it a little and see if you want to use it about them or comment.  Or help me.

I left early after I was screwed for Breakfast lol. I found the event organization to be obscure and disorderly except for the collecting of money which was well organized yet somewhat obscure. The school lol was to get groups together and tell them to go do stuff and learn from people who had done stuff before…. Todd put on good shows but the guy who is supposed to be a ball of fire and goes out and talks to multitudes of strangers… didn’t come out and talk to us at all even though we were a smallish group, sometimes less than 100 (what pastor doesn’t shake your hand as you leave?)… So was it christian entertainment for profit or helping Christians be better Christians or more of one than the other? The $22 breakfast was supposed to be a limited number of people having breakfast with Todd, they opened it up and crowded as many people in as they could but didn’t add any food (Sam’s club discount quality) lol the bacon ran out and they didn’t add more so my 4 pieces of sausage (and I was told I could only have 2 ) cost me $5 apiece, Todd still didn’t socialize with us just gave another performance. There were great people, groupies or personality cult people came from all over, a nice group of locals who hosted the event and a lot like me wanting to see what it was all about. The emphasis was about Salvation but no hint of discipleship or follow up.  After one event I saw Todd and had a theological point I wanted to share with him which I did, it was uneventful,  the next day a guy comes up to me and said if I talked to Todd he’d escort me out of the building !  To which I said he was lucky he didn’t try it,  I guess he was a ‘volunteer security cop’  ( I was a volunteer usher).  That has to be one of the strangest encounters I ever had at a ‘christian’ event,  although I will say after I complained about him I never saw him again…  The cost of books, CD’s DVD’s etc.  were pretty high and speakers never missed an opportunity to plug their expensive wares for sale.  So with the personal feeling that it was more about entertaining for profit than serving the body of Christ  (and consuming my 4 fatty pieces of sausage and a little fruit salad) I went home and wont be there today or tonight.  That’s my opinion.

To my brother I added information about a Rev Hagan apparently connected to RHEMA bible college,  He preached ok then had a healing service,  when my turn came I knew not to lock my knees but he pushed on my forhead until I stepped back,  nothing else happened to me ,  others fell, some laid on the ground a while.   The Breakfast that I mentioned before had the fancy brochures asking for credit card info and support and Todd was talking about bringing his message mainstream when I left,  (well that’s where the big money is right?).   I will also amend part of my review as Todd didn’t talk about salvation in a sense of repentance,  more of a past tense ‘by his stripes we are healed’,  and I wonder if he just assumed all of us were already repentant and saved and spirit lead or that, hey “he died for all so just have some love”.  But he does confess with his mouth that Jesus is Lord.   My gut feeling is that people have mislead him into this “christian entertainment for profit ministry” when as he readily admits he left Teen Challenge early and has some learning difficulties so he never received proper discipleship.  

Regardless I’m not interested in Todd White or Lifestyle  but did needed to review it.  I continue to learn Spanish and participate in Spanish churches,  I live in Sodom and Gomorrah (Springfield Missouri),

Thanks for having a site like this where these things can be discussed and for your work,  


From: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2016 7:03 AM
To: Robert
Subject: Re: Todd White

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, which only confirms that Todd White and those associated with him are just another appendage of Mystery, Babylon the Great – a scene of confusion and carnage for those with eyes to see. 

By the way, Billy Graham, whom you mention favorably, was a star performer for Mystery in his day. What you see of him today demonstrates how the Whore ravages her servants (How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham and  Billy Graham – The Fast Fading Façade).

We don’t recall having corresponded with you before regarding the Abundant Life Church. There are only two churches in this world, which you can read about here: The Church.

Yes, Todd has been misled, but he’s embraced falsehood because his heart hasn’t been right with God. Todd hasn’t received a love of the Truth, for which he alone must take responsibility. A man may be tempted by a seductress, but can’t blame her for his fornication. What’s worse, Todd seduces others into following another Jesus and denying the True One. We get letters from such people regularly. Todd isn’t held guiltless for taking the Lord’s Name in vain, as it is with all who do so. 

Paul Cohen & Victor Hafichuk

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