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Do We Thank God and Live?

In our losses we bore as we forsook all to follow the Lord, we were discovering that “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of that which he possesses.” We were also learning about the sovereignty of God, how He is over all and engineers all things according to His will.


We weep at the loss of our holdings,

Our ambitions and savings destroyed,

But to bring us to greater horizons

Has God these events employed.



Do we thank God and live or curse Him and die

As Job’s wife suggested to him?

Do we climb up that mountain receiving more light

Or do we sit in our valley so dim?


Job lost all his possessions;

Even children and health were not spared,

But when brought to loftier places,

He realized how poorly he’d fared.


The circumstances besetting us all

Are not the issue at stake,

But how we respond to the Lord our God,

This will make or break.


Dauphin, MB; 1978-79

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