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Maligning Paul the Apostle is Blaspheming God

From: Elena
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2016 12:03 PM
Subject: Loving the Truth

Dear Paul,
I have found your page on the net. 
Thank you for your sincere intentions, but somehow I sense to write you these words. 
Emperor Constantine was nasty guy and murderer. ‚His‘ some 18(?) bishops have decided to play the role of the Holy Spirit themselves in 325 in Nicea. Very bold, that these bunch of pro-Constantine and pro-antichrist with their ‚leader‘ self-appointed apostle Saul/Paul are leading to hell hundreds and thousands souls to this day.
If/when you make your research about him, you will (I hope) recognized the wide roman road instead the Narrow path of Yehoshua.
The Gospel of the Holy Twelve 
Jesus‘ Law of Love  particularly Lection 46+47
Apocryphon of James, Gospel of Thomas, Clementine Homilies, Clementine Recognitions & many more.

I have done some good research about Saul/Paul/lier/sprouter of lies/wicked priest/mocker… this is how he was called by Yehoshua and true apostles. (Rev.2+3 chap.) [link defunct]
The Apostle Paul for dummies
Satan is continually doing his without errors plots until now. Yehoshua is to come for the Saints, not for the christians. 
„And you shall KNOW the Truth, and the Truth (which you KNOW) shall make you free.“
Blessings to you, kind regards,


From: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk
To: Elena
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2016 6:57 AM
Subject: Re: Loving the Truth

Elena, Saul/Paul has nothing to do with Constantine or the Roman Catholic Church. 

Hear the testimony of one who was steered away from the Catholic Church he was raised in:

Particle – Man Fails…

By God’s appointment, George Lynn happened to be back in town the week I was convalescing. He visited with me for a few hours, and we argued over Catholic doctrine. He was upset while I was not, and with my intellectual arguments, which I learned from The Faith of Millions, George was stumped. I was not angry with him this time, and at the end of our visit, I asked that we pray together. He consented, and later confessed that he had been humbled because he was not the one to suggest we pray. He went away crestfallen, knowing I was happy and determined to go back to the Catholic Church, fully persuaded of its authenticity and authority.

Particle – …but God Prevails

All was not done, however. Until getting ill, I had been reading through the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, a few chapters each day, and at this point I was beginning Paul’s first epistle, the one to the Romans. In that week, having plenty of time, which was quite unusual for me, I red all of Paul’s epistles.

By the time I reached the Book of Hebrews, God had opened my eyes. I was amazed. He reached me to the heart. He unveiled to me the truth of what Paul was preaching. Though I had been persuaded otherwise by intellectual argument, I realized that what Paul was teaching was greatly at odds with what the Catholic Church taught and practiced. The contrast was stark. It was a bright and holy light that shone onto the pages of Scripture and into my mind and heart.

I could say without exaggeration that the difference between what the Catholic Church taught and practiced on the one hand, and what the apostle Paul taught in his epistles on the other, was and is as black and white. I knew that the Catholic Church and the Bible were diametrically opposed to each other in both letter and spirit. God was merciful to me in my delusion and affliction. I knew I could not go back.

When I reported to my Alliance friends what had happened, they marveled and rejoiced. They had been holding prayer vigils for me.

Particle – Back on Track

Paul didn’t lay down his life in vain over nineteen hundred years ago. I was delivered from the power of deceptive doctrine and religion by his ministry in the Lord. God bless you, brother Paul! As it is written:

“Concerning the works of men, by the Words of Your lips, I am kept from the paths of the destroyer” (Psalms 17:4 MKJV).

We have discovered there are those who condemn the apostle Paul, claiming his Gospel was deceptive and contrary to that of Jesus Christ and His apostles. Those who think so are presumptuous, self-seeking liars in great darkness, and they will have their reward. There is not the slightest difference between what Paul and Jesus taught; they are one. [END]

You’re following Satan, Elena, whom you call “Yehoshua.” We’re following the Real Yehoshua, the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom we preach to the world. If you don’t want to hear the truth, go your way with your gods and be destroyed with them. 

Paul and Victor

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