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What the Lord Calls for Now

From: Gladys
To: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dear Mr Hafichuk,

I was looking for false preachers and happened to come upon your site. I checked you out because I don’t trust people and read a bunch of stuff saying you were false. However, I decided to read your testimony, even though I thought you were what they said, and some of the preachers on your list as false preachers, I know and find it hard to believe their wrong.

Anyway, I read you testimony and near the end I started weeping which I never had before reading one’s testimony. So I believe the LORD JESUS brought me to your site. I won’t go to a church where they use the NIV, NKJV or any new translations. 

After listening to Gail Riplinger and Steven Anderson on New Age Bibles, also I won’t go to a church that serves any Pagan holidays. Like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Thanksgiving day ect.

I do believe in going to church on Saterday as it says in the 10 commandments. I don’t believe in the MKJV either, there is only 1 true Bible the KJV, and if that is no the total truth, then Jesus needs to lead me to the one true one.

I believe that you are a true man of God and would like your input. I believe going to church on Sunday is a SIN. As that’s the day they worshiped the Sun God.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reply, as I have been praying for truth and a true church.

Thank you and God bless you


From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Gladys
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hi Gladys,

I received your letter last week and it was good to hear from you, particularly because I was permitted to know the Lord has ministered to you by my testimony.

The Lord is calling for a complete repentance, a turning away from all sin and ungodliness. He’s finished winking. I hope you’ll read continuously at our site to receive instruction. The Day of the Lord has come. 

Concerning the Scriptures and translations, we recommend you read,

In particular, read,

You write, “I believe going to church on Sunday is a SIN. As that’s the day they worshiped the Sun God.

It’s wrong to displace God’s weekly Sabbath which Gentiles call “Saturday.” As you know, God’s Law is firm, like all laws of the universe. 

It’s not wrong to “go to church,” because it’s not wrong to gather with believers; indeed, the Lord directs us to do so. It’s not wrong to gather with believers on Sundays or on any other day. 

However, “going to church” is a tricky phrase because by the word “church,” people usually refer to buildings, meetings and “church services,” but the church is in reality the Body of Christ. That being so, we are in church 24/7 because we ARE the church. So church isn’t something you do but what you are, if you are the Lord’s disciple.

The other thorny issue of the expression, “going to church” is that in almost all cases, the gatherings, whether on Sunday or any other day, aren’t pleasing to the Lord because people are not worshiping Him as they ought or as He desires. Many who gather in His Name aren’t His disciples; they are followers of men, groups, traditions, customs and doctrines but not of Jesus Christ. But God knows their hearts and will judge each one in due time.

Those who worship the Lord worship Him in spirit and in truth 7 days a week, awake or asleep. So the Sabbath is not a day of worship so much as a day of rest, as the Lord intended and expressed in the Fourth Commandment.

Gladys, read at our site and read some more. Repeat your readings and ask the Lord for understanding. Follow your Bible with our writings, whether it’s the KJV, the MKJV or several other translations we use – there are several. It is God and not translators Who gives us understanding of the matters of the Kingdom and His Word.

I’d appreciate hearing more of your life and how the Lord has led you. And you certainly aren’t far from where we are! We have believers gathering on the internet with us by chat room and telephone conference calls. If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll help you out.

My phone number is X XXX XXX XXXX. And should you write me again by “snail mail,” write to: 


The grace of the Lord be with you, Gladys.


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