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Reformed Churches


Having failed to reform the Catholic Church, reformers like Calvin inspired men to make churches in their image, and they have been reforming ever since, still getting nowhere. They refuse to acknowledge or follow the Head of the True Church of God.

Excommunicated by Babylon

While the temporal power of the institutionalized church system has greatly diminished from the heyday of the Inquisition, they still try to leverage spiritual threats of the direst consequences imaginable should you not remain aligned with their purposes. Here is the brief account of one man’s excommunication leading to communication with his Lord and Savior, Who is outside of all men’s religions.

True Hope for Reformed Church Members and All Calvin Doctrine Victims

This article contains the true answers from God for those who believe, or were taught, the false doctrine from Calvin that God has predestinated them to burn in hell forever, time without end. There is a time to stop drinking from the poisonous doctrines of men mixed in with Biblical Truth, and to start drinking from Jesus Christ alone, Who gives the water of life freely to whosoever wills.

The Fruit of Cain Multiplied: The Murderer John Calvin

Show me whom you follow, and I will know what manner of person you are or will become. If you do not know whom you are following, don’t you think it is time to find out how and where you are being led? Do you think you will altogether escape the consequences because ignorant? Think again. You already suffer them.

John Calvin was one of the most vicious of wolves ever to pose as a lamb of God. His supremely self-righteous spirit lives on in those who lionize and follow him, even unbeknownst to themselves. Truly, “that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.”












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