Definition of False Teacher: One who presumes to teach in the Name of the Lord when God has not sent him.

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False Teacher – David Pack

Another Splinter from a Rotten Tree

How can one teach from the Book of Revelation without revelation? Yet that is precisely what many are doing, leaving people confused and frustrated, or even worse, secure but empty in erroneous knowledge.

We got this note:

Paul and Victor,

I was on the computer the other night and came across this video series on revelation. It is a 6 Part Series. The segments are about 30 minutes each. I would really like to know your thoughts about the series. Part 6 talkes about fighting against Jesus. This series really made me pause because I am truly speachless at some of the explanations that are given. thank you for your time.


Paul asked:

Hi Christopher,

Are you speechless in that you find what is being said amazing but credible, or incredible? Which explanations in particular are giving you pause? Send the links and give us more specifics.

Christopher responded:


Sorry, I forgot to include the link.!Item=558759,1

The links to the rest of the videos are below the player. Part 6 has me kind of confused and concerned. I know Victor has spoken about the reconciliation of all things but according to part 6 of this series most get burnt up and their ashes will be walked upon. I have read in several different places that Revelation is already going on, but this man says it has not started yet. I have heard many views of revelation and each individual claims that their version is correct. Your thoughts are always appreciated.


Victor replied:

Hi Christopher,

The video series you present comes from a splinter of the Worldwide Church of God, a religious organization Herbert W. Armstrong started, which broke up into hundreds of pieces when he died. The things David Pack preaches are without revelation of the Spirit of God. It is confusion. He has never known the Lord, even as Armstrong and his sons and followers never knew the Lord. His is a formal, stuffy, worldly approach, man-pleasing, carnal reasoning, and more. Not only is it not worth listening to, it causes confusion and turmoil.

For starters, read these Diabolical Doctrines: The Second Coming (Christ Is Returning in a Physical Body) and The Wicked Are Annihilated, which address two major errors Pack preaches.

Then continue with the rest of the Diabolical Doctrines and The True Marks of a Cult, comparing all that you see in these links with Pack and his organization. We also have a link on Armstrong you can read under False Teachers: Ronald Weinland – Son of Armstrong: The Fruit Does Not Fall Far from the Tree.

After reading all these, if you have more questions and need explanation, let us know.

Victor Hafichuk


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