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The Things of God

From Victor Hafichuk:

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ (Yahshuah HaMashiach), Nathan (and Vera),

Thank you for doing the job you are doing, both of you. It is helping all Hsin Ten distributors who avail themselves.

Nathan, it would seem that someone steered Robin’s mother wrongly in guaranteeing, or holding out unreasonable hopes of, recovery from her cancer by use of FIR domes. Yes, that is sad, perhaps more so for those left behind with the sour taste. However, I would like to say that it does not occur to you that in trying to console and sympathize with Robin, you may be doing something similar to what the distributor did to her and her mother, and she may well base some of her hope, thinking and actions toward God on what you have said.

The question is: Do you know that what you are saying to her is true? You yourself seem to admit to speculation, in that you say:

The way I try to console myself is as follows: I feel that my parents and my sister are all living with one another in another place far away.

You then speak as though with conviction when you write:

I know that they are very happy where they are. Since going there they were all totally restored to excellent health. The place where they live is also the most amazing and wonderful place — truly paradise. And best of all they are there with God; what could be better than that?

But is that true? Do you know? Though you or anyone would like to believe these things, can you honestly say? How do you know that there are not other worlds and realms of trials and testings, of purging, of disciplines, chastenings and more?

In the Torah, it says:

“If you will diligently listen to the voice of the LORD your God, and will do that which is right in His eyes, and will pay attention to His mitzvot, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you, which I have put on the Egyptians; for I am the LORD Who heals you” (Exodus 15:26 HNV).

Can any disease be much worse than cancer? If people are getting cancer, does it not follow that it is because they are not listening to the voice of the Lord, or doing that which is right in His eyes? I know of several of my own family members who have died of cancer, and in every case, there was known sin. In one case, for example, God spoke to me and to a woman, who was a total stranger to me, concerning my brother and why he died in 1977 of leukemia. Months later, we met, she introduced herself to me as a believer, and asked me if I was “David’s brother.” I said, “Yes,” and she proceeded to tell me why he had been taken. God had told me the very same thing two or three weeks after he died. He used her to confirm to me what He had told me.

If people have not been obeying God, then will death solve everything, giving them an immediate ticket to paradise and perfect health? Does not the Torah teach that death is the consequence of not listening to God? How then shall death be the redemption, particularly if one dies of a terrible disease that God promised would not happen if one obeys Him? Given there was disobedience in this life, consider that there will be more to face in the next other than reward for disobedience. Surely, you must therefore consider that you are in error to say the things you say to Robin. As the distributor gave false promises and hopes to Robin’s mother, and they discovered otherwise in this life, so your promises and proffered hopes, if not justified or legitimate, will be found to be false in the next.

Nate, these things are serious matters, and not to be trifled with. It is one thing to give our opinion on whether it is better to use the Chi or the Hot House in some situations (even there we can have consequences if the opinions are irresponsible), or we can speculate on whether it will rain tomorrow or not (there too we can have consequences if wrong), but when it comes to our relationship to God, and how we ought to conduct ourselves, or what He is like, or what He expects or does not expect of us, we begin to step on holy ground. Most people do not know that, but the ramification is not altered or lessened through ignorance. He is a holy God, expects reverence and worship, and it behooves us to relate to Him accordingly. How can we speak loosely of Him to others?

You are familiar enough with the power of thoughts and words to know that we ought to be sober with them. Saying “nice” things or things people would like to hear or find comforting is no justification for saying things that may or may not be true, especially concerning our Creator. I happen to know that in principle, and by the testimony of the Word of God, the things you said to that woman are false, not that I accuse you of deliberately attempting to deceive her. I believe you were trying to console and to appease her, and perhaps try to prevent trouble.

I bring these things to your attention as a friend.

Contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the patriarchs,



Dear Robin:

First I wish to express my sympathy to you for your loss. May your Mother rest in peace.

Last year I lost both my parents. They were living in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada.

My Father was 90 when he passed. He essentially died of old age. I visited him on his last birthday; he was doing very well at that time and we had a wonderful celebration. My sister, Shiella who lives in Moncton was with us as well as my nephew came in from Baltimore to be with us. I am so happy I was able to spend time with him before he left us.

My dear Mother passed away a few months after my father at the age of 87. She had been living in a nursing home and she had severe Alzheimer’s disease. This was such a tragedy for her; she was always a bubbly, gregarious, warm-hearted person and it was so sad to see her in such a state of mental decline for the last 5 years of her life.

I miss them both so much. They were the most wonderful parents someone could ever be blessed to have.

About 15 years ago my sister Ilana passed away as a result of breast cancer (it was her son David who was with us for my Father’s final birthday. Ilana was an amazing person; she was a doctor, an anesthesiologist although she pretty much retired from her work as a doctor to be a mother. She really was an angel — always very loving, with never a bad word for anyone.

Losing our loved ones is always so hard to accept. The way I try to console myself is as follows: I feel that my parents and my sister are all living with one another in another place far away. Regrettably there is no direct way to communicate with them such as by phone. I know that they are very happy where they are. Since going there they were all totally restored to excellent health. The place where they live is also the most amazing and wonderful place — truly paradise. And best of all they are there with God; what could be better than that? Plus I know that one day in the future I will be reunited with them. As well your dear Mother is there with them and I have a feeling they are all good friends.

I am so sorry you were not given accurate information about the Far Infrared HotHouses. I never tell anyone that these machines can cure cancer or any other disease. As well the company who makes these machines makes no such claims. The company also makes it very clear to their distributors about this. Unfortunately some distributors can be overzealous in this type of thing. It was wrong for anyone to tell you that these machines can cure cancer or any other disease.

Concerning your request for a refund I recommend that you contact the company directly; they can be reached at 631-454-1600. From my experience with this company for the past few years I can tell you that it is a very reputable, honest, with a great deal of integrity.

If you wish to discuss this with me any further you are most welcome to phone me at 972-699-0049.

Best wishes,



Dear Dr. Lipton:

Sometime ago (July ,2004) you may recall that I had contacted you wanting information about the Hothouses that your company sells. You may recall my story:

My Mom (Janice)) was diagnosed with Stage 3 peritoneal cancer in November of 2003. She underwent 3 different chemo programs and did not respond to any of them. In total she went through 8 months of chemotherapy. Shortly thereafter, she found out about your Hothouses and in desperation contacted one of your sales reps in Winnipeg, Manitoba –Alice Johnson–to find out more information. She was told that indeed she could be cured if she chose this method of treatment and was strongly urged to purchase the Total Health Spa if she wanted to see any results. As I recall, when I had talked to you in August you had told me that this treatment is not a cure; you were very clear about that. But who was I to tell her to purchase only one dome and shatter all her hopes. So she did purchase the 3 Hothouses and the Chi machine.]

Alice sent her business associate Robert Crawford to set up the machines for my mom. My sister and brother happened to be in attendance and of course they had questions about this “unconventional treatment” (as most people would). This sales rep became very defensive that anyone would question him or the machines. In fact he went on to say “I can guarantee that these Hothouses will cure your mom’s cancer.”

My mom used the Hothouses and the Chi machine faithfully–at least 4 hours during the day and all night. She started August 19, 2004. On October 11, 2004 she had her last CAT scan and it had shown the tumor to have grown significantly in the past 2 months. She continued to use the Hothouses FAITHFULLY until Nov. 22, 2004 when she was admitted to the hospital never to return home. She passed away on Dec. 15, 2005.

I guess I am writing this for several reasons:

1) First of all, I do not think my mom should have had to purchase the 3 Hothouses and Chi machine. One would have been fine–but when a person has run out of options and is grasping at straws for any kind of hope–and when a sales rep guarantees that their product will cure you–of course my mom would follow their advice. And we couldn’t oppose her and shatter her hopes.

2) Secondly, the fact that she was “guaranteed” that her cancer would be cured using the Hothouses is unacceptable. Even a doctor does not make any guarantees.

3) Thirdly, my mom was told that the more time she spent under the Hothouses the better her chances of being cured–so she used them faithfully every day and night and because of that it robbed her of quality time with her family and friends. And that is the saddest thing of all.

And so I am informing you of this incident in the hopes that this “guarantee” is not given to anyone else. Also, we would like to return the 3 Hothouses and Chi Machine. I realize there was a 2-wk return policy but I believe my mom was given false hope. Also I believe 2 wks. is not enough time for a person to find out whether the Hothouse works for them.

My phone number is ________ if you would rather respond by telephone. Otherwise I will be expecting your reply via email.


Robin Williamson

Sent to Nate on May 25, 2005

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