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On Insurance

I do not wish to put my trust in man’s assurance that he, at a price and to his profit, will grudgingly compensate me for losses should calamity strike. Rather, I wish to put my trust in the One Who, for my sake, freely prevents damage.

Should He permit damage to occur for my heart’s sake, I can be assured that He will generously replenish in due time. I also know He will be faithful to provide all my needs in the interim.

If, in His wisdom, He should determine that I should suffer loss, what man or insurance program is there that can prevent Him? On the other hand, if I have no insurance or men appointed to guard me from damage or loss, but God chooses to favor me, will He not keep me? Plainly, this is a matter of faith.

– Victor Hafichuk (February 29, 2008)

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