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The Fire of God

The man of darkness, the carnal man in each one of us, scarcely realizes the implications of his stance and opposition to his Creator. He does not recognize the futility, much less the harm he does himself in what he considers to be his right or privilege to freedom of expression according to his understanding. Least of all does he recognize the Lord coming as a thief to him in order to deliver or judge.


The fire rages and

Nothing stands in its way…

The all consuming fire of God:

Who can bear it?


A fearful and terrible storm,

The wicked are swept away,

Having stood and hollered,

Eaten and drunk,

Laughed and scoffed.

Now they are nothing.


So great and terrible is that fire

That we pity even our enemies,

Repentant that they stood against us.

But against us they stood,

Pushing away their good,

Despising their very lives,

Pulling seed out of the ground,

Poisoning their wells,

Burning their houses,

Slitting their throats,

Hating the urgent help,

Vigorously throwing out

The butter and milk and all good food,

Eagerly saving and eating

The eggshells and cardboard cartons,

The cellophane wrappers and bones.


Would the beggar refuse a banquet?

Would a dying man reject a physician?

But our enemies have done just so.


The fire rages, and

Nothing stands in its way;

Only a terrible fire

Can clear away the refuse

And cleanse the contradiction

Of the wicked and their ways.


Lethbridge, late 80’s, early 90’s

Particle – Wall of Fire Coming

In the winter of ’84 -’85, while we lived at Bluefox Blvd in Lethbridge, I believe I was watching 101 Huntley Street or some other religious program. David Mainse and another religious TV personality, Ralph Rutledge (David’s brother-in-law), were competing with each other for public recognition and honor. It was obvious, and disgusting.

Later, I had a vision of a great and fearful roaring wall of fire (coming from the north, it seemed). It was a very high wall, a hundred, or hundreds, of meters high and very wide, so that nothing could pass over it or go around it. The roaring noise could be heard many miles away as it approached. It looked somewhat like a huge ocean breaker or tsunami coming to shore. It devoured everything in its path. I heard that all these works of men would be utterly destroyed. I also heard the words:

“Just as the false shall be exposed, so shall the true be made manifest. ”

Not long after, Rutledge was exposed and discredited because of immoral or illegal offenses of a sexual nature. He never returned to his so-called ministry. I knew those words would be fulfilled in many other and much greater and widespread ways – indeed the fire would cover the earth.

Dream – Horrific Storm from the South Destroying Large City

On the Sabbath/Sunday morning of October 6, 2019, I had this dream – I think it was after I awoke at 6, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed because still tired; not sure (in the 33rd year after the vision I had in Feb. 1987 in Great Falls of the star hitting the earth:

I had a dream last night that I was reminded of twice this morning, once when I first arose and once when talking to Martin on the phone. It seemed we, whoever “we” were (I and those with me spiritually), were in a large building at an airport on the north edge of a city; we were ready or planning to fly out somewhere.

As I looked south through large windows at the airport, I saw a sky full of active great clouds, partially fiery ones, on the other side of the city. They were forming into a large and very terrible storm.

At first, I wasn’t sure it would be such a storm, but soon it was apparent. As it gathered and headed in our direction towards the city that stood between us and the storm, I thought we didn’t need to flee, that it would stop short of us.

But as the storm came, it began to destroy the city in great fury. I suspected we would have to flee after all. Just like those people in NY who at first saw the planes hit the buildings, didn’t realize the “reach” of the collapsing twin towers would threaten them, then had to run for their lives.

The city was a great metropolis, akin to that of Hong Kong, with a multitude of skyscrapers, many giant ones and all other sizes of buildings clustered on the hills. When the storm hit, down came great buildings on top of others. There were buildings broken in half, raining down on other buildings. Many were destroyed. The storm kept coming toward us leaving great destruction in its wake. At this point, I was beginning to think, “I was wrong; it’s coming our way and will hit us, but it seems too late to flee.”

However, the storm stopped just short of us at the airport. Debris was all around us, having rained down from the sky. We were unharmed near this great cataclysm.

We had our personal living and operation quarters at this location/airport where we had our earthly possessions and projects, such as chicken-raising, from chicks to inbetweeners to hens. We thought we would have to leave them temporarily. They were being cared for (how, I don’t know, almost like on prepared “life support” systems of a sort that were to operate while we were away for a time.

During the approaching storm when we were fleeing to a plane to catch, if possible, others had gone ahead of me because I was occupying myself momentarily with salvaging unimportant, quite useless objects.

When I resumed following after them, I lost track of them. They could have gone in one of two directions, and I didn’t know which they took. That was about the end of the dream.

Interpretation: At first, I was not sure the dream was of the Lord but as I thought on the details, I conclude that it was meaningful and symbolically expressing what is in the works and will soon be happening.

The storm is to the south – the US – it is war, no doubt about it. Many will perish as the Right and the Left go into a fierce battle, a second American Civil War. The Leftist Globalists have declared war against America; no holds barred, armaments and all. The Right must now stand and defend itself and fight for what is right.


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