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Mass Mailer from Glenn & Ingrid – Animal Abuse in Shelter

Dear Friends,
Your attention, just for a moment, please.

Severe animal cruelty at the Summit County Animal Shelter in Akron Ohio has come to light and if we do not stand up against these misdeeds against God’s creation, we are surely not following the holy assignment to be good stewards, as God had appointed us to be (Genesis 1:28). As God’s stewards, let’s be available to those who suffer, whoever they may be – since all suffering beings, NEED us.

You know, during such times of becoming a shocked witness to those unforgivable atrocities perpetrated against God’s sentient beings, I have to sit and wonder, ‘What kinds of people would willingly be so cruel?‘ (Of course, the question is the same, when cruel humans do the same to other humans.)

Of course, the only explanation would be that people have decided to rather be open to the influences of the dark forces, and then (since this is lucifer’s aim) for us to become (unknowingly and even knowingly in many cases) educated by these forces, in the things of cruelty.

What is the result of this process of behavior and belief? In the end, of course, the more you embrace sin (and the cruel actions that goes along with it), the more your heart melts away and is replaced by a heart of stone – almost like Lot’s wife who had to take just one last fleeting look at her home; a place of not only a love of pleasures, but a place full of the practicing of blind cruelty.

What had really happened to Lot’s wife then? At that time, her heart of stone was joined by her mind and body, to literally, become stone too. I mean, isn’t it so, that what we behold, we eventually become? And for her, God had spoken, and I can almost hear Him having said something along the following lines, “Enough is enough, you can not serve two masters, and you will now be given to the one you have chosen.

Oh, people! Let us, hang onto our hearts of flesh, especially if it is our aim to behold only God’s character, which is filled with ONLY mercy and compassion. Let us become transformed into individuals who are dedicated to ALL of God’s causes and become those active helpers, and rescue those beings who are made to suffer by the heartless amongst us.

Let’s us become more as Jesus was, and be the living shelter to which people and animals can come, and find a safe place; a place where they can find healing for mind, body and soul!

Friends, please read the following and send it along to as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, as these perpetrators (referred to in the below article) MUST BE STOPPED from hurting animals, any more.

This is urgent; please HELP while you can, as children of Christ, in a quest to fight the evil which is aimed to destroy us all.

Dear Friend, before you may decide that this is not your problem, please take some introspection at what your position and beliefs are with regards to God’s creation. I, myself find, that amidst these hard-hearted conditions which humans unfortunately create, and perpetuate, I earnestly pray that these kinds of people would choose to respond to God’s voice; His voice from the sky, forever more pleading for them to STOP (the same way God asks us all, to turn from our destructive sins). And, of course, in the same breath, I always find myself calling up to God and pleading with Him that He should PLEASE return to this planet, which is so obviously writhing in pain. Is this your response to cruelty too? ‘Jesus, please return, soon, soon, soon!‘ I hope so! BUT, at the same time, may He find us READY to head homebound! AMEN.

Greetings in the name of Christ, our most gentle Savior,

Glenn, Ingrid and our three angel Maltese

Summit County Animal Shelter in Akron Ohio

Dear Officials of Summit County/Akron:

I respectfully ask for your intervention at Summit County, Ohio Animal Shelter. Long-standing conditions that fail to meet even minimal animal welfare standards have recently grown worse.

In early November 2005, shelter director Anthony Moore injected 2 ccs of sodium pentobarbital into each of 18 dogs, some of whom weighed up to 100pounds. This dosage is clearly under the 1 cc per 10 pounds of body weight mandatory for humane euthanasia. Licensed veterinarian Bob Rogers, DVM, has agreed to sign a notarized statement attesting to the deficient quantity of sodium pentobarbital used to induce death.

Undoubtedly, some (if not all) of the dogs regained consciousness while trapped inside a freezer. It is difficult to imagine their pain and fear as they slowly froze to death. The fact a "shelter" is responsible for this act of animal cruelty is particularly appalling.

I call upon each of you, within your sphere of influence, to initiate a full investigation of animal mistreatment allegations at Summit County Animal Shelter. I urge you to advocate prosecution to the maximum extent under the law for all culpable parties.

An animal’s unwanted status makes him or her no less vulnerable to abuse. Yet Summit County shelter workers seem to view their four-legged charges as inanimate objects. Over an 18-month span, at least 53 dogs and cats wound up dead in cages. Witnesses have described cleaning chemicals splashed on dogs, cat bowls encrusted with mold, and ailing animals left to die. Dogs languish in cubicle cages more than 23 hours a day with no exposure to fresh air or sunlight.

They are confined with only one meal per day due to insufficient staff to clean cages if fed twice, according to a pound worker’s statement. Ohio Revised Code stipulates animals subsist no longer than 13 hours between feedings. It also specifies a Warden as the only employee who may authorize a dog’s euthanasia before the three-day hold period ends. Supervisor Craig Stanley has ordered euthanasia in violation of this Code.

Almost one-third of the shelter’s cats and kittens are destroyed within 24hours. The space reserved to annually kill 5,000 animals does not even have a euthanasia table, so animals die on a concrete floor. Under the current supervision of county employee Craig Stanley, the Summit County Animal Shelter has become notorious for inhumane euthanasia, erroneous record keeping, poor sanitation, and mass killings.

I hope you will do everything possible to overhaul this facility and replace current staff with qualified, responsive professionals from animal welfare, shelter, or veterinary backgrounds. Please take immediate action to stop the abuse and neglect of companion animals inside Summit County Animal Shelter.

Thank you

Click HERE to read Paul’s answer to Glenn and Ingrid.

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