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The Conduct Required of Believing Wives

Subject: God give me clarity
From: Teresa
To: The Path of Truth
Date: 12/4/2015 9:45 AM

I have come across your website and I’m married to my earthly husband that we were not brought together by God now that I have come to christ and live for Jesus now it’s hard to accept my old ways and im not trying to talk down on him because I have been patient I have fasted I have prayed and I just come to conclusion that maybe this marriage is not healthy and not the will of God I don’t see the love of God in him, we have children together so I feel sorry for him but I am not merciful to the wicked, I have stuck around, because i trust in God and feel that he might change him but as I red this page it’s like man brought us together and we were in the world now I just want more of God I do everything and not complaining but this marriage is a distraction he wants to be worshiped instead of us praying and worshiping God together, I’m always pulling him to church he doesn’t wash me with the word the holy spirit teaches me all what I have grown to know wisdom and understanding and I think this marriage is not being blessed it is a hindrance but I want to do God’s will not my own so I just don’t know wer to start or where to begin I research some things and he had like narcissism and jezabell spirit when I ask him to fast he makes excuses he doesn’t even try he gets bord of God’s word and thats not GOOD I just don’t know wer to start or what to do we have children and I’m willing to give up everything if God can just show me the way, I depend on God but in this relationship my husband works and I am blessed to be able to stay home so I know wer God leads he will provide 

my name is teresa please pray for me my email is shut down don’t known why so if someone could reach out or call me and pray that would be nice just someone to talk to that can be of help godly help thank you my number is [removed] thanks

Subject: God give me clarity
From: The Path of Truth
To: Teresa
Date: (no date)

Teresa, you are wrong, so wrong. Here is Peter’s exhortation and testimony of a wife with the Spirit of Christ:

(1 Peter 3:1 MKJV)
Likewise, wives, be in subjection to your own husbands, so that if any do not obey the Word, they may also be won without the Word by the conduct of the wives,

(1 Peter 3:2 MKJV)
having witnessed your chaste behavior in the fear of God.

(1 Peter 3:3 MKJV)
Of whom let not be the adorning of garments, or outward braiding of hair and wearing of gold, or of putting on clothing,

(1 Peter 3:4 MKJV)
but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, the meek and quiet spirit, which is of great price in the sight of God.

You, on the other hand, are expecting and even demanding that your husband have the love of God and follow you. That’s not faith. You have no business at all playing Savior and Lord God with your husband who doesn’t believe. It is God Who grants the gift of faith, not you, and He does so in His time and way. 

If you have the gift of faith, it is God Who gave it to you; you didn’t earn or accomplish it on your own. So with your husband; Jesus Christ must move on him and your self-righteous attitude and works will only serve to embitter your husband and cause blasphemy against the Lord. 

Peter outlines your responsibility before God. In your marriage, particularly with your profession of faith, “saintly” you and not your sinner husband is the main trouble. Know it before you proceed to do further damage to yourself and your family. 

You profess to have repented of your evils; now repent of your own “goodness.” If your church and spiritual leaders aren’t telling you these things, you need to flee to God from them. They do you great disservice; indeed, they are destroying you.

Victor and Paul

Paul Talked to Teresa on December 10th, 2015:

A loudmouthed, stubborn woman who proclaims she loves God. I red her the letter below and told her, after hearing her arguments and answering them, that the Kingdom of God had come to her today (she believes it appears after the Lord “returns”). She said “God bless you” as she dismissed everything we said as our “opinion.”

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