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Making Concessions With Religious Daughter

From: Bridget
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 1:23 AM
Subject: relationship with 38 yr old daughter

Thank you so muchfor prayers you did pray for my family about 6 months ago. (for a month) things have improved much.. theyoungest daughter, Mary anne has since girl “Talita-Dawn”,, but her mum, mary anne needs deliverance,  she has  acontrolling spirit, love,s her baby, doing well, but is very dictatorial to me, feels i,m messy with housework,(she is OCD and was also diagianosed  with paranoia scytio.. years ago.. has not been on medication, has recovered, but now and again she gets rage which lasted up to two days toward me, she bullies and dictates to me how to sweep etc. she is living in my i bedroom with me as she is in need.. Please pray she goes to a doctor, she is dament she is fine and I and my  other daughter are needing help..otherwise she is doing well with nursing.. I must mention she resents my faith, and that i left the catholic church (fot the moment i am pretenting to enjoy her church) but she in trun is NOT really repenting or doing any readings the  priest gave her..

Please  I desperately need your booklets, I have requested them before , I guess you are out of stock..

Many blessing,

From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Bridget
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: relationship with 38 yr old daughter

Hi Bridget, 

You’ve reached The Path of Truth website rather than The School of Truth site, which apparently has (or had) a publication with the same name as our site. As of several years ago, you could reach them by email at the following addresses: or .

We had some correspondence with The School of Truth in 2009, which should be of interest to you. I enclose it below.

Meanwhile, you write: “I must mention she resents my faith, and that i left the catholic church (fot the moment i am pretenting to enjoy her church) but she in trun is NOT really repenting or doing any readings the  priest gave her..

If you left the Catholic Church in order to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and truth, then it’s wrong to pretend to enjoy it for your daughter’s sake. The Catholic Church is utterly anti-Christ – should you be promoting it any way? What is that doing to you? 

God calls on His people to not be unequally yoked. When you’re unequally yoked, you cave in or make concessions to evils that are dear to the unbelievers with whom you yoke yourself. You become bogged down with their sins and are destroyed along with them. If you’re the Lord’s, or intend to follow Him, you have some very basic things to consider about how you conduct your life.

There are many writings you may freely read on our site that are instructive in these matters. You can begin by perusing our Teachings. Some good ones to start with:

Choose This Day Between Family and God
The Cross – Only the Death Sentence Will Avail 
What Is Faith?
Holy Waters
How One Is Saved

Victor Hafichuk


Read False Teacher – Nicol Campbell.

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