Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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Revelation of the Source of Bitterness

Mr. Dewey Gets Involved

Where Pam went astray, and what we say to her husband when he gets involved.

A year after our previous correspondence, Paul wrote Pam with a revelation from God about her issue:

Pam, I recently purchased your book, Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion. We have had occasion now and then to consult with your research because we appreciate the conciseness and clarity of your factual presentations. I am now writing you because I saw something more clearly when reading your book, which for your sake, I will share with you.

You are stuck in the perpetual role of victim, because you do not see, acknowledge, and confess your utter depravity and sinfulness. Your work of meticulously cataloging others that gather souls and teach error stems from your inability and unwillingness to admit that you were in error (as part of the WWCG and subsequent offshoots), and more than that, are still in total wrongness of character and being.

You did not simply make a mistake, but were in deception because not having a love of the truth. You have never repented. You have been in an ongoing carnal dispute with the religious, whom you have externalized from yourself, ever trying to prove you are right while glorying in your own understanding and righteousness. You are no different than those you catalog, only more culpable because you see their errors, yet condemn them while doing the same. You are a hypocrite.

You compulsively document those whom you perceive to be in doctrinal or Scriptural error, in order to shine the light away from your own culpability and wrongness. Having been exposed to yourself as a dupe, you now expose others, trying to prove that you are free, while salving your conscience with good works. It is not to save others that you toil so greatly, but yourself, which, of course, fails and only makes matters worse. You are perishing in men’s works, the paths of the destroyer.

You mistakenly think yourself to be free of the WWCG and the “wild world of religion,” when in fact you are held fast there in irons of pride. The grip has tightened since you walked away, not loosened. You could walk away from them, but you could not walk away from yourself. You only grew in your fleshly confidence, becoming a stalwart despiser of the Savior:

“The full soul despises a honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet” (Proverbs 27:7 MKJV).

You should listen to your own words, and consider that the one who abuses and deceives is the same one you see in the mirror:

I do not believe that people are free to pursue true religion until they are mentally and spiritually free from the influence of those who would abuse and deceive them. Once that has happened, their minds and hearts can be open to ‘the whole truth.’

You need to repent.

Paul Cohen

Pam’s reply:

I see you are still considering me your personal project. 🙂

You don’t know me at all, Paul. You only think you do. And you know almost nothing about “my work.” You only think you do.

And you think you know yourself. But evidently you have a habit of
projecting your own personal weaknesses onto others, reading your own motives into the actions of others, instead of looking in the mirror.

Try it some time. Hypocrisy comes with many faces. Perhaps you’ll see one in your own bathroom some morning.

Or not. I don’t know you … I only know that you have been spiritually stalking me for a long time, and it has not been profitable. For either of us.

I do, however, know that you are deluded about your role in the Plan of God. You are not who you think you are, and I am not who you think I am. Perhaps some day, if you are open to hearing from God, He will make that clear to you.

Victor’s reply:

Pam, Victor Hafichuk here.

You are not our personal project, whether for good or for evil. As for knowing you, if you knew the Lord, the Scriptures, and His and their power, you would not say so many things you do to us. We do know you by His Spirit, which you do not have. As Paul writes by the Spirit:

“But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no one. For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:14-16 MKJV).

No, we certainly will not convince you, but God is not blind or foolish, and you mock Him. Your fruits are manifest for what they are to those in Him. You are a scoffer and false accuser, rejecting the mercy of God by the truth He gives us to speak to you. You are not hurting us, but yourself, although, in Him, you also hurt us because you hurt Him.

Neither have we been stalking you. As we sincerely said, your site is a good resource for mundane information and we occasionally avail ourselves of it. We decided to buy your book for easy manual reference, if necessary. This occasioned further understanding of your spiritual state. That being so, Paul spoke up, as was necessary. We are not at all surprised at your reaction.

Being impartial, and having commended (not flattered) you for your scholarship, articulate expression and responsible journalism, we also see you and your spiritual state. There is no way we could see it of our own selves. You are foolish to think that we do not know you or that we do not know ourselves. When one comes to a true knowledge of the Lord, one begins to see all. Your problem is that you have never come to that true and personal knowledge of Him, and, therefore, you cannot believe it to be possible that what we claim to have can be had. It is very life from the dead. Those still in their graves, like you, cannot perceive. However, you cannot resist hearing, and how you hear will determine your course. Don’t kid yourself.

The certain and unique spirit of carnal righteousness found in WWCG-inculcated people resides in you, as in several other former WWCGs. As Paul says, you are not free, not at all.

I would think that you are right, saying that stalking would not profit, and we are not guilty of your vile accusation. We are guilty, however, of faithfully speaking His Word to you for your sake, which you have roundly and smugly denounced, to your disgrace and folly. Speaking His Word does indeed profit us, and eventually you, though, for now, it appears otherwise:

“My Word is like the snow and the rain that come down from the sky to water the earth. They make the crops grow and provide seed for planting and food to eat. So also will be the Word that I speak— it will not fail to do what I plan for it; it will do everything I send it to do. You will leave Babylon with joy; you will be led out of the city in peace. The mountains and hills will burst into singing, and the trees will shout for joy. Cypress trees will grow where now there are briers; myrtle trees will come up in place of thorns. This will be a sign that will last forever, a reminder of what I, the LORD, have done” (Isaiah 55:10-13 GNB).

You now call us hypocrites in all your rudeness and impudence. Truly, as educated, as intelligent and as skilled in one’s earthly occupation as one can be, without the Lord, one is really stupid, made so by her wickedness and pride, her sins unrepented of.

We will see who knows what, Pam, and the day will show it. Go your way then; do your thing. Our peace is in having done our duty in the Lord, by His grace and faithfulness, and none of ours.

Pam’s reply with an e-mail address for her husband:

If either of you wish to send any more communications, you will need to address them to my husband. I find your continued stalking and spiritual presumptuousness inappropriate, and will not be accepting emails from your address.

Being desirous of her husband George’s involvement from the beginning, Paul wrote to him:

Greetings, George,

A brother in the Lord and I have been in contact with your wife, Pam, exchanging several e-mails beginning at the end of 2004 and lasting until the end of March of 2005. More recently, this past month, after purchasing Pam’s book and reading a portion of it, I saw things more clearly about where she is coming from, and wrote again. Pam replied, and Victor, brother in the Lord, replied in return. Here is Pam’s request after his letter:

If either of you wish to send any more communications, you will need to address them to my husband. I find your continued stalking and spiritual presumptuousness inappropriate, and will not be accepting emails from your address.

George, this is something we already expressed a desire to see. I asked Pam about getting you involved last year because she was not discerning where we were coming from, nor was she responding to us in a responsible and true Christian manner and spirit.

I would be glad to furnish you with all other correspondence, if you do not have it already and would be willing to read it. Let me know.

We are not surprised when women take the lead, nor when men follow them, as we have all been subjected to the reverse order that commenced with the fall. Read The Vashti-Esther Transmutation.

George’s response:

Greetings, Paul,

I hope you will take my response to heart. I have read your letter to Pam and her response. I certainly see why she responded to you the way she did. I probably would have suggested her just to delete or trash it.

Please understand that you are not the only ones that try to straighten Pam or me out. Obviously, a number of groups and people covered in the website or book have a negative response. So there is no shortage of people to respond to. In many cases it warrants a reply. But in other cases after the first response further dialog would not be profitable for either party.

Your approach was different than most. So I decided to visit your website to understand your position better. I found a good deal of things we have in common. Sabbath, Holy Days, rejection of pagan holidays, gifts of the Spirit, Hebrew Names. I also saw that you had a much more harsh condemnation of some of the religious leader and movements that Pam profiled on the website and book.

So what prompted your concern ? It looks like your website article “Victims and Perpetrators” would in part explain your concern. Which lead to your statement:

You are stuck in the perpetual role of victim, because you do not see, acknowledge, and confess your utter depravity and sinfulness. …You did not simply make a mistake, but were in deception because not having a love of the truth. You have never repented. … You are a hypocrite.” Etal

Well, you don’t mince words or hold back on your accusations. So it leads to the conclusion for me to have to reject your words and accusations, or disregard my over 40 years of marriage and daily life with Pam. Your statements and reasoning are out of line. You impute motives to her which I know are false.

You appear to be saying you are speaking for or hearing from God in this situation and others. “When you receive The Issues of Life, or any letters from us, you are receiving counsel and knowledge from God, even if in sharp rebuke.” I accept that you may believe that. However, I don’t.

I have over the years seen letters, heard statements, accusations, prophecies, etc all in the “name of the Lord” Jesus etc. Many turned out being false if not outright lies. And many of these things can be repented of and forgiven. The real issue was they were stated to be in the name or authority of Christ. I can disregard them but will the Lord? You said on your website “We dare not conduct ourselves in the self-glorifying, affectatious love one finds with imitators of Christ, which happens in most churches and religious circles. That is antiChrist.” I differ with you in that the antichrist is the one who sits in the place of the authority of Christ. Those that say they are doing these things in the authority of Christ when they are not. The Pope, Mohammed, and many other religious teachers and leaders. I don’t accept their authority and I leave it up to Yashua to judge them.

We disagree. I find no profit for further dialog at this time for either of us. I think it better not to continue in a debate. I know from your website and others that you do get negative and hostile responses. I don’t want to reply that way. I have found over the years that people who would have violently disagreed with me or Pam and condemned us to the lake of fire, have later on been people that we ended up working with.

Let us therefore be in a state of disfellowship until we can agree on who you think you are and who the Deweys are.

George Dewey

Paul’s reply:

George, thank you for your reply. I am writing back to you because we cannot agree with your decree that we not communicate with you simply because we do not agree. You obviously do not believe or practice that idea yourself, as demonstrated by writing us this reply in the first place. We yet have things to say to you, which, contrary to your assertion that there is no profit in them, have great profit, because it is by the will of God, and coming from a knowledge of Him and His Scriptures.

If not being in agreement were grounds to dismiss further communications, where would any of us be with God? What are the Scriptures, if not an account of God reaching out, time and time again, to people who were not in agreement or listening to Him? How about our personal experiences of life before God, and then His introduction and dealings with us over many years, wherein we found His declarations to be true, “no man seeks after God,” and, “they have all gone astray”? Thank God, He, and those whom He sends, do not follow your evil thoughts!

Here is the difference between communicating and striving: We have godly wisdom to address various things you have written, and, if you are receptive, it might be imparted to you in judgment with great gain. If not, you will stumble at the Stone, being judged and broken by the Word of God that we speak, which also is for good. You can tell us that you disagree and do not believe we are of God, but it is of no consequence. Show us by substance, George, or else you are striving, even if walking away, seemingly in a show of wisdom or piety, but actually in dereliction of duty to provide what is required to settle the matter. Your say-so does not constitute proof or just cause. Your behavior is not wise and tolerant, as it may appear, but defective in love towards God, Whom you profess to follow in vain, and towards man, whom, in us, you condemn, yet offer nothing to show us why or how, other than your opinion. You, by desisting, strive, and we, by contending for the faith, communicate that same faith.

I do not know, and you have not indicated, if you have red all our correspondence with Pam, starting at the beginning. If you have, fine. If not, you have missed much and seeing how you have judged what we said, and why we said it, incorrectly, you are being irresponsible by answering before you hear the entire matter. Nevertheless, taking the stance you have, I do not expect having the full episode in front of you will help. You are as blind as your wife is to reality, both of you held captive by the spirit of Herbert Armstrong, self-righteous, and confident in your doctrine.

To you, George, it is all about doctrine, not the Lord. You say we agree on many doctrines. What about the Lord Jesus Christ, and His presence? How do you disagree with us in Him? Do you hear from Him? What has He told you about us? What has He shown you? You make some kind of guess as to why you think we wrote to Pam about her attitude, but it is an entirely lame guess, with no honest effort to link what it is that we believe with why we have spoken to her as we have.

Instead, you offer your 40 years of relationship as proof that we are wrong. Mr. Dewey, have you red The Vashti-Esther Transmutation, which I mentioned that you needed to? In this writing Victor relates how he, as a believer, called and chosen by God, given His Spirit and many revelations, was deceived about his wife for many years, and the wonderful work of God that delivered him from the sin of Adam, in which he was deceived. You are yet in that sin, sir. You need to repent of following your wife, to truly turn to, and begin to follow, the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is not Pam, but yourself that you serve by following her, leading both of you into destruction. It is not her fault, though she bears the responsibility of her own sin. You are responsible for yourself, and for misleading her by allowing her instead of God to lead you.

You vouch for Pam based on your experience in the flesh. That is not good enough. As we have rightly told you, men are deceived. For this reason Jesus said He did not receive testimony of man (John 5:34). His justification, as a man, and ours as the same, comes from God the Father, and from His works that testify of the truth. He is not testifying of Pam’s righteousness, and neither do her works, for those who have eyes to see. You testify of the flesh, George, being deceived, much as your wife is, and as we have discussed. Therefore your testimony is not valid.

“How is it possible for you to have faith while you take honor one from another and have no desire for the honor which comes from the only God?” (John 5:44 BBE)

You say you disagree with us about what is antiChrist. We are of no account, but what does the Lord say about this? You are in disagreement with Him. It is written:

“Who is a liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son” (1 John 2:22 EMTV).

“And every spirit which does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard that it is coming, and now is already in the world” (1 John 4:3 EMTV).

“Because many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and the antichrist” (2 John 1:7 EMTV).

You say that the definition of antiChrist applies only to those who sit in religious authority, as determined by men. That is not what is written in the Scriptures; they speak of any and all that deny Christ coming in the flesh. You are taking away from the Word of God, and your part in the Book of Life, George, by interpreting as you please, thinking you have the authority to do so. Does this not prove that you, indeed, are sitting in the place of Christ, usurping His authority? You are every bit and more antiChrist than the pope. Claiming to have greater light, you are more responsible than he is. Also, we are not talking to the pope, but we are talking to you, and you deny Jesus Christ in us, Who gives us the wisdom and spirit to address you. That is antiChrist.

You self-righteously declare that you do not accept the pope or Muhammad’s authority. That is not the issue. The problem and issue is that you do not accept God’s authority. That makes your pronouncements those of a pompous gasbag. If you did worship Him, you would listen to us, because we are His, sent by Him to speak to you. You would not speak contrary to God and His Scriptures.

As we wrote to Pam, your sin is greater than those you judge to be false because while condemning them you are no different than they are in essence and nature. Your pretense of not usurping His authority while you judge others for doing so is utterly hypocritical and vile. Hitler is more to be commended for standing up for what he believes than you are for standing on the sidelines hedging your bets. Your pretense of leaving others to Yahshua to judge is devious. You are no friends of God or truth whatsoever with your prevaricating sentiments and position. In fact, there is nothing more repugnant to Him, or that angers Him more. He spews the lukewarm out of His mouth. Thus are you thrust out of the Kingdom, not to be burned as carnal men hope and declare, but for the destruction of your works built on the false foundation and confidence of Satan, yourself dethroned from your putative seat of power.


Victor’s reply:


You write: “Your approach was different than most.

We know that our “approach” is unlike any other you have known. If you can produce any example otherwise, show it. We are not giving you similar criticism or disagreement. We are not speaking for our own sakes. We are not speaking to disagree or to vaunt ourselves. We are not preaching because people are faulty in doctrine. We have not spoken to Pam because of disagreement in doctrine, or because you and she have, as with so many others, plainly spoken the facts against them, exposing their nonsense and contradiction.

If it so happens that there is someone speaking with our “approach,” we would be elated to be put in contact with him or her. It would be a wonderful privilege. However, we also know and rest in the fact that if the Lord wills to bring us together with certain, it will happen.

You write: “So what prompted your concern?

That is the question you have not answered. We have, and you do not believe us.

You write: “So it leads to the conclusion for me to have to reject your words and accusations….

You accuse us of accusations. We are not accusing. Your wife accuses us of stalking. We are not stalking. She accuses us of speaking out of ignorance concerning her. We speak with knowledge, a knowledge to which you willfully, yet ignorantly, are not party. You two are the accusers. Herbert W. has left his mark on you, a mark of arrogance and self-righteousness that presumes to be right simply because you have some of his doctrines and were associated with him, as compared (or contrasted) to other religious, particularly nominal Christian, groups, as though those things make up the will of God for you in His sight. You need to repent of having chosen to believe lies, of following man, and, most importantly, of trusting in yourselves.

Yes, he had some right and true doctrines. Yes, we too are in agreement with some of his teachings, but the difference between us is that we are in, with, and for the One of Whom he spoke presumptuously, whereas he and his followers never knew the Lord. You do not know Him. If you did, you would not err in your reaction toward us. You have yet to begin to learn, not having the fear of the Lord.

We rest our case, knowing, thankfully, that the Word we have spoken to you and to all will do the work He intended for it.


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